Janet Gail Henry

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Native Indian female, 37 years, 5 foot 3 inches (160cm),
115 pounds (50kg), brown hair, brown eyes, glasses.
Henry is a known drug user and sex trade worker in the
downtown eastside area.  Last seen June 1997.

Please forward any information to:
The Vancouver Police Department (Canada),
Missing Persons Unit
(604) 717-2530 or Crime Stoppers (604) 669-8477
File # 97-158127

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Letter from Debra, Janet's Daughter

     Another year passes by; but still no trace of my mom.  I am one to express myself.  I find that I express myself better in writing than talking "but" even then I am open.  So far many special occasions have gone by without my mom.  I just sit there and feel no pain!  Just another day right?  I'm learning to live without my mom.  I do miss her but I guess its been too long to feel a whole a hole lot!  I learned to take each day as it comes!  I don't think I'll be seeing my mom these coming days.  It seems as if the people who cared just left me in the middle of nowhere; all by myself.  They say its my problem and only mine!  It really sucks, because I'm only one person and I'm still young.  I shouldn't have to deal with all this crap by myself!  I need people to help me and back me up when things don't work.  My Aunt Sandra tried to get America's Most Wanted to help us out but they turned us down.  Yet, on that show they still show people who are missing, but they're all little kids and no adults.  It's as if they only care about kids and not kid's parents.  To me its dumb.  I don't see why they can't take 5 minutes to talk about my mom.  I'm not putting down the show or anything, but I just wish there was more things I could do for my mom!  All my letter writing doesn't seem to be working too well because people don't care!  But I'm still trying, for my moms sake!  Maybe something will happen when somebody notices all the hurt and agony in my family.  To all the people that don't care, I'd like to see them deal with this at my age, and survive it!  Then they'd get it and start caring.

    All the posters my family put up are probably all down now because of more important things.  What could be more important on this earth than a human being or a loved one?  I guess she's so called "old" now.   Out with the "old" and in with the "new" right?  Yeah right.  My mom is an important part of my life even though she did have some problems and wasn't there most of the time.  I don't plan to follow in her footsteps.  I don't plan to be better than her either.  Nobody's perfect.  But I do plan to fight for her until she's found.  The person who probably took her is probably laughing at me or is filled with guilt.  But I hope this person will come forward.   She might have done this herself but who knows?  I wish I did.  But only one person really knows the truth and nobody can hide from him.  I believe in him and I believe that someday he's coming back and then maybe we'll find the truth as to what happened to my mom.  In the mean time we can try to help find her ourselves.  If she's still alive she's probably wishing we'd find her.  I don't see how she could have run off because I know she loves me.  She told me that in the summer she wanted to come back and visit me again.  She wanted to stop her drinking too, maybe for me and aunty Sandra, or just for her, but now her dreams are all lying on the ground shattered to little pieces.  She won't see me graduate and she won't be at my wedding if I get married.  All the important stuff she won't be there.  I bet if she could see it all then she'd have been proud of me but, now part of my life is on the ground, shattered to little pieces also.

    From Debra who loves her mother very much

P.S. Somebody please help me.

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Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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