Sister still searching

Courtesy of Maple Ridge News, 23 June 2001
By Roxanne Hooper

Monday will mark four years since Sandra Gagnon has heard from her sister.

Janet Gail Henry was one of more than 30 women who went missing from the downtown eastside of Vancouver during the past several years.

Gagnonís commitment to find her sister has never waned. If anything, the loss of her other sister Dorothy this spring renewed her motivation to find out what happened to Henry.

Henry disappeared from an East Hastings hotel. Gagnon said Henry, then 36, had a drinking and drug problem, numerous health problems and may have been involved in prostitution. But in the weeks before she disappeared, she had spoken regularly with her older sister Gagnon of her efforts to quit drinking and plans to return to school and straighten out her life.

As a tribute to Henry and the other missing prostitutes, Gagnon will be laying flowers at a memorial bench at Crab Park (at the bottom of Main Street) on Monday morning.

"I want to show Janet and all the other women that I am thinking of them," she said. "My way of coping is to bring my sister pretty flowers. I want to give her flowers so she knows she is in my heart. Itís my way of showing Janet that I love her."

A year ago, the Vancouver Police issued a poster with photographs of 31 women from the Vancouverís downtown eastside. It announced the offering of a $100,000 reward and received some publicity from U.S. media including the popular Americaís Most Wanted.

Thereís been some speculation a serial killer is responsible for the disappearance of the women, and Gagnon agrees: "I really do believe thereís a serial killer because thereís so many women missing."

She vows to continue her search.

"I donít want the story of the missing women to be forgotten because all of these women are important," Gagnon said. "I will continue to speak out and take action until we bring my sister and the other women back."

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Janet Gail Henry

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