THE PIG FARM a work in progress for Knopf Canada


Nearly five years ago, when I was editing Elm Street magazine, I commissioned a story from Vancouver writer Daniel Woods on the missing women of the cityís infamous Downtown Eastside. I was horrified by the lack of attention to the situation and Danielís moving story helped to galvanize public opinion in favour of a major investigation. After Robert Pickton was finally charged with the murders of several of the missing women, Knopf Canada asked me to write a book on the case.

Stevie Cameron

For the past ten years, I have run one of the Out of the Cold church shelters in downtown Toronto and have learned first-hand about the problems of homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction and the violence and abuse that comes with living on the street. As a long-time resident of Vancouver and a UBC graduate, I also know Vancouver. And as an investigative reporter, the complex challenge of a book about poverty, the failure of the public systems to protect people, the agony of the families, and the inside story of brutal serial murders is a compelling responsibility. We are calling the book The Pig Farm.

I am now living in Vancouver almost full-time. I worked at the Globe and Mail as an investigative political reporter and columnist for many years, hosted the CBCís Fifth Estate, founded Elm Street magazine and have written for most national magazines in Canada. I have also written four books including Ottawa Inside Out, On the Take, Blue Trust and The Last Amigo.

THE PIG FARM a work in progress for Knopf Canada

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