Tips pour in about missing women

VANCOUVER (CKNW/98) -- Vancouver Police are following up about 20 new tips in the search for missing women from the downtown east side. The tips came in after the airing of America's Most Wanted. Vancouver Police were hoping for some solid leads into the whereabouts of 31 women who have gone missing since 1978. Vancouver Police media liaison Constable Anne Drennan says that none of the tips appear to be very promising.

No solid leads generated by TV show, police say

But the broadcast draws 20 tips ‘worthy of following up.’

Vancouver Sun

Daniel Sieberg

Tuesday. August 3, 1999

Vancouver police say they do not have any solid leads on the disappearance of 31 women from the Downtown Eastside despite receiving more than 100 new tips.

The tips came in after the television show America’s Most Wanted did an episode Saturday about the missing women.

About 20 of them [tips] are worthy of following up, but none of them are promising at this,” said Constable Anne Drennan Monday.  She said investigators are assessing the tips.

Drennan said Vancouver police have a good relationship with the show and considers its endeavors worthwhile.

“Obviously to get the faces of these women out to 15 million viewers is something that’s got to be beneficial,” she said.  “We’re hopeful that somebody will know something about somebody that’s on the list.”

Avery Mann, a spokesman for America’s Most Wanted said the show generated a positive response from the public.

“I understand that 15 to 20 of the tips have information that police will be following up on,” said Mann.  “They said there were some names of people they want to investigate further,  as well as some other ideas about the missing women that may add to the investigation.”

He added that the number of tips generated by the Saturday show is encouraging.

“When you have 31 people who have gone missing, no matter what line of work they’re in, and there’s no evidence of foul play, that’s a pretty interesting story,” said Mann.  “There’s a mystery there.”

The unsolved files date back to 1978, although 22 of the women have gone missing in the past four years—including four reported in 1999.

Two detectives from the Vancouver police department were in Washington, D.C. during the broadcast to review tips as they arrived.

The show also featured an update on the shooting of Vancouver abortion doctor Gary Romalis.

That feature generated 40 tips on Saturday.

Romalis was shot and wounded in 1994.  Fugitive James Kopp is a suspect.

Kopp is also wanted in connection to the killing of a doctor in Buffalo, and two attempts on the lives of doctors in Winnipeg and Hamilton.

Drennan said that these tips will be turned over to the international task force now handling that investigation.

Last week, An America’s Most Wanted show generated five tips on the whereabouts of Ninderjit Singh, also known as Ninderjit Soos or Bhira Singh, who is wanted in the murder of Vancouver high-school student Poonam Randhawa.


Tips on missing women

   August 3, 1999. CKNW/98 News

VANCOUVER (CKNW/98) -- A flood of one hundred new tips still hasn't led to any more information on 31 missing sex trade workers in Vancouver. The tips came in after the airing of a segment on the missing women on the popular US- based TV show, "Americas Most Wanted." Police say 20 of the tips are worth following up, but admit they aren't promising. There is a $100,000 reward being offered in the case, which has been front and centre in the local media since an outcry earlier this year about the lack of effort being made to find out what happened to many of the women. The women have all disappeared from Vancouver's seamy downtown eastside.


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