So many missing-July 28, 1999

 By: Rob Givlak, North Island Gazette, Wed. July 28, 1999.

      A former North Island resident is one of the 29 women listed as missing on the downtown Eastside of Vancouver.
     Janet Henry’s family is leaving no stone unturned, but they believe she has been murdered.
     “The horrible thing is not knowing what happened, where she is or how she is,” said her sister, Sandra Gagnon, of Maple Ridge.  “I feel she was murdered.  She wouldn't just leave.”
     Sandra, who last heard from Janet on June 24, 1998, said her sister would call her every day, even just to leave a message that she was okay.
     When she disappeared, the rent for her Holborn Hotel room had just been paid and there was $100 in her bank account.
     Sandra believes her sister had been prostituting herself to pay for her drug addiction, but Janet had been talking of straightening out and going back to school.
     A year earlier, she had been raped and beaten.  The perpetrator got six months jail, despite having a lengthy record.
     The sisters grew up in Alert Bay.  One of their brothers, George Henry, still lives there.  Their niece, Lily Bell, lives in Port Hardy.
     Debra Chartier, Janet’s 14-year-old daughter who lives with her father in McBride, has done everything in her power to find her mom, even contacting Oprah Winfrey.
     Sandra said she will continue to talk to the media and others in hopes of finding her sister, finding answers or raising awareness that women are still going missing.
     “There are so many women missing.  I myself think they’ve been murdered.
     America’s Most Wanted is broadcasting a show about the missing women this Saturday at 9 p.m. on CHEK and BCTV.
     The City of Vancouver has issued a $100,000 reward.
     A friend of one missing woman has set up a website: 

Janet Gail Henry

Janet's Wedding Day



Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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