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Over 500 Native women have gone missing across Canada in the last 20 to 30 years!

According to experts every single First Nations community is affected.

Yet investigations are usually late, ineffective and seldom result in

convictions. Despite the numbers, the Canadian public has little

knowledge of these disappearances as they receive only superficial media attention. Newspaper articles that do report the occurrences are often riddled with racist stereotypes that put the blame on the women themselves or our Native communities.

Journalist Audrey Huntley is embarking on a road trip across Canada to speak with friends, acquaintances, loved ones and family members of Native women and girls who have disappeared. Of mixed German and Native ancestry, Audrey has been involved in anti-colonial struggles for many years - she sees violence against Native women as part of a continuum that is systemic and rooted in colonization.

To prepare for the 6-week journey a sweat lodge was held by women in Toronto in late July - the road trip will begin on the 27th and cover most of Western Canada - other parts of the country could be visited should inquiries come in or contacts be made.

Traces of Missing Women - a Video Collage Memorial Project will air on CBC Television this fall. The intent of the project is to give a human face to the murdered and missing women. Canadian viewers will not only learn how widespread and deadly violence against Native women is, but also become acquainted with the victims as schoolgirls, mothers, aunties, daughters, wives - women whose loved ones feel have been treated as disposable, but were actually members of a community that has traditionally honored its women and suffers deeply from their loss.

The collage will consist of photographs of objects/keepsakes left behind, favorite places or songs, a memory shared - anything that expresses who these women were and the lives they lost. By shedding some light on the complexity of the womens human identity, the collage will reflect the dignity due to the memory of the disappeared.

For more information and to participate in the project please use the toll free number to leave a message at 1-888-695-5623 or contact Audrey on her cell at 416-508-8632, by email at or by post to CBC News Sunday, PO Box Stn A, Toronto, ON, M5W 1E6

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