Stephan Kraft

My name is Stephan Kraft the Publisher and founder of a new Magazine to help people that have been wrongfully mistreated, called, THE LOOKOUT - Finding People and The Voice of The People Magazine.

This publication is to help find missing people, Most Wanted criminals, crime prevention, vital information and true-life stories.

My next issue will be out Sept 1'st 64 pages .9 1/2" x 13" image size 16 pages of color.

I have now 64 pages ready to go! This is a free publication! I'll be putting 30,000 in Toronto and 30,000 through out B.C. My goal is to go Province wide and into the U.S and into U.K. I would like to find members that belong to cold cases and doenetworkorg that will get involved and help in distribution in their area.

I would like to send anywhere from 100 to 10000 copy's to each area to start. If any members are willing to volunteer to give them out at their choice of location that would be most effective, that would be very honourable.

As we grow our distribution will grow in your area. However though it cost money for shipping and printing, which I been paying for myself up to now. I would like the members of coldcases and doenetworkorg to help by becoming a member which you will receive 12 monthly issues for the cost of $49.95 Canadian, if US add $5.00. Delivered to your door.

If you just want one copy send $5.00.

This publication is badly needed in our communities and throughout the country. As we all know the violent acts and disappearances that have been going on in our society are outrages. Becoming a member will help pay for some of the cost. I will be giving free pages to promote coldcases at: for persons investigating or researching unsolved missing/unidentified cases from the past. Most cases involved are older than ten years, doenetworkorg: a Volunteer Organization dedicated to Missing Persons and Unidentified Victims’ Cold Cases in North America, Australia and Europe, DOWNTOWN Vancouver-eastside at: in memory of Vancouver’s downtown eastside missing women, America’s Most Wanted at:  and many other groups in each issue that I publish through articles and photos. This will help us all grow and create a stronger team in solving cases and fighting back against crime. This will be a good vehicle for us all. Please help I can't do this alone. My next issue will cost roughly $20,000.Memberships will help towards are goal.

If there are any private individual companies that any one knows that would like advertising in this publication or sponsor us as well, a page goes for only $1.O50 Canadian. Private individuals could help in way of staring a fund drive if you would please send this email to as many other groups that you know of that could be interested in this publication.

A Canadian TV show Da Vinci In Quest Has recently asked to use are magazine on their weekly Homicide TV series, which I hope will bring us some good exposure.

Thanks you all for your concerns, and support,

Stephan Kraft, Publisher

The Lookout Magazine

614-1641 Lonsdale Ave, 
North Vancouver BC
Canada V7M2J5

Phone: 604-929-6786

Magazine to focus on lost kids-April 1, 2001

For persons investigating or researching unsolved
 missing/unidentified cases from the past.

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Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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