Ingrid Soet

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Ingrid Soet would be 40 years old now.
Please note that Ingrid does not fit the same
profile of other missing women on this site.

Please forward any information to:
The Vancouver Police Department (Canada),
Missing Persons Unit
(604) 717-2530 or Crime Stoppers (604) 669-8477

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Psychic says girl living on Coast

By Susan Thorne, The Press 885-5121, February 18, 1992.

     A Burnaby family is asking Sunshine Coast residents to keep an eye out for their missing daughter.
     Ingrid, 30 has been missing for two years, her mother Mary Soet told The Press.
     "She just disappeared," said Soet. "She said 'see you later' and went to visit her boyfriend and never came back."
     Police have been unable to locate Ingrid and last summer, Soet went to see a psychic who told her Ingrid was in the Gibsons area. Soet says seeing the psychic was a last resort.
     "When you are looking for someone you are willing to believe in anything-something that will give you hope," she explained.
     After the psychic's tip, the family came and searched the Sunshine Coast, putting posters up asking anyone with information to call the Soets or the RCMP. Shortly after somebody did call Soet's home, saying she had information about a missing person. However, when the caller realized she wasn't talking to the RCMP, she hung up.
     "I would like to find out who this lady was and have her call again," said Soet.
     Soet says her daughter suffers from Schizophrenia and was taking medication at the time of her disappearance.
     She fears her daughter may have been kidnapped.
     "I'm afraid she is in some kind of cult and is being held against her will," said Soet.
     Ingrids 5' 7" and weights 111 pounds. She has blue eyes with long blonde hair, parted in the middle.

     If you have any information you would like to pass on, please phone Ingrid's mother at (604) 298-1497 if necessary, you can phone collect and the charge will be paid.
     Ingrid could be living on one of the coastal islands and only come in from time to time to do her shopping in Gibson or Sechelt. She probably is a lot thinner than appears on the picture and her hair is probably a lot lighter.
     Anything you can do is much appreciated and Ingrid's mother thanks you in advance.

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