Time running out to collect the big bucks

April 16, 2001
By Penny Dyck


One would think that would be something to do with "Letís make a Deal". But that isnít the case in this story.

The time to collect the big bucks is almost up. May 1st is quickly approaching, and still nobody has come forward to claim the $100 grand reward that was posted in July of 1999, in regards to the disappearances of thirty or more Vancouverís Downtown Eastside women. Angela Jardine, formerly of Sparwood, is among those missing. Jardine was last seen November 20, 1998.

Itís almost like deja vu, where the $100,000 was offered, and given to child killer Clifford Olson years ago, ONLY this time nobody is taking credit for the disappearances. Strike anyone as a bit odd?

Many, if not all of these women missing, are believed to have been sex-trade workers and drug users. It has been reported that one minute they were there, the next gone. Vanished into thin air, right before nobodyís eyes.

After many months of phone calls, and e-mails, The Mountainview Weekly had finally been given the opportunity to speak to someone from the Vancouver Police Department (VPD). Whether they were reluctant to speak to any more media one can only guess, but with one last attempt at contact, someone from the department called the paper last week to confirm that the investigation is still active.

Sgt. Geramy Field, of the VPD said that yes the investigation is still being pursued, and that 2 homicide detectives who have taken over her spot in the investigations, are working with a special task force set up by the RCMP in February of this year, to handle the disappearances.

According to Sgt. Field, a Detective Dan Dickhout is in charge of the missing women case, and has been for the past year and a half.

Jardineís mother Deborah said she was not aware of a Detective Dickhout heading up, or looking after the case, but replied "Why would they inform me of whose working the case, Iím just the mother of one of the missing women".

Mrs. Jardine had in 1999 put in a complaint of Neglect of Duty to the Police Commission about one particular member of the VPD, whom she had felt neglected to inform her on certain issues of her daughterís disappearance, and also a conduct complaint involving two members of the VPD. "I had ample evidence to prove my allegations and my complaint was Summarily Dismissed by the Internal Affairs Section" says Jardine. "I reapplied for a review of my complaint as I felt the preliminary investigation did not adequately address all my concerns that I raised in my initial complaint. Given the seriousness of my complaint, I felt it merited a full and thorough investigation. I applied again and it was rejected faster than the first letter of dismissal. I exhausted the complaint process, and the only other alternative would be to seek legal counsel that would entail an extremely costly and lengthy litigation against the VPD," concluded Jardine.

There have been television shows done about the missing women. One missing womanís sister was on the Vicki Gabreau Show with Detective Lori Shenher, who is no longer on the case. Shenher had been involved in the investigation for about 2 years, along with Detectives Al Howlett and Dave Dickson.

Another show was Americaís Most Wanted, and many news broadcasts across the country were aired. Still nobody came forward to say what he or she knew or had seen.

In February of this year, three more women appeared to be among the many statistics: Dawn Crey, Deb Jones, and Brenda Wolfe. When asked about why these women and others that have vanished, were not posted on the unsolved cases under "Missing Sex Trade Workers" page of the VPD website, Sgt. Field said that she had thought they were, and if not, that they should be added shortly. As of press time, those names have not yet been added.

Field said that at this time there could be hundreds of suspects, because there are no clues, no bodies - just nothing to go on.

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Angela Rebecca Jardine

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