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V A N C O U V E R M I S S I N G W O M E N In Vancouver, British Columbia 69 or more women are missing and murdered from the downtown eastside. Please post any comments you may have about the website. If you have any information regarding the missing women, please contact the MISSING WOMEN'S TASK FORCE at 1-877-687-3377.

Name: Briana
City: New Westminster
Sent: Mon April 10 2006 08:20 PM

Linda Louise Grant is my birth mother. I never knew her as I was adopted as a baby. I found my birth family 6 years ago, and found out about the missing women. So far they have not found anything on my mother. I still have hopes of finding her, though I know that will probably not happen. My heart goes out to all the family's of the women who have been found on the farm. As well as to those who still don't know where their loved ones are. Keep hope in your hearts. If anyone has any information about my birth mother, or even knew her at some point, please email me as I would love to know her through others...not just the family. I will keep praying for all the women who are missing. My email addy is Briana

Name: Tommy Backstrom
City: Oslo, Norway
Sent: Sat April 08 2006 03:04 PM

Hmm. Is this the missing Danielle LaRue girl? 

Name: Janice
City: Prince George B.C.
Sent: Fri April 07 2006 06:05 PM

My thoughts are with those who have lost family members. I feel the police never did their jobs, this went on for far too long, and perhaps some lives could have been saved! as Far as Willy Pickton goes, I hope he never has a moments piece, I also wish they would put him in the general public and let the inmates take care of him. He is not worth protecting. God Bless all of you out there! And to those who hitchhike STOP IT. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS GOING TO PICK YOU UP!!!!!

Name: monica choiniere
City: Okanagan
Sent: Thu April 06 2006 10:52 PM

My Michelle, my dear Michelle, where are you? Do you remember when I would take you to Stanley Park in your pretty pink dress and feed the Squirrels? Remember how we would sit at a coffee shop sipping chocolate milk from fancy glasses and seeing who could make the most bubbles? To me you are my beautiful little niece, so full of smiles after a full day falling asleep as we watched a silly movie. I would brush your blonde hair away from your forward as you were always so warm when you slept, sometimes you would pat my hand, others times you would whisper something . I never could hear what you would whisper and now I would give my life to have you whisper it. How I wish I could protect you and brush the hair away from your forehead, just to watch you sleep - God , what would that take? What can I give to bring my Michelle back to me? I have given you buckets of tears, screams of anguish, a million prayers, please take me to where she is , I need to hear her whisper. I love you Michelle Caroline Choiniere, I miss you.

Name: Theresa Ferbrache
Sent: Thu April 06 2006 09:20 AM

Willy Pickton knows what he has done. There has been DNA found on the farm of some missing women and no charges laid for whatever the reasons. WHY doesn't this guy just fess up? WHEN and i mean WHEN he is convicted of the grisly crimes he won't see the light of day anyway. Why not just fess up to all he knows and let these families put their loved ones to rest. Let them have closure.

Name: Theresa
City: peachland b.c.
Sent: Thu April 06 2006 09:11 AM

My heart goes out to all the families of the missing all over B.C. and Canada for that matter. It's strange how so much of this has been close to me . I lived in Revelstoke most of my life and knew Dwayne Johnston (convicted of murdering Helen Betty Osbourne in La Pas Manitoba) who would have known? Then now knowing that someone else that was in my life is now missing. From what I understand DNA was found on the Pickton Farm that matched the girl that I once called my niece's far as I know no charges have been laid. I'm out of touch with that family now ,but still shed tears. It truly is a small world but in such a terrible way.

Name: Bailee
City: Prince George
Sent: Wed April 05 2006 08:57 AM

!!!I Can't believe that all those girls got killed i feel for there family

Name: roland dorval
Homepage: http://489 vanguard cres.
City: oakville ontario
Sent: Sun April 02 2006 10:45 PM

looking for missing person/

Sent: Sun March 26 2006 03:02 PM


Name: Victoria
City: Edmonton
Sent: Thu March 23 2006 12:40 AM

I read Maggie de Vries' book "Missing Sarah" over a year ago for a class at the University. I was extremely happy to find that there is an ongoing awareness about all of the missing women in Vancouver's lower-east side. There are many cases of missing women being reported in Edmonton, as well, and it just enrages me when people believe that all of these women are subhuman. We are all children; we are all connected. This site is proof of that to whomever would believe otherwise. I hope this site remains updated whenever possible, and also I hope it continues to spread awareness through not only British Columbia, but nation-wide.

Sent: Sat July 16 2005 06:55 PM

I think that Kathy Arcand her adopted mother who dated David Pickton and also worked at the top soil company that they used to dispose of material and who is currently very much in love with should be looked at.

Name: Helen Schild
City: surrey, BC
Sent: Tue March 21 2006 07:43 AM

This is too Helen Hallmarks family. I knew Helen when I was A teenager. She was very outgoing and happy. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope as time goes by you will heal. My heart goes out too all of the families also of the missing women, may god be with all of you.

Name: Jessica Seabolt
City: Campbell river
Sent: Sun March 12 2006 02:02 PM

I cannot believe what happened to those women i am absolutely disgusted! My friends mother was Marty Frey And i cannot believe that this man did this for many years and no one knew of it!

Name: Janice Tehie
City: Malvern, PA, USA
Sent: Thu March 09 2006 06:54 PM

I've posted here before, but signed on to read the latest messages and see if anything was posted about new developments on the missing women from Vancouver's downtown Eastside. I hope that Pickton tells all he knows about those still missing and unaccounted for. I can well imagine how hard it is for the families. All of you have tremendous grace and dignity and I admire you all tremendously and think of you often, though I don't know you and I have never been to Vancouver. For some people, life is so unfair and it is very sad to read about what happened to those who had their whole lives ahead of them. For Maggie DeVries, I am so sorry about your lovely sister Sarah. She was obviously a very special person. I am going to purchase your book. It is a wonderful tribute to your sister.

Sent: Sun March 05 2006 03:52 AM

To Trevor Greene, the author of Bad Date: The Lost Girls of Vancouver's Low Track, may you recover from your injury and live to tell us more about the people that others want to forget. May you, and the women who are still missing, live to feel all that is good in life.

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Name: Josephine Hager
City: Mayo, Yukon Territory
Sent: Thu February 23 2006 02:42 PM

I'm a woman from the yukon territories my heart goes out to the families, friends for the missing woman and kids your in my prayers everyday also I'm looking for a friend that i never seen for 18 years her name is Nadine Allen she use to live in Elsa Yukon I just want to know if she's out there somewhere if anybody can help me find her thanks

Name: Maria Denardo
City: Sydney, Australia
Sent: Wed February 22 2006 12:34 AM

WOW......i feel for all those, both their families and the women they forgot. I actually fell on the extract, and my first thought was "ohhh here we go", but by the end of it, I was in tears. Thank god we still have people that still give a shit

Name: Wendy Alexander
City: Kincolith, B.C.
Sent: Tue February 21 2006 09:58 PM

I have been following the story, it has made me very sad, angry. Willy Pickton, who has been preying upon these women is a mean ugly, murdering dog, where does he come from anyways, I know two of these women, I am not ashamed of them, at one time or another, I probably spoke or went to school with, namely, Michelle Gurney and Rebecca Guno, I will say a prayer for all the women on this site. The Nisga a Nation has lost these members and more, time to speak up and be strong. I would also like to remember my auntie Mary Hill, who was found on the side of Highway 16,just outside of Prince Rupert, B.C. Without our mothers and aunties our nations become weak. We must all stand up and be counted, we will not be wiped out, we are striving to live our lives. Mankind has to learn how to get along with each others. All we have is our hopes and prayers for all the families who have lost their loved ones. Take care one and all.

Name: Ree
City: warwick Qld Australia.
Sent: Fri February 17 2006 07:45 PM

I live in Australia and am appalled that so many women can be missing and linked to that hellhole and nothing is being done about it. Where is the uproar? These are women, not lost animals, they may have lost there way at times but who hasn't? Nobody deserves that fate and the families deserve to know what happened to their loved ones. I pray they are at peace now and are being treated better now then when they were alive. The lesson here is not to forget but to look out for the women that are in the same position and try to stop this from ever happing again.

Name: Kyla
City: Lumby
Sent: Thu February 16 2006 11:29 AM

Well I would just like to say that last night I just found out that a girl I went to school with was killed by Robert (willy) Pickton. I think this man and whoever else is involved is a very sick man. These people have friends and family that care so much about them. I knew Diana Melnick in School. Went to school with her for years till she moved to Vancouver and I heard from her a couple times then never heard anything about her or from her till I looked up the pics of the missing women and they found her DNA on the Pickton farm. I think this man is very sick and does not deserve to live....

Name: Claudia
City: Vancouver
Sent: Sat February 04 2006 09:04 PM

Dear Tanya: I have thought of you often. I still cherish the time we spent as friends at Templeton. You were so kind and so full of life! I am so sad that you are not with us in person anymore. I wondered how you were over the years, until one day my shock and sadness upon seeing your face on that poster still wrenches my heart. And the day I came into the living room to see the news announcement...your name...and your picture linked to that effing PLACE and that effing THING who shouldn't be called a man! I am so sorry and I wish you love and peace. You are not forgotten. Claudia

Name: Jen
City: Metro Detroit, MI
Sent: Wed February 01 2006 06:34 PM

As Pickton finally sees court...I want to give (HUGS) to the families of the victims, and to the families of those still missing. Wayne Leng....I don't know you...but....I think anyone in this world would be honored to have you as a friend. You did more than search for have given all these women the gift of seeing them as human beings. People may make mistakes in their lives, live in ways that others can't fathom....but they are/were still people with families, friends.... I hope Justice is done and the families can finally have some peace.

Name: Jessie J
City: Oshawa Ontario
Sent: Tue January 31 2006 06:17 PM

Dear Auntie Jackie, aka Jacqueline Murdock, I don't know what happened to you. One day you are with me and Angie and we are just having a great time. You are teaching my sister how to be a woman and then you disappeared...Your brother my dad dies of a drug overdose, that's probably why no one went looking for you when you were gone. I did, I missed you and I wanted to remember you, I wanted you to tell me stories and tell me you loved me. Its the hardest thing in the world to have lost you, but I promise that somehow in God's hands I will get through such a time as this. I will make you and daddy proud of me. I love you Auntie Jackie and I know once again you are with my father in Heaven. Save a place for me. I love you always and forever. Love always your niece for life, Jessie J

Name: Sven
Sent: Mon January 30 2006 06:24 PM

Who are the 27 women he is actually charged with murdering? Is Cindy Beck one of them?

Name: sam
City: prince george
Sent: Mon January 30 2006 06:18 PM

i knew wendy crawford, one of the women found on the pickton pig farm, and i must say i feel sorry for anyone else who has to go through this, that man is sick and doesn't deserve to be breathing our air

Name: Chrissy Bouvier
City: Timmins, Ontario
Sent: Thu January 19 2006 05:47 AM

In 1983 at a local hangout for teens, I watched a young blonde girl as she was walking with her friends. I was jealous. She was so pretty. They were meeting up with guys my friend and I had hoped to hook up with. She dated one who started beating her and got her hooked on drugs. She was with him for 5 years with the abuse taking its toll. The last I heard she dated another guy for a bit then disappeared. Unbeknownst to me, she ended up in downtown Vancouverís East Side. She was 19 or 20. Last year, I read an article in the Timmins Times that said she may have been one of the victims of Robert & Dave Pickton. She's been missing since March 1995. Itís safe to say she lived the life of a prostitute to maintain her drug addiction. I still envision her walking down the street that day. Young, carefree, not a care in the world. It saddens me that she ended up in the clutches of madmen because of the circumstances of her life. What if she never met the guy who beat her and got her addicted to drugs? Where would she be now if she hadnít gotten involved with him? I canít get this young woman out of my mind. This could have been me. I was told she had an abusive childhood which will sometimes dictate decisions you make. Deep in my gut I know she has befallen the same fate as the other ladies pictured on this site. When I saw her picture it was like looking at a totally different person. Her eyes showed the sadness and pain life meted out to her, a sad acceptance of her circumstances. Gone was the beautiful, blonde hair and in its place a shell of her former self; a picture of someone there in body, not in mind, spirit broken. It still haunts me when I look at it. The public forgets there are people on the street fighting, scraping and doing whatever it takes to survive; regardless of drug addiction, mental disorder, abuse at home or whatever it is that lands them on the streets, these people need our help, not be ostracized from society. We all make choices in life and unfortunately these were the choices left remaining for these women. I write this because I donít want anyone to forget her. Her name was Cathy Gonzales and she would have been 37 today. Even though we werenít close friends, Iíll never forget this beautiful woman. Cathy, may you have finally found peace with your place in heaven. Life has forsaken you but I havenít and hopefully others havenít either.

Name: Josh Dahling (Horbeek) "Wolf"
City: Nanaimo, BC
Sent: Wed January 18 2006 05:05 PM

Dear Sheila E., I am writing this letter with the hopes that you may still be alive, and that you will get a chance to read it one day. In some ways, it seems as though the days we spent together in Britannia Beach occurred just yesterday. We were young and naive, but I really thought that I was going to marry you for you were the first one that I had consented to. Remember how your mom wanted me to marry your sister, and how we used to pick on "Oh Henry"? What about when I used to sing those New Kids on the Block songs outside of your bedroom window? Seems silly when I look back, but in actual fact, those were some of the best days because it diverted my attention from the chaos we both experienced elsewhere. It wasn't long after that night in the basement that I wound up in the concrete jungle whackin smack, trickin, and shit. I wander whatever happened to people like Jose, Surferboy, Styx, Batman, Denise, Crystal, Ester and others. It's amazing how I still remember their names. You were all family to me and I felt guilty when I got out, but I had to. Remember how we used to say that once you ended up here you'd never leave? It's ten years later and I finally know what that means. Physically I left, but mentally I can't. Still having the nightmares and flashbacks - even without dope for eight and half years. The last time I saw you was in Maple Ridge in '97. Remember, I was walking from treatment and passed you at the arcade. We hugged, you said there was shit going down, and we'd hook-up later sometime. I wish I had done something. The guys I was with gave me a lot of flack because I wasn't supposed to talk to anyone from outside, but I didn't care. Time went on and I didn't hear from you. The next time I saw your face was in a police station on a poster. They didn't listen to me, and didn't seem to care much then. I hope things have since changed. I got three kids now - who aren't afraid of me - doing alright, getting educated - I can read now - but somehow I feel like I gotta do something about that shit hole that took us all. Seems like the same thing going on, just a lot of different people now. If your alive then we gotta hook-up. I don't like goodbyes... Love Josh

Name: Josh Dahling (Horbeek) "Wolf"
City: Nanaimo, BC
Sent: Wed January 18 2006 05:03 PM

Dear Sheila E., I am writing this letter with the hopes that you may still be alive, and that you will get a chance to read it one day. In some ways, it seems as though the days we spent together in Britannia Beach occurred just yesterday. We were young and naive, but I really thought that I was going to marry you for you were the first one that I had consented to. Remember how your mom wanted me to marry your sister, and how we used to pick on "Oh Henrey"? What about when I used to sing those New Kids on the Block songs outside of your bedroom window? Seems silly when I look back, but in actual fact, those were some of the best days because it diverted my attention from the chaos we both experienced elsewhere. It wasn't long after that night in the basement that I wound up in the concrete jungle whackin smack, trickin, and shit. I wander whatever happened to people like Jose, Surferboy, Styx, Batman, Denise, Crystal, Ester and others. It's amazing how I still remember their names. You were all family to me and I felt guilty when I got out, but I had to. Remember how we used to say that once you ended up here you'd never leave? It's ten years later and I finally know what that means. Physically I left, but mentally I can't. Still having the nightmares and flashbacks - even without dope for eight and half years. The last time I saw you was in Maple Ridge in '97. Remember, I was walking from treatment and passed you at the arcade. We hugged, you said there was shit going down, and we'd hook-up later sometime. I wish I had done something. The guys I was with gave me a lot of flack because I wasn't supposed to talk to anyone from outside, but I didn't care. Time went on and I didn't hear from you. The next time I saw your face was in a police station on a poster. They didn't listen to me, and didn't seem to care much then. Since the publicity, II got three kids now - who aren't afraid of me - doing alright, getting educated - I can read now - but somehow I feel like I gotta do something about that shit hole that took us all. Seems like the same thing going on, just a lot of different people now. If your alive then we gotta hook-up. Love Josh

Name: James
City: Kitchener, Ontario
Sent: Tue January 17 2006 11:40 PM

Keep the memories alive!

Name: Dawn
City: Nanaimo B.C.
Sent: Tue January 17 2006 04:26 PM

I could easily have been one of these woman. Dead and wasted. They all had so much to offer the world. They had a chance to get well, to be part of the solution, to dream, to love, to be loved. That choice was so brutally taken from them. Who knows what beauty has been lost to us all now. As Sarah said, lost angels. I have 13 years clean now. I have friends, family, a home. I am loved and I love back. I can give to others what I have learned. I can save lives with what I know. All of these beautiful lost angels could have had, should have had, the chance to do the same. So many lives touched so horribly. It could have all been so different, had they been given the chance to live. People forget that these woman are loved by someone, grieved by someone, missed by someone, valued by someone, just as deeply as you love yours. They were all someone's beautiful child, mother, sister, wife....angel. They deserved so much more than to be left so alone on a monsters farm. They will always be in my prayerful thoughts, as will their loved ones. Go well, beautiful angels. We have lost you, but, we will not forget you.

Name: James
City: Kitchener, Ontario
Sent: Tue January 17 2006 12:24 AM

Why? Why did he do it?? No one deserves this!

Name: karmyn
City: port alberni
Sent: Sat January 14 2006 09:26 PM

I just learned today quite by chance that one of the ladies murdered was a girl I babysat in my home town ...even though Tiffany Louise Drew will forever be infamous as a street girl who was murdered by a vile excuse for a human.... in my heart she will always be remembered as the sweet little girl with the long blond hair and the face of angel and the heart of a tiger. So sad so senseless I lost contact with Kelly and Tiffany many years ago and it breaks my heart to have gotten this news. Kelly I am thinking about you girl .. and Ill be sayin a prayer for Tiffany and all the other lovely young ladies .. Hugz Karmyn

Name: Jana
City: Charlotte, NC US
Sent: Sat January 14 2006 07:26 PM

I was a street urchin in California 30 years ago. And all the 'fun' that come with it. I was a junkie for a few years and know how hard it is to hide, and even more hard to get off. That's been about 25 years ago. I way 'successful' now. My passion is to help others. It' seems like Vancouver is the town that should be the start. Free needle exchanges. Safe sex areas. Free heroin - if needed. Free mental health treatment. Same houses for everyone to go if they need it. The only way to get off that merry go round, is to have someone/something there when YOU decide to do it. No many give up on there friends and family. Can't blame them for that. We tended to burn our bridges, eh? There is so much that can be done. So much hurting and pain. I have ideas, I want to work it. I want to help. Jana

Name: Samantha
City: melb
Sent: Mon January 09 2006 09:45 PM

That song on the missing webpage, the one called missing that plays when you enter it, who is that by and can you purchase it. Such a beautiful song.

Name: Joshua S
City: Cape Girardeau Mo
Sent: Sun January 08 2006 10:20 PM

I'm sorry to see all of these people on here and I'm also sorry to see that some are dead. My heart goes out to the families and friends of each victim. It's a shame that human beings can be so cruel and yet so evil to other humans. May all the victims rest in peace and have no harm their way.

Name: Jason Audie Fleury
City: vancouver...bc
Sent: Thu December 29 2005 10:02 PM

thanks everybody for the sister mona wilson was one of the first 3 ladies found at the pig we are all aware of there is a social problem down here on the east side....and i intend to create awareness of this heart goes out for all these troubled individuals...we are all responsible for this mess...and we will find a solution peace..jay

Name: Monica Choiniere
City: VERNON, B.C.
Sent: Tue December 27 2005 03:17 PM

My Niece - Michelle Choiniere - birthdate Aug/81 has been missing for one month in the Surrey/Vancouver Area. She is a street person and needs help. She has family that loves her. Please Michelle call me - I will help you! Auntie Monica

Name: Rob & Rita McLelland
City: Toronto, Ont
Sent: Tue December 27 2005 02:12 PM

My husbands mother is Verna Littlechief, We are wanting any and all info on Verna, for her sons sake. He was only 6 months old (now 43 yrs) when he last saw his mother, god bless to all the family & friends who, too lost a loved one to the streets, or by Pickton. Our prayers are with you daily. Peace Rob & Rita McLelland

City: Prince George
Sent: Tue December 20 2005 04:37 PM

Awww, I'm so sorry for those who has lost a loved one in the past Years. I hope someday days will get better!

Name: anonymous
City: Vancouver
Sent: Fri December 16 2005 04:41 PM

Standing in the rain - billy talent a great song about the woman in downtown vancouver

Name: Janice Tehie
City: Malvern PA
Sent: Sat December 10 2005 02:20 PM

Wayne Leng, this message is for you. Thank you for letting me know that some songs have been dedicated to the missing women of the Downtown Eastside. You e-mailed me and somehow I misplaced your e-mail. I am really filled with admiration for your dedication to this website and for all you have done to keep the memory of these women alive. Sarah deVries was so fortunate to have a friend like you...most of us are not that lucky! Take care and best wishes.

Name: mary
City: Squamish
Sent: Thu December 08 2005 02:39 PM

I am also a sister of April Reoch, i never got to know her as well as i should have and i miss her a lot. she left behind a son who i love just as much as her and 3 beautiful sisters. I will always remember the good times i shared with her, my mom and sisters I'm glad she can RIP

Name: ashley
Sent: Thu December 08 2005 11:23 AM

i just want to say that to all of the missing women in vancouver may their souls rest in peace.. debra lynn jones, my best friends mother, and we still have no information... she will always be loved and never forgotten may you rest in peace

Name: Janice Tehie
City: Malvern, PA
Sent: Tue December 06 2005 07:17 AM

The lyrics I posted "I'll remember you" are from the Linda Eder CD, "Broadway My Way." I was listening to the song "I'll remember you," and it moved me greatly, and I thought of it and decided to post the lyrics in memory of the missing women from Vancouver when I signed the guestbook. The CD is in no way connected with the missing women--Mrs.. Frey wrote and asked if it was dedicated to the missing women, and I said No. I do hope someday, somebody does dedicate a CD in memory of all the lost and missing women of Downtown Eastside Vancouver.

Name: Janice Tehie
City: Malvern PA
Sent: Sun December 04 2005 06:06 PM

In memory of Vancouver's Missing Women: Lyrics from the Linda Eder CD, "Broadway My Way": Cathedral bells were tolling and our hearts sang on Was it the spell of Paris or the April dawn? Who knows if we shall meet again? But when the morning chimes ring sweet again I'll be seeing you In all the old familiar places That this heart of mine embraces all day through In that small cafe, the park across the way, The children's carousel, the chestnut trees The wishing well, I'll be seeing you In every lovely summer's day In everything that's light and gay, I'll always think of you that way. I'll find you in the morning sun, and when the night is new I'll be looking at the moon but I'll be seeing you. With deepest sympathies and condolences to all the families and friends of Vancouver's missing women. God bless you all!

Name: Nicole Stewart
City: surrey
Sent: Tue November 29 2005 10:08 PM

I think this is a great site of remembrance for the ladies who are missing. may god bless them and bring them home safely. I'm looking for any information on Sheila Catherine Egan's past and information about how she lived her life. I'm writing a paper for my sociology class and i think it would be a great opportunity to speak for the people without voices. if anyone has information please email me as soon as possible. thank you

Name: Sam Pokey Gipson
City: Benton, Arkansas, USA
Sent: Sun November 27 2005 07:37 AM

Very nice site. I appreciate the information on how to get to the site and viewing. May God Bless the missing ones and their families. Wish I could help solve each case. Thanks for sharing. Your site, photos, and information. Sam

Name: Audra Dick
City: Terrace BC
Sent: Sat November 26 2005 11:41 AM

Just wanted to say that I agree whole heartedly with kim, not enough has been done to find danielle. The day I found out that she was missing, I contacted Vancouver RCMP and had them fax me a poster of danny to my office, then within minutes, I had her picture circulated world wide through internet via some connections that I have through my work. Plus, I contacted CTV news and ripped them a new a**hole for only allowing a few mere seconds of air time devoted to finding her. I was absolutely disgusted that they did not find her worthy enough to give the same amount of airtime that they do for every other missing female in this province. The next week, that is all you saw, morn, noon,& night on the news. Danielle, If you can read this, we are not giving up the search for you baby, we love you very much, and want you home, safe and sound. Kimmy, If you read this, contact me, e-mail me soon. I Love both you girls very much, and would love to hear from you!!! Take care auntie audra

Name: Ann Nelson
City: Fraser Lake BC
Sent: Wed November 23 2005 08:36 AM

I live on the HIGHWAY OF TEARS. This is a sad world we live in, no one is safe anymore. My heart and prayers go out to the families and friends of ALL the missing and murdered.

Name: christopher macintyre
City: vancouver
Sent: Tue November 22 2005 11:48 PM

i knew julia sheila egan julia please try to mail me julia please try to contact me

Name: Michelle
City: Vancouver
Sent: Fri July 15 2005 03:04 AM

i am in the midst of mixed emotions, I was very close to Sarah DeVries growing up, I am honored to have known her. Sarah was and still is one of my heroes. I always looked up to her when we was kids, I loved her for her strength, and I ,loved her for her sense of humor. She may be gone from this place but in all honesty, Sarah's beauty will remain everlasting to all who were privy to it. I named my daughter after her many years before she disappeared, I will always keep the times I shared with her close to my heart, I love you Sarah I'll see you again

Name: Tammy
City: Calgary
Sent: Thu July 14 2005 05:19 AM

When I found out Patty was taken from us I felt absolutely sick. I think about our grade three class picture and how beautiful and innocent she was. She and I were attached pretty much @ the hip. It's crazy how drastically our lives went in different directions. I miss her like mad. I often wonder what happened to Kathy-Joe and Michael? Patty I guess is in heaven with her dad, Glen who I guess took his own life shortly after losing Patty.

Name: linda
City: surrey
Sent: Wed July 13 2005 12:48 PM

dear aundrea I still love and miss you and my heart aches every time i think of what happened to you. you were a beautiful baby and grew up to be a beautiful woman. you will forever be in my heart. love Always auntie Linda

Name: Jen
City: Calgary
Sent: Tue July 12 2005 06:11 AM

Hi there, I am one of the "normal's" that some of you refer to. Just so that you all know, not every one of us look down our nose at those of us who chose to live their lives on the street. Believe me, I have my own set of problems. Everyone's issues and problems are relevant to themselves. This is it though, we only get one chance at life. For those of you who live on the streets or are addicted to drugs, whether you choose to or not, there is so much out there. You are all better than letting drugs control your life. My thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.

Name: Jenny
City: Vancouver
Sent: Thu July 07 2005 07:57 PM

First of all, my condolences to the friends and families that have lost their members....I truly feel for you, I have known some and miss them terribly....My two cents worth....I have just finished reading most of the posts on this site. I have seen life on both sides. Some of my best friends, as well as myself, have lived on the edge and on the streets, as prostitutes, drug users and dealers. All of us have very 'colorful' personalities. By colorful I mean..well, flamboyant, silly, crazy. or just plain nuts. I find that attractive, I love interesting, true people. Now, I don't believe that anyone should loose there life over ANYTHING, but when the 'normal' people are looking down their noses at 'us', it is with true knowledge that most of us would betray our best friend for a 'hit', or rob, steal and lie for one as well. We are a Motley Crue, nothing is sacred. 'They' don't live that why judge them???? We are as guilty as they for being judgmental, if that is the case. I have known many women that have given up their own children for life on the streets, and for drugs. And for that, there has to be some justice, even if it is having the 'normals' writing emails that we think are unfitting. Think about it before everyone gets to bent out of shape. And I am referring to the pages of 53 to 56 specifically, when some poor woman wrote that she saw street people from her office window. Come on women! We all know how we live on the streets! We CHOSE TO BE THERE! WE EMBRACED OUR DRUG ADDICTION....otherwise we wouldn't have been on Vancouver's East Side.....there were other options!!! There was/is a friendship, but nothing is sacred....nothing. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Name: tanya
City: the kottenay in british columbia
Sent: Wed June 29 2005 08:50 AM

i am so sick and tired of society how they see these sex trade workers as souls that they do not give two cents about. I was a sex trade worker it was no job i enjoyed but due to circumstances in my life at that time stuff happened and i fell down that road but thank goodness that i found my partner and best friend for saving me>I still have a lot of friends that work in the sex trade and they are very nice people that unfortunately have been mislead and misguided {in some saces they have been led to that kind of life by someone hey once loved and trusted} bottom line :these sex trade workers need HELP AND UNDERSTANDING not IGNORANCE .THESE WOMAN AND MEN THAT WORK IN THE SEX TRADE ARE STILL PEOPLE AND THEY STILL HAVE EMOTIONS SADLY CANADA doesn't seem to care .........................

Name: Sylvia Oertel
City: Nanaimo
Sent: Sun June 26 2005 10:44 AM

The last time I heard from my daughter Kristel Oertel was May/2004. She is known to use hard drugs, has herpies & Hep c. She is also known to support herself & habits by prostitution. She is approx. 5'7", White, born May 09,1978, usually blonde, blue eyed, tatoo's (arm) incl names Johnny& Michael. Has a friend nicknamed Skoob (black. Last known to be in the lower mainland of BC, mainly Vancouver area since 2001. I contacted the Ministry of Social to explain my situation (wanting to let my dau know I love her and would like her to call me). They put a flag on her financial assist file (in April) to let her know I wish her to call me but there has been no response yet. I would be the only person she can gain any info re her sons as I have an open adoption agreement the parents. Thus I felt she would want to keep in contact. We'd always had reasonably regular contact prior to May 2004.Anyone who can give me info on how to search for my daughter in a city as vast as Vancouver please contact me at 1 250 755 3023 God bless those who give their time & attention to the missing women lest others forget.

Name: Donalee Sebastian
City: Hazelton, BC
Sent: Fri June 24 2005 03:41 PM

Elsie Sebastian: Beloved mother of four children...grandmother of two grandsons and a granddaughter. I get a lump in my throat every time I think of how loving and caring she was. This lady could make you laugh and feel zest for life. She loved her children dearly even though she was not always with them. Now that I am a mother of my first son all I can think of is how beautiful life is and how precious the gift of life is. This is what she may have felt as a mother when she was with us kids...I feel that same way for my son...the grandson she will not know in this life time. I know she is here in spirit...but I still mourn for her and my heart feels heavy for her loss. What happened to her? And when will the Higher Power bring her home to us? Elsie was and is loved by many family and friends. She was a great friend, cousin, sister, mother, daughter, granddaughter and grandmother - her memory will be honored and loved forever. This is but a small tribute to a wonderful woman who will never be forgotten. And may this be lesson to our young First Nations women to value their lives because there are many sick people who prey on the weak for power and control. There is but one Higher Power and may you find Him now. And he will judge those who have hurt others - especially OUR MISSING WOMEN. All my relations!

City: Maple Ridge
Sent: Fri June 24 2005 07:47 AM

Today is my sister Helen's birthday. Damn you Robert & Dave Pickton for taking her away from me!!!!!!!!!! I sit here, 7 years later, I am now the age she was when she went missing, I need my big sister so much and just can't reach her. I feel robbed. Please pray for Helen Hallmark today, today she would have been 39

Name: Wilfred Abigosis
City: Brokenhead Ojibwe Nation
Sent: Sat May 14 2005 06:52 PM prayers go all out to the families, and also my cousin Marlene..who i believe is in that beautiful place....all my relations..Wilfred Abigosis

Name: Jim
City: Halifax
Sent: Thu May 12 2005 01:56 PM

The government should license all sex trade workers, that would get rid of the pimps and make the workers more safe in the workplace.

Name: Clair
City: Windsor, Ontario
Sent: Wed May 11 2005 03:04 PM

I am a licensed escort in Windsor, Ontario. I've read up on the sex slayings and it made me very sad to hear of all the deaths. Anyone who is a "working girl" always has risks unfortunately. It is hard to get out of the profession. It sure makes me think long and hard after reading something like the above postings. My heart goes out to all the knew the girls that have died in this profession.

Name: alyssa
City: campbell river b.c
Sent: Sat May 07 2005 12:26 PM

I know the frey family in fact they are my auntie and uncle may the person who killed marnie die a slow and painful death marnie was the best now she is gone may she live peacefully up in heaven cause if I fined someone murdering I will phone 911 cause it will remind me of sweet sweet lovely marnie.

Name: Stephanie
City: Calgary
Sent: Sun May 01 2005 08:37 PM

I lived on the street (1996) in East Vancouver where these women worked day after day. I would be approached by johns from the bus stop to my apartment building. It was cheap rent that brought me there. I would have some conversations with someone's daughter and say hello to them in passing. I prayed for these women and still do they are still in my thoughts and prayer even though I do not live there anymore and have moved to another province. But I continue to go to Take Back The Night walks like the one in Surrey in 1996 I try to honor there life. As I said they are someone's daughter.

Name: kerry combs
City: Westland, I
Sent: Fri June 24 2005 06:40 AM

This site is so beautifully done. The music and lyrics are very meaningful to me, i have a cousin, Ashley Howley, missing/murdered. June 16th, was the one year anniversary. we held a press conference, thanks to the Carrington Foundation, and now that money is involved, there have been some tips. Although it is horrible that ALL of these women had their lives taken from them, THANK GOD, at last, their loved ones can have some sort of closure. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to all of them. Sincerely, Kerry Combs P.S. was this song written by someone in this group? It is so beautiful, i would like to know who did it.

Name: Melanie
City: New York
Sent: Tue June 21 2005 05:15 PM

My prayers go out to all of the girls who are lost, but never forgotten and always in out hearts. Melanie

Name: mary ann
City: vancouver
Sent: Sun June 19 2005 07:28 AM

my love goes out to those girls. i have read the book 'missing sarah' and it has opened my eyes. as i read more, my love for sarah and these women grew more and more and i found my self overcome with grief and pain for what they went through. i recently heard that there is a serial killer in edmonton and it makes me sick to hear that it has taken so long to even hear about it even though it has been happening since '88.i hope that one day, all lives are treated the same and not based on your lifestyle or income. my love to all the families here and in edmonton.

Name: john
City: burnaby
Sent: Sat June 18 2005 02:47 PM

to all families and friends please know you are in my thoughts and prayers

Name: Laurie
City: Hamilton
Sent: Sat June 18 2005 06:38 AM

With love and prayers.

Name: J.L.
City: Edmonton
Sent: Fri June 17 2005 11:14 AM

I'm not sure why I'm at this site. I am a health care worker and I see many young, shattered female lives everyday. When I was growing up I had a serious drug addiction and I feel my life could have gone either way. I easily could have been a name on a missing or murdered list. I think about all these women who have ended up in such unfortunate circumstances....I pray for them always.

Name: Veronica
City: Hamilton
Sent: Sun June 12 2005 05:19 PM

Hello... I am doing an English presentation tomorrow about the missing people...particularly Sarah De Vries.. I am also writing an essay on the book about her life.. Its just really devastating to see what other people have gone through and really makes me think about how lucky I am. I just wanted to send out my prayers and my love to everyone who may need strength.. Sincerely, Veronica Ferris

Name: Danielle
City: Vancouver , B.C.
Sent: Wed June 08 2005 06:46 AM

Hello prayers go out to all who's families have been through a bunch with this ugly situation with Willy and the murders and I continue to give all the support to everyone who calls on me for it. Please let me know if you or anyone you know needs prayers or guidance for their missing children or mothers. I am now a one year clean recovering addict that used on the DTES and even got picked up at one time by Willy and nothing of the bad happened to me but I sure had a scare when I found out he was responsible for the loss of many of my friends and many more to know about I am sure. I love to be clean and will help anyone who comes to me...thank you for coming to this site and having a heart! All my relations. God bless All Y`all....++oo P.S. Anyone needing a hug am available for this as well hugs heal the soul as well as talking about the things we hurt about also help us to heal too. So please keep me in mind for someone to talk to and pour your heart out onto and or someone to lean on or just a shoulder to cry on....I AM HERE FOR Y`ALL

Name: Jay Pauw
City: Calgary
Sent: Tue June 07 2005 05:03 PM

Hello, i'm looking for a friend that have gone missing. My investigation has led me to believe that she maybe prostituting her self in Vancouver. She is a 29 year old thai girl. Her real name is Tiwa but she might be going by DAWN. My heart aches to here from her and i pray for her safety. So please if you have any info please contact me

Name: alyssa knowler
Sent: Fri June 03 2005 08:50 PM

I have no idea why I came to this page I got a letter in the mail and it said have you seen this girl and I burst into tears cause this is America we are posta be free and safe but most of us are far from that. It had this web site addy and I went to it I looked at this pictures and could not stop crying. Why them? Why did God choose them there is no answer for that Question but put your sister or Mother in the missing position and tell me you never thought that same question. For all who have loved ones missing you are in my prayers.

Name: marisol molina
City: vancouver
Sent: Sun May 29 2005 04:40 PM

I believe in the the Virgin Mary so much she is my mother my sister and my light....I never had a reason to run away from home to lose myself in the streets...I worked in Gastown and saw the sadness that went on around me..this is not a 3rd world country..why are my sisters being taken advantage of? the women on this site have no relation to me..we have nothing in common except that we are women...i can fall into this lifestyle anyone can, drugs do not discriminate....please God take care of my fallen sisters and help me find away to help.

Name: Sandi Walmsley, cousin of Tammy Fairbairn
City: Victoria, BC
Sent: Thu May 26 2005 07:14 PM

Tammy Fairbairn has been located and is fine and living in Eastern Canada. Thank you to all those involved in helping find her. It is rare to have any good news when it comes to this unfortunate situation. Keep your hopes and dreams alive too and maybe a miracle can happen for you and yours. Our prayers (my family) are with all the families involved. I will keep monitoring this site for further updates. Keep up the good work.

Name: ken philip
City: picton ontario
Sent: Thu May 26 2005 03:58 PM

I was friends with Diana Melnick when i lived in vancouver. She was a kind and warm person. my thoughts and prayers go out to my friend and all the other victims. Once you were lost. but now you have bin found. My God craddle you in his arms forever. Forever your friend and forever in my thoughts. K.R.Philip

Name: jen
City: vancouver
Sent: Thu May 26 2005 12:47 PM

I went to school with Sarah Devries - we were good friend s when we were young girls. I remember her very breaks my heart to know that she ended up on the DTES. But, the current charges to Pickton today...that helps it heal a bit.

Name: Jessica Lavallee
City: Regina
Sent: Thu May 26 2005 10:38 AM

My heart breaks after reading this and my prayers are with all of the families of these missing women. These women are God's children and they are with the Lord, and I pray for closure for these families. May God bless everyone that reads this. I pray that everyone will pray too for these women and their families.

Name: kim hanson
City: edmonton
Sent: Wed May 25 2005 03:17 PM

I want to know what happened to Leigh Miner, my cousin, and a lovely, caring woman. Her family needs closure. Her daughter, her mom, brother, sister and her other relatives will never get over this. WE NEED TO KNOW....Leigh, I think about you all the time.

Name: Leeanne
City: Saskatchewan
Sent: Wed May 25 2005 09:42 AM

I just recently read about Verna Littlechief, If there is any family members out there that will read this or friends of the family I would just like to know who they are and where exactly are you from. Just trying to figure out if there are any connection to our families. Who is Verna and where she was from, etc. Thank you.

Name: shannon
Sent: Tue May 24 2005 10:34 PM

I worked the streets with alot of the missing women. I don't know why or how I managed to leave that life behind alive. I send all the families my thoughts and prayers. These beautiful women were my friends, may they rest in peace.

Name: lisa
City: ireland/derry
Sent: Wed May 18 2005 12:55 PM

i didn't know any1 who has gone missing but i would hate too have 2 go through it god bless every1 who have gone through it and i hope no one else goes missing from lis in derry, ireland, uk

Name: Wilfred Abigosis
City: Brokenhead Ojibwe Nation
Sent: Sat May 14 2005 07:02 PM

I remember her when we have our memorial feasts. that's a very good way of doing that...megwetch. Wilfred

Name: Diane Lazarus
City: Carmarthinshire in wales u.k
Sent: Sun May 01 2005 12:39 AM

I AM A PSYCHIC, AND I HAVE WORKED WITH THE POLICE! TO FIND MISSING PEOPLE, THEY HAVE SOMETIMES BEEN IN THE SPIRIT WORLD. It is very hard for me to pass on the message to families that their loved one's are in the spirit world. But one thing! I do know it is better to know where they are. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU 'MARK GREEN'!! Mark went missing after a night out in Birmingham! I had to pass the message on to the family to say that he is in the spirit world, Mark told me to tell them!!!

Name: Kelly Gilby
City: St. Catharines , Ontario
Sent: Sat April 30 2005 01:08 PM

I used to go to high school with Jennifer Furminger, and she also stayed with me for a few months during that time. Its sad to see something like this happen to those who had such a bright future ahead of themselves. May you all rest in peace, knowing he will pay, one way or another.

Name: Diana
Sent: Mon April 11 2005 04:09 PM

I have been looking for a friend whom went missing in 1993 from niagara Falls, and I was shocked when I came across a friend from Welland, Diane who had been murdered. I pray for all the families

Name: shannon
Sent: Tue May 24 2005 10:34 PM

I worked the streets with alot of the missing women. I don't know why or how I managed to leave that life behind alive. I send all the families my thoughts and prayers. These beautiful women were my friends, may they rest in peace.

Name: lisa
City: ireland/derry
Sent: Wed May 18 2005 12:55 PM

i didn't know any1 who has gone missing but i would hate too have 2 go through it god bless every1 who have gone through it and i hope no one else goes missing from lis in derry, ireland, uk

Name: Wilfred Abigosis
City: Brokenhead Ojibwe Nation
Sent: Sat May 14 2005 07:02 PM

I remember her when we have our memorial feasts. that's a very good way of doing that...megwetch. Wilfred

Name: Wilfred Abigosis
City: Brokenhead Ojibwe Nation
Sent: Sat May 14 2005 06:52 PM prayers go all out to the families, and also my cousin Marlene..who i believe is in that beautiful place....all my relations..Wilfred Abigosis

Name: Jim
City: Halifax
Sent: Thu May 12 2005 01:56 PM

The government should license all sex trade workers, that would get rid of the pimps and make the workers more safe in the workplace.

Name: Clair
City: Windsor, Ontario
Sent: Wed May 11 2005 03:04 PM

I am a licensed escort in Windsor, Ontario. I've read up on the sex slayings and it made me very sad to hear of all the deaths. Anyone who is a "working girl" always has risks unfortunately. It is hard to get out of the profession. It sure makes me think long and hard after reading something like the above postings. My heart goes out to all the knew the girls that have died in this profession.

Name: alyssa
City: campbell river b.c
Sent: Sat May 07 2005 12:26 PM

I know the frey family in fact they are my auntie and uncle may the person who killed marnie die a slow and painful death marnie was the best now she is gone may she live peacefully up in heaven cause if I fined someone murdering I will phone 911 cause it will remained me of sweet sweet lovely marnie.

Name: Stephanie
City: Calgary
Sent: Sun May 01 2005 08:37 PM

I lived on the street (1996) in East Vancouver where these women worked day after day. I would be approached by johns from the bus stop to my apartment building. It was cheap rent that brought me there. I would have some conversations with someone's daughter and say hello to them in passing. I prayed for these women and still do they are still in my thoughts and prayer even though I do not live there anymore and have moved to another province. But I continue to go to Take Back The Night walks like the one in Surrey in 1996 I try to honor there life. As I said they are someone's daughter.

Name: Diane Lazarus
City: Carmarthinshire in wales u.k
Sent: Sun May 01 2005 12:39 AM

I AM A PSYCHIC, AND I HAVE WORKED WITH THE POLICE! TO FIND MISSING PEOPLE, THEY HAVE SOMETIMES BEEN IN THE SPIRIT WORLD. It is very hard for me to pass on the message to families that their loved one's are in the spirit world. But one thing! I do know it is better to know where they are. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU 'MARK GREEN'!! Mark went missing after a night out in Birmingham! I had to pass the message on to the family to say that he is in the spirit world, Mark told me to tell them!!!

Name: Kelly Gilby
City: St. Catharines , Ontario
Sent: Sat April 30 2005 01:08 PM

I used to go to high school with Jennifer Furminger, and she also stayed with me for a few months during that time. Its sad to see something like this happen to those who had such a bright future ahead of themselves. May you all rest in peace, knowing he will pay, one way or another.

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Name: Tracy Rauch
City: Winnipeg
Sent: Sun April 03 2005 07:55 AM

This is all so sad. These are beautiful women who made decisions based on their situations at the time.. I feel for them and i wish love and prayers for all the families involved.

Name: Krista Wilson
City: Elmira, Ontario
Sent: Thu March 24 2005 07:12 AM

I am looking to hear from anyone who knew Cindy Beck. I was her best friend in grade 7, 8 & 9. I was in the process of trying to find her when she went missing. I knew she had some troubles but had no idea how serious they were. I would love to chat with someone who knew her in her life in Vancouver. I am the friend that sent in her grade 8 picture for the website because I got sick of seeing her mugshot.

Name: kim
City: Osoyoos
Sent: Fri March 11 2005 01:37 AM

so confused

Sent: Thu March 10 2005 03:53 AM

i miss you all that i knew from the streets..tanya holyk..stephanie lane ...dorothy spence ..olivia williams. sarah de Vries and my friend patty who went missing rite b4 or after i left the street life...and a few acquaintances' from the downtown east side..we luv and miss you all and

Name: Angie Pollard
City: Nanaimo
Sent: Thu March 10 2005 03:25 AM

i was once a drug addicted sex trade worker..but i got out before anything really bad happened to me. I left the streets after 4 yrs of being out there ..scared and hating my life..i was just like the other women who have gone missing and announced dead..i was dead inside on the streets but i believe luv for myself got me out..and of course the thought of dying was not for me..i have two beautiful daughters that i'm totally here for now..and would do anything for them...i'll never think of going back to that life ..ever again! I am grateful to be alive and healthy without any diseases such as HIV or Hep c a or whatever else is out there ..i was one of the fortunate ones along with my new boyfriend that i met at a recovery house which they kicked me out after six days for being so close so fast with my now boyfriend and we left the house together and been together ever since and we got outta Vancouver for good ..and that's what saved us ..and the "methadone maintenance program" and now i'm slowly reducing my daily dosage every month until i get to the zero mark..i am happy to be here but i hate that alot of my friends died in the hands of a brutal killer(s)..i wish they had the chance i gave myself..i had no one but me to help myself, and "anyone can do it if i can do it" believe in yourself and the rest'll fall into life aint perfect yet but i plan to keep working on it until it is to my expectations of purrrrrfect...i have been in school two yrs. out of the 4 yrs i have been clean. I am proud of myself for all the work i done to stay clean and staying alive..think about it ..u can do it too..

Name: Suzie
City: Florida
Sent: Mon March 07 2005 06:16 PM

I'm very deeply sorry for the losses of your loved ones. I lost my 15 yr old son this year and it has been a devastating blow. Each loved one is special and unique; my thoughts and prayers will be with you always.

Name: Joanne Ford
City: Great Britain, Wales, Cardiff
Sent: Mon March 07 2005 04:41 AM

hello People, I just thought i'd write you all a message saying how sorry i am for you lot about your missing loved one's. you have to stay patient ok? i am so very sorry! hope you all succeed!

Name: Angela
City: Terrace B.C
Sent: Thu February 24 2005 10:58 AM

I am the Best-Friend/Cousin of Lana Derrick, she has been missing since October 1995 from Terrace BC. It has almost been ten years since she has disappeared and she is one of the 7 missing and murdered women off Highway 16 or also known as the "Highway of Tears". I walked in the Missing women annual memorial Feb. 14, 2005, and it felt so good that the missing women are finally getting some recognition. My heart goes out to all of the families and friends of the missing an murdered women. Lana we miss you and love you and you are always in our thoughts and our hearts.

Name: Charlotte
City: Burnaby
Sent: Mon February 21 2005 11:19 AM

I knew Brenda Wolfe when we were in recovery together back in 1985. She was my roommate for several months. We shared a lot of time together, and grew to know each other quite well. I watched Brenda become an amazing, wonderful, happy woman. The picture on this web site is not the Brenda that i knew and loved. I was very sad to see her on here, and spent several days crying I am really glad that i got to know her. And i am eternally grateful that she got to have a little bit of happiness in her life, for that short period of time. I will always remember her smile and the beautiful son that she had while in recovery. May she rest in peace..glad she is not suffering anymore. A loving friend, Charlotte

Homepage: http://FEBRUARY 14, 2005
Sent: Sun February 13 2005 08:14 AM

14TH ANNUAL WOMENíS MEMORIAL MARCH FEBRUARY 14, 2005 A DAY OF ROSES AND REMEMBRANCE FOR THE WOMEN WHO HAVE TRAGICALLY DIED AND HOPE FOR THE WOMEN WHO ARE STILL UNACCOUNTED FOR IN THE DOWNTOWN EASTSIDE OF VANCOUVER. ~Their Spirits Live Within Us~ The Womenís Memorial March is held on Valentineís Day, February 14th to commemorate the women in the Downtown Eastside who die each year due to violence, not just physical violence but the violence of HIV/AIDS, homelessness, poverty, addictions, and lack of medical care. The womenís lives and deaths are swept aside because of where these women lived, what they do for money, or who they were. These women are not nameless, they are not faceless, they are human beings deserving more than what they got. It is important that the SEVENTY TWO WOMEN of this community are not forgotten but remembered, honored and loved for who they were: Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, and friends. It is important that public pressure continue on the authorities that are investigating the disappearances and the connection of alleged murderer William Pickton of these women, so that they do not remain a hidden and ignored segment of society. The Womenís Memorial March begins at Carnegie Centre at Main & Hastings at 1PM. A community of friends and family members led by women will move together through the streets of the Downtown Eastside, stopping at the sites where women have died, to leave a rose in remembrance, an offering of tobacco, prayers and do a cleansing ceremony for healing. ITINERARY 14TH ANNUAL WOMENíS MEMORIAL MARCH Monday February 14, 2005 12 PM Speakers, Carnegie Centre Theatre 1 PM March begins with a circle at Main & Hastings 2 PM Speakers outside the Police Station 2:30 PM Healing Circle at Oppenheimer Park, Candles of Remembrance 3 PM Feast at the Japanese Language School 475 Alexander St. For more information please contact: Marlene at (604) 665-3005

Name: Britttney Frey
City: Campbell River
Sent: Tue February 01 2005 11:03 AM

Hey i'm brittney frey and i`m marnie lee anns daughter and i am just say hi to all of u soo ya thats all i have to say ,i really miss marnie tho i really loved her and i`ll miss her very much ps u`ll always be in my heart marnie,,,,,,,,, ps i have to go now i`m in school i found the time to say a few words to say love u

Name: Kat
City: Sherwood Park Alberta
Sent: Sat January 29 2005 03:46 PM

This web site is for all sex trade workers in Canada, It is to help with the safety and health of all. If we can bring one missing worker home. Are help save one life is it not worth it?. If you fell the same Please place this banner on your web site and pass it on to anyone with a social conscience

City: Vancouver
Sent: Tue January 25 2005 07:13 AM

It's becoming more and more difficult to even glance at a member of the Vancouver police department without feeling a certain amount of both fear and disgust. It's a shame that those who live in better communities without a large police presence will probably never know just what a disgrace the system that's meant to serve and protect has become and may never see the absurdity of a civilian calling the police to report a problem within the police force. Reform is necessary. I can't stomach the thought of viewing the police involved in this particular holocaust along with countless other incidents as "heroes".

Name: z
City: Vancouver
Sent: Mon January 24 2005 09:54 PM

I look at the pictures of all the missing women and my heart is filled with sadness. they all have put up with some pretty hard times. when i look at Sarah's picture and think of her life I am so glad for all the love that she had, and all the good times in her life. The hardships she encountered throughout are heartbreaking. I really wish there were more structures in place so that women who are struggling have a place to go. I like the idea of safe injection sites. I've never really thought about withdrawal before until i read the book did i learn about the pain and suffering and what being addicted does to you. I want all the affected families, friends and others to know that I am sorry for what has happened and that I pray for them.

Name: Name withheld
City: Vancouver
Sent: Mon January 24 2005 07:34 PM

I am printing the photos for the 14th Annual February 14th Women's Memorial March in the dtes. I am still after all of these years shocked and dismayed that this could be real. I see the photos of the 72 women and it is unbelievable that no investigation happened any sooner than it did. I can't help but think that for sure some of these women could have been saved had investigation begun sooner. I do not believe that Pickton acted alone in this abhorrent act. This is five times the number of women who were murdered in the Montreal Massacre in 1989. It would be nice for the women to be recognized as WOMEN FIRST and sex trade workers and addicted women second.

Name: virginia thompson
Hometown: texas
Sent: 3.24 - sun 9 jan 2005

I think its a very large tragic to society as everyone deserves a second chance at life my heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one so tragically where I am from is not to bad there should be more drug rehabilitation centers and also no one should be turned away well thats all I want to say ok well then

Name: withheld
Sent: 6.52 - thu 16 dec 2004

Allan Legere killed five people.

One in 1986 and four in 1989.

He killed one man in 1986 and, in 1989, while serving a life sentence for the 1986 murder, he escaped and killed three women and a priest. All of these murders took place in Miramichi, New Brunswick, not Quebec.

Name: Sasha
Hometown: calgary
Sent: 12.09 - tue 14 dec 2004

thank you

Name: Sandy
Hometown: Saskatoon
Sent: 9.02 - sun 12 dec 2004

Wow, this is quite some website!!! Those poor women could have been many of my friends if it this horror story would have happened in my city. We in Saskatoon also face POLICE CORRUPTION AND RACISM, but it is against native men here. I wonder if you have ever heard of Saskatoon's 'Star Lite Tours' courtesy of our fine SPD. Many native men have been given this tour and have been dropped off on the outskirt of the city in
-40 weather. Many did not make it back to town, except for one very lucky individual, Darrel Night. For an Interesting read, you should check out the website ( I think thats the address, if not, a search engine will help you)We in Canada have to stand up and stop these corrupt police departments from letting such atrocities towards our friends, lovers, family members, ever happen again. I plan on visiting this site regularly to keep watch for any of these women.I guess it's another example of the public doing a civic workers job.

Name: Sexsmith
Hometown: Courtenay bc
Sent: 11.11 - fri 10 dec 2004

I would like to take the time to tell you how happy i am for you that you found your sister. I am the niece of Catharine knight, and i pray everyday that she is okay. You got a miracle sent to you from the angels above.

Name: paris bell
Hometown: warner robins
Sent: 10.00 - fri 10 dec 2004

i am so sorry for your lost. well i`m doing a report on her and when i saw here story i started crying that phone call was touching hey i have an idea how bout we keep in touch and i see anything or anything i will be sure to total you. I will keep you in my prayers
paris .s bell

Name: Anonymous
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.
Sent: 4.10 - tue 7 dec 2004

This just goes to show you what are Police Department is doing in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. This murdering and other crimes are still happening in this city; against women and men, and in some cases the Police Department know about it! What a corrupt and injustice society! We must do something about this now! If you know anything; don't hold it back, go to the newspaper or television media.

Sent: 2.15 - wed 24 nov 2004


Name: Cheyanne
Hometown: Prince George, B.C.
Sent: 1.45 - tue 23 nov 2004

i just wanna send out my prayers for all the women may u rest in peace....

Name: Sandi Walmsley
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Sent: 1.38 - sat 13 nov 2004

Tammy Heather Fairbairn is a first cousin of mine. She has recently been added to the list of missing women. Police say they have exhausted all avenues in finding her and that's why she's been added to the list. If anyone knows anything about Tammy's disappearance, or anything about her before she disappeared, please get in touch with me. Thank you.

Name: johnney mcdowell
Hometown: nickerson ne.
Sent: 4.55 - wed 10 nov 2004

i am very sorry for your lost my prays r whit you johnney.

Name: Anne
Hometown: Yukon
Sent: 11.09 - wed 10 nov 2004

This is quite the website. Thank you to the organizer for compiling all the newspaper articles. I hope that many people will visit it and that maybe sometime very soon, that the plight of the people living in Vancouver's eastside will be noticed by those who can and will do something improving the conditions there. I do not have the words in my vocabulary to describe what I think of all this, it is so overwhelming. However my heart goes out to the friends and families of these vanished ladies. May they find some peace in their lives very soon.
Love, Anne

Sent: 3.34 - wed 10 nov 2004

i feel for the families who have lost their beloved ones xxxxx

Name: GAIL
Sent: 6.40 - sun 7 nov 2004

I am here to say that "HOOKERS" are mothers my sister. What about the "JOHNS" Take their licence away. Tell their wives! defamation! Lawless! Murderers you will get your day!

Name: sara
Hometown: london, ontario
Sent: 9.36 - sun 7 nov 2004

that was very deep. it really makes you think

Name: david mckelvey
Hometown: oliver.bc
Sent: 5.59 - thu 4 nov 2004

I lived down on the" lower east side" namely hastings for 2years I Have seen so much shit it is truly unbelievable I Truly feel the sadness and loss of the women down there and there families I wish there was more I could do>> ILL pray i love you all call me if I can do ANY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Kelly
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Sent: 11.48 - wed 3 nov 2004

I think men that do these types of things to women should feel that exact pain in return, I love the Lord and truly believe in the end they will! Keep your head and prayers up...

Name: Adrianna Nikal
Hometown: new Hazelton,bc
Sent: 5.48 - mon 1 nov 2004

Hello I am glad that people have not forgotten about the missing women ,I am Delphine Nikals cousin,

Sent: 8.38 - fri 29 oct 2004

Private Entry:

Name: Valorie
Hometown: Sudbury,Ontario
Sent: 8.35 - fri 29 oct 2004

Our hearts go out to all of the Families of all the missing women..We know one of the families..And know what they have gone through..We will all miss Angela Jardine..We knew her when they lived in Sudbury..Ivan & Deb you know you are in our thoughts and hearts all the time only miles make it very hard to give a Big Hug but you know we care..And to the other families our hearts go out to you also..

Name: Kathie Wiebe
Sent: 8.27 - fri 29 oct 2004

To my cousin Catherine, although I never knew you as we grew older, I do have memories of a very crowded Christmas in Kamloops. I miss you. To my cousin Geri, we love you and pray for you and your family. To all the other families suffering we pray for you to that God will have least bring peace to your hearts.

Name: Kacy
Sent: 4.59 - fri 29 oct 2004

I just saw NBC Dateline 10/29/04. I am so bothered that this had to happen to these women. To those families I will pray. My prayers!!!

Name: Cynthia
Hometown: Sherman, Texas
Sent: 4.59 - fri 29 oct 2004

My hear goes out to the family, friends, and loved ones of Sarah and the other victims. I hope that something will be done about the horrendous disregard shown by the police everywhere who believe that some lives have more value than others.

Name: Travis O'Malley
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Sent: 5.17 - thu 28 oct 2004

I'm using this website to source a persuasive essay for a high school class on getting the city of Boston to decriminalize sex-workers, I hope you do not mind. I feel for your site and the women who unfortunately had to make it possible. I have two sisters myself, one of which resides in your fine city and am very protective of them. Good luck, keep fightin the good fight because anyone with good sense, reason and compassion know that cities like yours and mine can do so much more to help these people.

Name: Amanda Sledge
Hometown: Arkansas
Sent: 5.34 - tue 26 oct 2004

I'm sorry to all of the familys of the victims. I think it is very sad keep your heads up and don't give up at least you know who done it. I'm sorry again.

Name: amber
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 3.07 - mon 25 oct 2004

its sick what people do to each other these days and i think they should stop and smell the coffee. they're all losers

Name: Millie
Hometown: Magnolia, Delaware
Sent: 12.28 - sun 24 oct 2004

My deepest condolence to all the family of the victims. May God Bless you all and keep your heads up high. Be strong. The lord is with you. I will pray for you all and your loved ones. Sorry for what you all have been through. Rest assured that justice will be served although this will not bring them back. God Bless you all and may the Lord be with you all.

Name: lisa
Hometown: nassau
Sent: 11.38 - sun 24 oct 2004

i wish the raping and thieving would stop in my country there is alot of raping and missings going on and there are all women and childrens missing. the men are always found dead the killers are always found in the bahamas and they are send to jail for life. so i think we should all kill those guilty people who are killing these nice ladies who needed our help those days i feel sorry for those people every country has a problem all we need is to pray for the killing to stop we always finding people dead in the bahamas.

Name: Rita Rinsma
Hometown: Terrace BC
Sent: 12.26 - fri 22 oct 2004

I just wanted to send my condolences to the family of Danielle Larue. I was shocked to hear that she has been missing since 2002. I met Danielle when I was in Thornhill Elementary School in Terrace BC. She lived with her grandparents who owned the Hill Top Grocery Store. I hope Danielle is ok. Danielle, If you are out there, Please let your family know. I hope someone can come forward and give information to her where abouts. We all need to know.

Name: sara
Hometown: londan,ontario
Sent: 9.36 - sun 7 nov 2004

that was very deep. it really makes you think

Name: david mckelvey
Hometown: oliver.bc
Sent: 5.59 - thu 4 nov 2004

I lived down on the"lower east side" nameley hastings for 2years Have seen so much shit it is truly unbelievable Truly feel the sadness and loss of the women down there and there familys Irish there was more I could do>> ILL pray i love you all call me if I can do ANY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Kelly
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Sent: 11.48 - wed 3 nov 2004

I think men that do these types of things to women should feel that exact pain in return, I love the Lord and truly believe in the end they will! Keep your head and prayers up...

Name: Adrianna Nikal
Hometown: new Hazelton,bc
Sent: 5.48 - mon 1 nov 2004

Hello I am glad that people have not forgotten about the missing women ,I am Delphine Nikals cousin,

Sent: 8.38 - fri 29 oct 2004

Private Entry:

Name: Valorie
Hometown: Sudbury,Ontario
Sent: 8.35 - fri 29 oct 2004

Our hearts go out to all of the Families of all the missing women..We know one of the families..And know what they have gone through..We will all miss Angela Jardine..We knew her when they lived in Sudbury..Ivan & Deb you know you are in our thoughts and hearts all the time only miles make it very hard to give a Big Hug but you know we care..And to the other families our hearts go out to you also..

Name: Kathie Wiebe
Sent: 8.27 - fri 29 oct 2004

To my cousin Catherine, although I never knew you as we grew older, I do have memories of a very crowded Christmas in Kamloops. I miss you. To my cousin Geri, we love you and pray for you and your family. To all the other families suffering we pray for you to that God will have least bring peace to your hearts.

Name: Kacy
Sent: 4.59 - fri 29 oct 2004

I just saw NBC Dateline 10/29/04. I am so bothered that this had to happen to these women. To those families I will pray. My prayers!!!

Name: Cynthia
Hometown: Sherman, Texas
Sent: 4.59 - fri 29 oct 2004

My hear goes out to the family, friends, and loved ones of Sarah and the other victims. I hope that something will be done about the horrendous disregard shown by the police everywhere who believe that some lives have more value than others.

Name: Travis O'Malley
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Sent: 5.17 - thu 28 oct 2004

I'm using this website to source a persuasive essay for a high school class on getting the city of Boston to decriminalize sex-workers, I hope you do not mind. I feel for your site and the women who unfortunately had to make it possible. I have two sisters myself, one of which resides in your fine city and am very protective of them. Good luck, keep fightin the good fight because anyone with good sense, reason and compassion know that cities like yours and mine can do so much more to help these people.

Name: Amanda Sledge
Hometown: Arkansas
Sent: 5.34 - tue 26 oct 2004

I'm sorry to all of the familys of the victims. I think it is very sad keep your heads up and don't give up at least you know who done it. I'm sorry again.

Name: amber
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 3.07 - mon 25 oct 2004

its sick what people do to each other these days and i think they should stop and smell the coffee. they're all losers

Name: Millie
Hometown: Magnolia, Delaware
Sent: 12.28 - sun 24 oct 2004

My deepest condolence to all the family of the victims. May God Bless you all and keep your heads up high. Be strong. The lord is with you. I will pray for you all and your loved ones. Sorry for what you all have been through. Rest assured that justice will be served although this will not bring them back. God Bless you all and may the Lord be with you all.

Name: lisa
Hometown: nassau
Sent: 11.38 - sun 24 oct 2004

i wish the raping and theifing would stop in my country there is alot of raping and missings going on and there are all women and childrens missing. the men are always found dead the killers are always found in the bahamas and they are send to jail for life. so i think we should all kill those guilty people who are killing these nice ladys who needed ower help those days i feel sorry for those people every country has a problem all we need is to pray for the killing to stop we always finding people dead in the bahamas.

Name: Rita Rinsma
Hometown: Terrace BC
Sent: 12.26 - fri 22 oct 2004

I just wanted to send my condolences to the family of Danielle Larue. I was shocked to hear that she has been missing since 2002. I met Danielle when I was in Thornhill Elementary School in Terrace BC. She lived with her grandparents who owned the Hill Top Grocery Store. I hope Danielle is ok. Danielle, If you are out there, Please let your family know. I hope someone can come forward and give information to her where abouts. We all need to know.

Name: Janet
Sent: 3.22 - wed 20 oct 2004

Well, I have taken quite a close look on your website and I must say that I find it extraordinarily interesting. You can be sure that I will come back pretty soon.

Name: Louisa (Guno)
Hometown: Terrace BC
Sent: 7.05 - tue 19 oct 2004

I didnt know my cousin Rebecca(Guno) very well, but she is missed and loved...:( I pray that she and all the other missing women find peace where ever they are...I also pray that Pickton gets his in the end.

Name: alex belanger
Hometown: lethbridge ab
Sent: 8.57 - mon 18 oct 2004

rest in peace auntie brenda wolfe. i hate that man who took you away from us, we will always love you brenda. justice will be brought or i will bring

Sent: 8.10 - mon 18 oct 2004

i hate the vancouver police. you did nothing you bastards

Sent: 7.31 - wed 13 oct 2004

Private Entry:

Name: Michelle
Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON
Sent: 2.35 - wed 13 oct 2004

My heart goes out to all the family members of these truly beautiful women.

Name: Nicol
Hometown: Cleveland
Sent: 11.08 - sun 10 oct 2004

I like your site!

Name: Janet
Sent: 11.07 - sat 9 oct 2004

Well, I have taken quite a close look on your website and I must say that I find it extraordinarily interesting. You can be sure that I will come back pretty soon.

Name: Wilfred Abigosis
Hometown: Brokenhead, Manitoba
Sent: 5.28 - sat 9 oct 2004

Yvonne Marlene Abigosis is my cousin, perhaps someone out there knows what happened to my relative..megwetch

Name: Rachelle
Hometown: Regina a, Sask
Sent: 11.01 - thu 7 oct 2004

My HEARTS go out to all the families of these murdered women, I am a ex-prostitute, and I thank GOD everyday that I'm still here walking the earth, I am so happy there is finally a web site that actually has information about this, It is LONG OVERDUE!! but very good!! Thank you,
Signed Rachelle

Name: Jeremy
Hometown: Comox, BC
Sent: 9.31 - wed 6 oct 2004

I knew Sherry Irving well growing up in Comox. The Sherry I knew was a beautiful, caring person, with deep brown eyes and an infectious smile. I was deeply saddened when I learned of her fate. My heart goes out to her family for their loss. Be sure that she will always be remembered.

Name: elly
Hometown: houston bc
Sent: 7.01 - wed 6 oct 2004

my thoughts and prayers are with all of these missing womens families, bring back the death penalty, for human waste like pickton, and who ever else was involved with this.

Name: Laura Johnson
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 9.07 - wed 6 oct 2004

Patty Johnson was my friend back when we were young girls. She was a beautiful girl with a gentle heart. She loved to sing. My thoughts are with her family and loved ones.

Name: harleyfatboy99ca
Hometown: langley.B.C
Sent: 7.49 - wed 6 oct 2004

May your loved ones be found and brought back to you safely.

Name: Missing Vancouver women
Sent: 5.40 - wed 6 oct 2004

List of missing women grows by at least 8

News Services
Wednesday, October 06, 2004

At least eight new names are expected to be added today to the list of women missing from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, bringing the total to 69.

Staff-Sgt. Murray Lund of the RCMP-Vancouver police missing women task force has told the families of several missing women that police will issue a new poster today with names and faces of women who have not previously been on the official list.

Port Coquitlam pig farmer Robert Pickton, 53, faces 22 counts of first-degree murder in connection with the missing women.

© The Vancouver Province 2004

Name: Christine Conti Cole
Hometown: Roslindale, Massachusetts
Sent: 3.42 - wed 6 oct 2004

To all of you,
I don't have anyone missing in my life but I do want you to know that each and everyone of you is in my prayers. May your loved ones be found and brought back to you safely.
God Bless.
Christine Conti Cole
Roslindale, Massachusetts.

Name: Deborah Jardine
Hometown: Kootenays
Sent: 6.26 - tue 5 oct 2004

My daughter was Angela Rebecca Jardine.

Angela vanished November 20th, 1998 from the downtown eastside where she resided for 8 years. Angela's DNA was found at the Pickton property October 3rd 2002.

There are no words to express the emotional trauma upon us/the families by this horrific crime. When our loved ones were taken so were we. Our lives have been altered and nothing will ever, ever be the same again. May God give us the strength to endure this long and painful battle.

Please know I would be very honored to place a memorial web page on my site Vanished Voices in tribute to a missing or murdered woman from the downtown eastide.
God Bless

Name: ShirleyAnne Egan
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 1.59 - tue 5 oct 2004

I am Sheila Egans mother. Sheila went missing as documented in July 1998. She was reported to the Vancouver Police as a missing person 2 days after no word from her. We have never had one possible lead from the police - I am wondering if there is anyone out there that may recall something 6 years later that would give us any clues.

Name: Lorie Fraser
Hometown: Atlin, BC
Sent: 9.12 - fri 1 oct 2004

To my girl Stephanie, I know that you are somewhere, be it here in this world or on the wings of an eagle.
I miss your smile, your jokes and how long it took to do your hair. I talk with your mom when I can and think of her often. She is holding her own as well as you in her heart. Your son is a daily reminder of you, and I hope one day the hurt will stop and the good memories will prevail. It's been so long Stephanie, I send my love and prayers on the winds to reach you fast and sure. Till we meet again.

Stephanie is but one of the women who have disappeared, there has been trace amount of her DNA (positively matched) recovered but they say, (police?) it is not enough to lay charges. Can you answer me this, WHY? and better yet who else has had their DNA positively matched but there has been no legal recourse. HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH

Name: Sheryl Powell
Hometown: Comox Valley BC
Sent: 1.43 - tue 21 sep 2004

Sheila Egan is my second cousin and is also one of the missing eastside women... I find a lot of my family members refuse to just pretend she isn't missing, its very hard for them to talk about but I would like for anyone who knew Sheila to please share any memories of her they have...

Name: chelsey george
Hometown: langley bc
Sent: 4.45 - fri 17 sep 2004

To the friends and family of helen hallmark, I am greatly sorry for your losses. Although I didnt know her, and was given up for adoption after only 1 year, I know that she loved me, and only wanted what was best for me. thanks

Name: jennifer macumber
Hometown: calgary, alberta
Sent: 8.11 - sun 12 sep 2004

Dear Maggie,
I just finished reading your book about your sister and I can't tell you how much it moved me. My husband is a police officer in the city of Calgary and works in the "hard core" area of forest lawn where our notorious "stroll" is located. My husband is actively involved in "cleaning up" the residential area and is currently working with prostitutes in the area and is familiar with all of them on how to improve their lives as well as the residents of the neighborhood. He is all too familiar with their situations which parallel your sisters. Both of us would like to extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family for your tragic loss. Both my husband and I agree with your statement that these women are not just prostitutes, they are peoples daughters, mothers and sisters. I will be suggesting to the Calgary Police Services Learning centre that they should be incorporating your book in their recruit teachings as an educational tool to look upon these women as people and not simply just "working girls" that they need to move along. Please let me know if this will be ok with you as I feel your book is not only inspiring but educational as well. I find that the new recruits will most likely develop a novel sensitivity to these women's situations and lifestyle complexities.
You truly are an inspiration and I can't tell you how horrible I feel that you, your family, and most importantly sarah, had to go through this ordeal. She sounds like she was an amazing person who was deeply loved by all who came into her life. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Macumber

Name: karina
Hometown: malaysia
Sent: 8.01 - sun 12 sep 2004

i'm finding for my mum's sister whom was married to a belgium man and now we can't contact her name is pritam kaur malaysian she would be some where in belgium (Brussels) any info just send a message here thank you

Name: angela bellerose
Sent: 1.54 - fri 10 sep 2004

a good friend of mine sarah devries, i used live with her on princess and hasting, because of her i have been clean for 5 years. there is not a day that go's by that i don't think about her, she is greatly missed

Name: Kathleen Anne McKenzie
Hometown: Vancouver BC
Sent: 4.39 - thu 9 sep 2004

My name is Kathleen A McKenzie and I just want to let everyone know that I am not dead or a ,murder victim I was making a statement about My sister Debra lynn Jones whose' dna was found this past July Thank you Kathleen

Name: Nicole Jovanetic
Hometown: Greenwood
Sent: 1.31 - wed 8 sep 2004

I was also a childhood friend of Sheila Egan, I was so sad to see that she has been missing since 1998. I will miss her greatly. And I will remember the time spent in Lions Bay with Julia and Sheila......Love you!

Name: annabelle
Hometown: vancity
Sent: 5.52 - fri 3 sep 2004

as a now teenager i grew up in eastside vancouver hastings i have learned so much from many experiences but one of the best is teaching others not to judge others to send them off as unimportant if they don't agree with there morals or trades..the women we have lost were beautiful smart women no matter what anyone says i know personally an old friends of my mothers is the cousin of one of for everyone that reads this page please remember these people are the same as you an me .Maybe even more aware of life and the true meanings, such as to love, respect, trust and to survive on your own. thank you ab:e

Name: Maggy G
Hometown: n/a
Sent: 3.27 - wed 1 sep 2004

Dearest Kristina
I am so sorry for the loss of your mom Georgina Papin.
Georgina was a friend of mine that taught me to be a proud native woman. She helped me with finding native heritage. The sun shone in her face when she smiled. May you find peace. Maggy

Name: Alexis
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Sent: 11.45 - tue 31 aug 2004

I feel bad for anyone who's loved one is missing. I am truly sorry and I hope you find that person.

Name: Margaret
Sent: 7.40 - sat 28 aug 2004

My sister disappeared in Canada in 1983. She previously traveled through California and through Canada. The last place we heard from her was Moose Jaw, Sask.
It took me over 18 years to have her finally declared as missing. The United States said she disappeared in Canada, so they wouldn't take the report and Canada said she was a US citizen (Though we know she was in Canada at least 2 years before her disappearance) and wouldn't take the report.
Finally after years(17) of trying and retrying, the Moose Jaw police finally listed her as missing. The Hometown address I have here is a link to my sister missing person page. I know she had a drug problem and was mentally ill, perfect victim. I also know she kept in contact, no matter where she was or how long she was gone, she never ever forgot a birthday or just a card to say hello and that she missed and loved us, and always telling us she was doing fine, as she did not want our mother to worry. That all stopped, all the cards, the phone calls, stopped, in 1983. I believe my sister is dead, I believe her remains are in Canada...In fact, she may be one of the victims in Vancouver...I just never seem to get anyone who really can help..

Thanks for this site..Thanks for listening..

It is 21 years now and still our family will never be whole again, we have buried our mother, she died never knowing what happened to her daughter, for me Mary was my big sister, she taught me to dance, fix my hair, showed me how to put make up on, protected me from bullies, yelled at me when I was wrong, talked to me to inspire me to reach for greater things in life, and most of all she had a wonderful sense of humor and she showed me how to love and appreciate so many things that life has to offer, when Mary walked into a room everything seemed brighter...until we know where our Mary is...there is just this dead eternal empty space where she should be...

Name: steve
Hometown: calgary
Sent: 4.05 - mon 23 aug 2004

I am wondering if anybody knows more about what is happening with willie picton. where is he, has his trial begun

Name: Tami Starlight
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.
Sent: 9.54 - mon 23 aug 2004

Well here we are. Change is finally slowly happening in the downtown east side. Interesting that I just looked through some of the postings and the one below here has Roger posting about the Brandiz hotel. I lived there for some years. What a hell hole!

Remember folks. That change happens within and when we participate in the communities we live in.

For myself that is the whole world. As the internet brings us all closer together.

I also created a new website for B.C women who are seeking recovery. I know a there are many women on this site who are in 12step recovery and I believe it is important for us to create a greater sense of community for us women.

That is what many of the missing women were looking for. I am a strong believer in the harm reduction movement that is finally being implemented here and have a high regard for those doing the work.

The site I created is not just for 12step recovery. The front page explains that.
Thank you for those who care about others in their communities and work to better understand the issues we women face in our everyday lives.

Blessed be.
All our relations.
Tami Starlight
yahoo ID - cosmictami_bc

Name: ROGER ( The Englishman )
Hometown: Great Britain
Sent: 1.42 - sun 22 aug 2004

I lived in the Brandiz Hotel on Hastings for a period of time. I knew some of the missing girls, one in particular was Jackie McDonell. I still miss you Jackie, my prayers are with your Aunt who made me so welcome when we met and also your Daughter who has lost a mother that really cared for her. Life is such a struggle for all the girls involved in the sex trade, lots of people pass them on their way in and out of the city, struggling to feed their habits in the only way they know possible. Robert Pickton may you 'Rot in Hell' for what you have done to these poor innocents, their families and friends. Shame on you VPD for not reacting earlier, shame on the BC government for not providing these lost souls with more recovery services. I now live in the UK, but keep up with the news via this important web site,
if you remember me from downtown please get in touch via my e-mail. Kim Kirton, please get in touch, I miss you, love Roger xxxxx

Name: Kathleen Anne McKenzie
Hometown: Vancouver , bc
Sent: 1.09 - sun 22 aug 2004

HI, my name is Kathleen Anne McKenzie and I am wishing that whomever is running this web page would write some positive stuff about my sister Debra Lynn Jones. Like how she sang like Janis Joplin, and she played guitar, piano, music, dreamed of going to Nashville one day. She was a mother a niece a loving sister and a daughter to a mother. She was much more to her than drugs. She was a poor woman who had no where else to live but downtown so her medicine could be given to her. If anyone has and information please email me. I would like to give her a memorial and invite her Friends to come. Please write something positive about her. She had no reason to be butchered like she was. Debra, I'll love you forever and never will forget you. I love you sister

Name: Kathleen A McKenzies
Sent: 12.56 - sun 22 aug 2004

Hometown: ONTARIO
Sent: 11.07 - fri 20 aug 2004


Name: Elaine
Sent: 9.07 - fri 20 aug 2004

Hi Tami. Thank you for your message, I am the mother of Brenda Wolfe, could you please email me , maybe you knew her, My prayers are with you, and what you had to write, I sure hope hits home to some of the bias readers, or the people with no sins, I will always have a prayer for you, take care and may the Creator be with you, and keep you safe, Elaine

Name: Elaine Belanger
Hometown: Calgary, alberta
Sent: 6.15 - fri 20 aug 2004

I am Brenda's Wolfe's mother, there is some information that you have printed that is incorrect, Yes I miss her alot, and I am listening to the song, and I miss her every hour of the day, and she is not forgotten, and there is a part of me that died with her, and that part of my spirit will not be filled, there is always an emptiness within me, if there is anything I can do to help the families as well please do not hesitate to contact me at the above email address, I also continue to pray for our loved ones that were found on the farm as well as the families, take care, I will continue to support this page. love to all of you, Brenda Wolfe's mother Elaine

Name: Gilda Thompson
Hometown: Brantford
Sent: 12.09 - fri 20 aug 2004

I would like to say that I've lost a friend of mine from Hamilton Ontario her name was Kimlyn Toglyes she was a prostitute she was only19 years old she didnt deserve to die at the hands of some sick jerk she also has a identical twin sister who still is on the streets today why ?CRACK-COCAINE its a shame but I still miss Kimlyn and worry as the killer is still on the loose she wont get help I just pray for the abomination of CRACK as its taken the life of so many people who are kind and can make a difference in the communities if given a chance . May all the working girls who are all gone there souls rest in peace forever

Name: Kristina
Sent: 6.44 - thu 19 aug 2004

Hi...My name is Kristina and my mother is Georgina Papin. Her DNA was found at the pig farm last year. I wanted to say thank you for all of your prayers, it really means a lot to me to know that you care.

Name: Ann-Marie Livingston
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Sent: 10.21 - tue 17 aug 2004

My mother is Elsie Sebastian. She is a Pacheedaht First Nations woman from the West Coast of Vancouver Island and she has been missing since the early 90s from the Lower east side. I also have a sister named Donalee and a brother Neil and Robert Jr. who miss and love Elsie dearly. Because Elsie was taken from us so suddenly, she hasn't even seen or met my 6 year old son Connor or my sister Donalee's new born baby Dylan. As a result, Elsie may not even know she has 2 beautiful grandsons. Our hearts grieve for our mother and I often cry for her and wish she was still with me everyday. I feel guilty and remorseful that I did not treat her better and cherish the last moment that I spent with her, yet at the same time I was angry at her because she was in the throws of her addiction. Nevertheless, I love and miss my mother dearly and would give anything to hear my mom's laugh again and see her smile! She had a great sense of humor and was a friendly and talkative person. It feels as though my short time with my mother was a dream.........slowly fading my memory. Please remember these women were mothers and sisters and friends, and they had children, husbands and grandchildren who love them dearly and miss them with all our hearts. I pray daily that god will send me a message and let me know when the time is right what happened to my mother. She was not a throw away junkie and hooker, she was a respected and loving mother and joyous spirit who i will fight for until the day i die. I work in treaty negotiations and this person stake in my work helps me to fight on.

Name: Sue
Hometown: Salem
Sent: 5.52 - mon 16 aug 2004

After having a few years to take all this still hurts just as much!!
Cynthia (Cindy) Louise Beck was my dear friend. She was the adopted daughter of a mennonite couple in Ontario. She had an older brother, who was also adopted and became a minister. Her younger sister, who came along after her parents gave up believing they would ever have a child 'of their own', became a missionary. Ironic in a way because no one could save Cindy from herself. While Cindy was a young teenager she became pregnant and had a son, who was eventually adopted by another family...oh how I would love to see him. I went to the hospital and brought her flowers when he was born. Would he have her eyes, her smile, her sense of humour??? I know that her family traveled from Ontario to British Columbia and searched for her in 1996 but never found her. Her mother said that when she stopped calling home, which she failed to do on her birthday, they knew that something was wrong.
P.S. The picture you have that says this is Cindy in her happier days is an absolutely awful picture and I know she would not like it either.
To my friend...I love you. The description prostitute, drug user does not describe who you are...just something you did for reasons unknown.

Name: doesn't matter
Sent: 9.55 - thu 12 aug 2004

some of these people who come here know more than they let on, I have read several names of people who where on that farm, BUT JUST DON'T HAVE THE BALLS TO TALK ABOUT WHAT WENT ON....

Name: Honey
Hometown: London Ontario
Sent: 8.33 - mon 9 aug 2004

May their souls finally find the peace that eluded them while they were here. To the families who struggle to find sense where there is none God bless you my thoughts prayers and love goes out to you

Name: Helene Headington
Hometown: Atlanta Georgia USA
Sent: 8.38 - sun 8 aug 2004

God Bless all these women. There are people who don't judge them, who understand.

Name: brittany
Sent: 10.09 - fri 6 aug 2004

i was doing a project on how many people really go missing to present to my 7th grade class thank you very much for your help

Name: Meggan
Hometown: Tahsis BC
Sent: 6.42 - mon 2 aug 2004

This is a vary sad page i hope that those who have not yet been found be found...I live in a small town that doesn't have missing people or many problems I hope for the best in all cases!

Name: katherine christopher
Hometown: liverpool united kingdom
Sent: 12.20 - thu 22 jul 2004

i cant help but feel so sad i 1st visited this site many months ago but feel drawn back to it.
i've never been out side of the uk except for spain but i some how weirdly feel a connection between tanya and angela i cant quite make out that connection but they always stick into my mind more than any of those other women. i'm not connected with psychics powers to my knowledge anyway.
i feel this web site was a good idea and my deepest sympathy to all those women and there loved ones.
may all the women rest in peace.

Name: zeetche Patricia A Allan-Newman
Hometown: Quebec City Canada
Sent: 6.38 - thu 15 jul 2004

1 if you like to link your site to ours lynn is missing due to a internet crime on july 17/03 and we are helping the family the foundation is to help find missing women Also you can get a free web site to help with donations go to this is a music sit but the artists have donated there music to help with donations to help all organizations . please contact me if need be at 1- 418-650-8494 pager or office at 1-418-644-2149 or fax 1--418-644-7670 if you were in Quebec that night and saw lyn please check her site to see her picture . she has 2 children and the man who was with her is still luring women on the internet if you can help the family please le us know ty

Name: Michelle
Hometown: Fort St James, B.C.
Sent: 8.17 - thu 15 jul 2004

My heart goes out to those mothers and fathers of the missing woman I hope someday there souls are put to rest. The creator will deal with those responsible.

Name: Michelle Alexander
Hometown: Fort Saint James, B.C.
Sent: 8.12 - thu 15 jul 2004

I am related to Jacqueline Murdock one of the missing women

Name: Terri Williams
Hometown: vancouver
Sent: 4.42 - mon 5 jul 2004

Since the police failed to respond correctly to reports from women, (i.e. Holli Innes & Mrs. Frey), it leaves the impression that police in Vancouver are HELPING the snuff movie industry, by ignoring the reports about the suspects.

last September 25, 2003, I witnessed a woman being snatched off the corner of Powell & Columbia and police treated my report as if it were a joke. One month later another woman screamed for her life on the opposite corner.

Ruth Thompson was missing soon afterward. Soon the police found Ruth's body floating in the Fraser River. the police quickly jumped to the conclusion that Ruth KILLED HERSELF! No one down here who knew Ruth believes that for one minute. I strongly doubt Ruth's family agrees with police response.

On December 27, 2003, another woman screamed for her life n the middle of her life. Again I tried to report it, but was only laughed at by police who insisted I run around the neighbourhood, looking for a working public phone in order to report the abductions, right after they occur. Nonsense, I won't do it! to do what the officer insisted upon would put me in the path of the man who is abducting women from the DTES streets. a very suspicious response.

Again a woman was missing. Again when her body was found police jumped quickly to the conclusion it was suicide, even though she was a small woman and I reported a small woman as having been snatched on the 27th of December. It wasn't even investigated.

Now almost every week a woman's body is found either floating in the Fraser River or chopped to bits in a dumpster. I bet police think the women chopped themselves to bits.

Frankly, since I have reported what I saw and since women tried to come forward with information about Piggy's Palace years sooner than police acted and since police are treating me the same way they treated the women who told them about Piggy's Palace, even though I am not a drug user or a prostitute, it leads me to the conclusion that police are involved in the snuff movie industry. It must mean good money for them. Has anyone investigated that possibility? It is growing more obvious day by day, year by year, decade by decade, ignored abduction by ignored abduction.

I just bet Vancouver is the Snuff Movie capital of the Olympic World!

Name: Sarah Varrelman
Hometown: British Columbia
Sent: 12.57 - tue 29 jun 2004

I was really upset to see that Carla Slots was one of these victims...someone who was very nice. I just hope that women will be careful with people they don't know...this girl was given a bad rep, but deep down she was funny and didn't deserve to have her life end so abruptly. My heart goes out to those missing women!!!

Name: Virginia Barberiz
Hometown: Brantford ,ontario
Sent: 6.58 - mon 28 jun 2004


Name: Amber
Hometown: Nanaimo
Sent: 6.38 - sun 27 jun 2004

I was recently acting in the play "i have a name" and although the play is over and done, the memories of these woman and all they were will last with the cast and crew forever. Thank you to all those people who have stood by their missing relatives and given a face to those who are on the streets living real lives. A special thank you to Maggie DeVries, your book inspired me to create my character based on your sister Sarah DeVries. All these women were so amazing, let us never forget who they are. Thank you. - Amber

Name: Cara
Hometown: Campbell River
Sent: 10.10 - sat 26 jun 2004

It always seems so surreal when Its someone you know. I went to School with Marnie Frey, She was a good friend of mine in elementary school. Looking back, I remember her telling me how sad and angry she was. I was shocked to find out that her DNA was found at the farm. She was a sweet and funny girl and deserved far better than the hand she was dealt.

Name: Leesha
Hometown: London
Sent: 8.55 - thu 24 jun 2004

Imp so sad when i seen all these women missing. I just hope they will all be found. Good luck 2 every1 out there. xx

Name: Sheila Read
Hometown: Idaho City
Sent: 4.05 - sun 20 jun 2004

Come and post all your pic's at photo's I have help there and also people everyday look at the pic's that r willing to help all they can.

Name: Johnny
Homepage: http://WWW.MISSING.WS
Hometown: London, United Kingdom
Sent: 2.28 - sat 19 jun 2004

Hello all,

My Name is Johnny and i'm 18 years old from Ireland. It makes me sad and depressed how people can just vanish without a trace. Even though i don't know these missing people it affects me completely. Somedays i wish i was just physic and find out what has happened to all these poor people but thats just crazy

I wish the family's and friends every bit of luck on finding their brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, nephews, friend etc

Take Care all,

Name: lucy
Hometown: essex england
Sent: 10.06 - wed 16 jun 2004

i thought your website was great i hope you find more missing people lucy 13

Name: Crystal
Hometown: Saskatoon
Sent: 9.59 - mon 14 jun 2004

I am in a Native Studies class currently at SIAST Kelsey Campus and we are reviewing Warren Goulding's Novel, "Just Another Indian". I live in the neighbourhood that John Crawford used to roam, and it make me angry to know that the public was not informed of such events. (A serial killer circled outside my house when I would go outside for a cigarette at night, makes a young woman like myself nervous now). I am currently a volunteer at Family Services of Saskatoon, and being a survivor of domestic violence myself, I know what it feels like to be thinking to yourself while being strangled. "I do not want to die in the hands of a man!". If I could help every young lady on the streets, I would. Like I said previously, I live right on the "Stroll" of 20th Street in Saskatoon, and I quite often will offer the "girls" a cup of coffee on my back steps, when I do not see one of them for awhile I begin to worry! I think that you have created a wonderful website that is full of information for those that are looking for it. Thank you for those that care about another's life!

Name: Wilfred Abigosis
Hometown: Winnipeg. Manitoba
Sent: 10.19 - thu 3 jun 2004

my hope is that the spirit of these women will rest cousin Marlene has gone missing for 20's/s saddening to have my relative. on that list megwetch wilf

Name: Kristen Clark
Hometown: Regina
Sent: 8.55 - sat 22 may 2004

I am 32 and a survivor of Vancouver streets 1985-1987. I was one of the luckiest ones to leave and knew some of the girls that were identified. It's hard to see what happened to them, they were young at heart. I will remember them...

Name: jessica
Hometown: Thunder Bay
Sent: 7.46 - fri 21 may 2004

i want to find my mom i miss her so much please help me find her i love her with all of my heart! :'(

Name: Christal C.
Hometown: Prince George
Sent: 3.04 - sat 15 may 2004

I pray for the missing women every day. I was on the streets of Vancouver for many years and knew many of them. They are my family and will forever be in my heart.

Name: Netasha Dukhia
Hometown: Vernon
Sent: 1.10 - sat 15 may 2004

I can't believe this is happened and the police did nothing, My heart goes out to the women and their families who have been devasted by violence.

Sent: 5.13 - thu 13 may 2004

Nanaimo students perform true-to-life story off streets

Times Colonist (Victoria)
Adrian Chamberlain

Thursday May 13, 2004

A Nanaimo high-school play -- inspired partly by the Pickton pig-farm murder case -- accurately portrays the brutal lives of prostitutes, says a former sex trade worker.

Special to Times Colonist

Life among the sex-trade workers is the subject of a play written and performed by students at Nanaimo's Dover Bay high school. Here Whitney Rodgers tries to haul Coleen Weaver upright.

Brenda Omichinski, 43, was favorably impressed after seeing i have a name, a new drama created by students at Nanaimo's Dover Bay secondary school.

"It did seem real, a lot of the parts did," said Nanaimo's Omichinski, who for 28 years was a prostitute and drug addict in Vancouver and Nanaimo. "I thought it was amazing. I cried from the beginning to the end."

She is among a handful of former sex trade workers interviewed for the school project, which was researched, written and acted by Dover Bay students. i have a name, slated for a Friday night public performance at Esquimalt secondary school, takes an unblinkered look at the underground lives of prostitutes -- even portraying real-life tragedies.

Performed by female students aged 15 to 18 from Nanaimo's middle-class Hammond Bay district, i have a name depicts sex trade workers as regular folk with ordinary goals and aspirations. At the same time, the 45-minute work doesn't flinch from the squalor of drug addiction or the plight of women whose remains were unearthed at the Pickton farm in Port Coquitlam.

i have a name concludes with a monologue taken from the journals of Sarah de Vries, whose DNA was founded on the farm following her 1998 disappearance from Vancouver's East Side.

"(The play) does address the disappearances, the beatings and the murders," said Hugh Anderson, a 51-year-old drama teacher who directed and helped create the play. "It examines the progress into the pit of drug use."

The students created i have a name after deciding to explore the theme of sexual exploitation. It was first performed in February at a Parksville drama festival. Since then, the play has been staged in Nanaimo to mostly positive reactions, despite disturbing subject matter and profane language, said Anderson. i have a name has been performed at Dover Bay school (outside school hours because of its language) and at Malaspina University-College.

Anderson was relieved when, following the first public show, former sex trade workers said i have a name has the ring of truth.

"We were a little worried someone was going to walk up and say, 'This is bullshit.' And they didn't."

Cast member Amber Bonner, 18, said she initially viewed the play's subject matter with distaste.

"You have the stereotype of a hooker with her hooker boots and her miniskirt. All that has changed for every one of us," she said.

"All of my friends (now) know they are not to say the word 'whore' around me, because I will go off."

Bonner plays a prostitute in i have a name. Her parents were supportive as "they know it's just a role." She said i have a name is a bold departure from Departure Bay school's usual theatrical fare. Recent productions include Footloose, about teens who love to dance, and Crazy for You, a George Gershwin revue.

The play portrays a horrific incident that happened to Omichinski when she worked the streets. The former sex trade worker -- now a volunteer at women's transition houses -- found herself taking care of a friend suffering the effects of drug withdrawal. Omichinski was poised to step into the car of a prospective client when her companion took her place, insisting she felt better.

"She took the car that actually stopped for me. They found her dead in a trunk of that car later on that night," said the native of Fort Saskatchewan, Alta. "I realize how close it had come. Because you risk death every time you walk into that, every time you go into a car."

i have a name depicts another real-life event -- the time Omichinski waited in vain for nine days to get a space at a crowded detox centre. She spent much of the time withdrawing on the floor of a friend's apartment.

Omichinski particularly likes the fact i have a name shows prostitutes as human beings.

"We do have feelings. It's not that we're trying to hurt anybody. We hurt ourselves more."

After the Esquimalt performance, i have a name will be performed May 27 at Vancouver's East Cultural Centre. There will be a question-and-answer period following Friday's show. Proceeds go to Victoria's Prostitute Empowerment Education and Resource Society (PEERS).


What: i have a name

Where: Esquimalt Secondary School (theatre),

847 Colville Rd.

When: Friday, 7 p.m.

Tickets: By donation ($5 minimum)

Name: wayne
Hometown: vancouver
Sent: 8.25 - tue 11 may 2004

Tomorrow Wed May 12 will mark the 5 year anniversary of the Downtown Eastside Missing Women's Memorial. It was 5 years ago May 12, 1999 on what would have been Sarah de Vries 30th birthday, families, friends and the community held a memorial marking the disappearance of 22 missing eastside women.


Sarah would be 35 years old tomorrow May 12.

Loved and remembered always,


A tribute to the missing women 
Missing Women's Legacy Society
Missing People Net-Vancouver

Vancouver's missing women group
Vanished Voices-Deb Jardine's Tribute
Outpost for Hope 

Name: johnney mcdowell
Hometown: omaha ne.
Sent: 1.22 - thu 6 may 2004

I feel the pain of all of families i hope the police do the write thing.

Name: Josh MacDougall
Hometown: Chesley, Ontario, Canada
Sent: 11.37 - wed 5 may 2004

I have only the deepest of sympathy for all the families involved with this horrified act of human insanity. I feel the pain of those who are, and have lost your loved ones. I sincerely hope Mr pickton will feel the pain and anger he has caused, as well as feel the burning pains of hell. People like him give human existence a bad name.

Name: Jen
Sent: 1.26 - fri 30 apr 2004


If you look at the home page of the site, there are 3 women who's DNA has been found, and who are unidentified. You should have anyone who is looking for Lorna Stone report her missing, and any relatives of hers who can submit a DNA sample should do so for comparison to those 3 unidentified ladies.

Name: Shiba
Sent: 5.15 - mon 26 apr 2004

We are trying to locate an old friend and acquaintance who some say may have gone missing on the port Coquitlam pig farm. Her name is Lorna Stone and many people are trying to find her. She was supposed to go and visit a friend, and before she was going there, she was stopping at a farm in Port Co. so now they think she may have met with foul play. Please respond if you know of her or her whereabouts.

Name: Lin Brian
Hometown: Mission, BC
Sent: 5.48 - mon 26 apr 2004

I am so in awe of those working towards STOPPING

Name: Ivy Joseph
Hometown: Mount Currie B.C.
Sent: 7.29 - sun 25 apr 2004

In Memory of Sherry Irving. from her brother's sister in law, i would like to say I am very sorry to the families that have lost there daughter, sister, aunty, niece, cousin and best friend. I pray for you in every prayer i say. All my relations

Name: K. Semanyk
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Sent: 8.37 - wed 21 apr 2004

I am a doctoral student in Ontario who is studying the cases of the missing women. As such I frequently access these sites, and every time I do, I am deeply disturbed at the disregard for the lives of these and many other women, for whom life is one challenge after another.
Violence against women in any form is abhorrent. These women, so damaged by victimization, managed to 'survive' for so long in a world where most of us would perish. the fact that these women could be snuffed out is bad enough, but it seems at least in the beginning of the media coverage of these disappearances, the objectification of them continued. I can recall feeling so saddened and angered about the stories in the media and how they referred to the missing women as 'vancouver prostitutes' or as 'missing sex trade workers' As is usually the case the women's community has responded by giving the women back their names, faces, and the human dignity that all people are rightfully entitled. The further marginalization of women already disadvantaged, living in poverty, struggling with issues of addiction and abuse by reducing them to what they do instead of who they are or where is a sad commentary about how easily we accept the objectification of women. As well, given that most of the missing women are Aboriginal and, that there are a further some 500 missing Aboriginal women across Canada, we need to be looking seriously at the racism in the commission of these crimes. As well, we need to be asking questions, (as many are) about the (seemingly) indifferent attitudes that may have pervaded the initial interest in these cases, by the public, the media, and the police. We all bare some responsibility for how these women were cared for, how they became so marginalized, and, how their disappearances were allowed to remain unprobed, even in the face of desperate cries from family members, friends, women's groups, and communities.

Name: carla bassett
Hometown: belfast
Sent: 6.08 - wed 21 apr 2004

my deepest sympathy to all the families of the missing women

Sent: 2.47 - wed 21 apr 2004




Name: jennifer
Hometown: vancouver
Sent: 11.17 - mon 19 apr 2004

I was in high school with Stephanie Lane. we were good friends. she was a beautiful person inside and out. I think of her often and send my best to her mother brother and child. peace to you all and may we find her soon.

Name: katie glass
Sent: 11.35 - tue 13 apr 2004

i'm looking through, trying to help, see if i know anyone. God bless your family, and i will keep her in my prayers

Name: Sherry B
Hometown: Abbotsford
Sent: 8.58 - thu 8 apr 2004

Wow........what a powerful performance at the Clarke Theatre last night. Kudo's to all who supported this worthwhile and undervalued cause. My thoughts and prayers were with the families and friends who were there and those who couldn't be. Thank you for sharing your stories.

Name: sherry
Hometown: mission
Sent: 9.22 - wed 7 apr 2004

My condolences go out to the many families on the loss of these daughters, sisters, and moms in someone's lives. its a tragedy that they've not only had to struggle with drug addiction but to be taken away by the hands of others is so unfair. Georgina Papin may you rest in peace and keep a watchful eye on the ones you love from afar. My prayers are with you Darcy and the kids, may someday they understand.
A friend

Sent: 7.03 - sun 4 apr 2004

Private Entry:

Name: kelly
Hometown: langley
Sent: 2.15 - wed 17 mar 2004

vary nice Hank

Name: Debra
Hometown: Langley
Sent: 2.38 - sun 14 mar 2004

Hi, my name is Hank {yes I am a girl} and I was Yvonne Boens friend for many years. There was a time when y and I were inseparable we lived together, we worked together, she was the one person I could always count on being there no matter what. She was always looking out for me. She would always help you out if she could. When people see the name Yvonne Boen there first thought is oh she was one of those sex trade drug addicts. To me and many others the name Yvonne Boen means laughter, kindness, daughter, aunt, mother, sister, and friend those who met Yvonne always walked away knowing they had one more friend. Although yvonne didn't have custody of her children most of there lives she remained in contact with them always, and was so proud of them. They are what made her sparkle. When I met Yvonne we were both 18 and she had been married separated and had 3 boys under 3yrs of age that is a lot of responsibility for anyone yet alone a 18 yr old. I couldn't imagine stepping in her shoes for a day at 35 yet alone 18. Letting family members raise her children was out of love for her children not because they were a burden to her. She cried many nights over her children, no one will ever know what she went through. The only reason she never took them back is because they were stable and happy where they were and she didn't want to take that away from them. Yvonne never even did drugs or drink when I met her it was a couple of years before she went missing that she started using. I know it was a short lived experience and it can happen to anyone all it took for her was meeting the wrong person who had money and it was always there. I really don't think she thought of where she would be when the cash was gone, and by the time that happened she was hooked but it wasn't there for her anymore and that scared her it was then she new she was way in over her head thats when she turned to some friends who were on the streets, and when she did that she was so embarrassed that she wouldn't call her old friends because she wouldn't be able to look us in the eye and tell us how her life so drastically changed. When she left my house I don't know if she knew where her path was taking her, but when she left that was the last time I seen or talked to her all she left with were the clothes on her back, she didn't even take her wallet or phonebook nor any clothes she was so disappointed in herself that she wouldn't come back to get them, it was easier for her that way she didn't have to face me. This sicko has destroyed and taken so many lives, I cannot understand how he can even tolerate himself.) not only those of the missing women but everyone around the missing women as well as his own family & friends, I wonder if he ever once thought about them having to live the rest of there lives with his shadow following them everywhere they go. There lives will never be the same either. He is the perfect example as to why we should have the death penalty in Canada, It would save us a lot of time and money, something this creep is not worth. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by these unbelievable crimes. Willy I hope you rot in hell for all the evil you have created for yourself and I also hope for once in your pathetic life you will do the right thing and take all those involved down with you as everyone knows you were to stupid to have accomplished this all on your own. Yvonne I miss you more than words can say not a day goes by that I don't think of what you went through till we meet again my friend so long for now.

Name: Joyce Tenhage
Sent: 3.49 - mon 8 mar 2004

Thank you for allowing us with this site so we can continue to keep updated. I knew one of the girls, Julie Young, and pray for her and the other families. I can't begin to imagine the pain. Know you are prayed for and we will never forget

Name: sheldon jeffery
Hometown: n/a
Sent: 6.28 - sat 6 mar 2004


Name: Gary Joesbury
Hometown: Tamworth,England
Sent: 7.46 - sat 6 mar 2004

Condolences to Karin and Kevin Joesbury from me Kevin's cousin in England) and my family, on the loss of your daughter.

Hometown: North Vancouver
Sent: 2.51 - wed 25 feb 2004

Years ago when I was a passenger in my brother's car we saw this dark haired guy in Stanley Park putting a shovel into the back trunk of his car. He had dark hair and looked as if he might be an Italian. He was not white but not a black person either. The car was a fancy white cadillac type of car. This was after 12 midnight and it seemed rather strange that someone would be using a shovel in the park at that time of night. My brother switched off the lights on his car because he had also thought that it was rather strange too. I have sat on this info for quite a long time now, so I thought that I should at least mention it to someone....

Name: Jo-Ann
Hometown: Tsay Keh Dene, B.C
Sent: 3.36 - tue 17 feb 2004

I would like to say May God Bless you all and may you find the peace that you so deserve, this is to the victims and the families of the victims. I pray for all of you that you find the answers you need so that your heart can at last rest in peace. God Bless you and be with all of you. My prayers go out to you all.

Name: Patricia
Hometown: former-vancouver
Sent: 9.54 - tue 17 feb 2004

i have been following this story with my mother and daughter since it first broke. I can't imagine anybody in my family missing and not knowing where they are and how they are doing. Our hearts go out to all the families who are going through alot of heart ache and suffering. But we want you to know, that alot of people pray for you and you'll all be our prayers. I used to live near the pickton farm about 14 years ago, and seen people young woman) being found dead in the park next to my house at the time. Maybe the young woman they found has something to do with that. I don't live in b.c. anymore, because i want my daughter to grow up in a safe place. Maybe thats what people will have to do to keep they're daughters safe. But anyway again, our hearts go out to all the family and friends who are waiting for word of a family member missing....patricia

Name: Mike
Hometown: Halifax
Sent: 12.54 - sun 15 feb 2004

I have just finished reading the book Bad Date. I feel that the book was well written and paid tribute to a lot of the great people that he describes as missing.

Recently losing one of my friends to a tragic incident I can only imagine the way some of the families feel about their great loss.

Even though I have read the book with great interest, I am choosing not to follow the situation in the Canadian news. I find that the news has a way taking a story and turning it up side down. I donít feel that the missing people are given the respect that they deserve.

It is funny how are Canadian Society is so interested in this topic, but ignores the "Subculture" lifestyle that so many people are involved in.

Thank you,

Name: James Lal.
Hometown: Saskatoon
Sent: 10.00 - sat 14 feb 2004

I miss my cousin Marie Laliberte. I always think that she will show up eventually, but it has been years since I seen her. I miss her on special occasions or when I go to Edmonton for a visit. There is and always be a void in my life. She will always be missed. She is a nice person and a loving cousin. Marie I miss you and always be in my heart. Love and always and forever remember you...James

Name: carol
Sent: 10.51 - fri 13 feb 2004

i was just wondering about when you start sisters in spirit campaign if you will need a receptionist or office clerical. or to volunteer. i just completed a computer coarse at douglas college. And i am a aboriginal women i use to be down there i got  away from down there 14 years ago.

Name: Vicky
Hometown: warwick
Sent: 5.19 - fri 13 feb 2004

Hey this is a real good site, keep up the work and I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day

Name: Rick Sullivan
Hometown: New York - NY / USA
Sent: 10.22 - thu 12 feb 2004

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Name: Nikki
Hometown: CA
Sent: 6.32 - thu 12 feb 2004

Great site! I will tell all of my friends.

Name: tara
Hometown: Yakima
Sent: 10.15 - wed 11 feb 2004

To you all out there with loved ones who is missing May god bless you all! Soon you'll be with your loved ones

Name: Marlene Trick
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 6.36 - mon 9 feb 2004

The 13th Annual Women's Memorial March will be held on Saturday February 14th at Noon, Carnegie Centre 401 Main Street. The march itself will begin promptly at 1:00 PM. No agency banners. Bring your drums. Feast afterward. I too am still shocked to hear the names of the women in the media, even after all of the time that has passed. My condolences and heartfelt sympathies to the families of the murdered women and my prayers for the families of the women who are still unaccounted for. This is a tragedy of gigantic proportions and is unfathomable to the minds of most people. It doesn't make sense. I strongly urge that after all is said and done that a full scale public inquiry be held to change how things are handled in the future around missing persons, for the good of all.
Hope to see you all on Saturday.


Name: JD
Sent: 6.25 - mon 9 feb 2004

I have been reading about the missing east side women it is very disturbing and sad. I would like to hear more information in regards to charges being laid and if they have discovered any remains. As i read more and more it is my understanding that the police haven't really done a great deal in this case. I hope for these families and friends that they will soon have a conclusion and be able to rest in peace.

Name: repo
Sent: 10.55 - mon 9 feb 2004

Missing woman belonged to a loving family

Vancouver Sun

February 9, 2004
Re: Nine more women linked to Pickton case, total 31, Jan. 28

Before my sister, Wendy Crawford, became a prostitute and drug user, as The Sun keeps calling her, she was a mother of two beautiful children. She was a sister and an aunt, as well as a great aunt and a friend. She was not on the streets every day selling her body and she did not take drugs all the time.

My sister did not have a history of disappearing. She had a family to raise, but as the kids grew and Wendy was more free to roam, she would go off and do her thing. But someone, be it her children or other family members, would usually have a basic idea of her whereabouts. Yes, she did travel the streets of Vancouver. She did suffer from diabetes and Crohn's disease as well as other health issues that required daily medication.

It was wrong to report that she lived in a rented trailer in Chilliwack. She owned a mobile home and paid pad rental.

The most important issue in this case is the two beautiful children she did her best to raise with what cards life dealt her. Reporters never walked a mile in the shoes of any of these women who suffered tragic deaths, but you quickly label them prostitutes and drug addicts.

My sister raised her children on a welfare budget and anyone who has experienced that can understand that such a minimal amount of money does not always pay the bills and put enough food into their mouths every mouth.

Yes, my sister sold her body on the streets. However, something is drastically wrong when you can call my sister a prostitute for trying to feed her children
while other participants in this act are men who keep their good standing in society. Are they not prostitutes as well?

In 1982, I lost a brother. In 1985, a grandfather died; in 1990, another brother; and, in 1994, my grandmother and my father plus the grandmother of my

In 1999, my sister went missing. Four months later, my mother passed away and, later that year, another grandmother. The year 2002 brought the death of a
cousin and December 2003 my last remaining grandparent.

One month later, the RCMP arrived at my door with the news that my sister's DNA had been found at Robert Pickton's farm.

There are four nieces and nephews in this family who do not have their mother or father or both, plus five of my own children. Over the past few years, I have been a mother, a father, an auntie and a grandmother (Bubba) to all these children. I have one sibling left and the road often feels long and lonely. But I pray to the Lord and ask for His strength, not only for this family, but also for the families of all the missing women who were much more than prostitutes and drug addicts.

Susie Kinshella


© The Vancouver Sun 2004

Name: Maggy-Street name Crazy Jackie
Sent: 4.29 - sun 8 feb 2004

My heart is broken over the # of friends I have on the list and the # of friends that I have who's DNA have been found at the farm. I want other people to know that these women helped me become a better person today and I love and respect them for their courage and their personal qualities that they shared with me during our struggle to survive on Hastings St. I miss my friends. I want people to know that there is hope for people to get a better life because if I can get off Hastings St after 16 years of trying then anyone can. I was 87 pounds at least 9 times in my life and had a huge Cocaine habit. I was known for being a suicide runner- 9,11,16 days no eating or sleeping doing solid drugs. My friends helped me hang on to my dreams of getting off the streets and get a better life.
today I am a mom of a 17 year old and a 4 year old and I have my family and friends in my life.
I have had a difficult year with my friends on the list yet I am landing on my feet. I just want others to know that there is hope and not to give up and hang on to the people that do not judge you for where you are at.

Name: Marilyn Kraft
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Sent: 2.15 - sun 8 feb 2004

I have just listened to the song "Missing" for the umpteenth time and cried, as I always do. Just a note to the people that leave messages here that, we, the families left behind after our loved ones, our angels, have been murdered, want to express our thanks and our undying gratitude to those that will not let our memories fade for these women. We will fight and keep fighting for the injustice done to these beautiful women by both the police and the authorities to bring to an end the reign of terror on them. My step-daughter Cindy Feliks was so full of life and we miss her very much. Thank you all again and keep the messages of support coming because we need all we can get.

Name: Tamara Cote
Sent: 1.11 - fri 6 feb 2004

could someone help me find my cousin josie.cote/mcdonald?i do believe she was used in a documentary story that aired the sometime through a blue lens did. she is a street worker, she is i do believe35,about 5'2 100lbs i do have a picture of here. but i have to download it

Name: Valerie Hughes
Hometown: Maple Ridge
Sent: 9.03 - fri 6 feb 2004

Thank you Wayne for sending me the current comments. As you know Kerry's DNA has now been confirmed at the farm. It is a sad and exhausting time for my family and reading the caring messages made me feel better. I see so many people wanting to share and wanting to help. Well, Missing Women's Legacy Society needs your help. Wayne, could you please get this note out as soon as possible and please include all our info so that people could contact us directly. Could we link the 'current messages page' to our website - please contact Jitka and ask her to do so.

Love, strength, and hope to all
Val Hughes

Name: norma-rose'
Hometown: masset
Sent: 5.31 - tue 3 feb 2004

so sorry about dawn crey and all the native women dow3ntown ;love fr norma rose'

Name: Rose
Sent: 6.04 - sun 1 feb 2004

My heart goes out to all those people that lost their loved ones to this "animal" who has lost the right to be called a human being. I too was on the streets with many of the girls that I used to call my friends who are among those that have been killed at the hands of this sadistic beast. Fortunately for me I found a HP in my life that has kept me off the heroin for almost 12 years now. Now I am dealing with Hep C but that is minor. It gives me chills to think of cindy or sarah or any one of them ladies in their final moments of know that all this was just for a fix!!! Pray that they rest in peace and to those still out there using, please get off this shit. Life has many problems, but that is life. Once we grow up and realize the strength that our HP gives us there is nothing that we can't overcome.
Great site dedicated to those we loved and will love.

Name: Touched by Angels
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 4.09 - fri 23 jan 2004

Thank-you so much for posting this site...My best friend forwarded this to me at work and every chance I have I click on to this site and read the stories of these women...So many different emotions run through my mind when I read these stories...I feel so much sadness for these women having lost their precious lives in such a brutal way...I feel so much anger towards the police for not taking a greater interest in this case sooner...It makes me wonder how many of these women would still be with us today and possibly onto a better path had the police taken their disappearances seriously from the start...I feel incredible pain in my heart to image how much these women must have suffered so much before they died...I feel disgust when I think that a person could be as cold and heartless as Robert Pickton...I feel fear when I think that there are still so many street workers out there who could likely encounter one of these cold and heartless individuals...I feel so much compassion for the families and loved ones of these women...If feel so much love for these women who I never even knew...Reading this site has allowed me to know more than just the names and faces of these women...It has given me the chance to have a glimpse into their lives...This site has given these women the individuality and respect that they deserve...Patricia Johnson was in several of my classes at Van Tech...I would have to say that she was a wonderful, caring and sweet person...I am so happy to see that the memories of these women are being honored in so many ways...Like Patricia these women all had lives, families, friends, hopes and dreams...This site has allowed all of us to see this...This site has really touched my heart so deeply...Thank-you so much for everything all of you!

Sent: 1.20 - fri 23 jan 2004


Name: MamaGee
Hometown: British Columbia, Canada
Sent: 11.54 - sun 18 jan 2004

West Coast, East Coast stand up strong. Put up your hands like you care, cause we can bring in a better day!
Peace Out

Name: Jennifer
Hometown: Burnaby, B.C., CANADA
Sent: 4.07 - sun 18 jan 2004

Martyrs. There is no other name to honor these women. They died with a purpose. The purpose to carry love and life dear and near to our hearts. Their lives mattered. Their memories are valuable and significant. Thank you, dear women, for showing me the way to love and to life. Such a price you paid to live your life. May God give comfort to those who knew you and love you. May all of you be found. This is my prayer.

Name: bill
Hometown: vancouver island
Sent: 1.53 - fri 16 jan 2004

wayne..need you to contact me. ASAP. thanks buddy

Sent: 11.49 - wed 7 jan 2004

Private Entry:

Name: Sister Donna (Cam) Toone
Hometown: Hull, Wales
Sent: 8.32 - tue 30 dec 2003

We are Cousins to the Cam family of Saskatoon, my 7 yr. old child Shewda is being HELD (she may die at any time just as MISSING Verna Littlechief probably met her fate), HELD in child labor by a casino/saloon racket on Hwy.83 South through Quanan Texas South hwy 287 in Lake Charles, Louisiana...Please, Please if there is anyway you can help her Please do, Please......God Bless You - Her mother Sister Donna

Name: Geri
Sent: 10.39 - sat 27 dec 2003

I don't know if your aware however, some names missing from your Edmonton Serial Killer on the loose page are that of 2 women. Gail Cardinal and Joyce Cardinal. I think it would be a sad injustice as well to leave them out of your page as they were also brutally murdered; perhaps by a serial killer as well as suspected by the Police. I have read this on the net. Other than that Your page has brought awareness and hopefully by the grace of God justice will be sought on their behalf.

Name: Jennifer Robinson
Hometown: oklahoma
Sent: 10.00 - sat 27 dec 2003

I was adopted and know how it feels to be the missing and miss others...great page feel free to visit mine at it is adoption search and reunion love jenn

Name: Diana Govenlock
Sent: 9.24 - tue 23 dec 2003

I cry inside for my friends who are gone.... May you be walking free on the other side .... happy ... and at peace ... You are all remembered as the free spirits you once were....

Name: Kelli McHugh
Sent: 8.47 - thu 18 dec 2003

Hey there! all the aboriginal americans of Canada>
Oki and peace be with you. Oh yah and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!! Stay Sober and Safe

Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri
Sent: 9.14 - wed 17 dec 2003

Is This Killer Still Active?

Name: Eve
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Sent: 11.02 - mon 15 dec 2003

Hello, I was just looking at the pictures of the missing women and curious to know about their lives and loved ones they left behind. As a ex sex trade worker, I thank God everyday that I was not one of Pickton's victims. May their souls rest in peace.

Name: francois
Hometown: montreal
Sent: 3.01 - mon 15 dec 2003

i'm a young tattoo artist living in, and last summer i helped my friends from 'Stella'
( on a enormous painting they did in the memory of those 63 missing women...
what they asked me was to help them on drawing a rose as a part of the painting, because one of the missing girls had a rose tattooed on her.
I just discovered the picture of Angela Arseneault on your site and I read about her rose tattoo. Now I got a face to put on my poor participation, and I feel like I'm gonna cry...
If I had the power, I'd do more for her and for the 62 others. Maybe you ask yourself why a tattoo artist is concerned by this sad subject...
I've been working for 3 years in 'centre-sud' neighborhood, which is a well known prostitution place in montreal, and my best friend is working for Stella in this area.
on 17 dec 2003 there will be a meeting downtown about the decriminalization of prostitution to protect sex-workers from this kind of disgusting abuse.
I give you all my hope for the best issue of your work

Name: M. Henderson
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 12.39 - fri 12 dec 2003

I have watched with sadness as this nightmare unfolded...I knew one of the women missing many years ago, I knew her when she was about 12 years old, beautiful, bright eyes, full of sad that her family has to now wait for grim news...I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I have experienced the power of addiction within my own family, and I never fully understood it....what would make an alcoholic father beat his wife, and treat his children terribly..and by the same measure....what power does it take for a woman to prostitute herself? To get into cars with strange to dark place with a stranger that she know absolutely nothing about? I am grateful that I know of no such power that would put me in such a position, and I pray that my children never do. If there is someone who is now prostituting herself is reading this message....for your sake and the sake of your mothers, fathers, children, brothers, and sisters...get help for yourself while you still can....and please keep this scourge on society away from children and families...conduct your business away from family's something that children should not see...think of your own children the next time you drop a used condom or needle on the street where children play...............

Sent: 10.26 - thu 11 dec 2003

Private Entry:

Sent: 4.17 - wed 10 dec 2003

Name: Melanie Sophia
Sent: 4.13 - wed 10 dec 2003

We can't lose hope for people or discount their worth as human beings because we find that their actions or way of life are opposed to what we consider the correct way to live. It frightens me to think that such a large number of women disappeared, seemingly, without a trace, and no one, especially the police did anything to solve this until years after the first woman went missing. I know first hand that a person on the margins of society can recover and live a productive life, if help is there when it is wanted and needed. I had struggled with drug addiction, have been on the methadone program and lived on the streets, and worked the streets to live and support my habit. I found that it was a real trap to be in as most people stopped treating me as if I counted, therefore, trying to find resources that could help me in the direction of recovery was very hard. I did eventually get the help that I needed, and I have been clean for over three years and have a good job and now people respect me. I was told by my brother that you couldn't tell by looking at me that I had the past that I did. I know that people are responsible for what they choose to do in life, but I think that we can't make the fatal mistake of considering drug addicts not worthy of rights that we all as citizens are supposed to have. Life is precious. I hope that this terrible tragedy opens the eyes of people. No one and no situation is hopeless. Lets keep an open mind. God bless the families of the missing, I wish that they find some comfort. God bless and protect the people that are still out there and are wanting to find a way back from the edge.

Name: Susan Oreilly
Hometown: lower mainland
Sent: 9.15 - thu 4 dec 2003

Marnie Frey all thought i didnt have the chance to meet you in person i have heard alot about you from your dad and mom Lynn) I pray for your peace and happiness with god .. As we all know god takes his angels home. wrote a song awhile softy you whisper in my ear the words i need .. i close my and feel your beating heart so close to me.. your always in mind your smile eched on my heart and that is why i cry when where apart.. don't tell me that u love then turn and walk away cant u see deep in my eyes i love you to ..don't hold me in your arms and kiss the tears away cus it breaks my heart to be away from u

Sent: 3.33 - fri 28 nov 2003

Private Entry:

Name: Victoria
Hometown: hanford
Sent: 9.15 - wed 26 nov 2003

I am so sorry for these women, and my heart goes out to each and everyone of them!!!!!!!!!

Name: Truth Seeker
Sent: 4.21 - sun 23 nov 2003

I don't believe Pickton acted alone. Consider the biker connection? Do they not deal in porn and snuff films? Look into the similarities with the Fred and Rose West Case. Might a satanic cult be involved?
My research into "cult" aspect, leads me to conclude that a local satanic coven, has probably used the services of Pickton and friends. Fred West apparently committed suicide before he could be brought to trial.

The Wests had a bar built in their home in Cromwell Street to cater for Rose's clients. With the encouragement from her husband she worked as a prostitute in her home. Fred would video her various sexual encounters. The bar was called "The Black Magic Bar."
According to Rosemary West, it was given this name because several of her clients were black skinned. I really do think she believed that. Maybe it is correct? However, I suspect that Fred gave the bar its name as an in-joke that related to his activities as a caterer for a black magic coven that was (and almost certainly still is) meeting in the Gloucestershire area.
Fred West confessed to several killings, including that of his daughter Heather whose remains were found beneath the patio. I feel that there is something wrong with some of these confessions. He is always rather vague about the actual murder, e.g.,
' long I held her for I don't know, I can't remember because for that few minutes I can't even remember what happened to that extent..'
Yet when he comes to the dismembering and disposal of the corpses, his recall is remarkable. While it is not at all unusual for serial killers to suffer blackouts after their killings, there was no evidence that West was a psychopath. In the case of Dennis Neilson, he lived alone, was a homosexual who couldn't bear to see his partners leaving the next day, and he was always in a drunken stupor when he killed - hence the blackouts!
During his interviews with the police, as outlined in Masters' book, Fred West told them that they now had a "vast amount of the truth." He further commented,
'And what I'm saying is, for God's sake put it together... My life means nothing to you, but it means a lot to me... and if the police sorts it out then I haven't said anything.'
So despite his dire predicament he was frightened of the consequences if he named names. He told a journalist that he was covering for others. When asked who these others were, he said that it would all come out eventually.
My contention is that Fred West was silenced before he could get into a courtroom for the simple reason that "the others" could not allow him to be questioned in open court.
Fred West was assisted by his brother and at least two other friends in various sexual assaults on, and rapes of many of the victims. However, this was not murder. His brother John West was arrested and charged with multiple rape and was due to appear in court when, well would you believe it...he was found hanged!! His "suicide" happened only ten months after Fred's.
It is unlikely that Fred West was a member of the coven. According to Dr. Murray, commenting on another witchcraft killing, the famous Pitch-Fork Murder of farm laborer Charles Walton at Lower Quinton (only 40 miles from Hagley Wood),
'It was even suggested that Charles Walton was the member of a coven and that he was sentenced to death for revealing its secrets. That is nonsense ... I assure you the modern practitioners of witchcraft, inside or outside of covens, are not to be found among hedgers and farm laborers. They come mainly from the professional classes...'
Professional classes ..... like, for example, a senior police officer? Did Fred West supply the sacrificial victims for a local coven and then dispose of them after the rituals were over, minus their finger bones? He swore that he did not remove any bones from the bodies. He also, eventually, swore that he never killed the women found under the grounds of his house. Maybe, in the end, he was really telling the truth....but nobody was allowed to listen.

Sent: 2.52 - sun 23 nov 2003

Private Entry:

Sent: 2.52 - sun 23 nov 2003

Private Entry:

Name: Alizza Fitzkrinkle
Hometown: vancouver
Sent: 1.36 - sat 22 nov 2003

As a former street worker, I am now dedicating my life work to helping make conditions safer for women on the street, and to help them leave the streets if they so choose. Sarah's poems made me cry. She is a wonderful poet, very talented, articulate and bright. I feel so much sadness for all of the tragedy in this case, yet so much love and devotion to help those who want it. May this world see a different day, when all people are treasured, all spirit's loved and valued. Blessed Be to all.

Name: Blackwell
Hometown: Denver
Sent: 8.56 - tue 18 nov 2003

Useful and informative website about the missing women of Vancouver.  

Name: Deborah Jardine
Hometown: Kootenays, BC
Sent: 10.03 - mon 17 nov 2003

My dear friend Wayne
Your site in [memory] to Sarah & the missing women from Vancouver has brought forth an extensive source of information for everyone.
It has become the ultimate archive in regard to the missing women.
I know you have spent countless hours tirelessly updating and improving the site.
Love ya!
Deborah & Ivan

Name: Carly Newmarch
Hometown: Kelowna
Sent: 8.58 - sat 15 nov 2003

I used through a blue lens to educate a class of grade 8 kids about drug use. I was saddened to see that 2 participants in that film are already dead. What a tragedy!

Name: jennifer wright
Hometown: salmon arm
Sent: 1.05 - sat 15 nov 2003

I met Marnie, Lynn, Rick and Brittney at least 10 years ago. They all have been a great inspiration in my life. Even though everything Marnie went through I am satisfied at least she has peace now. I just pray and hope that everyone else who has gone through this horrific ordeal can also find some peace. My prayers and thoughts are with everyone. Lynn and Rick I LOVE YOU, and I miss you. KEEP FIGHTING. JENNY

Name: Marielle
Sent: 9.55 - sat 8 nov 2003

Just finish reading Missing Sarah,
want to say that it really open up my eyes on that world which i didn't know nothing about, and a lot of sadness for all the people which their life are touched by this story.
Good work for Maggie!!!
Good website!!

Name: Jodi
Hometown: BC
Sent: 10.41 - fri 7 nov 2003

May God and his Angels be with each and every one of you and your families.

Name: candy
Hometown: victoria
Sent: 12.32 - fri 7 nov 2003

Patty's my cousin, I had not seen her since we were 13&14. Thank you for showing me, What she looked like I just feel so Awful I should have tried harder to stay in contact with her, I just keep remembering the silly childhood things sleepovers, giggling till dawn, sneaking cookies @ Grama's, I'm so sorry Patty I should have been there for you, I don't want this to be real, How the hell could this happen! I just cry&cry every time, I think about you, I miss you, I love you! LOVE ALWAYS your cuz

Name: kay
Sent: 6.38 - thu 6 nov 2003

Just a thank-you to the person or person's who set up this web site, what a nice idea, good for you!

Name: kay
Sent: 6.29 - thu 6 nov 2003

While the light lasts,
I shall remember
and in the darkness
I shall not forget.
I don't know who wrote this but I hope it brings comfort to someone, no-one has the right to treat anyone the way these women were treated. My heart goes out to the families' and I hope that soon there will be some closure and the person's responsible will pay.

Name: Sylvia Lalonde
Hometown: Port Alberni
Sent: 6.23 - mon 27 oct 2003

Tiffany was my best friend in Elementary school. we did everything together...I was always in trouble...She was not. We lost touch when she moved to nanaimo and I to Victoria. I wish we had not lost touch...maybe I could have helped...

Name: Jennifer Wilson
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 3.29 - mon 27 oct 2003

I was a childhood friend of Sarah's and have been moved so immensely by this tragedy.

Name: Howard
Hometown: Brampton
Sent: 4.08 - wed 22 oct 2003

Wayne you are doing something very important in placing these victims pictures and histories in front of us. They deserve to be given importance and you are doing that. It must be very painful fore you. Your loyalty to Sarah as illustrated in Maggie Devries book Missing Sarah has touched me more than I can express here.

Name: heather joesbury
Hometown: victoria
Sent: 12.27 - tue 21 oct 2003

well if anyone gets this I think what he did to my sister is absolutely repulsive & I hope he thinks about what he did every day thats really all i have to say

Sent: 12.23 - tue 21 oct 2003

Name: Jody
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 10.14 - wed 15 oct 2003

My heart is still saddened looking at these photo's. some of the women i had seen around. i used to live in the downtown eastside area. i seen them in there struggles and pain. i would see some of the same women daily. even though there are no headlines or lots of coverage in the media anymore on the many women, they are not forgotten. i remember them. i drop by from time to time and check out the website. i used to look at the website from the vancouver police. but if any way these women that passed on can see this message, i remember.

Sent: 10.17 - tue 14 oct 2003

Private Entry:

Name: chris
Sent: 10.12 - tue 14 oct 2003

i know mona when she little, miss see herald i miss you too chris

Name: Janis
Hometown: Surrey
Sent: 3.01 - mon 29 sep 2003

J hi:
My name is Janis Sherrell, I have just become privy to some very disturbing information regarding the "Ickton Pay" Situation.I am now even more disturbed that so little respect has been given to this case, as a result of it having so little credibility as of the result of the women who have gone missing. As a result of the dateline documentary in canada i am feeling now feeling that the United States have more empathy regarding this case than Canada. Perhaps its because of the people That are' involved that the States are not afraid to speak of this case , and the people in question are not afraid to speak?????????????

Name: hi
Sent: 6.07 - sun 28 sep 2003

Name: hi
Sent: 6.07 - sun 28 sep 2003

Name: hi
Sent: 6.07 - sun 28 sep 2003

Name: Cassi
Hometown: lexington ky
Sent: 6.06 - sun 28 sep 2003

I just wanted to say i'm sorry for your loss. And may god stay with you through good and bad.

Name: theresa
Hometown: Burlington Ontario
Sent: 8.09 - wed 24 sep 2003

i'm just saying i feel really sorry for yall of you parents, children, relatives of any of these missing people. I myself may only be 13 but i know and feel what it is like to lose some one very close to you. You just have to be strong and over come it. There will always be something inside of you that will never make the feeling of never seeing that person again go away. i just hope that you all can move on but still remember that person in your hearts and memory forever

Name: Tamara
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 11.50 - sat 20 sep 2003

My heart, my soul, my thoughts go out to all those suffering not only with the loss of their loved ones who are missing or murdered, but to the loss of their loved ones who are still alive living on the streets of the downtown eastside. I have dear friends living that reality, I walk those streets with them as they too are human, no different than any one else, only dealt a different card. My prayers for all involved in the pain; each and everyone of us.

Sent: 4.54 - fri 19 sep 2003

Private Entry:

Sent: 6.02 - thu 18 sep 2003

Private Entry:

Sent: 2.07 - wed 17 sep 2003

Name: troy boen
Hometown: kelowna
Sent: 3.19 - tue 16 sep 2003

hi my mother is one of the missing women (yvonne marie boen 0 i am her middle son me and my grandmother are trying to find out all the information about her so if anyone has some info please send it to me. thank you very much

Sent: 9.06 - mon 15 sep 2003

I'm doing a project at school and it actually was to say how wonderful this world is but after looking at the website i think that it is best to show everyone that this world isn't what we think it is. Even though there are horrible sick people out there that don't care, we do and i think that this website is a memorial to show the missing but it is also a way to show that we can appreciate life. May God be with you all and i wish you all the best for the future.x p.s the best thing to do is to look forward to the future!

Name: Sebina
Hometown: sydney Australia
Sent: 9.02 - mon 15 sep 2003

I would like to say that everyone here is praying that you find you loved ones and i think that the website is really good because it tells us about all the nasty people in the world today. Even though they are gone they will not be forgotten.

Name: nikki
Hometown: swindon
Sent: 8.59 - mon 15 sep 2003

I would just like to say that i think the website is great because it is remembering all those who are missing and to show that they will not be forgotten. I wish you all the luck in finding your beloved ones, may God be with you xxxxxxxxx

Name: Dawn
Sent: 11.39 - sun 14 sep 2003

My heart goes to those who are missing people in their lives. You are in my prayers. I could imagine how you must be feeling, not knowing where the one you love is. I pray that god is protecting them, and is with them. I pray that he is with the families through their difficult times.

God Bless,


Name: Curtis Christopher Todd
Hometown: Victoria British Columbia
Sent: 7.56 - thu 11 sep 2003

I have bee looking for my Mother for some time....
to the best of my Grand-Mother's Knowledge she was one of the unfortunate victims of the "Piggy Palace"?
All though i do not want to belive this, i can not find any thing about my mother and the where-abouts of her today or since i Last saw her in the Late 80's....
I have enclosed her name and birth place for your convenience, if there is anything you can do for me in regards to finding anything out about her it would be highly appreciated?
Her Name was/is----Jaquline Jones Todd(she may have been remarried or still go by one of the last names?
She was Born In Naniamo, British Columbia
she belonged to a Native Tribe In Naniamo.
My Grand-Mother has other information and can be reached at (250)381-5191 Her name is Cory Todd
Well if you can find any information that would pertain to the finding of my mother...I would be most Grateful for anything that you had to offer.
yoiou can leave me a E-mail Message on My E-mail Address ---->
Thank you for taking the time to look over my request.

Name: Tim Crow
Hometown: Victoria, BC, living in Nova Scotia
Sent: 6.32 - sat 6 sep 2003

I am a recovering IV heroin/cocaine addict who's life was chained to Main and Hastings. It has been 4 years since I have touched drugs. It took many detoxes, two treatment facilites and many kind and loving people to help me find my way. I pray for safe haven for all of us who have not yet found peace from their addiction. For today, I can tell you, with more happiness than I can muster in type, that I am going for a walk in the park wit a friend. I am free. It can be done... I was the hopeless drug-hog who people shook their heads at. Now I am free. I come to this site to maintan my gratitude for my life today. Thank you.

Name: Lynn Frey
Hometown: Campbell River, B. C.
Sent: 6.52 - fri 29 aug 2003

Dear Marnie:
Marnie its been 6 longs years since this animal has taken you away from us. Marnie August 30th 2003 you would have been 30, their isn't a day that goes by that we have you in our hearts, and minds . You are our Fallen Angel, today, and for the rest of our lives. We Miss you Marnie, All our love, MoM & DaD, and Brittney.....xxxxxxxxoooooooo

Name: Carmen
Hometown: B.C.
Sent: 3.36 - tue 19 aug 2003

I think this is a great websit. People need to realize whats going on in the eastside of Vancouver. I hope that some girls learnd for this terible thing, you have to be carefull now a days. I liked how they had descriptions on the girls too.

Name: Jen
Hometown: Metro Detroit, Michigan
Sent: 2.19 - tue 19 aug 2003

I agree with Monique....

to Kim Kirton, I hope you have by now spoken to police. I also hope you can take comfort in knowing that YOU CAN help Mona Wilson and the other women by testifying against Pickton. While you could not help your friend that night, you can help her now by helping to put her killer behind bars. Also Kim, congrats on being brave enough to go into rehab and taking steps to get off the streets. Good luck!

Sent: 9.54 - wed 13 aug 2003

Private Entry:

Name: Monique
Hometown: Warrnambool
Sent: 5.23 - tue 12 aug 2003

i really think that Robert Pickton is a really sick man. I was interested in hearing about what he had done.
And to Kim Kirton, i am very sorry for your loss but if you had of gone back you probably would of got killed your self, and now you can identifie the barsted who done this and put him in jail for life,
i am doing Robert Pickton for an Assignment for phycology and if you had ant more info could you please send me some i would really appreciate it thamk you
Monique Ballis
Warrnambbol Victoria
my e-mail Address is

Name: Meghan Laperna
Hometown: Comstock Park, Mighigan
Sent: 10.08 - fri 1 aug 2003

There is a friend of mine that I just found out was missing. She has been missing since 7-9-03. Her name is Ashley R. Sprick. She lives in Comstock Park, Michigan. She lives in York Creek Apartments. Some people say that she was kidnapped by her boyfriend... If anybody knows anything about this young girl please contact the kent county sheriff's department. She has blonde hair, about 16 years old, and 135 pounds. Please, if you know anything contact somebody...
thank you very much..

meghan Laperna

Name: G McGrath
Sent: 4.29 - sun 27 jul 2003
I found the site.His name is Paul Barnard

Name: G McGrath
Hometown: Halifax,NS
Sent: 4.20 - sun 27 jul 2003

There is a young man who started cycling from St Johns NF to Victoria, BC in June not to raise money but to create awareness of the missing women from Vancouver. Does anyone have knowledge of this?

Name: pearl
Sent: 2.08 - sun 27 jul 2003

this sucks how does this go on? my heart goes out to each and every one of you...

Name: Dave
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 1.28 - sun 27 jul 2003

Spending a Sunday with my family, thanking god for what I have.... then realize what I've been through and who I've come across in my life. I grew up on the streets in Victoria and I made it out alive and with the experince that you can't learn in any school. I met Cathy Knight in my travels, knew her in school and knew her on the street as well, I know her older brother from Esquimalt and had know idea that there life was as rough as it was, reading the article on the internet (Times). I was lucky I had help getting it together one person imperticular a Victoria police officer I grew up with in middle school, basketball team mates and then later he showed up in my life picked me up took me for a drive and showed me there was people who care , it wasn't just his job it was that he was a human who cared for another, I got straight, I got married, got 2 great kids. As life has it I move over to Vancouver get work ,few years goes by then through work I meet Willy Pickton, working at Children's Hospital doing demolition for Dave his brother. I'm sickened by all the things that has happened to the people who have it so rough when growing up, to the point of a terrible end. What can we do as human beings to better this? ,I don't know, I'm happy I had someone help me ( thank you Darren you made a differce) So i guess what I'm tryin to say there is things we can do and we should.........

Name: Shawn Hallmark
Sent: 11.35 - sun 27 jul 2003

You will never be forgotten
Or erased from my mind
You didn't have the best life
But to me you were one of a kind

Your picture reminds me everyday
With memories of the good times we had
The love you felt for our family
Even though your life was so very sad

The happy way about you
The kindness that you would share
To all that were around you
Even when you were in despair

Your eyes showed the sadness
Of the many years of pain
You stayed away from your family
So they wouldn't feel the strain

Your lifestyle was not sought after
And most looked down upon you
But you made do with what you had
Where most would not continue

All of a sudden you went missing
We desperately looked around
We knew something was terribly wrong
We wouldn't stop until you were found

The most important thing to us
Was that you were alive
When you stopped calling us
Something just didn't jive

Hopefully people realize their acts of judgement
Were so carelessly misplaced
And now they will see the daily horror
With which you were faced

Although we couldn't protect you
You were always in our heart
And that is all we are left with
For now we are apart

The saddest thing to have to fathom
Is the brutality of your demise
How someone could just take your life
And watch as your soul dies

Instead of saying goodbye
I will have to say so long
Till we meet again my beautiful sister
This will be your song

Written by: Shelley Hallmark

Name: cheyenne
Hometown: maryland
Sent: 5.43 - sat 26 jul 2003

i read alot of the missing ifo it made me cry so bad u dont now what could happen to u in tell u read about outhers

Name: Kelly
Sent: 5.40 - sat 26 jul 2003

Seing all the people that have died and that are missing makes me very upset

Name: Megan
Hometown: Fort Mcmurray
Sent: 1.34 - thu 24 jul 2003

I read those journal entries written by Sarah Devries...i couldnt help but cry..Im going to East Hastings to do missionary work and i love to work with People...i want to hel[p people that have gone throught tragedies like so. God Bless..Sarahs Guardian angel was sent from Heaven. That was God.

Sent: 5.39 - thu 24 jul 2003

Private Entry:

Name: Michael Whistler
Hometown: vancouver, BC
Sent: 6.12 - tue 22 jul 2003

I lived a few doors down from Kerry Koski. I was in Grade 10 and Kerry in Grade 9. I thought that she was so pretty, had such a great smile and was so full of life. I wanted to ask her to a school dance but was too shy. I am so saddend to hear how her life turned out and how it may have ended. I hope that her remains are found so that her sisters and children can get some closure. Life can be so unfair.

Name: Chantelle John
Hometown: Ontario
Sent: 5.27 - tue 22 jul 2003

I can't believe this!!!...we need to find these women now. The goverment isn't doing enough...this makes me angry

Name: Donna Wassing
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Sent: 5.36 - mon 21 jul 2003

I was a high school classmate and friend of Teresa Triff, missing since 1993. My prayers go out to her family and friends. I am currently campaigning for a task force to be set up in Edmonton, to investigate the recent events surrounding bodies being found in our area. We cannot let this happen again. We must help to protect the people of our inner cities.

Name: Mandy O'Blenis
Hometown: Amherst,Nova Scotia
Sent: 11.23 - sat 19 jul 2003

This is a great site, and I am so pleased that people are coming together for these women. So many people look away.

Name: Robert Fay
Sent: 11.10 - fri 18 jul 2003

On your most prolific canadian serial killers list, Allan Legere never killed anybody in Quebec, all his crimes took place in NB on the Miramichi. Things like this will ruin your credibility and you ability to be taken seriously.

Name: Barbara Badger Vallas
Hometown: Buffalo,New York USA
Sent: 11.29 - fri 4 jul 2003

I am a concerned Native speaker, woman and clairvoyant.
If I can be of any help, please notify me by E-Mail or letter at 10293 State Road, #2, Glenwood NY USA. I do not charge for my services (by mail) but traveling expenses are a different story. I am extremely accurate, whether in person, by phone or by mail.
I am speaking at a Native Womens' Council of about 2500 people on July 27th and I plan to address this issue and ask for letters and donations (sent to the legacy society address).

Love and Protection to all...Barb Badger

Name: B West
Hometown: Smithers BC
Sent: 3.11 - tue 1 jul 2003

Thank you for the web site, I would like to post this for Olivia Williams and let her know she is thought of and hopefully we will here of her whereabouts and sad to hear of all the victims found so far. Condolences to the families and someday we will know what happened to our Olivia as well. God Bless.

Name: Just a kid
Hometown: B.c
Sent: 2.11 - tue 1 jul 2003

Im only 14 years old, and i love vancouver..and before my aunty took me and my cousins to east hastings..and i almost cried i was so now i searched east hastings on here and found this..this is so sorry for everyone that happened..but wow..its so crazy!!

Name: Garry Pressner
Hometown: Campbellriver B.C.
Sent: 1.50 - sat 28 jun 2003

I am truley sorry for the loss of a loved one that all the families of these women are going through and the frustation that our so called system has added to the grief, I am personal freinds with the Freys whom also lost their daughter Marnie Frey, any shred of faith that I ever had in the moral values and justice that we expect from our politions and law system has gone down the toilet. I am sorry to vent my anger on a site that is meant more for condolences than shots at the system. But these days Picton is getting more attention than the lives that he took. I hope that after all this court stuff is done we can focuse on giving the women the send off that they deserve they were braver and tougher than any that I know to me they are heros and I hope Picton and who ever else was involved will burn in HELL With Gods speed! Garry P.

Name: A Dear Friend of the Family
Sent: 8.29 - sat 28 jun 2003

In MEMORY of Cindy:
Though Cindy's smile has gone Forever,
and her hand I cannot touch,
I still have so many Memories,
of you" Cindy," that I love so much,
Cindy's Memory is my Keepsake,
With which I"ll never Part,
God has taken Cindy in his Keeping,
And i will always have her inmy Heart:

To My Dear friend
Marilyn & her Family

May the Memories keep Forever:

Name: Lynn Frey
Hometown: Campbell River, B. C.
Sent: 3.34 - fri 27 jun 2003

IN MEMORY; Marnie Frey:
Though Marnie's smile has gone forever,
And her hand I cannot touch,
Still I have so many Memories,
of the one I loved so much,
Marnie's Memory is my keepsake,
With which I'll never part,
God has Marnie , in his keeping,
And I have Marnie in my heart.
All our love , MoM & DaD, & Brittney Freyxxxoooo

Name: ATorontoGirl
Hometown: Toronto
Sent: 2.36 - tue 17 jun 2003

I visited Vancouver, B.C., for the first time last year, what a beautiful city/province. The first thing I was told when I arrived, was to STAY AWAY from the lower East side, because of the drug addicts and prostitutes. And out of fear I did exactly that, I dismissed the lower East side. And I believe in this case the VPD DISMISSED the inhabitants of the lower East side....... because the ENTIRE Vancouver society on a consistent and daily basis is guilty of DISMISSING these people (and after reading many of the life stories of these ladies, MOST were DISMISSED longgg before they arrived on the corners of Hastings, turned their first trick or injected that heroine filled syringe, as children society/family/communities often dismissed them and let them down). Almost every Vancouver citizen and the police obviously feel that these prostitutes lives were not as signifcant as the lives of their own daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends,etc. and therefore could so easily dismiss them and their lives and thier stories.
My favourite quote is: THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE IS 'NOT' HATE BUT.... "INDIFFERENCE"!!!!!!!!!!!!
When are we ALL going to wake up and realize that we are all interconnected. That what happens in the lower east side (any fringe society) affects us all, eventually. Just as we learned from Sept 11/2001 that YES what happens in some far away poor little country (Afganhistan) is OUR business and yes will and can affect us. These predators like Picton, may start off killing drug addicted, diseased, prostitutes (easy targets, because society is so indifferent towards them and didnt give a damn) because they have so much hate/contempt/rage towards women....but dont be so naive as to think that in time they wont turn to YOUR/OUR/MY drug free, non prostitutes, sisters, wives, daughters, mothers.
Let this be a lesson that INDIFFERENCE towards anyone in our society can never be tolerated ever again. Dont let these women die in VAIN! Let us never DISMISS one another ever again. We are our brothers keeper!
May the souls of these ladies RIP.

Name: Joanne
Hometown: ? VAncouver
Sent: 2.45 - sat 14 jun 2003

I am reading each and every bit of information on each of the woman posted on this site and the sadness just keeps getting larger. I wish I would have grown up with a lot of these woman or met them later and become friends or at least met them. Some have little background posted unfortunately and fortunately there is a lot of pictures and information on others. I really wish I had been brought up in Point Grey and of the same age as Sarah Devrie. I know we would have connected. I had a painful youth and became addicted to alcohol and drugs at the same time as her. Maybe she would have been wilder than me, maybe not but I know I would have been in there as a loyal friend as I was to some girls I did 'do teens' with who were ostracized from the cliques as I was. I had friends similar to Sarah but was sheltered from places like the DTE. I grew up in a small town on the pairies and often say that saved my life. I would have been drawn to the eastside like these women were. Although, I wasn't as creative as Sarah I was/am as spunky and funloving BUT hated superficial people and those who thought they were better than others. I wish I had met these girls in recovery. I have met so many like them - kind, generous coming from places of pain etc. etc. Some have made it and others not. I will never stop speaking my truth to women whether they are in recovery or still in hell. I will never forget Sarah, Jacqueline, Marnie, Inga, Heather Bottomley, Diana, Cindy, Andrea/Angela, Tiffany, Georgina, Tanya, Sherry, Jennie, Helen, Sereena, Mona, Dianne, Brenda, Patricia, Angela, Heather Chinnock and all the other woman who disappeared while I have lived in Vancouver these last 16 years.

Name: Ginny
Hometown: Whitehorse
Sent: 8.07 - thu 12 jun 2003

My sister is Catherine Maureen Knight, she is one of Vancouver's missing women. She was the baby in our family of nine children, and I still see her in my mind as this bright bubbly child. Who knew what path she would take in life. She disappeared 8 years ago now, and still we hang on to hope that some link to her whereabouts will be discovered. Even though they have Robert Picton up on charges, the real sad thing I think will be that we will never really know what went on at that Pig Farm. Will her DNA show up somewhere so we can lay her to rest in our hearts? I don't think so. Like the rest of my family we now live with the idea that she is in a better place, but this reality of human cruelty does make one look at life more carefully. My heart goes out to all the other family members as they too go through this.

Name: Wilfred Abigosis
Hometown: Brokenhead manitoba
Sent: 8.34 - wed 11 jun 2003

It is with sadness and grief that i have to see my cousins picture on the Vancouvers missing persons.......I grew up with my cousin Marlene Abigosis and my prayers are with the family.If she passed away or killed..I know that she is in good hands with the creator.....megwetch....aho

Name: Garry Pressner
Hometown: Campbell River B.C.
Sent: 9.45 - sun 8 jun 2003

I knew Marnie Frey when she lived in C.R. and I have become freinds with her parents after I listened to thier story wittnessed thier grief and frustration in getting some justice for these women and thier familys. VanCityPolice-go to hell with Picton

Name: bill
Homepage: http://.......
Hometown: vancover island
Sent: 8.43 - fri 6 jun 2003

wayne im all right still cant maqke sense of thease cop;s one moment they say one thing and the next somethig totally different....bill

Name: Anita
Sent: 11.56 - thu 5 jun 2003

I have started a web site and message board on the death penalty and Canadian politics . It's called The Canadian Coalition for The Death Penalty , I would like to invite anyone interested to come join our discussion , all views are welcome Pro and Anti.Its a fairly busy board but I would enjoy seeing more Canadians . At this point its mostly Americans who know vary little about Canada . Hope to see you there , Anita

Name: Mike Stone
Hometown: Norfolk, Va
Sent: 2.56 - tue 3 jun 2003

When the law enforcement agencies can't find your loved ones, maybe it's time to seek help else where. Seek out a professional investigator who specializes in missing persons. Remember, a lot of people still think they are safe in a third world country, so look out side the USA or Canada. Good luck and God bless.

Name: Jacqui collins
Hometown: Ireland
Sent: 3.32 - fri 30 may 2003

My thoughts are with all the family and friends of these missing people

Name: Christy Posey
Hometown: Hamilton, ALA
Sent: 11.15 - tue 27 may 2003

This website was setup with good cause by open-minded people who probably have experienced loosing a loved one to a tragedy that was never descovered. Whom ever you are doing a great thing here and I wish you the best of luck. I wish all of you the best of luck in finding your loved ones and bringing justice where justice is deserved.

Sent: 8.43 - sun 25 may 2003

Private Entry:

Name: sheila yates
Sent: 10.37 - mon 19 may 2003


Hometown: UK
Sent: 11.55 - sun 18 may 2003

This is a cool web site! Please visit my web site and sign my guestbook. My web address is:

Name: Cheryl
Hometown: Ipswich
Sent: 3.17 - tue 13 may 2003

i am sorry for all the people that are missing but also sorry to there familys RIP

Sent: 9.28 - mon 12 may 2003

Name: tanya
Hometown: campbell river
Sent: 9.27 - mon 12 may 2003

My hearts go out to all the family's of all the missing and found women. I was friends with Marnie Frey. We used to hangout in high school. I remember Marnie's smile the most. I now know that she is in a better place, Where there is now drugs,sex,or being hurt, where she is always smiling and making everyone there love her as much as she was loved down here.
My heart goes out to the Frye's and everyone else.

Name: gina
Hometown: bedford,england
Sent: 1.47 - sat 10 may 2003

hi i have been reading about these poor women on the internet.i came across these sites while i was searching for my father who also lived in vancouver and has,nt been heard of since heart goes out to the familys of those that are missing.

Hometown: saskatoon sask.
Sent: 1.14 - sun 4 may 2003

This site needs more exposure!
A cousin of mine along with a five others fell to one of these predators. is doing life now.

Sent: 10.17 - mon 28 apr 2003

Private Entry:

Name: amanda barbosa
Hometown: san antonio
Sent: 10.17 - thu 24 apr 2003

please come back safe we all miss you

Name: Jenny
Hometown: USA
Sent: 4.25 - fri 4 apr 2003

I just want to thank Mr. Leng for putting this site up. I first heard of this case when it broke open last Feb while I was visiting Canada. I have kept up with case since then. I think Mr. Leng is doing a great job of showing these ladies as HUMANS AND LOVED ONES, not just hookers and drug addicts. God bless you, Mr. Leng, and the families of the victims.

Sent: 12.51 - tue 1 apr 2003

Private Entry:

Name: Jeanette
Hometown: Abbotsford
Sent: 11.56 - wed 26 mar 2003

Hi Wayne, I would like to thank you for this site once again. When I first started looking for my little cousin, two yrs ago. I thought I would find some help on the internet and low and behold I found this site. I couldn't believe the amount of women that had disappeared. It scared me to death. I thought Patty was in another town, swinging on a porch swing thinking of her children and family and soon would return healthy and happy. Instead her dna was found at the farm where many other women had lost their lives. I will never understand why the police had waited for so long. My little cousin deserved to have a second chance at life. To repair the pain inside and find peace within herself Patty would have had a beautiful life. Patty may have been nothing but a prostitute/drug user to some but Patty didnt have to put on a different face. Her beauty was inside and out. Was I there for my cousin, no. I let her down I know I did. I thought she would get her act together, grow up and maybe one day, our children would play and we could put this behind us. By the time I wanted to help, it was to late. I have realized there are so many resources out there that can help family members through the process of getting them well. Just supporting there loved ones when it is needed.
Our thoughts and prays are with the Bryce family we hope you are doing well. Patty, I love you and miss you very much...
Love you forever and always, Jeanette

Sent: 10.39 - thu 20 mar 2003


Name: bill hiscox
Hometown: vancover island
Sent: 10.35 - mon 17 mar 2003

hi wayne just stoped in to say im doing ok. and that im really proud of what you are doing,dont ever give up my friend,nor will i ,even though things are,tough,dealing with emotions imstill here any time for you wayne...god bless you.and god bless rick and lynn frey in cambell river my deepest sympathy to the familly...take care bill

Sent: 6.06 - mon 17 mar 2003

Private Entry:

Name: lynne booker
Hometown: london
Sent: 6.49 - fri 7 mar 2003

thinking of all of you. hoping there will be honour in all this chaos

Sent: 10.53 - wed 5 mar 2003

Private Entry:

Name: shirley macdonald
Hometown: duncan
Sent: 8.45 - sun 2 mar 2003


Hometown: DUNCAN BC
Sent: 5.27 - sun 2 mar 2003


Name: Kirstin
Hometown: North Vancouver
Sent: 6.06 - sat 1 mar 2003

I really miss Andrea (my cousin) and I hope she is put to justice!I love my family very much and hope they can coupe ok.

Name: Leigh
Hometown: Saskatoon, Sask
Sent: 9.49 - wed 26 feb 2003

My prayers are with all the family members of the girls that have went missing. I check up on the site very often, and I feel for all who has fallen into this type of lifestyle and pray for others to overcome it one day. This site is very informative, you get to know what each girl was like, and realize how much love their families have for them. I hope that one day the families get the closure they need until then, God Bless!!

Name: spoke
Hometown: three hills Alberta
Sent: 9.43 - wed 26 feb 2003

Thank you, Only Jesus can stop this mayhem...we all need to trust Him.

Sent: 9.39 - wed 26 feb 2003

Private Entry:

Name: Barb Badger Vallas
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Sent: 11.27 - mon 24 feb 2003

I am a Native woman from Buffalo, New York and I am interested in any updates on this story. Our women and children of this world are not disposable...

Name: rachael
Hometown: england
Sent: 2.37 - mon 24 feb 2003

I am reading Killers on the loose by Antonio Mendoza and I was shocked to read what had happened to these poor girls, they had as much right to live as everyone else. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the lost souls and I wish there was something that I could do to help. What are the police doing?

Name: Howard
Sent: 11.40 - thu 20 feb 2003

I am impressed with this site. My heart goes out to each family and to the missing people themselves. I pray that you are blessed when each anniversary, or holiday rolls around.

Name: Jorden
Sent: 1.02 - wed 19 feb 2003

My heart and soul go to all of you that are missing a loved one. It such a heart ache not knowing where your loved one is. Not being able touch, feel, or see them. Wishing with all my hearts that your missing loved one will return home soon. Love to all!!

Name: juanita
Hometown: vancouver B.C
Sent: 8.05 - mon 17 feb 2003

To the families of the missing women, I knew many of the women that went missing from the downtown eastside,My deepest sympathy for the lovedones you have lost. I went to the women's march in 2002 and there were 4 eagles flying over the marching people. I believe they were the spirits of some of the missing women.May your pain be lifted by the grace of god. There needs to be more treatment centers and long-term outpatient care for addicts.

Name: Michelle Rickards
Hometown: Burnaby
Sent: 9.55 - fri 14 feb 2003

I commend all of you in association with the Vancouver Eastside Missing Women Program. I am so sorry for the lives lost,and my heartfelt condolences got out to the families of the missing women. I will you the best of luck with everything and any leads to the capture of the suspect.

Name: kathryn furminger
Sent: 4.49 - sun 9 feb 2003

jennie furminers' remains were found in the poco pig farm

Name: Barbie
Hometown: Massachusetts
Sent: 11.30 - thu 6 feb 2003

I am searching for Shawn/Darline Zora. Hopefully, this is the wrong place to be looking...but anything is possible. My heart goes out to all those who are missing a loved one. I find it heartbreaking that a girl has to resort to doing this for a is dangerous..very sad..and I wish safety for all of you.

Name: Michelle Azevedo Urv
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Sent: 10.08 - wed 5 feb 2003

I want to thank you for creating this website and making this information available. It is important for the public to acknowledge that these women are real people with families and others who love them. This point of view is long overdue. I wish the best for all these women and their loved ones.

Name: chrissy
Hometown: white rock BC
Sent: 11.58 - sat 1 feb 2003

My Best friend was Teressa Williams. We ran away to vancouver when we were 13. No one understands the streets unless you've been there. Its a harsh cruel place, and it took my best friend. Now its just a matter of time . When i found out Pickton was the accused, to my horror i recognized him from auctions. Did he kill my best friend, i may never know. She was 15 when she went missing. What is this world coming to. God bless all the missing women, and to the survivors of the streets, God bless you and keep your strength because i understand exactly what your going thru.

Name: Angela. S.
Hometown: Kamloops
Sent: 11.56 - wed 29 jan 2003

My heart goes out to all the families and i hope u all get some kind of closure somehow. I was just down in Vancouver on the weekend and i drove through east hastings street and couldn't believe all what goes on there. For those who would ever think of resorting to living there, just don't. it is very dangerous and no one should ever have to go through what Angela Jardine did. Like i said my heart goes out to you.

Name: Evann Lacosse
Hometown: Whitehorse, Yukon
Sent: 2.40 - mon 27 jan 2003

While reading through the chilling information on the missing women of Vancouver, I felt great sadness when I recognized one of the missing women as a former roommate of my sister's from 25 years ago. Sherry Rail, I'm thinking about you and all these other women and I wish to send strength and courage to the people left behind, wondering.

Name: Lindsey
Sent: 8.20 - sun 26 jan 2003

Im so very sorry for all the people who had lost their love ones,i think about all the people who loose their ones,everyday,and just hope i dont go threw what they have been threw,i just hope someday that i can help do something about the world around us

Name: Victoria Carmona
Hometown: plano
Sent: 5.11 - fri 24 jan 2003

i need help finding my missing sister Rose Carmona. i've never met her an i like too i have always wanted a big sister. when i found out i had one i wanted to find her. but iwas allowed to. i was only six. but now i'm thirteen and shes twent-one or so. so if any one has infprmation on finding missing people for free please e-mail me at Thanx a milion

Name: robyn bourgeois
Sent: 11.17 - thu 16 jan 2003

I am absolutely disgusted by this entire case. How could a police department allow the number of women missing from a single city area grow to such an immense number? It's disgusting because the root of this case is simple: these were women and prosititutes, making them among the most worthless people in the eyes of our society. If this were rich white kids, there would've been only one allowed to go missing before the police will all over the case. But instead, these poor undervalued and ignored women were allowed to become prey for a serial killer. It's about time that our society recognized that all people are valuable and that these women deserved every right to protection that anyone else did. I am ashamed to be a citizen of this community and ask for forgiveness from the loved ones of these women for our society's ignorance and cruelty. I pray that all of you get the answers you need and hope you know that your loved ones will not be forgotten..

Name: Stacie
Hometown: Maple Ridge, B.C.
Sent: 6.08 - thu 16 jan 2003

My heart goes out to all those who have tragically lost a loved one. May we all cherish the memories we may have with any of these beautiful women. Regardless of the path there lives had taken in the end, they are all someone's daughter, mother, sister, aunt or friend and will be truly loved and missed always.
"Hearts of gold stopped beating,
Hard working hands at rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best"

Name: Buckwheat
Hometown: surrey
Sent: 12.29 - thu 16 jan 2003

It angers me that my hard earn money will go towards the defending pig farmer.Now watch the taxes go up due to the $$$$ put out.This drives me crasy.Let him go to generial pop in jail.Lets spend this $$$on something more usefull.Like woman's safe houses and to the youth, where the gouverment is taking $$$from.Oh!! let's not foget that our pre will need treatment for alcohol abuse.(drunk driving)

Name: Billy Crabtree
Hometown: Molalla, Oregon
Sent: 8.45 - tue 14 jan 2003

May my prayers find the families of each of these girls.

Name: Billy Crabtree
Hometown: Molalla, Oregon
Sent: 8.43 - tue 14 jan 2003

May my prayer be with the families of all the girls... This is such a horrible thing.. We have setup a message thread to discuss this event on our forum.

Protect Your KiDs:

Name: Don Clancy
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.
Sent: 10.19 - fri 10 jan 2003

I first became familiar with this site 24 months ago. I find it commendable that you have put together a contral site that contains most media stories and vast amounts of personal info on these women. I think this site has been a major impetus in getting things moving on this case.
The entire story of all the women who have disappeared on the downtown eastside is overwhelming in it's scope and tragedy. I live in Vancouver, so I am greatly disturbed by the inaction of local police and civic government. The truly horrid factor in all this is that the case could have been solved several years ago, had there been even a minimum humanity here. But there isn't so it wasn't so Vancouver gains a new found and much deserved reputation as "the heart of darkness".

Name: Wanda King
Hometown: London, Ontario
Sent: 11.45 - fri 10 jan 2003

I wish everybody all the best of luck in finding your loved ones.
I will say a prayer to the creator for you as I am burning the medicines.
Chi Miigwetch.

Name: been mcscotty
Sent: 11.11 - tue 7 jan 2003

So sorry for all of you that have suffered through these tragidy's. I hope you will find peace in knowing your loved ones are in a happier place.

I also have suffered by injustice in our judical system. Without bitterness I beseach you to question our justice system. The laws are too lenient on criminals and only when they are changed will our family's and loved ones be safe. Think carefuly about our laws, if we were not so tolerant these criminials would not be tolerated in our society nor would they walk freely amoung us after serving inadiquite sentences.

Name: Dawn Derrick
Hometown: Terrace BC
Sent: 12.55 - tue 7 jan 2003

May the Great Spirit ease your families pain. Although you have lost your loved ones let it be known they are not forgotten...they haught Canada like a bad dream and until their killers are found they will be a stain on the nation sure people loose their way but because they are lost to us it doesn't mean they did not matter

Name: Lana
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 3.10 - tue 7 jan 2003

Allison & HGS;
Hi I am old school pal of Pattis ( Tricia ) , and I just want to say that it is nice to see that you have nice thoughts & memories of her ....It is really awful that something like this had to happen to such a wonderful person ( Patti ) , or to any one for that matter ....Patti was a truly golden person , and as long as we keep her memory alive in our hearts and thoughts , she will never be gone .....Always remember her as the good person you knew . Take Care and God Bless you both .....

Name: awaj
Hometown: Surrey, B.C.
Sent: 8.56 - mon 6 jan 2003

To Allison and HGS:

I would like to thank you for putting in an entry about Patricia (tricia/Red). She was my niece. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about her and miss her and it is nice to come into the guestbook and see that other people are feeling the same way. She had a very beautiful heart and it showed through in everything she did and whoever she met. She soars with the Angels now but is never far from our hearts. God Bless you. AJ

Name: Darren
Hometown: Spokane Washington
Sent: 7.52 - sun 5 jan 2003

My heart and prayers go out to the families of those whom lost daughters, sisters, and friends, to this tragic situation. I would like to hope that things would never have a chance to make possible.
I am Native American and it sets me back to see so many aboriginal females and what has happen to them. I have never seen so many aboriginal womenís picture in this type of situation. My heart goes out to all the families, for any person this must tear at the heart. I look at some of the pictures and do not even want to try and imagine my family on that screen and it is too much.

Name: Alison Aguonie
Hometown: Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Sent: 7.25 - sun 5 jan 2003

I would like to start off my sending my sincerest thoughts and prayers to those whom have a loved one on the missing person list. I cannot imagine the pain that you go through everyday.
I am constantly drawn to this site over and over. I review each and every victims' picture and profile with the saddest feeling in my heart.
My boyfriend (at the time) visited Vancouver in 1994. It was a test to see if we could tolerate each other on a one month, constant basis. (married and still together) But, the wake up call here is, when we arrived in vancouver, the Social Services was the first place to visit. They immediately set us up at the Hotel Washington on Hastings Street. Just across from the Carnegie Library. Anyhow, both my husband and I saw this lifestyle as a real shock and surprise. We had never expereienced anything like it. Back in 1994 the street was hopping with lots of activity and the bustle of commotion. We used to go down the street(towards downtown) where we used to eat Donairs at this little restaurant on Hastings. It is truly hard to imagine that we had been in the same district as these two menances to society, scum of the earth, filthy pigs. Although we were there as tourists (30 day pass on Greyhound Bus) it was still an expereince wot witness this form of lifestyle. I could never explain some of the things that I saw. In Chinatown we actually saw one girl screaming and fighting for her life, gettin gout of a white van. Could it have been?? Who's to say. maybe I was confronted by one of these pigs as I went outside so innocently to get water from the fountain in front of the library. During our 3 week stay at the Hotel Washington, I befriended a sex trade worker, her name was Shelly. i think she had a baby in the small living quaters that was provided. She used to borrow my curling iron before going out. I often wonder what ever happened to her. I hope things turned out good for her, she was intelligent and had a future in front of her.
Now, in April 2002. Married and more grown up. We headed out on a road trip to Tofino, BC. It was a must that we went down that lost and forgotten street. Althoug it was daytime as we passed, not much has seemed to change. There was fewer people on the street and many of the stores etc have been boarded up. I also wanted to go to the farm. but, we also wanted to see the eagles at Squamish, the opposite direction (little did we know that there are no eagles in April) OR else we could have seen this Penticton Farm. Again, my condolenses to all the familes of each missing woman on the list.
May the creator guide you and give you strenght to carry on.

Sent: 6.52 - sat 4 jan 2003

Name: Christa
Hometown: Surrey, B.C.
Sent: 8.38 - fri 3 jan 2003

My prayers are with all those who have suffered for those lost or murdered and for those who rest in peace! My sadness is overwhelming as I keep reading horrible stories and pray for my now 5 year old daughter and what her future will become. Keep the faith!

Name: krisha
Hometown: Atlanta
Sent: 8.37 - thu 2 jan 2003

I might only be 17 years old. But if there is anything i can do to help any of these missing people than i will do it. I have a child of my own and i could even imagine it happening to me! This is a great site.. Keep up the good work

Name: birgitta
Sent: 11.41 - sat 28 dec 2002

the more i read the more sad i get, because of all those people and children who are missing...we are a few building up a forum for missing both adults and children...and we welcome everyone to our site...take a look and maybe you wanna help...we could put the cases of your loved once in our forum...
the link is...

itīs a group of wonderful and caring people that are building this forum and we would like to see you all...

Name: Macen Mansfield
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 5.56 - tue 24 dec 2002

I really think the system has failed! My
heart goes out to the families of these women.
Read it a thousand times over!!!!!

The VPD are seemingly inadequate in their approach, I find it cruel, members of the missing women families, the heart ache, and the let downs of Vancouver's Internal Affairs Officers...

The Justice System has failed these womens families, providing them the right to the information through,
Freedom of the Press and Charter of Rights in the media/press in Canada. I find it difficult to see the Womens' families degraded and shamed in such a disgraceful and disgusting manner of ill-repute, respect and consideration for those of the families of their lost ones!

Our Law Society is out-dated and 25 Yrs is not enough! Neither is the "Being declared a dargerous offender", ride, for the taxes, in which we pay!!!
(((((((WAY TOO LENIENT!!!!!!))))))))

The brutal nature of the individuals who commit: (I)These(/I)atrocities against women and children. Period!

Bring back Capitol Punishment and sentence these
worthless, degenerate, scum to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who ever is interested in bringing light to Justice
for the future for- (I)OUR(/I) SOCIETY!?!?!

TO(b)SHED LIGHT UPON(/b)- For testimony of these missing women.

Please!! Notify me, when someone or people, want to step forward, and hold a demonstration for them! I would be more than interested, in attending a Rally for the cause, of the East Vancouver Missing Women in front of this Courthouse!

Name: sherry naytowhow
Hometown: Regina, SK
Sent: 10.59 - tue 24 dec 2002

I am a First Nations woman with three beautiful aboriginal daughters. My heart goes out to all the families of these beautiful missing women. I have cousins that are struggling with addictions and sometimes they leave us for a time. I often worry about them. Please know that where ever they are, they know and see what happened. Justice will prevail. The grandmothers and grandfathers will see to it.

Name: allison
Hometown: vancouver
Sent: 10.06 - tue 24 dec 2002

I lived in a suite above Patricia for over a year and saw her almost every day. I will rememeber her as a kind, sweet woman. I am so sorry for her families loss.

Name: allison
Hometown: vancouver
Sent: 10.06 - tue 24 dec 2002

I lived in a suite above Patricia for over a year and saw her almost every day. I will rememeber her as a kind, sweet woman. I am so sorry for her families loss.

Name: HGS
Hometown: Langley B.C.
Sent: 10.49 - sat 21 dec 2002

My Heart goes out to the family and friends of Patricia Johnson(Tricia).
I knew Tricia well when I was struggling with addiction and living at the West Hotel downtown.
I last saw her arround Christmas 2000 and was shocked when her picture was added to the list of missing women.
Tricia was full of life and very loyal to her friends,we often helped each other through tough times on the streets of Vancouver.
I will miss her dearly and I hope for some answers to what happend to her.

Name: cheri jacobs
Hometown: victoria
Sent: 6.21 - thu 12 dec 2002

HI i'm cheri ,i work at peers in vic. i'm a member of the indigenous response team.

Name: Karl warth
Sent: 4.46 - thu 12 dec 2002

Name: Staci
Hometown: Campbell River\Maple Ridge
Sent: 12.07 - tue 10 dec 2002

Hello Rick, Lynne and family,

I am so sorry to hear the news that Marnie has been found, yet at the same time relieved that your wait is over. I was in CR the weekend the news broke and I really wanted to pay my respects to you in person, but I did not want to intrude in your hour of grief. Had I known there was to be a memorial for her yesterday, please know that I would have come home to see Marnie at peace at last. Every day my heart breaks for you all, and for the carefree girl I once knew. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that monster will soon be charged with Marnieís Murder, and we can finally see justice done. There have been 2 murders near my home in Maple Ridge in the past few weeks, and an attempted break in into my condo, while I was in bed for the night. The terror of the streets seems to be everywhere these days and I often wonder what has become of us all? I will never, ever understand what could drive someone to take another personís life without a second thought. Although I know we only met once years ago, when Marnie and I were still just little girls really, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Marnie every day.

I hope you can find peace.

Love and Hope to you,

Staci Otto
Maple Ridge, BC
(Formerly of Campbell River)

Name: Janise Stauber
Hometown: Victoria
Sent: 2.38 - sun 8 dec 2002

My heart and prayers are with the victims and families. The monster who did these awful things can never really pay for what he has done, not in this world anyway, but his time will come, when he will have to answer for his horrific crimes. I hope that he will burn in hell forever!!! Or at least be born again as a woman and to suffer through all of the trials and pain that his victims went through. That is what I call 'JUSTICE'!


Name: Douglas
Hometown: High Prairie
Sent: 8.20 - fri 6 dec 2002

I just want to say that I worked in Vancouver BC in the years that these ladies went missing and I new a lot of them as I worked in the hotel buisness and worked right there where the girls went missing,I feel
very bad that Robert Pickton was sick to the point of going to the point of killing all thes girls.I also owned a house in Port Moody and road my motor bike out in PoCo where Robert's farm was.
I served him and spoke to him at different times while being on duty at the Ballmoral Hotel at Main and Hastings Street in Vancouver.
What drives a man to go this far? I think that this is a case where when this man dies ,his brain should be taken apart and studied to see what causes a man/women to go to this point.
In this day and age there are more than enough women ther that will go with you for free sex and any kind of kinky sex that you could think of, then each go there ownway.Why would you have to kill anyone after having a good time with them.This can only be caused by being very SICK and should be studied befor and after this man dies.I am no expert on any kind of crime ,but i do think that anyone that does this kind of thing should be studied to the fullest.
My hart goes out to all and any person to do with any of this sad case.

Name: Robby
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 2.06 - fri 6 dec 2002

I'm curious, why hasn't there been any mention about the kidnapping and eventual murder of Wei Amanda Zhao on this web page? During her disappearance, why wasn't her picture and news story immediately added here?

After the poor Chinese student was tragically found dead, why hasn't she been added yet to the list of murdered Vancouver women?

Her disappearance and murder has been generating headlines in greater Vancouver over the last two months. So I'm disappointed that this web page hasn't made any mention of that incident.

Name: Pete & Dorothy Quebec
Hometown: Swift Current, SK
Sent: 8.53 - tue 3 dec 2002

Our hearts go out to the family of Angela Jardine, as well as to the families of the other missing women. We knew Angela & her family when we lived in Sparwood, BC. Please extend our heartfelt condolences to Ivan & Deb.

Name: lynnfrey
Hometown: Campbell RiverB.C.
Sent: 10.54 - fri 29 nov 2002

To all:
I would like to take this time to Thank all who have written to us sending their condolences to us. Marnie would be so proud to know that so many people remember her as a happy loving friend. thanks again We will all miss marnie for the rest of our lives, We miss you Marnie, all our love and forever in our hearts. DAD & MOM (Lynn), & Brittney. xxxoooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: m.s.
Hometown: van
Sent: 12.48 - mon 25 nov 2002

I wanted to send my condolences to the frey family and to brittany who I remember when she was only a year old . Finally there is a sense of closure and now try to make some sense out of all this mess.

Name: Kim Hanson
Hometown: Edmonton
Sent: 8.53 - wed 20 nov 2002

Leigh Miner, my beautiful cousin. We were close when we were children, along with her beautiful sister Leslie. Erin and Mark, I miss you. Doreen, I do not know how you have survived this. Jacquline, I wish I could meet you now that you're quite the young lady. I cannot believe the cruelty of this world.

Name: Marlene Trick
Sent: 4.11 - wed 20 nov 2002

Thanks for all the information on your site. I am so sorry for the loss of your very good friend. Your site has been so helpful to me.
I am organizing a candle light vigil and march for the women of the downtown eastside on friday dec 6th the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Maggie will be attending. We are starting at 7 pm at Carrall & Hastings street. If you have any questions please call me at .

Til then take care,


Name: cindy henderson
Hometown: port coquitlam
Sent: 11.51 - tue 19 nov 2002

my name is cindy. My heart goes out to the families of this horrific crime. I am a recovering addict and understand where addiction can take one.even trying to understand this monster is insanity.I believe in god and i beleive these girls are now gods angels.I also believe in what the bible says about an eye for an eye, Robert Pickton should die for his crimes against these poor lost souls.I can only hope theres justice when his judgement day comes. may you rest in hell pickton,gods judgement will prevail.

Name: Tiffany Bell - Wilson
Hometown: Port Hardy
Sent: 10.04 - tue 19 nov 2002

This is my mom's auntie. My mom's worries that she is n the pig farm. We watch the news everyday and see her other auntie Sandra, we all miss Janet. We pray that she still is alive!

Name: Cathy
Hometown: New Hampshire
Sent: 3.19 - sun 17 nov 2002

My heart goes out to these victims and their families. Glad to see that someone cares enough to make a web site so they didn't die in vane with out any rememberance. I thank god for being so fortunate to have been spared such a life style and will probably never quite understand their pain and agony they must have felt each day. I can only pray for them all and hope some day justice served and they find peace where ever they may be. May god keep them safe in a better place and give their families all the strength that they need to move on in life

God bless,

Name: Anita
Hometown: vancouver
Sent: 12.26 - sun 17 nov 2002

Hi, Approx sixteen years ago I knew Helen Hallmark. I was going through a very confusing, tough time in my life. It would have been very easy for me to turn to drugs and prostitution. It was because of several people, Helen being one of them that I did not. When I met her I did not do drugs and she and her friends took me under their wing and basicaly sheltered me, preventing me from entering the lifestyle. I remember going to her place for dinner one night and we had pork chops and brussel sprouts and after she laughed and said we should have ordered pizza. When I saw her picture in the paper I was so sadenned. She did not look like the Helen I remembered. She was beautiful. I have gone on to nursing school and I plan to work in the downtown eastside when I graduate. I want to help people like Helen and others like her as much as I can. It is my way of paying them back because I could have so easily gone down the same path. To Helen's family I would like to offer my deepest sympathy as well as send my condolences to all the other families. Rest in peace Helen

Name: MW Bond
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Sent: 3.25 - sat 16 nov 2002

I just watched the story on MSNBC featuring Marnie Frey's family, and their sad and desperate search for their missing daughter.
It's outrageous how disgustingly arrogant and uncaring the Vancouver Police department and the mayor have been concerning this serial killing spree. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Name: Irma Armstrong
Hometown: Thunder Bay,ont
Sent: 7.02 - fri 15 nov 2002

My heart goes out to the families of these missing women.I am very angry to think that the police waited so long for action on this creep.Pickton.Why does he need a defense .Burn the creep,and save some money.

Name: concerned in Calgary
Hometown: Calgary,AB
Sent: 9.20 - thu 14 nov 2002

You have made a difference by getting the word out to everyone that these are real women, with real lives, real families, real children, that deserve to be mourned, not forgotten. My thoughts are with you and the families of all of these women and hope that they one day can fine the peace that they deserve.

Sent: 10.49 - thu 14 nov 2002

Private Entry:

Name: sarah and ashleigh
Sent: 4.04 - thu 14 nov 2002

Were from England and we have been looking at this website and find it very disturbing that one man could cause so much pain to people. Wish everyone all the best. Our hearts go out to you all!

Name: Lanaye hall
Hometown: Port Hardy, BC
Sent: 6.58 - sat 9 nov 2002

I am a friend of Marnie Frey. She was a wonderful person with a good heart, that is missed enormously. She is in my thoughts and in my heart. May she be in a good place. I only hope that the rest of the missing women are in such a place. I pray nightly for their families and friends. Their memories will live in all of us for many, many years to come. One day each and every one of us will find closure, and learn to go on. God Bless

Name: Rebecca Allary
Hometown: Campbell River
Sent: 2.19 - sat 9 nov 2002

I pray for all of the families of the missing women that have been found. May you be at piece and keep your loved one alive in spirit and memory.
I pray for all of the families of the missing women that haven't been found. Keep an open heart and stay hopeful and loving. I hope that you soon find your loved one's and that when you do, it will be a happy, loving, forgiving reunion. If by chance the out come of your search is not a pleasant one, may you find closure and peace knowing that your girl isn't suffering anymore.
Please all stay strong and don't give up fighting to conquer the exploitation of the missing women. Also remember, the ignorance of the people of the Vancouver Police station will end when it is one of their family members that is caught in the trap of the Lower Eastside. Until then we need to hope that somebody there will become human enough to empathize and care.

Name: kim
Hometown: port coquitlam
Sent: 11.00 - thu 7 nov 2002

hits a little close to home for me. i grew up in poco worked for credit union where the pictons dealt with. little did i know i would eventually end up on streets in calgary and vancouver. i have been off the streets for well over 10 years. have spent time with sitting on the board against sexually exploited children. till this day i can recall standing on the corner of low track in van right beside freybe sausage my hearts go out to the lost women, sisters, mothers daughters. I hope picton gets what he deserves. i would hate to see this turn into another olson mess. i feel the government has no right to be supporting his defense. do they not remember what happened with clifford olson. well god rest the souls who were taken with such hatred. shame on vpd for allowing this to carry on. maybe your too busy watching james link who resides in vancouver, another man who has murdered a sex trade worker and gotten away with it. i hope this never happens to any more beautiful souls

Name: rowlanda jones
Hometown: courtenay. b.c.
Sent: 4.58 - thu 7 nov 2002

My heart goes out to the families of these missing women. I can only imagine the fear and despair that they feel each waking minute. I pray for peace for these families, and the ability to hang on until the pain grows less. May God bless you all.

Sent: 9.08 - wed 6 nov 2002

Private Entry:

Name: Kelly
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 9.07 - wed 6 nov 2002

Great site Wayne, you are a good friend. Sarah is lucky to have a friend like I am sure you were lucky to have a friend like her. May she rest in peace and may this never ever happen again to other women!

Name: K W
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 6.33 - wed 6 nov 2002

I went to high school in Port Coquitlam and it was a common rumour, that men and women were being fed to the pigs. That was back in the early 70's. I had been to Pickton's once with a boyfriend, but never got out of the truck. I know in my heart his brother has everything to do with this and it was rumoured that the hells angeles would feed their hits to the pigs. Also a friend of mine has just been added to the this list, my heart just broke, this is sooo painful. Tanya Emorey, she was not a sex trade worker, but did hang around downtown and known to hitch hike to town from Surrey. I guess the last ride she took, she made it to heaven.. Deanna and I miss her so. My prayers to all the family and friends of these beautiful girls...K

Name: R.F.
Hometown: Comox
Sent: 11.04 - wed 6 nov 2002

I knew Sherry Irving. She attended my junior and senior high schools, in fact, she was in my home room class in Grade 9. I remember a beautiful girl, with amazing dark brown eyes and a lovely smile. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Sherry's, and all the other missing women.

I sincerely hope that the media attention on this case will force our society to change how we view women, visable minorities and drug addicts. They are not disposable or unimportant! Every single one of them was once somebody's little girl.

Name: Dawn Bourqe
Hometown: Smithers, BC
Sent: 8.01 - wed 6 nov 2002

Kerry Koski was a friend of mine. I last saw her about 8 months before i moved away from Coquitlam, in July 1997. She was not a drug addicted, sex trade worker when i saw her last. My heart goes out to her family and her girls.

Name: Crystal
Hometown: Surrey, B.C
Sent: 8.22 - tue 5 nov 2002

My heart goes out to those who are missing, and to those whom are deceased. God bless these restless angles. And god bless their relatives.

R.I.P- Mrs. Swain.
a victim of the eastside trades, and drugs.

Name: Karen
Hometown: Toronto
Sent: 7.22 - mon 4 nov 2002

Thankfully I happened to see CBC Sunday report and they presented an excellent, detailed account of this ongoing tragedy. I was appalled at my own ignorance of the magnitude of this killing--appalled too that such an obvious problem was systematically and officially ignored for such a long time. This website helps show the victims as real people with interests and hopes and flaws. They, and not Pickton, deserve attention from our society. My heart goes out to all the family and friends of the missing and dead, and to those others who are still there everyday on the "Low Track." I will never forget.

Name: Lynn Frey
Hometown: Campbell River B.C.
Sent: 7.21 - mon 4 nov 2002

To all the Family's:
Hellow to all,I just wanted to let you all know that our heart ,and thoughts are with you all. Please lets stay strong , and lets never give up, as tough as this is we all need to be a strong family so we can go through this all together. Our love ones would be sooooo proud of us all , Take care , may God watch over all of us. LYNN & RICK & FAMILY. The Freys

Name: L.P.
Hometown: Surrey, BC
Sent: 6.50 - mon 4 nov 2002

I am terribly saddened by the dissappearance of Diane Rock. I had met her in the spring of last year, during a 6mo. course we were taking at a private college in Surrey. Diane was sweet, quiet and troubled by her past and quest into the future. She tried very hard to put on a big smile every day and made a great effort to become a close friend with myself and one of my other class mates. We did our best to comfort her and hoped that she would get past all of her troubles. She was frequently away from school and we had spent many days wondering if this was the day she wouldn't return to class. This woman was sincerely caring and gentle, and did not deserve the fate which met her. I hope that pickton pays for this, I will forever carry a heavy heart and a memory of a friend I once had for a very short time. I give her family my best regards and wish that they could have shared more time with her.
Diane rock, this is for you.
You are an angel, a sweet being who despite all of your fallbacks and trials, made a difference and continue to make a difference for me and all who were touched by your presence. We will miss you and hope that your days in heaven are brighter.

Name: Kelli
Hometown: vancouver
Sent: 6.39 - mon 4 nov 2002

I was a practicing drug addict and prostitute and was friends with many of the missing and murdered women. I escaped with my life and am now recovering from my addiction. It easily could've been me. Helen Hallmark was my friend, she went missing in august of 1997 and I went into recovery in november of 1997..... It could've been me. I feel very saddened about all their deaths and disappearances but mostly I feel grateful to God for saving my life.

Name: Tracey Stephens
Hometown: Brandon, Florida
Sent: 5.29 - sat 2 nov 2002

My heart goes out to all. I saw the program on TV yesterday and I'm appalled at the Vancouver Police. These were human beings and deserved to be looked for. May all the family members scream their names to high heaven to get these cops off their collective asses. They need to realize, it could happen to one of their family members. I know I wouldn't want to visit Vancouver knowing the police dept picks and chooses what crimes they will investigate. Maybe they don't like Americans either.

Name: Angelica
Sent: 3.07 - sat 2 nov 2002

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the missing women of Vancouver. I am speechless and can not believe that authorities could care less of these women. I don't care who or what they did, they were human beings and if that is not important enough then what is? My prayers go out to these women so they can rest in peace and for their loves ones to be strong and fight for justice. Love Angelica

Name: wendy
Hometown: ohio
Sent: 8.03 - fri 1 nov 2002


Name: Lyndsey
Hometown: Manitoba
Sent: 6.49 - fri 1 nov 2002

After watching Dateline tonight....A story I have heard about took on a whole new light....These women were brought to life and their families now have a face....after crying...and wondering how something so horrific could have been ignored for so long...I came to this site to learn more about them. As a middle class working wife and mother I realize how easy it is for most of us to pass judgement on the lifestyles of others! Watching dateline made these women change from being drug addict, prostitutes, to being women who had problems, but who also had families and friends who loved them. Sorry for my ignorance. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Name: Libba Phillips
Hometown: California
Sent: 9.50 - thu 31 oct 2002

Thank you for bringing greater awareness to the women who are lost to the streets. My little sister Ashley disappeared from Tampa, FL in 1999 - and I have never given up my search for her - though police don't take it seriously...she was just a drug addict to them. Please visit our nonprofit organization website that supports families of the lost at http:/

Name: shawna
Hometown: toronto
Sent: 7.23 - sat 26 oct 2002

hi I just wanted to express my condolences and let you know I am very sorry for all of your losses ..I really cannot believe how long this awful tragedy went on and my heart is with you all!!! stay strong ..

Name: Memory
Hometown: New Zealand, Auckland
Sent: 10.21 - wed 23 oct 2002

Well i am so saddened to see that all these people have gone missing throughtout these years. I would like to give my biggest regards to these families.
It's is so displeasing.....

Sent: 1.05 - mon 21 oct 2002

Private Entry:

Name: Dawn Derrick
Hometown: Terrace BC
Sent: 11.05 - thu 17 oct 2002

I am currently interested in assisting you in anyway possible. I am also very tired of hearing this guys name why is it no one mentions the women's names all you ever hear is Warren this warren that what about those women their lives meant something to someone my condolences to all of their families...take care and strive to remember them no matter the consequences.

Name: meredith
Sent: 2.25 - wed 16 oct 2002

I found this page b/c I was looking for a picture of Sherry Irving. She is from my reserve, and I was curious who she is and what she looked like.
My heart goes out to all the families that have members listed on this site and who are victims of Pickton.
Blessed Be

Name: meredith
Hometown: Mount Currie
Sent: 2.22 - wed 16 oct 2002

I found this page b/c I was looking for a picture of Sherry Irving. She is from my reserve, and I was curious who she is and what she looked like.
My heart goes out to all the families that have members listed on this site and who are victims of Pickton.
Blessed Be

Name: miyahara
Hometown: Japan
Sent: 8.40 - tue 15 oct 2002

For all of you here,
Thank you for telling us who those women were. The sorrow must be more than what I can imagine. But I really appreciate your writing. Although I knew none of them, I know this is something that we all have to remember.

Name: terri
Hometown: vancouver DTES
Sent: 7.08 - mon 14 oct 2002

My cousin Mike Reed, came to visit family members here in Vancouver, back in the 90's. No one has seen him since. How would I go about reporting him missing and how could I get a dna sample to the police without them getting all ignorant or something? They never listen when they should. In fact, the Vancouver police seem to have a prejudgement about ANYONE who is infortunate enough to end up living in the DTES. It seems, to them we are all garbage they would like to send over a cliff or something. When we try to make a report they get extremely ignorant with us. In the past they have refused to act on bonified tips and (it seems)anyone who tries to tell them anything useful, winds up missing next. Why doesn't someone do something about the Palace of pigs on the corner of Cordova and Main? Don't we in this community count as human?

Thank you,

Terri Williams :

Name: terri williams
Hometown: DTES vancouver
Sent: 4.32 - sat 12 oct 2002

With the police in this neighborhood making claims about the lifestyles of the missing women, before their bodies have even been found, it leads one to believe that they MUST have inside infromation from quite a while back.

My sister was picked up by Willy. She was even at the farm once while a detacthment of DTES police, partied on BBQ with Willy at Piggy's Palace. Maybe that is how they know so many facts about women whose bodies have not been found.

That leaves me to worry about the women who are now going missing off sides of mountains. i can't help but wonder, will I be next.

I know the Premier, Shamble Campbell, doesn't like the poeple in my neighborhood, especially if they are on welfare. I don't want to be on welfare, but I am afraid if I take a job which I already know I cannot keep for long due to my health concerns, I will not be able to recieve any sort of help when I have to quit. I am afraid that that will make me a target for whomever is throwing these women off cliffs.

If you know of a job opening for a web/graphic designer please let me know before I either starve to death or "accidentally" fall off some cliff around here with a little help from those who "CLean up" the neighborhood. "Police FORCE"?

PS. the number of missing is sure to rise to a staggering amount.

Sent: 10.54 - thu 10 oct 2002

Private Entry:

Name: EKM
Hometown: Hillsborough
Sent: 8.12 - wed 9 oct 2002

I feel so so sorry for all the woman and family and i all so feel that this web site really will help i am sorry to hear that georgina dna was at the pig farm god bless you all in your life and furtoure and my god be looking out for all the missing woman

Name: Laurel
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Sent: 9.17 - mon 7 oct 2002


I just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent site, and your tireless efforts in regards to looking for Sarah and many of the other women. I was crushed to read that her DNA was located on the Pickton farm.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, and don't know any of the people involved, but I've been keeping track of this horrific situation for some time, and am not the slightest bit surprised at the current count of murder charges filed on Pickton. It's far from over. Personally, I do not feel that he acted alone, and I have no doubt that there were other individuals privy to this disgusting situation.

If anything good comes out of this, I honestly hope that the general public will develop a more constructive level of compassion for people in the sex trade as human beings - with family, friends, feelings, dreams, and disappointments. Christ understood this.

Prostitution doesn't just happen. It's created through a series of events. People are threatened by what they see, because it represents something (sinister) in their perception. Well, the lifestyle is sinister, but that label shouldn't automatically be placed on the woman/man involved. Each personal story is complex - some make it out, some don't. Some stay out, some don't. The world (and all of us in it) can't fix these women's lives, but we can continue to give them the tools and support necessary to keep trying.

Thank you for painting the picture of Sarah for the world to read.

Kind regards,

Name: Lana W
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C
Sent: 12.36 - mon 7 oct 2002

Angie ,
your e mail address keeps rejecting e mails , try clicking on my name ..........

Name: angie
Sent: 7.45 - sun 6 oct 2002

Hi Lana - I don't know how to get on the private thing - if you click on the hyperlink "angie" at the top of this message, it will go directly to my e-mail - we can talk privately then.

Name: Lana W
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 2.33 - sun 6 oct 2002

Hi again Angela ;
It is me Lana , I don' t have a pass word to get into the private message thing , so I will leave you my email address and we can keep it private that way . Terry Ryan is a woman , her son is Macky , Terry just ran into Marion not that long ago , My dad is " Mouse " , I will tell you last names and stuff via e mail , Marion should know him by that name , if not Terry can help her figure it out . K , I will try and leave my e mail address in the private thing and see if you can retrieve it . Hope all is well , til our next e mail ..........

Name: Tammy (Wright ) Plett
Hometown: Chilliwack(grew up in Maple ridge)
Sent: 10.33 - sun 6 oct 2002

About eight months ago or a bit longer I was in a fast food place waiting for an order with my daughter and I started looking at the paper. I came across a huge spread with pictures of all the missing women. I thought that one of the missing women looked like someone I had met once or twice. To my shock as I read the names( by the way the original women I thoughtI Knew, I did not.)I read a familar name. I looked at the picture and almost couldn't reconize my old friend. I started to cry and my daughter asked what was wrong. I showed her the picture and told her my story. My story was about Helen Hallmark. Her and I had grown up together in Maple Ridge. I would sometimes make the trip to Vancouver with her. Even though Helen was younger then me, it seemed she knew a whole world out there, that I didn't even know existed. What I remember the most is Helen always made me laugh. Her eyes would sparkle and her smile was contagious. Over the years we sort of lost contact as I went on with my life and she with hers. I do remember her coming to my house and asking me to hold onto her new Back In Black AC/DC album when we were quite young. Which I did and still have. When I got home from my outing with my daughter I went straight to my photo albums and found a picture of Helen and another friend from when I think she was about 14 or 15. This now sits on my mantle. I explained many things to my teenage daughters(who by the way think they know it all)about my relationship with Helen and some of our times togther. I hope some how that I've reached them. Also I like the new picture of Helen that is now in the papers. That is how I remember her, very pretty. If a memorial or service is held for Helen I would love to go and pay my respects to an old friend. I miss you old friend

Name: angie
Sent: 9.39 - sat 5 oct 2002

Hi Lana again - I just talked to Marion and she said she remembers you as a really sweet girl = who is your dad? Terry Ryan - is he related to Mike Ryan? They lived just off was it 41st ave. and used to hang around with a guy named Bill who lived on Kerr. If they are the same guys, then I know them too - Marion and I used to hang out with them - anyhow might not even be the same group - anyhow Marion was really happy about hearing from you - I read her some of the stuff you wrote - other friends of Patti's have not been so kind - you are truly special - God bless, Angie

Name: angie
Sent: 8.59 - sat 5 oct 2002

Hi Lana -My name is Anie and I am a good friend of Pattti's mom, Marion - I have been with her since the beginning of this horrible tragedy - you sound like you were a very good friend of Patti's - thank you for your beautiful memories - I will pass them on to Marion - I know it will really touch her heart - please e-mail me privately and I will let you know about the memorial - we don't say anything publicly on these sites as media is so powerful - God bless you, Angie

Sent: 5.25 - sat 5 oct 2002

Private Entry:

Name: angie
Sent: 5.24 - sat 5 oct 2002

This is my third try - just testing

Name: angie
Sent: 5.18 - sat 5 oct 2002

Hi Lana - i am a good friend of Marion's - Patti's mom - I have been with her since the beginning of this horrible ordeal - you sound like you were a good friend of Patti's - thank you for bringing her personality to light - I will read Marion your posts as she doesn't have a computer and I know it will make her happy to hear your beautiful memories - please e-mail me privately about the memorial - there are media that is not welcome there - God bless you, Angie

Name: Lana W
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 3.10 - fri 4 oct 2002

This is my third entry in the guest book , I hope there is alot of room in here , cause I feel alot better after writing in here , rather than just keeping my feelings inside. Thank you Angela for replying to my 2 nd entry , I really feel for your whole family . It bring tears to my eyes every time I read your entrys , but I am glad some one took the time to write about who Patty was , rather than knock her for being where she ended up . In my first entry I wrote of how I remembered her and all and I read your entrys over and over and alot of similarities in what you remember of Patty , and what I remember of her ( except she wasn't my flower girl or niece ) . You are right when you say , people think back about highschool chums and wonder , Patty often popped into my mind , everytime I went through my photo album and saw her picture , the one of her in a red mock neck top , hair down and she is wearing a chain on top of the shirt , I pulled it out and read the back " To Lana , hi I hope you like this picture cause I don't . Friends forever Patti" . I don't know if i will ever write " friends forever" again , cause forever is WAY TO SHORT .....
When people pass on people have a way of only remembering only the good or only the bad , and with Patty it is true , she wasn't only a great family member , she was also a great friend , never changed to impress her friends " her real friends " . It is just unfortunate that SOCIETY didn't get to see the Patty we knew , cause then she would have been Patricia Rose Johnson , not Patricia Rose Johnson from the seedy downtown eastside. I hope people read this and know that was a girl that had all the potential in the world and a heart that was solid gold .
As for Patty talking about a Lana from school that would have been me , I was the only Lana from grade 8-12 in Templeton & Van Tech ( except for one oriental girl ) . Marion & my Dad have mutal friends ( Terry Ryan ) and my Dad knew Marion , at one time in life , he can't pin point exactly where , cause he says that , that time of his life was a little blurry . You could ask Marion though , and I am sure her and Terry Ryan could figure that out . On that note my dad also knew Patty as well , my birthday partys , sleepovers , and having to pick me up from Marions Apt. etc ,etc. and he is just as stunned when ever he reads and see's her on t.v , and I told him about this page and he wanted to give his deepest sympathy to you and your family and he said to say he has said prayers for you all and will continue to . He used to call Patty " Shaky " , he remembers her so clearly , he started calling her shaky after a time he picked her up to come to one of my birthday partys and she was vibrating she was soooo excited , he thought she was going to go through the roof , do you remember how she would get sooo excited ? It was funny . He thought she too was a great kid and feels sick to his stomach as well , that something soooo horrific could happen to her .
Well I think I have taken enough space up today so I will end this entry for now , and I will write back . Angela , maybe we could exchange e mail addresses or phone numbers , just to keep in contact and maybe just talk about Patty and remember her ( if you are ok with that ) , I don't know how the private entry works but , I could leave my phone # or e mail address in there if you have access.
I would also like to know , if there will be a memorial or type of service for Patty , as I would like to go and pay my respects.
Thanks for your time and reply ....

Name: Angela
Sent: 7.27 - fri 4 oct 2002


This is in response to Lana W's article. I am Patty's Aunt. I was touched that you think about Patty so much. I think about her no matter where I am as well. I will never stop loving her, thinking about her or praying for her ( and that old Willy gets what is coming to him). It does make you stop and think though doesn't it. Why her, why any of them. It is like wondering what happened to old school chums, I do that. You certainly don't expect to see them all over the news and on the internet saying "Missing" and then " Robert Pickton will be charged with 1st degree murder in the cases of four more today" and then Patricia Johnson's name pops up. It just does not seem real. I know that it is. But, I don't know. I am sure all of us got into some trouble when we were younger, like in our younger teens, when you knew Patty. You just don't expect it to turn out like this, do you know what I mean? Like I said before, it is really hard for me to wrap my mind around, especially when it comes time for the actual trial. I want to remember Patty as goofy, loving, full of life all the time, loving her kids so much, loving her family and us loving her forever. Thanks for the message in the guestbook. I kind of remember her mentioning many years ago a Lana that she used to hang around with. Take care and god bless.

Name: Lana W
Hometown: Vancouver , B.C
Sent: 4.08 - fri 4 oct 2002

I can't help but come to these pages on the missing women , evey time turn on my computer . I automatically go to Patricia Johnson ' s picture and sit for hours in awe , it is like looking at her picture for the first time every time . I guess when I come to these pages I am looking for answers who , what , where , when & ESPECIALLY WHY !? You look back and see when the first women to be reported missing was actually reported , and you think if some thing would have been done then , maybe , just maybe these other women would've have had a chance , especially Patty ( reported missing March /2001).
I have so many questions , that I would love to have answered , and I am just an old buddy who knew Patty in our early teens . I can't imagine the questions that rage through the minds of her family , ( or the minds of other family members who have a missing loved one ) . I just feel sooo deeply for you all who have a loved one missing. It just breaks me aprat when I think of all this , and you can't stop thinking of it , I can be doing the dishes , driving in my car , grocery shopping , watching t.v etc , and it always has a way of popping up in my mind. I really hope that everyone gets the answers and closure that they need . My heart & prayers go out to you all . GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Name: Drew
Sent: 12.58 - fri 4 oct 2002

love the site!
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infotainment. If you want to exchange links, please visit 
and add your LINK. [click here]__

Name: Roger F.
Hometown: Victoria
Sent: 5.53 - thu 3 oct 2002

This message concerns one whom I had the True pleasure to meet with, a man of absolute courage, his name is Bill Hiscox. What a guy! He is right up against what may be one of the most crude and terrible crimes. May the Lord Jesus protect you, no one else is. This is a man of true courage. Hurry up Police and all to finish this appalling crime. Bill we respect you completely Roger.

Name: Paul E
Hometown: Victoria
Sent: 5.41 - thu 3 oct 2002

Bill Hiscox! Keep up the great work! You deserve all the best. This is too important a story to be ignored or shuffled under the carpet. Never give up.

Thx from all of us

Name: Emily Norris
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.
Sent: 2.24 - thu 3 oct 2002

I went to school with Diana Melnick, I work in the down town east side, the back side alley of hell, I remembered she loved horses, and would never wear her skirt for our uniform, allways in jodhpers, very happy, didnt like mornings, and allways talking about boys, I contacted our school about her, they are praying and sending condolences as well, I dont remember the last time I saw her, but I knew her once I did, we used to hang out in our mutual friends bedroom and listen to heavy metal, and gossip about boys, the dance coming up next, and her boyfriend in Vancouver, I hope someone finds her and brings her home, it is not a nice place to be lost.

Sent: 12.45 - thu 3 oct 2002

Private Entry:

Name: barbara
Sent: 10.43 - wed 2 oct 2002

im scared

Name: barb
Hometown: prince george
Sent: 10.35 - wed 2 oct 2002

im afaid. there are more out there out there.

Name: a concerned man
Hometown: BC
Sent: 8.36 - wed 2 oct 2002

With all due respect to the dead. A police officer dies and we change laws and retain the accused without bail. 100 lost souls 'disappear' and the same police forces seemingly do nothing...for decades!!! Where is the JUSTICE I ask! Are not ALL humans equal? We are indeed a sad society. I pray things will become better. In my heart I doubt it. History shows our inhumanity towards humankind. Abuse, addiction greed and corruption at all levels of society. When will the evil stop? When will we learn to respect and stop the abuse? I have much respect for those who have become clean. I hope they find the strength to remain clean and sober forever! God help this sick world...It is good to see a grass roots organization coming forth with such a webpage dedicated to the lost women. We all share in their family and friends sorrow. I am not alone in my feelings of helplessness. What can the average man do to help put a stop to this sort of evil? After all it seems predominately the males who perpetrate these crimes against humanity.We must help stop this cycle of abuse. Keep up the good work. Live the GOOD life!Respect all! Speak truths! Expose cover ups! Change the laws that protect the guilty and isolate/alienate the innocent victims...

Name: Staci Otto
Hometown: Campbell River \ Maple Ridge
Sent: 6.05 - wed 2 oct 2002

I Just wanted to express my heartfelt sorrow for Marnie's family. In my early teens I counted Marnie as one of my friends. We used to hang out, and walk home from school together, as we lived right around the corner from eachother. The Marnie I remember was always full of laughter, and quick to smile, she was a good friend.I remember hearing a rumor years ago that Marnie was working the streets in Vancouver, and not being willing believe it, but feeling so sad for her if it was the truth. I was devistated when I first saw Marnie's picture among the missing women's list, and I am so sorry that your family has had to endure the pain of having her missing all these years. I pray that you will soon find out what has become of Marnie, and that you can finally find some peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Name: Kerrie Cataldi
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Sent: 8.19 - sat 28 sep 2002

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the missing women.
May God bestow his blessings on you, and may you find peace of heart.
I sincerely hope justice prevails, and in this you will find closure.

Name: Lana W
Hometown: Vancouver , B.C
Sent: 7.50 - sat 28 sep 2002

I will never forget the first time I read the paper and saw the list of missing women , I was in total misbelief and shock when I came across the name Patricia Rose Johnson.

We were just starting our grade 8 year at Templeton High School , and we hit it off , we became good buddies . If you knew Patty , you would know how silly & fun to be around she was , she could make you laugh with out even trying. We had a great time together hanging out and talking about eveything under the sun , ( especially boys and who our crush of the week was ) . I remember Patty being so full of life , and her energy drew you to her , it made you want to be apart of her excitement .

We got older , I switched schools and moved out of the area , and we slowly lost contact. So I haven't had talked to her in years . I bumped into her cousin ( Billy ) years ago , and obviously asked about my old buddie Patty , he told me of her 2 kids , and how she was and all . That was the last time I had heard anything about Patty , until this Missing Womens Investigation started .

I look back in my photo album , and stare at her wallet size pictures we had traded in school, and think of how innocent we were then , and how someone could take her innocence away . Regardless of her lifestyle , she was a good hearted person , a daughter , a mother , a big sister , a niece , a grandaughter , a cousin , a friend , and a good soul . It angers me that such a thing as this could happen to Patty , to any of the missing women , to anybody.
I could go on forever about how tradgic this really is , but I would rather think of how lucky I was to have my old bud Patty in my life , as short as it may have been , we had nothing but good times and I thank her for them , and I will forever cherish the memories.

My heart and prayers go out to Patty's family and friends , I can't imagine the pain & heartbreak you are feeling at this time , but I do feel for you all .


Love an old friend ;
Lana W xoxoxooxoxoxo

P.S: If anyone knows if there will be a service for Patty , could you please leave the information on this site , I will check every day at least 3 times . Thank You .

Name: Jessie
Hometown: Vancouver BC Canada
Sent: 2.09 - tue 24 sep 2002

In memory of Jackie Murdock one of the 50 missing women aka my aunt. I have no closure in my aunts passing but she has been gone for over 5 years I have looked everywhere for her. I am 17 years old I have lost my Dad and my grandfather my sister and my mother abandonded me. I remember how wonderful my aunt was and I remember almost everything about her she was such a funny person she can make anyone laugh, mmy only hope is that if she has died that may rest in peace, I love you auntie and my prayers go out to all those who have lost a loved one. I know your pain..Love always Jessie

Name: Jessica Mary Murdock Jack
Hometown: Vancoouver BC Canada
Sent: 1.59 - tue 24 sep 2002

My message is in memory of my aunt..I know she may be get found in the pickton farm but my only prayer is that my grandmother will survive the tragedy because we lost my grandfather a few weeks ago..I Love you Auntie Jackie and I miss you so very much but I know God is taking care of you . I love you..A prayer goes out to all the rest of those familys who have lost a loved one.I know how you feel..My father died on the downtown eastside and my sister lives in a box down on skid row. I pray that us people who have a loved one missing we will soon have closure I know how it feels to not have that. I love you all and God bless everything happens for a reason !!

Name: Trina Noreen Barton
Hometown: KLEMTU B.C
Sent: 10.08 - fri 20 sep 2002

My thoughts and condolences go out to those who knew this person.To her family, just remember her,
remember the good memories you had of her, and the good things that she has done,before this incident. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sorrow.

Name: Angela Johnson
Sent: 2.11 - thu 19 sep 2002

my message today is of mixed emotion. I was waiting for the day that they would lay charges against Pickton for what he did to my niece and it finally happened. Patricia Rose Johnson, and as everybody puts it, from the seedy downtown eastside. Well I knew a different Patty, loving, caring, probably a bit naive to a fault. But that girl had everything going for her and yes she did end up on the streets. My heart breaks when I think about her. She was my flower girl at our wedding 13 years ago and all she wanted was to be loved. She was a good kid and yes she ended up in a not very nice place but I will always remember her as full of spirit and vitality and a very very decent human being. I see these pictures on the web site and it is like "that can't be her", but I know it is. Patty, I just wanted you to know that Uncle and I will always and forever love you sweetie!

Name: Rosanne Gervais
Hometown: Red Lake, Ontario
Sent: 2.48 - sat 7 sep 2002

Dear VMW,
I volunteer at Breaking the Silence at 501 E Hastings.

This women's organizing space encourages empowerment of all women and children, strives to end violence, achieve social and economic justice, and to attain empowerment through the encouragement of community peer support, advocacy and community action.

It is here that I choose to offer my time, love, compassion and kindness to my neighbour sisters at risk who come in off the street. I am so pleased to have found your site! What a magnificent labour of love; evident in the attention to detail and creativity...especially the opportunity given to family & friends of our missing sisters to write something. Thank you for this.

I am writing to invite you and those women who share our concers to BTS's PowerTalk ,

19 September at 10:00am
545 E. Hastings Street
Jenny Pentland Common Room
(Accross the Street from Breaking the Silence's organizing space)

The Phone number is 604.255.5811 to RSVP as lunch is served.

Valencia Bird, the new program manager, is very approachable, passionately involved and open to ideas. I, personally, am on the newsletter committee and am interested in finding out how more women can get contribute their information onto sites like yours as well as for our new in-house publication being slotted for November.

On behalf of BTS, we request honor of your presence to describe programs you already have in place and offer ideas how we can better participate. You are welcome to submit material on any events, updates or suggestions to our new PowerTalk newsletter. Thank you for your time.

In Sisterhood
Rosanne Gervais

Name: Rosanne Gervais
Hometown: Red Lake Ontario
Sent: 2.03 - sat 7 sep 2002

Really pleased to find this site. I would like to invite women to a PowerTalk meeting presented by Breaking the Silence 19 September 10:00am at The Jenny Pentland Common Room 545 E. Hastings (@Jackson). These community organizing meetings occur every 3rd Thursday of the month.
Please call Valencia Bird: Program Manager at 604.255.5811 to RSVP Lunch will be served

Name: Melissa Lambert
Hometown: Campbell River
Sent: 8.19 - fri 6 sep 2002

To My Dear Friend Marnie,
I have been thinking about you ever since we parted are ways. It was a good choice for me but i wish you would have followed me. I miss you so very much. I think about all the spontaneous thing we used to do.
I had a dream about you about a month ago and in the dream you were OK, but i have come to the conclusion that maybe you are OK because you are with God and in a better place. In my heart i hope you are Ok and i am think of my friend all the time.

Name: carolanne
Hometown: victoria bc
Sent: 8.00 - tue 3 sep 2002

i am very glad billhiscox di what he did going to the authorities hea good man glad i have ment him i feel honured

Name: Dave McAuley
Hometown: Windsor Ontario
Sent: 11.43 - sat 31 aug 2002

What a beautiful tribute to these beautiful children of God. My heart goes out to all the families and friends of those missing and those whose remains have been found. We all follow different paths in life, some paths by choice, some by unavoidable circumstances. I pray for all people who have lost there way, those missing as well as those on the streets in the trade today, both female and male. May God protect them. Having read so many beautiful sentiments, one could only hope that these sentiments continue coming in. There are not enoungh men sending supportive sentiments in. I pray that all the families and friends can find the peace and healing they so need.God Bless All.

Name: LynnFrey
Hometown: CampbellRiver
Sent: 9.40 - thu 29 aug 2002

Dear Marnie;
Well my dear ANGEL another birthday and we still have know answers or clues where you went. Well my love everynight when i look at the stars i know the star that twinkled was you my dear giving MOM a good wink .I know now Marnie that you are in gods hands and you are now safe and in the arms of you'r grandparents We sure miss you hon, You'r great smile and the warmth in you'r heart Never forgotton always in our hearts MOM, DAD,Brittney, Steve, rickjr.xxoo

Name: Brittney Frey
Hometown: Campbell River, B.C.
Sent: 8.18 - thu 29 aug 2002

Dear Marnie;
I just wanted you and all the great people who visit this to know that I miss my big Sister, Marnie very much, Not a day goes by that i don't think of her beautiful smile, and laugh. I was very young when you left me Marnie, But MOM tells me that you will always be in my heart and now you are watching over me, Happy Birthday SIS, Marnie I will always remember you my big sis. Please light a candle today August31 to remember my beautiful Sister"s day Thank-you to all.

Name: Brittney Frey
Hometown: Campbell River, B.C.
Sent: 8.17 - thu 29 aug 2002

Dear Marnie;
I just wanted you and all the great people who visit this to know that I miss my big Sister, Marnie very much, Not a day goes by that i don't think of her beautiful smile, and laugh. I was very young when you left me Marnie, But MOM tells me that you will always be in my heart and now you are watching over me, Happy Birthday SIS, Marnie I will always remember you my big sis. Please light a candle today August31 to remember my beautiful Sister"s day Thank-you to all.

Name: inportant person
Sent: 6.54 - wed 28 aug 2002

please i need help im trapped in a dark passage!

Name: Neil
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 7.36 - sun 25 aug 2002

If anyone knows how to contact Carrie Kerr, Helen Hallmarks sister, could they please let her know that I hope she is O.K. and that if she wants to talk to please contact me at the above e-mail. Carrie seeing you on the news brought back memories of a distant time. My heart goes out to you and your family. Neil

Name: Sue
Hometown: Salem
Sent: 3.33 - thu 22 aug 2002

This is Sue...what is it you are looking for Rob?

Name: Aquinas Duffy
Hometown: Dublin Ireland
Sent: 5.56 - wed 14 aug 2002

I sincerely hope that all the families of these missing women will find closure. It is tragedy on a scale that is just had to imagine. Thank you for this website and I hope that it helps bring justice about and an end for the trauma of these families.

Name: Amanda
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 10.38 - thu 8 aug 2002

It is late and I am tired. Tired of all the bad,
sad stories. I want to sleep and to wake in a dream world where men don't hurt women and police don't turn a blind eye.
I want to tell my daughter that its going to be ok...but then i look at these pictures, these mothers, these women, these sisters and friends and i think that maybe it won't be ok
and I just want to be able to sleep.

Name: Patricia
Hometown: Abbotsford
Sent: 4.34 - thu 8 aug 2002

My heart goes out to the DeVries family today. God bless you all

Name: rob zimmerman
Hometown: vancouver
Sent: 9.35 - thu 8 aug 2002

Hi Wayne- I'm writing from BCTV. I would like to get in touch with Sue, who wrote of her friend Cindy Beck.

Thanks for any info you can forward.

Rob Zimmerman 604-421-9494

Name: Allied Investigations Inc.
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 3.12 - wed 7 aug 2002

We all feel for the family and friends of the missing women of Vancouver. It must be extremely frustrating to see the current police investigation to finally get to where it is today, however all we can do is await the final result of that investigation. We have to have faith in the Criminal Justice System and hope that the system holds the persons responsible to be accountable for their actions. There is nothing that we can do to bring these women back, but we need to keep their memories alive and strong. The website for the missing women is just one of the ways that we can do this and bring everyone together to talk about their feelings and express their concerns.

It is surprising to see the increasing number of individuals who have gone missing in recent months around the province and have not yet been found.

Regards to friends and families of the missing women of Vancouver.

Allied Investigations Inc.

Name: cat
Hometown: florida
Sent: 5.49 - mon 29 jul 2002

i feel for all of u who cant find ur loved ones...............i hope one day u will find them and u know that they are safe with in ur hearts or side by side love 2 u all cat everyone smile

Name: Kelly
Sent: 5.40 - mon 22 jul 2002

I totally agree....

Name: Aunty Donna
Hometown: Kellowna B C.
Sent: 5.38 - sat 20 jul 2002

Marnie my love I also miss you so very much, thinking of you'r beautiful smile and i know every time i look up in the sky and see a beautiful blue cloud i know that you are watching over all that has and will always love you, I miss you and one day our tears will meet and all this pain will end. Marnie i can't stop thinking of you'r kind heart, and all the good laughs and good times we shared in you'r life, I will always miss you and cheerish the beautiful memories of you , May you rest in Peace. Love Aunty Donna xxxxxoooooo

Name: Lynn Frey/ & family
Hometown: campbell RiverB.C.
Sent: 5.31 - sat 20 jul 2002

special thoughts for our Angel Marnie;
I just wanted to let the visitors of this guest book Know that our Angel Marnie would have been having her 29th birthday Aug30th, May you rest in peace my darling A N G E L , LOVE YOU FOREVERxxxooo

Name: Kathleen
Hometown: Vilna, AB
Sent: 4.35 - fri 19 jul 2002

I was a friend of Helen Hallmarks when she was young. My heart is broken. I wish that she had more time so that she could have gotten what she deserved from life. Women need real protection no matter where they are. Protected by everyone in society. Please Stand up for human rights and safety for prostitutes in your everyday life. Treat all people equally. If these women had been protected as equal and important members of society, they would be alive today.

Name: Mandy Heinen-Mills
Hometown: Campbell River, BC
Sent: 6.42 - thu 18 jul 2002

My deepest heartfelt condolences to all the pain that that families must be feeling! I think of you all often!!! Best Wishes.........Mandy

Name: Ron Arnold B.E.M.
Hometown: Burlington. Ont.
Sent: 5.54 - sun 14 jul 2002

As a former Scotland Yard Detective I am appalled at the lack of Professional poice work attributed to the local and Federal police in this case. This man was a suspect right off the bat. Does this not demonstrate how far we have come?. No one gives a damn anymore. They are all too concerned about their careers and less about the public. Forget the rules!!!! go after these SOB's. PROTECT THE PUBLIC.Nail this guys ass. What a world we live in. This is the year 2002 and we have gone nowhere fast. It is easier to locate a stolen vehicle than a child or a woman. These are our mothers. Wives. daughters. Doesn't anyone care anymore. I am afraid not. The Federal and Local PD's should be ashamed. We have the police force we deserve. TOO MANY DAMN RIGHTS FOR THE CRIMINALS. Lock up their lawyers I say. Ron

Name: Janie
Hometown: Surrey,BC
Sent: 10.53 - wed 10 jul 2002

I send my love and prays to all families.To the family of Baby Cath as we called Cathrine Knight,she is missed by many.I pray we lose no more women,My own road was going to all the wrong places untill I found a new way to live.I'm gratfull that I can help other women come out of lonley life,May the Creator keep all souls safe and free from addiction.You are missed my Dear Little one as my dad would say.Love and peace to all whom are working this case.Thank-you

Name: Jennifer
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 2.06 - wed 10 jul 2002

I was childhood friends with Sarah deVries and it just destroys me to think that she may have come to her end in this life in such a horrid way. My blessings are with her family.

Name: Karin Pedersen
Sent: 11.59 - thu 4 jul 2002

Iīm a freind of Bill hiscox. And even though I live across the atlactic far away from Canada I think it is horrible for the families of those girls..And Iīm proud of what Bill does..He is a real man standing up and telling what he saw... there should be more like him then cime wouldnīt pay. Please support him all the way like me and my family does... we believe that he will do all he can to get justice done. No one has a right to take another persons life. Go for it Bill.
God Bless you..

Name: Sue
Hometown: Salem
Sent: 10.09 - tue 2 jul 2002

Cindy Louise Beck was my best friend in elementary school. I was informed today (July 2, 2002) that she was one of the women found at the 'pig farm'. During the past 6 hours I have cried, pulled out old year books and photos. She would have been 37 on April 17, 2002. I remember this from playing skipping as a child and have never forgotten it. The last time I saw her was at my wedding on March 22, 1985. She had cut her hand on a broken mirror.
Personally I think that she had a hard time accepting the fact that she was adopted, although her parents loved her. She was such a beautiful girl...I often envied her. When she was in grade 5 or 6 I pierced her ears. Years later she wanted me to cut off her long hair, which I did. We thought she looked stunning.

I still can't believe it is real.

Sent: 1.59 - fri 14 jun 2002

hi, ilove tha picture of april reoch. i am her sister. i still have a hard time believeing that she is gone. i like that has alot of information about what happened the day that april was missing, dead what ever. i'm not sure what to believe what happened to her. well i'm at school right now so i don't have much to say because school is over soon.well i'm not sure what else to say.bye. sincerley crystallewis

Name: darlene
Sent: 4.50 - thu 13 jun 2002

Does anyone know anything about police questioning a man in ontario -- he apparently knew two of the girls on the missing women's list.

Sent: 2.35 - wed 12 jun 2002

Private Entry:

Name: Lori
Hometown: Campbellford, ON
Sent: 10.58 - tue 11 jun 2002

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful site dedicated to women in over their heads.

As a person who has been in similar circumstances, I am amazed and grateful to be clean and sober today. Let them not be forgotten. My thoughts go to the families and friends of these women.

Name: kamila i.
Hometown: NY NY
Sent: 9.13 - fri 7 jun 2002

Even though I don't recognize any of these women on pictures, I still take it very personally. Every one of them had their story, and history, usually with somebody who will miss them for as long as they live. I continue to get my education so I can use it to catch these animals who commit crimes against humanity. I keep all of you in my prayers. God bless you.

Name: kamila i.
Hometown: NY NY
Sent: 9.07 - fri 7 jun 2002

Even though I don't recognize any of these women on pictures, I still take it very personally. Every one of them had their story and history, usually with somebody who will miss them for as long as they live. I continue to get my education so I can use it to catch these animals who commit crimes against humanity. I keep all of you in my prayers. God bless you.

Name: debbie cumby
Hometown: winnipeg manitoba
Sent: 12.05 - thu 6 jun 2002

Imiss you sarah you are in my thoughts constantly i am so angry and full of grief.georgina rapin papin i will miss you for ever my friend i was shocked am still am to see all of you on the list ihave been clean for two years and will continue on that path my thoughts and prayers are there for all my sisters that i left behind but will never ever forget i love you all dearly go in peace

Name: deborah cumby
Hometown: winnipeg manitobab
Sent: 11.20 - thu 6 jun 2002

thank you for this coverage, you are helping people to see that we are human and not just a throw away

Name: Summer Hurst
Sent: 8.10 - thu 6 jun 2002

I was a childhood friend of Sheila Egan. I haven't seen her for probably at least 10 years but I have some real good memories of hanging out with her and her sister Julia. I was crushed when I recognized her photo, and I have been watching the news constantly for any word. Julia, I am so sorry, you guys were inseperable. Sheila, I think of you every day and us gals from Lions Bay are sending our thoughts your way!

Name: Sarah Dawson
Hometown: Yellowknife, NWT
Sent: 7.02 - wed 29 may 2002

I remember sitting next to Sarah de Vries in grade 9 science class at University Hill Secondary. She had this big, beautiful smile that she flashed often. I was new to the school that year and it was Sarah who welcomed me and made me feel at home in the midst of strangers. That is how I choose to remember her.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my memories of a truly beautiful person.

Name: DON
Sent: 3.53 - tue 21 may 2002


Name: w.elliott
Hometown: chiliwack,bc
Sent: 5.20 - sun 19 may 2002

awsome site,i say put the sonofabitch in a room with the familys...thats justice.the incompitence of our so called judicial system,from what ive been reading,needs to be seriously over hauled.iam so angery that all thease women are gone because of stupidity,maybe if it was one of there own maybe then they would relize that those women are human beings,not garbage.bill hiscox you have showen so much courage,.in coming forward at a time where family's need should get more credit for what you did,and you i extend my hand,if it wasent for people like you,who knows how much longer he would have murderd innocent womenyou are doing the right day it will fully be understood.peace be with you and your family.dont ever give up.i cannot understand why you are not in any kind of wittness protection,but i cant even understand this screwed up system,when a man come;s forward about imformation about a serial killer i would think that,what you said would have been enough to nail that basterd than,but like the women,because of your past,they deamed what you were saying as bullshit.wake up this damn system because it really suck's...sorry but im angery.take care

Hometown: Winnipeg, Mb
Sent: 9.31 - wed 15 may 2002

THANK YOU Wayne for all your work with this web-site. Because of you, we now know that our daughter, Lorna Cristal Barylski, is at least alive. Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun received the info you sent her and she called me for info. She searched and found out that Lorna appeared in New West Prov. Court on May 6 and is to appear again on May 27. Not the best news, but, she's alive. THANK-YOU. I will be forever grateful for your help and sincerely hope that the other missing women are found alive. I wish there was some way to get them all off the streets and SAFE!!! Once again, I can't thank you enough. I hope Lorna will get away from what she's into as I don't ever want to go through this again. Sincerely, Dale.

Name: A friend
Sent: 2.23 - wed 15 may 2002

A big thanks to all the universty students and to all acctive in the search.It takes a certine breed to beable to do this job, sifting the dirt to find human remains.God is with you on your journey.God Bless you all.I pray for anyone with information to have courage and please come forward. and Remember that this isn,t a man he is a monster. THANKS TO AL IN THE SEARCH

Name: Angela
Sent: 5.06 - tue 14 may 2002

I have just gone down and read all these stories and it breaks my heart everytime I hear more and more about it. My niece Patricia Rose Johnson (Tricia) is one of the missing women and my heart goes out to her mom and of course the whole family. I don't want to believe that anything has happened to her, but you pretty much have to face reality. I love her so much and have cried many times for her. I don't remember her as a drug addict and prostitute, I remember her as our flower girl at our wedding. I remember all the good times and goofy times we had together. I will always remember that very special girl and always will. GOD BLESS YOU PATTY! GOD BLESS YOUR CHILDREN TOO! We miss you so much.

Sent: 10.29 - fri 10 may 2002

Private Entry:

Name: Lana
Hometown: Victoria
Sent: 12.24 - fri 10 may 2002

It really makes me mad that so many women can go missing in one area and the police didn't even acknowledge what was going on. You should not judge people for the life they lead, we are all human beings and we all deserve to be treated fairly. My heart and prayers go out to the victims family.

Name: Vivian
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Sent: 11.29 - wed 8 may 2002

I remember Cathy Gonzalez as a lovely girl, full of energy and love for life. She spent tons of time in our home in Timmins as my sister's best friend. The profound shock we feel at hearing about her cannot be matched by her family's. My thoughts are with them.

Name: D. Jensen
Sent: 7.48 - fri 3 may 2002

Please email me at the above address. My sister went missing from New West and I would like to compare notes. Thanks. D Jensen

Name: anita jerome
Hometown: calgary alberta
Sent: 6.21 - fri 3 may 2002

I am looking for my sister. Her name is Jennifer Louies Borley,she is 21,a sex trade worker and a drug addict the last time i talked to her she was staying at a motel on east haistings vancouver. I have not herd from her in 7 months and i really don t know where to start my search. If anyone can help me please e-mail me or call me at 403-275-2122 thank-you

Name: susan.r
Hometown: vancouver,bc
Sent: 1.57 - thu 2 may 2002

sometime's thing's are,so horriffic,that you cant help,but to feel pain for each of those family's,i have been following all of this,and cannot believe the stupidity of the police handeling thease case's,i would like to say also,that man in campbell river,hiscox.i cant belieave they didnt do anything,it make's me hiscox tryed verry hard to help,but it seem's he was ignored.what is the matter,with people?i think mr hiscox deserve's,to be reconized for the courage he has for trying so hard and even with coming forward,i know that must have been verry difficult to do.god bless each and everyone,mr hiscox,dont ever give up there are people who are verry proud of what your doing....

Name: Karen
Hometown: Aylmer, PQ
Sent: 8.04 - thu 2 may 2002

I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the family of Cathy Gonzalez during this time of uncertainty. Cathy was my best friend many years ago in Timmins, ON...and although we drifted apart over the years I can still remember her great sense of humour and zest for life. She will always be remembered and missed.

Hometown: Winnipeg, Mb
Sent: 10.04 - mon 29 apr 2002

Pls help us. We are trying to locate our daughter, Lorna Cristal Barylski born June 30, 1974, Winnipeg, Mb. Last known address New Westminster, B.C. None of us has heard from her in the last six months. She normally call us or one of her brothers about every two months. We called New West Police but they wouldn't give any info. We just want to know that she is still alive!!!!!

Name: wayne
Sent: 6.54 - fri 26 apr 2002

I sure hope that charging pig farmer with 6, doesn,t mean the serch will be off.I hope that the RCMP keep on looking for evedence,there are more souls to honor in proper fashion.Put the srews to mr pig,GOD I can,t even say his name.I see his evilness all over his face.Now the tape of Bill calling and there was no follow up.Mr. Policeman you must of felt some degree of truth to Bill,s stoery back then.Next time just because someone has a repitation doesn,t mean we are bad people.The people that played in or still there (bless there souls)the streets probley know more than the police,so start to listen to us ,them.It is so strange that the police never took heed to what Bill was telling,makes me think the cops knew more than they care to addmitttttt to now the heat is on.This such a hiddest crime and does make me chring to the thought of pork and that I could of eat someone makes me want to puke .Enought of that ,I pray that all the women will be account for,My GOD BLESS ALL THE MISSING WOMEN AND THEIR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS,MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN PIECE,Thank_you Wayne for this web

Name: Sasha Collins
Hometown: Abbotsford, B.C.
Sent: 10.38 - thu 25 apr 2002

Since the moment that I started reading everything in your website, I haven't been able to dry my eyes. I had no idea that this existed and over the past few weeks have been getting quite angry that nothing had been done to tell people of the personal lives of these women..who they really are...This site is truly amazing and I had to write something to you, so my voice of gratitude and sincerity could be heard. On a personal note, my mother was a prostitute and drug user...but I never saw her that way. She was my MOM...a feeling, caring, warm, compassionate, loving woman with a heart of gold. She had a drug addiction..but she was still a person. I would also like to say that I am happy to hear that these women's families are starting to take action against the Van.P.D. I am totally disgusted with them, and have been right from the start. If these women were what society calls "normal well-adjusted" individuals, the police would have taken action years ago...should I say 'more' action, 'more' effort. Thank you for listening, and all the best in regards to the detox center you are trying to start up. I think it is a wonderful and smart idea. Sincere and heartfelt wishes to each family member. God Bless.

Name: Matthew Lindsey
Sent: 8.41 - sun 21 apr 2002

Your website will be added to are missing people list at are missing people dept. is devoted to help people on the internet!

Name: Tall Ship
Hometown: Thunder Bay
Sent: 5.54 - fri 19 apr 2002

I was checking out the website as I was forwarded through clicking on a link. I feel sorry for these ladies. They are definately fallen angels. I did recognize a family member (cousin of my dads on there, sherry rail. and a lady I used to baby sit her kids when they were young ones, Ruby Hardy. Too bad. I hope that may still be alive somewhere. But if not, I hope that they have found a better life beyound the life they had. Too bad, this is a sad story.

Name: Alison Ballentyne
Hometown: La ronge, Saskatchewan
Sent: 11.21 - fri 19 apr 2002

I recently spent 6 weeks working in the downtown eastside and I appreciate having this site available as I follow this dark mark on our human history. I will never forget my experience working there, the women I met and the lessons I learned. Keep up the good work and know that there are many of us who will never forget, even after this story ends.
In memory of the women.

Sent: 3.46 - fri 19 apr 2002

Name: Kathleen McKenzie
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Sent: 5.12 - thu 18 apr 2002

My sister, Debra Lynne Jones has been missing and most likely murdered. I thank God for the new task force and the hard, horrible work they are undertaking. Deb, I LOVE you, and may you be safe in heaven!!

Name: Terry
Hometown: Port Coquitlam
Sent: 1.02 - thu 18 apr 2002

I wish to thank you for having this website. When my daughter went missing I knew nothing of computers and internet, let alone places like this. I wish I had. Then one day our world was destroyed, they found my daughter and the person who killed her..It was Olson. I hope and pray that they do find the person/s who murdered all these women. It hurts so much not knowing.I have empathy for all the families. My website is dedicated to my daughter, and others of Olson's victims.

Name: kerry
Hometown: Langley, BC
Sent: 12.46 - wed 17 apr 2002

My deepest sympathies go out to these families. May all of them find peace and may all the women be at peace. God Bless you for this site. It is nice to see that there are people who care. Life is so precious and money or the way you live is of no importance. Each person is speacial in their own unique way so before we judge we should try to walk in someone else's shoes first. God bless

Name: Kelly
Hometown: Devon
Sent: 6.09 - tue 16 apr 2002

It is amazing how many people this has touched. Again, thanks Wayne. You couldn't have done a better job with this site.

Name: Nichole
Hometown: Brantford
Sent: 6.06 - tue 16 apr 2002

A friend of mine is one of the victims brother-in-laws
I want to express my deepest sympathy to the Rock Family and Diane's children

Name: jgb
Sent: 4.36 - tue 16 apr 2002

I,ve spent some time reading some articals around this case.thet are horrible,Is this for real.Antifreze,I,m so very glad the police are intarigating mr pig as hard as they are.I have faith in the RCMP Speacil forses.This gets uglyer all the time.My heart hurts when I look at the women that are missing.The terrible death they endoured.I pray that all that knows any information that will help,I pray you have the courage to tell what happend there.God bless you.These souls need to rest now .

Name: Jocelyn K
Hometown: Guelph, ON
Sent: 4.25 - mon 15 apr 2002

I felt such an overwhelming sadness when I read to morning paper, the faces of these missing women. I don't know what I could say that would make anything different but I am glad for this website. It shows that people care when things like this go on. My prayers and thoughts are with those family and friends who are experiencing this great loss.

Name: Tabatha Kerr
Hometown: Elkford, British Columbia
Sent: 6.41 - mon 15 apr 2002

My sadness goes out to each and every person that is involved in this horrible crime. This whole case personally touches me, as I use to hear stories about Helen Hallmark as a small kid. She is CXarrie Kerrs sister, who is also mine. Although I haven't talked to Carrie in years, my heart reaches out for her, her mother Kathy and Shawn. I pray that god brings closure for everyone.

Name: Shelley
Hometown: Timmins Ontario.
Sent: 12.26 - sat 13 apr 2002

Thank you Wayne for this web site it sure shocks me to know that there are so many sincere people still around, my sister went missing in Ontario 12 years ago and she still hasn't been found, I am still hopeful that she will turn up somewhere, she was NOT a drug user or a PROSTITUTE. She was diagnosed as having scitsophrenia and we were all shocked. Marylin, if you are out there, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH US............ WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND WE MISS YOU EXTREMLEY!

Name: Dee
Hometown: Kitimat
Sent: 10.45 - fri 12 apr 2002

Thank you for this page.Congradulations Rebeka,Keep up the good work.I would like to know if anyone knows what nationality Diane Rock was?I think I might have known her.I also knew Kathy Knight and would like to get in contact with her sister Gerri Stewart,If anyone can help.Once again thank you for this page it's comforting to know that there is other people praying for our missing angels.

Name: Wings
Hometown: Ontario
Sent: 7.23 - fri 12 apr 2002


I have been following this case for over a year now, ever since I found your website, which is a wonderful tribute to your beautiful friend Sarah and also to the other women.

I was also pleased to see your message regarding the purpose of this guest book. Thank you ! I felt it had lost it's purpose a while ago.

Peace to you Wayne for the work you have done to bring the missing women to everyone's attention and peace to those who are missing and those who are still on the streets.


Name: wayne leng
Sent: 3.32 - fri 12 apr 2002

Thank you to all who are signing the guestbook. Please remember that it is a guest book and not a forum to discuss and take shots at each other. Unfortunately some of these messages will have to be deleted. It's best if you send to the individual you are responding to. Some posting here have have joined the vancouvermissing group and other groups and can discuss in those areas. Some of these entries that have been removed will be posted in the group. Thanks


Name: Peter Jensne
Hometown: La Jolla, CA
Sent: 6.38 - thu 11 apr 2002

Wayne, I was just wondering:
Sarah DeVries, who I feel I have a connection with in my heart somehow, I was wondering why if she lived in such a nice area of Vancouver was she going to the Downtown Eastside. What was she like as a teenager?
Can you tell me what her personality was like? Was she the really popular girl in school?

Next question: Why did they go take drugs? Especially heroin, ect, people here have no respect for them because they sold their bodies and took hard drugs. Why did they do that? Also, are prositutes scary to talk to? Do they seem, regular or normal at all? Because I would want to go to Vancouver and hear their stories. I just finsished "Bad Date" I ordered it a couple weeks ago, and haven't put it down. I want to be like Trevor Greene when I grow up.


Name: Renee
Hometown: Surrey.B.C.
Sent: 5.50 - thu 11 apr 2002

Very interesting and informative web site. Found this site to find out about one of the missing women
Heather Chinnock who I met shortly before she went missing. I hope justice is served to the sick son of a ?????

Name: Guy W> Banks
Hometown: Campbell River, BC
Sent: 7.03 - wed 10 apr 2002

Name: David Danis
Hometown: Campbell River B.C.
Sent: 6.56 - wed 10 apr 2002

Way to go Wayne for hanging in there and never giving up,your courage astounds me.Once again thanks. Dave,Donna,and rest of family.dont ever give up pal!

Name: Robby
Sent: 4.26 - wed 10 apr 2002

Why isn't Sylvia Leung on your list of murdered women? She was the attractive 22-year old Chinese-Canadian student killed by a crossbow on the BCIT campus in January 1993.

Sent: 3.54 - wed 10 apr 2002

All I wanted to say was, May God Bless these poor women and now set their spirit free to soar to new heights and to help those who need it the most, the remaining family members of the missing women..... My views had changed severley from just reading waabs's wording, like I said b4 May God Bless you all.

Sent: 4.49 - wed 10 apr 2002

Andrea Joesbury

Name: laura friend
Sent: 11.37 - tue 9 apr 2002

wayne this is a fantastic web site
thank you so much for caring about woman
your efforts are NOT going unnoticed
sara knows that you love her...somehow
we could all learn from a friend like you.

Name: Wayne
Sent: 8.16 - mon 8 apr 2002

Bill, thank you for coming forward. We all support you. Thank you again for phoning me with the tip back in 1998. You have a lot of courage. Stay in touch my friend. Wayne

Name: tashi;
Sent: 8.09 - mon 8 apr 2002

Bill is it possible you could e-mail me? I'm desperate to tell someone what I know...please read my messages here so you know where I'm coming from...thanks.

Name: bill hiscox
Hometown: campbell river,b.c
Sent: 7.24 - mon 8 apr 2002

hello,i just wanted to say,iam trying to do what ever it take's to tell my story,and how the police,drop'ed the ball on this,and that i reported this,year's ago,today im am no longer going to hide,what they did.i have a somthing to say,and im doing this for the family's,of the victim's.iam no longer going to be silent.god bless you all.....bill

Name: tashi
Sent: 5.56 - mon 8 apr 2002

Hi Kelly
Thanks - if you click the Search tab on the homepage of this website and key in "pig farm" you will get all the information I have told you here.

My own take on things is based on experience and I believe experience to be our grandest teacher. With that, I honour it - no matter how horrendous some of my own experience has been. I share my conspiracy theories here because I simply can not talk about it anywhere else. It's the first time I've been able to release some of what I know. I hope your friend turns up healthy & happy - the way we're meant to live in this world. Cheers.

Name: kelly
Hometown: Devon (Edmonton)
Sent: 3.36 - mon 8 apr 2002

I haven't seen any interviews or anything, but I will take your word that they incriminated themselves. The only thing i have really heard was my friend talking about heather on the news; i didn't even see that as they didn't air it (so far as i know) where i live, i only heard it while she held the phone close to her tv as we were talking when it came on.

you aren't being judgemental, you are 'being angry'. You sound as though you are extremely informed - and intelligent. i wouldn't worry about offending people at this point. i look forward to your posts as i really don't know much - as i've said - except for what is on the net.

Name: tashi
Sent: 10.35 - sun 7 apr 2002

I wanted to apologise for referring to the Pickton circle as "illiterates". I realized that I was being as judgemental or using a label that propells the exact attitude I repel. Even if it's true, I'm not the person to make that call - a court of law will do that for me.

Name: tashi
Sent: 7.43 - sun 7 apr 2002

Thanks for your response Kelly - the people I also find particularly disgusting are the women used to lure the girls to Pickton. Gina Houston talks like a women desperate for attention and Dinah Taylor finds humour in it all. It's too bad these women had to buy into the idea they were important and powerful. I will be happy to see them both arrested as accomplices as I believe them to be. The very first interview Gina Houston did on 2/5 I was shocked at how often she incriminated herself. The same was true for Dave Pickton. They both fell for the limelight and spoke like the total illiterates they are.

Name: tashi
Sent: 5.29 - sun 7 apr 2002

Several families have been in contact with the law firm that handled the OJ Simpson case. At first I couldn't relate to their choice then I remembered how they successfully prove the LAPD was riddled with racists and he actually won the case because they proved he had been set up. Whether that's the case or not they aren't afraid to expose corruption within authoritaritive organizations such as the VPD's top brass. I hope Mayor Owen, Campbell, our Solicitor General are shitting their golden drawers.

Name: Kelly
Sent: 5.19 - sun 7 apr 2002

sorry, the last one was mine

Sent: 5.17 - sun 7 apr 2002

Tashi, i completely agree, although i never would have found the words to put it in. One of those women was my friend, and no, i didn't pay attention to this whole scenario until a few days ago. The more i read about (thank you, wayne) the more horrible it is. In the case i am tied to, had something been done WHEN IT SHOULD have been, she would not have been murdered. No, she's not the only one.

This is the first i've heard of the 'high profile' law firm; dammit, i hope you are right, and i think you are.

Name: tashi
Sent: 3.27 - sun 7 apr 2002

I saw the womens sister interviewed by, I think, CBC or our Victoria station here. She said the task force contacted her about DNA not matching the others (as I've wrote). She and her Dad will be travelling to Van to provide their DNA. The best news I've heard yet is the families are pursuing legal action with a high profile US lawfirm. This is the action that will produce faster results than even the investigation I think because it's a win/win in the sence this firm can pore tons of $$ into investigating the VPD and the publicity will put the law firm in a humanitarian position that should be the mission statement for all law firms. I am very happy about this. We need action NOW. The forensic part of this investigation could go on and on, as will the court case. We need to send a message worldwide that women can no longer be marginalized by this mans world. We desperately need a voice even if it is from a male dominated law firm. Thank God for Americas Most Wanted and their dedication to this case. Thank God for all the people who can rise about mainstream racism, sexism and corruption and cohesion. Thank God for the integrity of those with a genuine interest in the lives of these dear dear women. Too bad this had to happen in order for the world to wake up.

Name: Kelly
Hometown: Devon
Sent: 8.52 - sun 7 apr 2002

I didn't realize that 'most wanted' aired the story yesterday - is that where some people are hearing about the sixth woman? it's all so senseless, and yes, it's hard to 'go there' but the snuff film theory does make a little bit too much sense. how awful (there must be a more appropriate word, what is it?)

Name: M. Love
Hometown: Louisville, Ky
Sent: 8.36 - sun 7 apr 2002

Until yesterday I had never heard of the missing women of Vancouver. I became aware of this, through America's Mosted Wanted which aired on Apr 6. How could this happen to so many ladies, how could it go on for so long. From the little info I have it is hard to believe that this Willy person acted alone. Like here in the U.S. if this ladies had all been white or rich, no stone would have been left unturn.
As for Ms Kucheran, who are you to pass judgement on these ladies, only god can judge them. Truly, they all are with him this day.
A badge, a uniform and a gun arent enough to make a person honest.

Name: tashi
Sent: 9.40 - sat 6 apr 2002

The 6th person is a women whose family now lives in the US but she was raised in Port Alberni. The task force told her they have DNA that does not match any of the fifty women. Truth is supremely uncomfortable, I agree, however it assists in living a more enlightened life and if you have a daughter as I do I do not teach her to trust cops or anyone else for that matter. I teach her self-respect and love first and that no one deserves admiration beyond what she has for herself. Of course we were raised to believe cops, doctors, teachers and priests are worthy of the utmost respect. Not so - greed is the mandate of this society so love and admiration for the environment is the only thing left truly worthy of my respect. I can tell you I probably still live with symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder from my experience with a corrupt cop. I now trust no one. I've waited 6 years for some answers to what happened to me since I was an escort for Jet Set and had virgin veins. I met the profile of being an alcoholic and sex trade worker and I knew it was that that caused me to almost lose my life. I will not back down now that the truth is beginning to be exposed. When I tried - I had to hide out for a year and a half on Saltspring Island. I knew Rick Burgess who was in witness protection over there and is a missing biker. The puzzle is starting to be pieced together, slowly but surely.

Name: angie
Hometown: maple ridge
Sent: 7.21 - sat 6 apr 2002

Has any one heard that there has been confirmation of a sixth death on the farm - one that is not even on the missing women's list? I have been following this story so closely as it is so close to my heart - and have had 2 friends relay this info to me in the last 2 dAYS - it makes sense now - the investigator that told the women's families that this goes far beyond the missing women - Tashi - I don't even want to go there in my heart - the "snuff movies" but it really does make sense seeing that the pig brothers had a movie company - that's even more sick than a bunch of sick perverted assholes killing women - to think it was organized crime all in the name of the big dollar - my heart cannot even go there. Tashi - I really pray that you're wrong~ please-please let it not be true. Anyone that has heard anything about this 6th person, please let us know. God bless you all!

Name: angie`
Hometown: maple ridge
Sent: 7.12 - sat 6 apr 2002

Name: tashi;
Sent: 11.56 - fri 5 apr 2002

Please e-mail me Miss Understood, if you would like to talk to someone - please.

Name: tashi
Sent: 11.55 - fri 5 apr 2002

Name: Miss.Understood
Hometown: Canada
Sent: 9.22 - fri 5 apr 2002

Thought I was doing better,
Yes I thought I had it beat,
I'm feeling really tired,
And I want to rest my feet,
I'm running out of options,
Because I'm feeling really weak,
But I'd rather slit my wrists,
Then go back upon the streets.

Name: rebekah
Hometown: ontario
Sent: 5.42 - fri 5 apr 2002

Today I am celebrating my 1 year and 6 months off heroin. Looking back I'm surprised I made it. My mother still has copies of the missing posters child find had put out when they were looking for me. Today my heart is with all those beautiful angels that haven't made it. I know they're in a better place, and watching down upon us all. To all the families who have lost a loved one to the streets and\or the needle, hang in there! And to those who are on the streets and using needles, don't give up because you can do anything you put your heart into.

Name: mrs Bashi
Hometown: Waabs, and Tashi
Sent: 7.41 - fri 5 apr 2002

My message was not intended to diminish the anger we all feel at the system that failed these women or others who express the anger they feel over these senseless deaths. I come from a place in my heart where I remember the women I was close to as loving, kind and accepting of all views and differences.I am sorry if I did not clearly express my self, and that maybe I am thought to be a pollyanna. This is not my intent.I miss spoke when I said this is not the place for anger, maybe you are right when you say this is the the only place where one can express these feelings.I'm angry as well at this horrible situation and feel that all women are affected by this. In the moment that I posted the message I was feeling saddness for the loss of a friend and lost site of the fact that others are moving through the grieving process as well.

Name: tashi
Sent: 12.19 - fri 5 apr 2002

With all due respect Mrs. Bashi, anger is part of the healing process and there really is no other place where people can vent their frustration about the Missing Women case as well as the larger issues that have caused this event to occur. Without expresses anger and all the legitimate emotions surrounding this situation - nothing will change. Having a place to express one's beliefs, as I has very bluntly, is really important for people such as myself who truly believe a major conspiracy is unfolding. My experience tells me without a doubt this is the case. I realize sadness is part and parcel but there comes a time when the sadness turns to anger. I'm sorry I don't view the world as cheerfully as you do - I wish I could but nothing I see tells me this is world you can be cheerful in. That would be a lie. I can look at our local, national and global world conditions and be satisfied that all is well - it is not. It is a particularly dangerous world for women. I'm not sure what era you are from but something tells me you are an elder with strong religious beliefs - that's great but we need change NOW and anger will drive that change.

Name: Mrs Bashi
Hometown: Abbotsford
Sent: 7.10 - thu 4 apr 2002

In reading the last several messages here I am saddened that this has become a place for anger and blunt statements. I am grieving now the loss of a friend and co-worker I come to this site to look for others who share the pain we feel and to try to bring a peacfull spirit to those around me. I plead to everyone to ignore statements or messages that are of a hurtfull or judgemental nature. I truly believe that there is no good served in using this site as a place to share anger or judgement. The world can be a cruel place, but also a loving place. Lets all look for ways to remember our friends and loved ones by honoring them with respect and the dignity they so deserved in thier lives. Please be kind.......

Sent: 6.54 - thu 4 apr 2002

Private Entry:

Sent: 6.25 - thu 4 apr 2002

Private Entry:

Name: tashi
Sent: 3.20 - thu 4 apr 2002

I got an e-mail from Ms. Kucheran saying someone else wrote the messages under her name. It would seem plausible judging from the responses here and why would anyone sign their real name after writing a message like that. Whether it true or not I gave her the benefit of the doubt and told her she needs to post here again telling everyone what she told me. Since she has not done that - it's difficult to say if she is being truthful or not. Either way... people can we not focus on what this one person thinks and realize that there are many that think this way. If they did not it would not have taken this long to find these girls. Society in general and particularly in Canada is riddled with double standards, judgement, disdain and a general silent war is going on between taxpayers and benefit recipients. Our government promotes it and our corporations supports it. If only Canada were not influenced by the Brits and US and we stood up for what we know is the better way - this would not happen. Legalize prostitution, legalize marijuana, eliminate the causes of abuse and poverty that drives drug abuse. Find whose bringing it into the country and killing our women. Give women what they deserve. A century ago this would not have happened. Women and children were respected and protected. Today women and children are in constant danger from everything, particularly men - who are the exact ones who are supposed to protect us. Today we need to be protected from them. We have not progressed or evolved. Our society and world is more backward and primitive than it ever has been. Corruption, cohesion and conspiracy are the basis for that and the wanting for more more more. We have come full circle and are starting to imitate our neighbors in the South. Material goods do not represent success and greed is the cause of the conditions we live in today.

Name: JGB
Sent: 2.46 - thu 4 apr 2002

To the spirt. thank you for your kindness and just for today.To wayne greatweb page.To tashi I can relate to how you feel.I pray for God to help in this case.And thanks to the good cops that are on this case.Hope you can crack the cops that were on this before and done nothing.In all the new dna testing,Mr.Pig farmer give up now the odds are against you now.I will never eat pork meat again.And gee what did your brother mean by keeping you undercontroll now????I can just imagin.What in Gods name did happen to our women????You have the eyes of a evil person.Will you crack and tell the story now.Why protect the others that helped you.I belive in the power of prayer and people will fall.To the people that have never been to the hell some of us come out of.Please becarfull on what you say .Threr sre alot of angry people out there and you get hell when you don't think before you write.Addictions come from all walks of life and the rick get sick as well.Oh? the Dr. gave me this pill to help.This little pill could kill if yuo take to many with your Conyac or wine Get my drift.In up scale neibourhoods the recycle boxes are full of emty booze bottles.One day them bottles can take all that you won and then you have the srteets.Oh I can go one for ours butt I won't not worthit for meANYWAY more of your ghots are comming to light mr pig

Name: Allison
Hometown: Campbell RIver
Sent: 9.15 - wed 3 apr 2002

To Rick and Lynn,

I hope you soon find closure to your five years of not knowing. Our thoughts are with you. Dave and Allison

Name: tashi;
Sent: 8.16 - wed 3 apr 2002

I do not believe for a second that "Willy" is the only one involved here - in fact I would even say members of the earlier police force knew about it, Mayor Philip Owen's behaviour regarding this suggests to me he knew something about it and low and behold who was the mayor of Vancouver then - our very popular Campbell. I will venture to say - in this forum - this is a large conspiracy with many peoples blood on their hands. Definately that ignorant & disgusting Gina Houston was involved, her husband was involved. The girlfriend, Dinah Taylor, was involved. The brother and his Angel buddies were definately privvy if not fully involved. Am I worried about writing this - NO! I would do anything to bring these truths to light. I used to work as an escort and had some tangles with a very corrupt cop who 6 years later turns out to be one the original investigators assigned to the missing womens case...I also find the cops that filmed the movie about the girls quite suspect since most of them went missing after that movie was filmed and all the girls in it are now missing or dead. Looking at the promo picture of those cops gave me chills down my spine - especially one in particular. I hope someone who knows something about this angle e-mails me - The idea that snuff movies were made makes sence and the actions of the task force tells me they know some very dismall/confidential information, that it does involve corruption and cohesion on the part of VPD. Snuff movies are Hells Angels style and everyone would have gotten a big payout. As well it would clean up the streets and perhaps the plan of the operation was to instill enough fear they would remain that way. Either way there is much much more to this story and I sit patiently waiting because Pickton is going to crack - he's the fall guy now but wait until he starts talking. Nothing is what it appears to be but truth, love and joy will prevail - it always has and it always will.

Name: tashi
Sent: 8.12 - wed 3 apr 2002


Your ignorance just keeps dazzling!
Your actually think you can write something
like "ok guy that is enough"
Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck do you think you
are? Clearly all the people that read your message did not all "misinterpret" what you said. Your just pissed you got busted. You still display yourself as a truly uneducated, unenlightened, peice of garbage. I would rather hang with a coke head than a phoney bitch like you any day. Too bad people like you, with no heart, couldn't be rid of rather than the girls from the Eastend that have the biggest hearts you'll ever know. Go away - but be warned - you can't make your ignorant messages go away.

Sent: 5.01 - wed 3 apr 2002



Name: leona perrier
Sent: 4.47 - wed 3 apr 2002


Name: danielle
Sent: 2.34 - wed 3 apr 2002

Hi steve im at home now i emailed you if this is alright let me know by email or here

we feel for you and francine

Name: Kelly Boyd
Hometown: Devon
Sent: 2.11 - wed 3 apr 2002

Steve, if you see Danielle's message, please let us know. I hope you are all right.

Name: Steve Ayres
Hometown: coquitlam
Sent: 12.11 - wed 3 apr 2002

words can't express how sad i am soon as i saw heathers picture, i began to cry...i wish there was something i could have done, someway i could have gotten to her, and showed heather how much i cared...even though i hadn't seen heather for years, this hurts so much...and kelly thank you for your's nice to know she thought of heart goes out to francine.....a lady who deserves so much better....if there's anyway i can help this site out, or volunteer somewhere,please somebody let me know...heather, we'll laugh and be silly again one day a much better place than down here....

Name: Kelly Boyd
Sent: 11.49 - wed 3 apr 2002

Heather Bottomley was a friend of mine, though I lost touch with her years ago. My thoughts are with her family; her dad coached our baseball team one year. So many people have been affected by this tragedy, I just wanted to say that there are many, many people out there who DO realize that these women were people, and deserve to have some sort of justice done in their name. Cousin Steve, if you happen to read this, I read your message about Heather and I remember her talking about you - you were special to her, too.

Name: Jenn
Hometown: victoria,bc
Sent: 11.31 - wed 3 apr 2002

kim (berley) Gallup was a friend of mine, To this day I can see her smile and hear her laugh. I hope the sick son of a bi**h who killed her can hear her too-remember her face and reflect on the great person she was. If I could go back in time I would grab her by the hair screamin and kickin every time I saw her out there on the street.

Name: Andi
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Sent: 9.37 - wed 3 apr 2002

I was just in awe of this web page. You can see the passion in every line. Not only is it a tribute but a place to vent, discuss and learn. I was stunned by how it encompasses all. I don't feel like I need to go anywhere else to find the information I need. You really get to know the missing women as human beings not as a news story.

Soap Box

I beleive that if people were to learn more about what makes a person do something as unbeleiveable as this they could stop this from happening again. Somebody like pickton does not just wake up one morning and decide to start killing. Not only killing but also to dehumanize them as well. If you've ever ready any of former FBI agent John Douglas's work or FBI agent Ressler's work you would see that not only could the police have been on to him 5, 10 or more years ago there could have been signs as far back into the teen years.

We need more government money and programs in place for children and teens.

Name: Danielle Montreuil
Hometown: Ladner
Sent: 8.32 - wed 3 apr 2002

I went to school with heather Bottemley. She was my best friend all throught elememtry and highschoo. She will be sadly missed !! My heart goes out to her family and her mother Francine. I will always remember my dear friend heather

Name: tashi
Sent: 12.41 - wed 3 apr 2002

I do not believe for a second that "Willy" is the only one involved here - in fact I would even say members of the earlier police force knew about it, Mayor Philip Owen's behaviour regarding this suggests to me he knew something about it and low and behold who was the mayor of Vancouver then - our very popular Campbell. I will venture to say - in this forum - this is a large conspiracy with many peoples blood on their hands. Definately that ignorant & disgusting Gina Houston was involved, her husband was involved. The girlfriend, Dinah Taylor, was involved. The brother and his Angel buddies were definately privvy if not fully involved. Am I worried about writing this - NO! I would do anything to bring these truths to light. I used to work as an escort and had some tangles with a very corrupt cop who 6 years later turns out to be one the original investigators assigned to the missing womens case...I also find the cops that filmed the movie about the girls quite suspect since most of them went missing after that movie was filmed and all the girls in it are now missing or dead. Looking at the promo picture of those cops gave me chills down my spine - especially one in particular. I hope someone who knows something about this angle e-mails me - The idea that snuff movies were made makes sence and the actions of the task force tells me they know some very dismall/confidential information, that it does involve corruption and cohesion on the part of VPD. Snuff movies are Hells Angels style and everyone would have gotten a big payout. As well it would clean up the streets and perhaps the plan of the operation was to instill enough fear they would remain that way. Either way there is much much more to this story and I sit patiently waiting because Pickton is going to crack - he's the fall guy now but wait until he starts talking. Nothing is what it appears to be but truth, love and joy will prevail - it always has and it always will.

Name: Carrie Kerr
Hometown: Maple Ridge
Sent: 11.43 - tue 2 apr 2002

I am the younger sister of Helen Mae Hallmark, missing from Vancouver. I personally know Sandra Kucheran and after seeing her insert in this guest book, I cannot help but respond. Sandy, you have some nerve. You are one of the most messed up, cold hearted people I know and I highly doubt that anyone with any heart on here wants to hear your shallow, selfish opinion. I am disgusted that you would even comment about what it's like for the women working on the streets and addicted to drugs, you have no idea what these people go through. If you've finally found a job doing something other than slinging burgers, good for you, focus on your job, your comments aren't needed. I will pray for you though, you need it.

To all those affected by the loss of a loved heart and prayers are with you all. God bless and keep us all safe.

Name: Shari
Hometown: BC..Canada
Sent: 10.44 - tue 2 apr 2002

This message is toName: Sandra Kucheran


Hometown: Mission,BC

I have answered you in between the message you wrote.

I work in the Downtown Eastside for a very well known Vancouver firm.

=Very early in the morning(5:30am) the downtown eastside core is already jumping with drug dealers and their clientele. You can see the drugged up prostitutes digging in the cracks of the sidewalk looking for a rock of crack that just isn't there.

So they told you this did they??? You are the person they would confide this information to??

=This makes me sick to my stomache, If any of my family members would be living down there I would do just about anything to get them away from it.... ANYTHING!!

And, you think THEIR families didn't?? Who the hell are you to make this assumption? And...learn to spell will ya??duh

=I cant believe it took some 2-3 YEARS to find out they were missing! Obviously they (the missing) were missing from their lives a long before they were actually missing!

Did it now?? I seem to remember that these families and friends of these families reported these women missing and were put off...sheese woman...where the hell are you getting these ideas?

= My heart does go out to the families of these missing women, BUT if they really did care about their loved ones, WHY did it take 2-3 YEARS to actually report them?

Answered lunatic!!!!!!!! What heart?? You have a stone in there...

=What I cant understand is this: How do they get a welfare check if they are homeless?
This I guess has to be addressed before we can actually get a straight answer from our over spending bancrupt government!

Who said they were getting welfare??? And, so what if they were...what has that got to do with their missing idiot statement

=My heartfelt sympathies for the missing,their families and to US the taxpayers!

Buggar you lady...I bet I have paid more taxes in past years then you have your entire life of working.
Give us a break you goof...I would much rather the money be spent solving cases then the high minded politicians who travel,eat and sleep first class taking it from MY taxes. And, if this message is evident of your "heartfelt symapthies" shove them where the sun don't shine.

I read a book called Bad Date, The missing girls of Vancouver's low track. It was very interesting and I know for sure that reading this book make my skin crawl knowing that they would actually give up their own flesh and blood for a DRUG!!! anyhow Just a little note to express my condolences! are an idiot!!!!! I have two words for you but I can't put them here...however, I will leave you with these two words "SEEK HELP" you need it.

From the mother of a murdered child..Kathryn-Mary Herbert...still unsolved after almost 27 years...she was eleven years old you freaking idiot!!!! You know nothing...

Name: angie
Hometown: maple ridge
Sent: 10.30 - tue 2 apr 2002

I can't even read the whole news brief right now i a,m crying so hard - my heart has been breaking for so long about this = my dear friend Marion Bryce is the mother of Patti Johnston (Tricia) and every time there is a new development or new evidence such as today (Diane R0ck, Heather Bottomly and Jacquieline McDonnel) i cry and i cry and i cry please know that i pray for all of you - i am so sad about this = hugs and lots and lots of love and tears to all you families and friends - i can't even express all my sadness in words except to say i love you all - god will judge us all in the end - please know that not all people are evil - there are still a lot of us with good morals and a lot of l0ve in our hearts for our fellow human beings - god bless you all - i wish i could take it all away - and if i had the chance i would KILL THE PICTONS MYSELF BECAUSE THAT;'S HOW ANGRY I AM RIGHT NOW! Please know that there are a lo of us 0ut here that really care - never mind those idiots that think that because they were street workers that they didn't matter - people just don't realize thaat they ARE PEOPLE - when they see the homeless on the streets THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND! tHEY don't realize that this person was someone's baby once, they see a dirty, drugged or drunk person and they ARE AFRAID OR SOMETIMES EVEN REPULSED! I have to admit, I have felt that way myself sometimes - but i'm only human and afraid too!!!! Sometimes i wish i could help all the homeless - i have a real passion for this cause - we can all do our part - join a church group or something - our church makes about 2000 sandwiches or more every month and i have started to make a huge pot of soup to take to the downtown eastside when they go there - it's only a very small part - but if EVERY one did something to know that these homeless people are loved maybe we can make this world a better place! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Name: C Hardy
Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON
Sent: 8.42 - tue 2 apr 2002

I would like to thank you for making this site. It makes me happy to see that there are still people in this world that are willing to do so much.
In regards to Sandra Kucheran's ignorant remarks: Ruby Hardy is my mother and was recently added to the list of missing women. She has been out of my life for years, and believe me, I've tried to find her. I have been forced to wait and hope to hear some word from her. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of my mother. I just pray that she is okay and that she will call the police and say that she's fine. Shame on you for being so callous. You have no idea what it's like. I find it rude and distasteful for you to even try to express your "heartfelt sympathies". I almost feel sorry for you because you obviously have no class whatsoever. If you did, you would never have said the comments that you did. I would never wish any of the pain that my family and the families of the other missing women have experienced. Although, that would be the only way that you could ever understand what we go through, and possibly change your close-minded views. Sadly, I'm sure that you never will.
C Hardy

Name: J Smith
Hometown: Kelowna
Sent: 4.46 - mon 1 apr 2002

Ms Kucheran,
Are you on drugs yourself? Why are you so judgemental on these women when you obviously know nothing about being an addict or homeless?
Drugs affect every walk of life, dont you think that the families of these women have tried anything" to help them.Give your head a shake.Save your heartfelt condolences to save your self and to excuse your ignorance.Every human being deserves patience and understanding-espesially these people-but most of all they deserve respect from all of us, not ignorant rude judgemental people like you. You should be ashamed of yourself. What would you do if you had a child or sister out there?I hope you dont have children, or even a dog for that matter

Name: Bonnie M. Wells
Hometown: Little Hocking, Ohio (U.S.A.)
Sent: 11.34 - mon 1 apr 2002

Wonderful site. Wish more people would get involved with missing people cases "before" it becomes one of their own family members. This seems to be primarily the case here in the U.S. anyway. I keep thinking that if people only could recognize the warning signs of a serial killer then it would be possible to stop them real early in their careers instead of after they murdered a dozen or more. Thanks for all you are doing to educate the public and help stop these murders.
Best always,

Name: Laura
Sent: 1.46 - sat 30 mar 2002

Ms. Kucheran. You are very lucky indeed. Might I suggest a reality check? I see you've had the wherewithall to read Bad Date, but did you really get it? When your skin crawls you have the luxury of closing the book, putting it away, and taking a nice hot shower in your home which is relatively safe, and you can continue your life, work, play. And if something should, god forbid, happen to you or if you need some support for whatever reason you will have people who will help, people who would know that you are not there. Many of these women come from circumstances beyond their control. They don't need any more judgment from any more well-meaning, self righteous, know-it-alls. And we, their families, don't need it either. You, like so many others (so many it numbs my mind and my heart) DON'T GET IT - and maybe you never will. Your condolences and your "heart" needs to go somewhere else, not here -- it's contrived and it makes the big hurts hurt even more. MY heart goes out to you and others like you.... with the hope that you will eventually move from misplaced sympathy to genuine empathy.

Name: tashi
Hometown: Victoria
Sent: 2.38 - sat 30 mar 2002

Listen and listen very well MS. Kucheran - were you ever raped as a child? Did you grow up in foster care because you had so many behavioural problems which later turned out to be fetal alcohol syndrome? Have you ever had the living shit kicked out of you by the persons who are supposed to love the most? Have you ever had to sleep without a bed or blankets or wait to go to school for a hot meal you are so poor and yet you know you live in the richest country in the world?

I thought not.

It's assholes like you that contribute to the problem. Shame on you for judging these people. Shame on you for not having enough empathy and compassion to realize it is the government and men who have done this and made this mess. Do you know anything about the genecide of our Native people. Do you know anything?

Your a bitch and I bet your husband has occassion to hire a "high end" prostitute because your such a bore.

Name: Sandra Kucheran
Hometown: Mission,BC
Sent: 12.28 - fri 29 mar 2002

I work in the Downtown Eastside for a very well known Vancouver firm.
Very early in the morning(5:30am) the downtown eastside core is already jumping with drug dealers and their clientele. You can see the drugged up prostitutes digging in the cracks of the sidewalk looking for a rock of crack that just isn't there. This makes me sick to my stomache, If any of my family members would be living down there I would do just about anything to get them away from it.... ANYTHING!!
I cant believe it took some 2-3 YEARS to find out they were missing! Obviously they (the missing) were missing from their lives a long before they were actually missing! My heart does go out to the families of these missing women, BUT if they really did care about their loved ones, WHY did it take 2-3 YEARS to actually report them?
What I cant understand is this: How do they get a welfare check if they are homeless?
This I guess has to be addressed before we can actually get a straight answer from our over spending bancrupt government!
My heartfelt sympathies for the missing,their families and to US the taxpayers!
I read a book called Bad Date, The missing girls of Vancouver's low track. It was very interesting and I know for sure thatreading this book make my skin crawl knowing that they would actually give up their own flesh and blood for a DRUG!!! anyhow Just a little note to express my condolences!

Name: Tashi
Sent: 4.43 - thu 28 mar 2002

It's very obvious; I will now play Nancy Drew;
Hypothetically speaking -

Pickton & associates were Paid by the VPD higher & highest to deal with the rat problem down on's costing us huge doe - problem solved...millions saved in transfer payments, medical. The perfect crime and hey it would improve tourism and imagery right.
The question, at this stage is - Who's involved? How many knew it was occurring and which corrupt cops at VPD surpressed the investigation. This would include the gay looking actors in the movie made about the girls...most of whom are dead. An unknowing rendering company? Distribution of the remains turned into make-up & soap.
Fucking crime of the Century. Except one problem Mr, Mayor - DNA. Fuck you all you pigs who are involved in this - this message is for the 50 bravest souls in this world and on this planet and for every female that is going to tear this grotesque male dominated society with all your double standards and disgusting ethics. Who do you think put these women in this position in the first place. It came full circle and you will pay with the nightmares - especially you Dave Pickton pig. A pig farm's almost laughable because guess what - Hollywood is going to try and buy the rights to the story and make it into big screen viewing. This can only happen of course if one of the peices in your web falls - weakens...that's why you want big brother to look like he;s losing it - cuz he's the fall guy now. Tsk tsk - mama never taught her boys about spiritual justice...oh well.

Name: Tami Starlight
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C, Canada
Sent: 11.38 - wed 27 mar 2002

Dearest creators of this wonderful site, friends and family. My name is Tami Starlight and I am a transsexual woman living in the downtown eastside. I personaly knew about 10 of the women missing(murdered) and I am quite saddened at the lack of humanity in humans on this planet. Yet with this grief, anger and remorse comes a community that will hopefuly come together and get stronger for the rights of women of all walks of life.

Number one....The society is responsible in part for this. As I read about the lack of concern about these women I am appauled at the way the city(vpd) is reacting. I will not be marginalised, minimised and told to go away buy a society that has bigotry, hate, sexism as "THEIR" so called moral agenda.

It seems like the old addage is that dog eat dog rules such as GOd takes care of those who take care of themselves..NOT!!!

GOD(dess) helps those who help each other. In this mad obsessively driven society we live in, has a who gives a s*it attitude and motto will be no longer, as the light always triumphs over darkness.

A society where as the term "the haves and the have nots" will not exsist. There will be peace, and we will take care of our neighbors regardless of age, race, sexual identity and spirituality.

Like the U2 song of their new CD "All That You cant Leave Behind" is about using what we have to make the world a safer and happier place. You cant take it with u, the only thing u will take with u will be peace of mind and a serene heart. It is about what WE can do to make this world a better place to live with each compassionate and understanding and loving moment that we take positive healthy action.

I am getting a little tired of hearing about the haves and the have nots do not have a voice...They do in my life....As I am involved not to help them prostitute better but to show them a way out of a vicious cycle of lifestyles. There are options in name one that is about prostitution is the fact that people can be about an educational fund for street(prostitutes) paying directly to their school. To better themselves in stead of helping then to use more drugs and do more prostitution. For me being a drug addict in recovery I am well aware of the way addiction runs a life. That is how I knew some of these women. They like me either get locked up(jail) Go crazy, or die.

The way to help is to have GOV run safe places for them to go to for help.

This is not a moral issue, like addiction it is a health issue. To help people in a healthy way will save lives and show people a new way to live life a healthy way, providing lots of options to live life differently.

I am very concerned about both civic and provincial governments as their cuts and continued miss treating of those who do need support soo badly...I am basicaly ashamed of the Liberals and Vancouver society as a whole in which I have to say is real sick.

I do however hold great regard to those who have helped(in a healthy way) those who were and are in need. Those are my heros and family. To give a street person a few moments of time and dignity, to give a homeless person a meal and an ear. To pass on information to help them help themselves.

I have done and do all of these things..I care a great deal about people who dont have much..Look around people and get involved in your community.

Many blessings and peace in their hearts as they are out of the pain and suffering of their captors and uncaring society.

Lots of people like myself come from broken homes and disfunctional families. To change our lives we had to believe that whear we were was not healthy and wanted a change.

Lets break the sick cirle and build a new and healthy one.

Love and understanding
Tami Starlight-

A quiet but very effective activist who is not about grabbing the spotlight to further my own primary purpose. My purpose is to help as many people as I can while I still breathe. Also having HIV has given me a new look on life as a precious gift. I do not use my status for anything else other than helping people.

Name: kelly
Hometown: chilliwack
Sent: 12.09 - tue 26 mar 2002

I saw a movie on television a couple of weeks ago. It was about drug addicted prostitutes on the east side of vancouver. I can't recall the name of the movie but I think it was filmed quite awhile ago. I noticed one of the girls shoes in the movie were the same shoes I had seen on the news in the back of a old car on the Picton property. The police I'm sure already know this. It's just an observation.


Name: Patricia Halabet
Hometown: Fort St. John
Sent: 7.46 - sun 24 mar 2002

To the families of all the missing women my heart breaks for you. I am really angry. None of this had to happen but it did. The reason it did is because our society is still running around with victorian attitudes about sex and drugs. And women. I wonder what would have happened if these were 50+ missing men? Until our society grows up, and quits treating drug addiction as a sin and flogging programs like "Just Say No or DARE"(both American!) the murders, beatings of these poor addicted women will continue. We, as a society, must treat drug addiction as a treatable illness. Although I think the drug addiction should be treated by your family doctor we have health units all over this province virtually empty. Stigma must be removed and a safe place for these poor sick addicted people to receive their drugs. And to people that say this is legalized drug dealing..I really can't feature someone saying well I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor and get started on crack or heroin. Come on?! I wonder, does anybody think these women LIKE what they have to do to get money for drugs?! While we're at it, since the sex industry is just that, a huge industry, legalize it and tax it. This would provide a safe place for people who CHOOSE to make their living this way. There doesn't have to be any mean streets.
What really infuriates me is the various volunteer-then-paid 'helping groups' that are feeding off the drug/sex problems of B.C. Money spent on real good luncheons but any "client" will tell you these offices close at 4:30 P.M. so much for caring. And, as usual, government feels real good about throwing money at them, whether their mission statement actually does what it says is another thing totally. All these women missing yearly, regularly and all these 'helping agencies' can come up with is that they're pretty sure the missing people did not pick up their welfare cheques!!? Let's call a spade a spade. They do not really care, that stops at 4:30 P.M. about the same time the stroll heats up. Canada must say as a nation we don't care what the americans think, or the british think. These are our Canadians that are being slaughtered and we should be ashamed of ourselves. In my opinion for far too long we have let the prevaling american religious right direct how we deal with our citizens. My daughter has a few friends that are addicted to crack. This just infuriates her because she knows them as friends from school years and now they are beaten down, some involved in break and enters or the sex trade and cracking out. These are her friends and she stands beside them, she says mom they aren't really like that, it's the drugs that make them that way. I am fortunate, so is my daughter and by the grace of God go we. I cannot begin to imagine the shock, horror, rage of the families. All these missing women, be they single mom, welfare, white, First Nations, black, are gone and no one seems to care. Let's not let this horror go to court, feed the press, and then fade away with nothing done, nothing learned, nothing avenged, and the status quo remains. Never mind the soft wood lumber, let's look at our other greatest renewable resource, our people. Take care everyone.

Sent: 12.20 - fri 22 mar 2002

Private Entry:

Name: Sandra Kucheran
Hometown: Mission BC
Sent: 8.55 - wed 20 mar 2002

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy for the families of the Missing women of the Downtown Eastside.
I couldn't even begin to imagine what they must be going through. Hopefully in the distant future the survivors can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Name: Gerry
Hometown: Abbotsford
Sent: 11.43 - tue 19 mar 2002

My heart aches for the families of these lost women. Although I had heard of the missing women for so long, it seemed so far removed from my world, that I felt that it would never affect me. Until I heard that Dawn Crey was missing - then it stabbed me right in my heart. She was a good friend of mine when we were kids. Her foster parents are my aunt and uncle, and we would spend so much time together. She had the most wonderful laugh, cute dimples when she smiled, and the most beautiful thick, long, shiny black hair. (I was envious of that hair, because mine was always short, blonde, and messy). When we got older, I would see her on the street in Chilliwack or Abbotsford, and wave and smile, or say hi. When I heard that she was missing I always wondered what took her to the east side - I've now heard her story, and it breaks my heart even more, because of the sad life that she had. She has people that love her, and are missing her - as well as all the other women that are missing. My hope and prayer is that something will be found to be able to bring some closure, for the sake of their families and friends. My prayers are with you all at this time.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Sent: 1.47 - mon 18 mar 2002

I am a student at BCIT, taking a class in Investigative Reporting. I chose the case of the Missing Women as my final research report. I have been working on it for the last three months. I have found your website to be very informative. It is very nicely done. I have done quite a bit of research on the case,but since the Police Investigation began it has been harder to get info. I hope for you and all the families involved that you find closure soon.
Amanda M. Priest.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Sent: 1.46 - mon 18 mar 2002

I am a student at BCIT, taking a class in Investigative Reporting. I chose the case of the Missing Women as my final research report. I have been working on it for the last three months. I have found your website to be very informative. It is very nicely done. I have done quite a bit of research on the case,but since the Police Investigation began it has been harder to get info. I hope for you and all the families involved that you find closure soon.
Amanda M. Priest.

Name: Nila Radwanski
Hometown: Whitehorse, Yukon
Sent: 10.24 - wed 13 mar 2002

A very informed site. Very sad, very sad. Too bad we can't legalize prostitution! Make it safe for the women who choose this lifestyle and contribute with taxes. What a backward country Canada is at times!! Once again, a very informative site. My prayers to the families and best wishes to the people involved with this site, Sincerely NILA RADWANSKI

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