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Stephan Kraft


STEPHAN KRAFT knows how it feels to have a child disappear. In 1985, his four-year old son Jason was kidnapped by Kraft's common-law girlfriend of two years who was no relation to the child. Three years prior to this he came home from work to find a note from the biological mother stating she had run off with his son to Arizona. He found out later there was another man. With his heart broken he pleaded over a six-month period to the mother to bring his son back. After six months of hell she agreed the child would be better off with him to bring up.

He was happily raising his son alone when he met this new woman and she moved into his house. They were together for about two years. Then one day Stephan went to pick his girlfriend up from her job. To his surprise there were two men greeting him saying they were police officers and wanted him for questioning. Then they locked Stephan inside the office with her boss witnessing this. His girlfriend jumped into the car and went to the day-care and disappeared with his child. Stephan found out later the two people that held him against his will, was, her lawyer and a private detective she had hired. Stephan said, "Doesn't that beat all! I think that's a crime all in itself. It's called impersonating a police officer and unlawful confinement. These two legal officials gave her the chance to run with my child and that's what's called aiding and abetting in a crime.

"Stephan went to the Attorney General's office where he tried to file charges of kidnapping against his girlfriend and charges against the attorney and private investigator that assisted in the disappearance of his son. He was turned away. The reason being this

same lawyer and detective lied for her stating to the Attorney General that they knew the whereabouts of the child and that he was with the real mother. He had to convince the court the boy wasn't with his biological mother before authorities would take action, but first he had to find his son. Well Stephan knew different, so he tried to track his son down on his own. So began a six-month odyssey that saw Kraft lose everything he owned, a beautiful house and successful refinishing business. Stephan literally lost the shirt off his back! The house was sold through the courts' approval against Stephan's will, while Stephan was out of state searching for his boy.

Later on with the help of private detectives, he tracked the woman and his son down, and police finally stepped in to help. "It was right out of the movies," he said. "They brought in a helicopter to circle the day-care while the police went in and finally got Jason back." Lucky for Stephan he found the child when he did because there was an illegal adoption taking place that the mother and the girlfriend had cooked up with her crooked lawyers and a Private Investigator. Stephan did go to court and fought for the rights over his son against the mother and girlfriend and was awarded custody. "That was a long time ago." says Stephan. Since then he has forgiven the mother and ex -girlfriend. Stephan says the girlfriend's actions were out of an act of love for the child, but the pain it caused Stephan was so devastating that he almost destroyed his own life. There is more to this story and maybe he might tell us at a later date.

Since the abduction, the idea of helping parents in his situation has nagged at him, and in 1996 he decided to do something about it. Kraft says in most cases it's about revenge or selfishness of the other parent, and it is the child that loses out and is most affected by the split. Then there's the lawyers or psychiatrist that go in for the kill mostly only to generate more money for themselves by keeping that fire burning by twisting the parents against one another even more.

"Stephan knows what it can be like to be on the streets and kids shouldn't have to live like that," says Kraft, who left home at 15 to avoid an abusive stepfather and lived on the streets off and on until he was 17,which led him to being involved with drugs and in and out of trouble with the law himself.

Communication between kids and their parents is important and maybe "THE LOOKOUT" can open that door just a little. "THE LOOKOUT" will be an outlet for the kids to voice their views and for the parents to respond. "THE LOOKOUT" won't just cover missing kids, but anyone facing social problems, including seniors, women, drug addicts and street kids, those that have lost a love one through foul play, plus Most Wanted Criminals throughout the world.

Stephan Kraft is also a member of groups such as Cold Cases - Doe Network - FAMILIES AND FRIENDS OF MURDER VICTIMS and is linked to various other investigation organizations that find Missing Persons and Most Wanted Criminals.

One organization that has great importance for Stephan is Wayne Leng’s website at This website solely concentrates on the Downtown eastside missing women. Wayne, Stephan and Stan Karbowiak, and two mothers Deborah Jardine who has a daughter missing, and Lillie whose daughter was murdered and has suffered the tragic loss of two other children, have grouped together to assist in solving the mystery of these disappearances and to help assist the families by giving more exposure directed to their missing family members and bring the serial killer(s) responsible for these crimes to justice.

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Updated: August 21, 2016