Relative clings to possibility missing woman is still alive

By Gerard Young

Times Columnist Staff

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Tiffany Drew

Cori Wilson still believes her cousin Tiffany Drew may be alive, even though Drew, has been added to a list of women who could turn out to be victims of an alleged serial killer.

Officially, a police task force in the Lower Mainland calls it a missing women’s list. However, five of its 55 names are catalogued now as victims in first-degree murder.

Port Coquitlam pig farmer Robert Pickton was charged Tuesday with three counts of first-degree murder.

He was already in custody on two other murder charges.

None of the five murder counts involves four Vancouver Island women on the list—including the most recent addition, Tiffany Louis Drew, 27.

"Maybe I am in denial," said Wilson, who grew up in Nanaimo with her missing cousin.

"I think there is a chance she is out there."

Though Wilson holds on to hope, she also holds her breath every time another murder charge is laid. Each count means police have accounted in some way for another woman on the missing list.

Wilson, a married mother of two children aged five and nine, continues to search for clues that her cousin is still alive.

She has heard rumours and reports that Drew traveled to Alberta or went back to Ontario where she has family. She works the Internet and tries to get Drew’s face out there. Somebody may have seen her or have a lead they may not even realize will help find Drew, she said.

But the facts are not on her side. Drew, the same age as her cousin, got into drugs, became an addict and turned to the sex trade to feed her disease.

She has three children, in the age range of Wilson’s children, the family will not say where they are living.

Drew used to call family regularly but that stopped three years ago.

Her story is remarkably similar to others on the list, including Kathy Knight of Victoria, Marnie Frey of Campbell River and Leigh Miner of Parksville. The common denominator for these women and the others on the list is the seedy culture of Vancouver’s downtown eastside.

"I want women to maybe learn from what is happening," said Wilson, who said she experimented with drugs when she hung out with her cousin but chose another path as she got older.

Drugs are at the root of the evil that has befallen the missing women, she said, a fact she has had to share with her nine-year-old boy after he saw newspaper headlines and pictures.

Tiffany Louise DREW-Mar 28, 2002

Photos of Tiffany
Tiffany Drew last seen Dec 1999



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