Two more murder charges likely in Pickton case

CTV News Staff

October 1, 2002

Two more murder charges are expected to be laid against Robert William Pickton on Wednesday, bringing the number of Vancouver women he is accused of killing to 13, BC-CTV reports.

If Pickton, 52, is convicted of all those charges, he will have killed more people than Canada's most notorious serial killer, Clifford Olson. Olson claimed the lives of 11 youngsters in the Vancouver area during the 1980s.

Meanwhile, B.C. Attorney General Geoff Plant is considering cancelling Pickton's preliminary hearing in November and proceeding directly to trial.

"Well, as the attorney general, someone who takes advice from the criminal justice branch on those matters, those are issues that are under consideration and they will continue to be and if the decision is required, we'll make it," Plant said.

Families of the victims favour a quick end to the case. Ernie Crey said he would prefer if Pickton went straight to trial.

"I think that would be the preferable course of action to follow and if the Crown decides to go that way, where my family is concerned, that would be the way to go," Crey said. His sister, Dawn, went missing in November 2000.

Bypassing a preliminary hearing can cut court costs. A joint missing women's task force has already spent $20 million on the investigation so far.

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The Vancouver police department and the RCMP joined forces in 2000, following the disappearance of more than 60 women from Vancouver's downtown eastside. Many of the women worked in the sex trade.

The focus of the investigation is a sprawling property in suburban Port Coquitlam. Pickton co-owns the farm with his brother. In addition, police are also looking at a nearby site on Burns Road, where the Pickton brothers once held parties at a venue dubbed Piggy's Palace.

Police began searching Pickton's farm in February. It has since become Canada's largest-ever crime scene investigation, scoured by dozens of forensics experts, hundreds of archeology students and 26 experts in human osteology -- the study of bones.

Pickton currently stands accused of murdering Jennifer Furminger, Helen Hallmark, Patricia Johnson, Georgina Papin, Sereena Abotsway, Heather Bottomley, Andrea Joesbury, Jacquelene McDonell, Dianne Rock, Mona Wilson and Brenda Wolfe.

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