Police want inventory of missing women’s clothes

Greg Middleton
The Province

Sunday, March 10, 2002

Sereena Abotsway

The families of the Downtown Eastside's 50 missing women are to meet with police today.

They've been asked to bring lists of clothing and other personal effects to help police determine if items recovered from a Port Coquitlam pig farm belong to any of the missing.

"I was asked to bring a list of anything we saw her wearing -- jewelry, personal items, photos that might show clothing she was wearing," said Ernie Crey. Crey's sister, Dawn, disappeared in late 2000.

He said families have also been asked to bring lists of anyone their missing relative phoned on a regular basis, as well as diaries and photos that might show acquaintances.

Robert William Pickton has been charged with first-degree murder of Sereena Abotsway, who disappeared in August 2001, and Mona Wilson, the last woman to vanish.

On Friday, Surrey-Newton MLA Tony Bhullar filed a complaint about the Vancouver police department's handling of the case and called for a public inquiry.

Last month, Bhullar was charged with obstructing a Vancouver police officer and attempted obstruction of justice in connection with a confrontation with police at his mother's home. But the MLA said there is no connection between that case and Friday's complaint.

CBC failed on Friday to get the courts to make public details of three search warrants issued for the pig farm in a 1997 investigation into an attack on sex-trade worker Wendy Eistetter.

Judge Pedro deCouto ruled that revealing what was in affidavits sworn by police to get the warrants might prejudice a possible jury hearing the charges against Pickton. 

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