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Naive or just plain gullible!!!

Why are people so naive or gullible to presume that the disappearances of the missing women from the downtown eastside of Vancouver have stopped? It continues, and will continue until something is done.
The private investigators ( CPA ) have on file 86 cases of missing women since they began their investigation earlier this past summer. Yet the Vancouver police have 30 some. Why would a police dept. allow so many women to go missing without warning the public?

The women certainly weren't high priced hookers. They were women that were living in the eastside because of necessity not by choice. They were victims of our society. Many had mental health issues that the government failed to address. It's much easier to place them out on the streets to fend for themselves than burden the tax payers. A lot of these individuals were incapable of taking care of themselves. They inevitably would succumb to parasites that prey on victims such as these poor unsuspecting women.

Many families reported there missing loved ones as soon as they found out of the disappearances. Some families " were not informed by the police " that their loved ones had vanished. They had to find out the details by themselves from strangers. If you or anyone else vanished would there not be a protocol followed for a missing person? In many cases this was not done.

These women deserved the dignity of an investigation as any other citizen that was reported as a missing person.

The police did not take the disappearances seriously until families began demanding answers and informing the media of what was really going on with the missing women. How long would the police have waited if it were not for the families getting involved to take action?

Why do we presume that it's a serial killer? It's feasible to assume an extremely organized group of individuals in high status positions are removing these women? Could it be people trying to cleanse the world of these women they regard as filth. Many had HIV or Hepatitis. Could it possibly be a form of a cleansing ritual, some cult involvement?

Remember one thing, " this hasn't stopped."

Women still continue to vanish in the downtown eastside, yet nobody seems to care....... 

Posted by   jenn wolford  on September 29, 1999 at 19:51:17:

In Reply to: Naive or Just Plain Gullible!!! posted by DJ on September 28, 1999 at 00:01:10:

I agree with this person totally, the public should have been warned, at even the first missing prostitute.

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One would think it would be a feasible to automatically warn the public of the vanishings. How do we know for certain this person or individuals don't prey upon others. How can a trail or investigation be conducted properly after a trail has gone so very cold. How many more women have gone missing that haven't been reported to the police. Others may not have families or friends to be concerned about they're well being. What should be done? How can an investigation be run after such a long time lapse? Any ideas or suggestions?

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