Pig farm will not yield bodies, police tell families

The Vancouver Sun
Monday, May 27, 2002

Jake Kennedy
Vancouver Sun

Police are telling the families of the 54 women missing from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside not to expect any bodies to be recovered from a pig farm in Port Coquitlam.

"They said we shouldn't expect them to find any bodies, but we can expect them to find fragments," said Rick Frey, whose daughter Marnie has been missing since August 1997.

He said police made the comments at a meeting held Sunday in Surrey to update the families of the missing women about the continuing investigation. Also present were representatives of the missing women task force, the coroner and representatives of the solicitor-general.

Marnie Lee Frey

Frey said police made no mention of any new charges being laid against Port Coquitlam pig farmer Robert (Willy) Pickton, 52, who faces seven charges of first-degree murder. All the alleged victims are on the list of the 54 missing women.

Families were also shown photos of material gathered from the farm -- clothing, jewellery and hand bags -- to see if they could identify the items as belonging to their missing relatives.

Frey said police had no answers for some of the major questions asked of them during the four-hour meeting.

"There's a lot of things I don't expect them to answer -- like how the investigation is going and what kind of evidence they've got," said Frey.

"But it was a helpful meeting. We appreciate being kept up to date on what's happening."

The agony of a briefing-May 27, 2002

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