Police may have second suspect in missing women's case

Yvette Brend reports for CBC Radio News
Sunday, March 17, 2002

Gina Houston

Vancouver - CBC News has learned police may have another prime suspect in their investigation into the disappearances of 50 women from Vancouver's downtown east side.

Gina Houston, a friend of the man charged with two counts of first degree murder, has told CBC News she's now the number one suspect still at large.

The 34-year-old Houston says she's been under investigation for four years and that police are making her life a living hell.

She denies having anything to do with the disappearances, but says she expects to be arrested soon.

Fifty-two-year-old Robert (Willy) Pickton has been charged with murdering two of Vancouver's 50 missing women.

Houston says she often stayed at Pickton's farm in Port Coquitlam, which has become the focus of a massive search.

Police have searched two storage lockers in the past month one belonging to Pickton and the other to Houston.

Houston says police took her furniture and her children's toys and slashed open couch cushions to look for any evidence.

Her locker was next to Pickton's. According to Pickton's brother, Dave, the storage locker was rented simply to protect expensive farm equipment from being stolen.

He says Willy mailed him a list of the items he wanted removed from the locker, but Dave fears now it's too late to retrieve the items, which included a sledgehammer.

Dave Pickton says police are using other tactics that worry him. He says his brother was interrogated on videotape for 12 hours. He says he saw the tape, and says his brother seemed fatigued and suffering.

He's worried about Willy's mental health, saying he seemed stressed, and unable to remember simple facts anymore.

Gina Houston possible suspect-Mar 17, 2002



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