How Lindsay Kines and Sun reporters broke missing women story-Nov 6, 2002
Current News Updates
'FORSAKEN' The Report of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry
Global News
Maggie Burke
A parents worst nightmare. Edmonton police seeking help in 11 year case of missing woman
The Canadian Press - Dec 5, 2014
BC is much safer for vulnerable women than in the predatory days of Pickton says attorney general
The Canadian Press - Mar 18, 2014
Children of serial killer Robert Pickton’s victims will split $4.9M in compensation fund
Vancouver Sun - Jan 20, 2014
Over 800 aboriginal women missing, murdered
Author Maryanne Pearce - 2013
An Awkward Silence Missing and Murdered Vulnerable Women and the Canadian Justice System
Vancouver Sun - Nov 29, 2013
Missing Women inquiry slammed
The Canadian Press - Oct 11, 2013
Fewer than half of Pickton inquiry recommendations 'in progress' or complete
The Canadian Press - Oct 7, 2013
Vancouver police, RCMP insist they acted reasonably in Pickton case
The Canadian Press - Aug 20, 2013
Another three victims families sue Pickton police bringing total to nine

The Canadian Press - July 16, 2013
Another family of Pickton victim sues RCMP Vancouver police
The Vancouver Sun - June 5, 2013
Mom of the Downtown Eastside Bonnie Fournier dies
The Canadian Press - May 17, 2013
Pickton lawsuit prompts Steven Point's resignation from advisory board on inquiry recommendations
The Canadian Press - May 9, 2013
Families of four missing women file lawsuit against Pickton, police, government
Vancouver Sun - Feb 19, 2013
Vancouver police board endorses regional policing as a more effective and efficient model
Canadian Press - Jan 21, 2013
Vancouver police chief gives nod to calls for regional police force
Campbell River Courier-Islander - Dec 21, 2012
Victim's father finally gets questions answered
The Daily News - Dec 20, 2012
C.J. Fowler
What does Oppal’s report mean for CJ?
Courier-Islander - Dec 19, 2012
Oppal report says Marnie Frey, others, were 'forsaken'
The Globe and Mail - Dec 17, 2012
Mixed emotions as families of victims try to make sense of report
The Vancouver Sun - Dec 17, 2012
Missing women report calls for regional policing, points to 'blatant errors' by police
The Globe and Mail - Dec 16, 2012
Stevie Cameron 'There are lots of Mr. Picktons around'
The Globe and Mail - Dec 16, 2012
On the eve of his report's release, head of B.C.'s probe into missing women calls for co-operation
The Canadian Press - Dec 16, 2012
Inquiry report to be released more than a decade after Robert Pickton's arrest
The Canadian Press - Dec 12, 2012
Families of Pickton's victims to be supported during inquiry report's release
The Progress - Dec 10, 2012
BC government fumbles release of missing women inquiry report
The Canadian Press - Dec 6, 2012
Inquiry report into serial killer Robert Pickton to be made public on Dec. 17
Chilliwack Progress -Dec 6, 2012
Report of the missing women inquiry to be released soon via the Internet
The Province - Nov 23, 2012
Pickton investigation report handed over to B.C. government
Canadian Press - Nov 19, 2012
Victims' families deeply disappointed is Missing Women's inquiry
The Canadian Press - Oct 25, 2012
Oppal gets additional month to finish report on Pickton inquiry
Ottawa Citizen - Oct 5, 2012
Hundreds demonstrate for action to end violence against women
Vancouver Sun - Sept 27, 2012
Serial killer Bobby Fowler probably not the main Highway of Tears murderer profiler says
The Province - Sept 26, 2012
Highway of Tears Victim's family makes emotional plea for tips
Vancouver Sun - Sept 25, 2012
Bobby Jack Fowler dead US sex offender linked to three BC Highway of Tears murders
National Post - Aug 10, 2012
Missing Women inquiry workers paid more than BCs longest serving judges
Vancouver Sun - June 28, 2012
Downtown Eastside plaques to memorialize missing women
National Post - June 15, 2012
Brian Hutchinson on the Pickton Inquiry, Whole story still untold
Vancouver Sun - June 13, 2012
No evidence of sexism by staff at Missing Women inquiry, probe finds
POSTMEDIA NEWS - June 12, 2012
Tories tried to limit RCMP's apology to Robert Pickton victims
Canadian Press - June 11, 2012
Memories haunt daughter of Pickton victim
POSTMEDIA News - June 12, 2012
Tories tried to limit RCMP's apology to Robert Pickton victims
The Canadian Press - June 10, 2012
Families of Pickton's victims leave inquiry longing for normalcy
The Canadian Press - June 7, 2012
Oppal defends his work as Pickton inquiry wraps
The Straight - June 6, 2012
BC missing women inquiry concludes amid criticism from families
The Canadian Press - June 5, 2012
RCMP, Vancouver Police blame each other at Pickton inquiry
The Canadian Press - June 4, 2012
Pickton Inquiry 'has failed,' lawyer argues
National Post - June 5, 2012
Pickton inquiry under fire to the end

The Vancouver Sun - June 4, 2012
Police should have caught serial killer Robert Pickton by 1998, lawyer tells inquiry
The Canadian Press - May 31, 2012
Missing women inquiry gets four-month extension for report
The Vancouver Sun - May 29, 2012
Former ace interrogator Bill Fordy lands job as head of Surrey RCMP
National Post - May 25, 2012
Deadly Dysfunction, Scathing undisclosed details from inside the Pickton investigation
The Canadian Press - May 24, 2012
Missing women inquiry hears police knew Robert Pickton was hunting women while in disguise
The Canadian Press - May 24, 2012
Missing women inquiry hears focus was on organized crime, not disappearances
The Canadian Press - May 18, 2012
Vancouver cop refutes allegations of sexism, indifference at inquiry
The Canadian Press - May 17, 2012
Former sex worker claims Pickton confessed killings to her
The Vancouver Sun - May 16, 2012
Police response to Pickton's victims an 'embarrassment,' former mayor says
The Canadian Press - May 14, 2012
RCMP didn't see Pickton as serial killer, allowed file to lay dormant for months
Vancouver Sun and Canadian Press - May 10, 2012
RCMP says former spokeswoman about to file civil suit
The Vancouver Sun
VPD detectives who worked on missing women case felt serial killer was responsible, inquiry told
The Vancouver Sun - May 8, 2012
Profound cultural differences between VPD and RCMP, senior VPD officers tells missing women forum
The Vancouver Sun - May 8, 2012
Former member of Squamish Five group tells forum about her encounter with serial killer Robert Pickton
The Vancouver Sun - May 7, 2012
VPD handling of missing person reports has radically changed, forum told
Times Colonist - May 3, 2012
Police Act changes force departments to work together
The Vancouver Sun - May 2, 2012
My experience with VPD in stark contrast to inquiry testimony
The Vancouver Sun - May 1, 2012
Sex workers, police discuss ways to prevent another Pickton preying on vulnerable women
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 30, 2012
Keynote address tonight kicks off Missing Women inquiry public forums
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 26, 2012
Three former VPD officers offer personal apologies
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 25, 2012
Missing Women inquiry wants to hear from Mountie who alleges she was sexually abused
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 25, 2012
Missing Women inquiry is a fiasco, lawyer for families tells inquiry
Postmedia News - Apr 24, 2012
Former police officer took stress leave during Pickton probe
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 24, 2012
VPD warned in 1990s about understanding in missing persons section, inquiry told
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 23, 2012
VPD placed low priority on "hookers" being reported missing, inquiry told

The Province - Apr 23, 2012
Missing women just "hookers" referred to as scum of the Earth by biased VPD, inquiry told
The Province - Apr 23, 2012
Galliford not testifying at the Missing Women inquiry
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 19, 2012
Attempted murder charges against Pickton in 1997 'red flagged,' judge tells inquiry
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 18, 2012
Former Crown worker has no memory of meeting Pickton attack victim, inquiry told
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 17, 2012
Mother tells inquiry about shocking phone call in 2002 about missing daughter
The Province - Apr 17, 2012
Daughter's fate revealed when expert detailed drilling 'holes in meat packages' from Pickton farm
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 16, 2012
Missing Person filed closed days after it was opened, inquiry told
The Province - Apr 16, 2012
Police lawyers' absence noted: They 'can't be bothered to even listen' says victim's family
The Province - Apr 16, 2012
Families of missing women testify at inquiry
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 12, 2012
Missing Women inquiry must adhere to terms of reference
The Vancouver sun - Apr 12, 2012
Crown's 1997 file on Pickton mistakenly destroyed with other files, inquiry told
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 11, 2012
Victim of Pickton attack in 1997 was furious with Crown dropping charges, inquiry told
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 10, 2012
Pickton victim to high and incoherent to testify, inquiry told
Open Letter: Groups affirm boycott of discriminatory Missing Women Commission of Inquiry
The Province - Apr 10, 2012
Missing Women: Testimony of woman who survived Pickton attack postponed
The Province - Apr 6, 2012
Missing women: Vancouver cop among few who listened to 'one who got away' from Pickton
The Province - Apr 6, 2012
Officer tells of the woman who fought Pickton, and lived
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 5, 2012
Executive director of Missing Women inquiry put on leave while probe conducted
The Province - Apr 4, 2012
Grief and police criticism fill pages of officer's book. Shenher stands by most of what she wrote
National Post - Apr 4, 2012
Missing Women Commission official told to 'help' on arms length report
The Province - Apr 4, 2012
Vancouver Police officer defends book about murdered women in Pickton case
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 4, 2012
Oppal appoints investigator to probe Missing Women inquiry staff harassment allegations
National Post - Apr 4, 2012
Head of Missing Women Commission Inquiry 'appalled' by sexual harassment claims
The Province - Apr 3, 2012
Native liaison worker admits telling woman VPD wouldn't make her missing native, drug-addicted mother a priority
The Vancouver Sun - Apr 2, 2012
B.C.'s Missing Women inquiry has been a "lightning rod" for criticism, Wally Oppal says
The Province - Apr 2, 2012
Oppal pleads co-operation from critics in missing women inquiry
The Vancouver Sun - Mar 29, 2012
Missing Women inquiry needs time extension to succeed, NDP leader says
The Province - Mar 29, 2012
Dozens of murdered women deserve inquiry extension, say NDP
The Times Colonist - Mar 22, 2012
'I saw I couldn't do my job,' says lawyer who quit missing women inquiry
The Vancouver Sun - Mar 21, 2012
Wally Oppal appoints two lawyers to represent Aboriginal issues at inquiry
The Vancouver Sun - Mar 16, 2012
Enforcement against sex workers to be used as a 'last resort,' VPD report says
The Province - Mar 14, 2012
Lawyer urges fewer arrests of women reporting violent crimes
The Vancouver Sun - Mar 12, 2012
Missing Women inquiry adjourned to April 2 to allow appointment of Aboriginal counsel
The Province - Mar 12, 2012
Missing Women inquiry adjourned to replace First Nations lawyer
The Province - Mar 8, 2012
First Nation leaders say missing women's commission has no credibility
The Vancouver Sun - Mar 8, 2012
VPD mangers felt DTES officer suffered from Stockholm Syndrome, inquiry told
The Province - Mar 7, 2012
Missing women investigator can't remember names of missing women
The Vancouver Sun - Mar 7, 2012
VPD officer's unpublished Pickton book ordered disclosed at Missing Women inquiry
The Vancouver Sun - Mar 6, 2012
Am I next serial killer victim wrote before vanishing in 1998
The Vancouver Sun - Mar 6, 2012
Vancouver's DTES still a mess despite $1 million a day in spending: retired officer
Postmedia News - Mar 6, 2012
Missing women inquiry has lost credibility with aboriginal community: Grand Chief
The Province - Mar 6, 2012
Missing women inquiry suffers another blow as lawyer representing First Nations quits
The Huffington Post - Mar 5, 2012
Pickton Inquiry: Robyn Gervais, Lawyer For Aboriginal Interests Quits
The Province - Mar 5, 2012
Former beat cop answered 750 calls a month in Downtown Eastside, inquiry hears
Postmedia News - Mar 5, 2012
Officers speak of difficulty policing Pickton's hunting ground
The Canadian Press - Feb 29, 2012
First chance to catch Pickton was unrelated gun searches
The Vancouver Sun - Feb 28, 2012
"Am I next?" serial killer victim wrote before vanishing in 1998
Postmedia News - Feb 27, 2012
Sex workers lost trust in police, missing women inquiry told
The Vancouver Sun - Feb 27, 2012
Missing Women inquiry hears from victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

The Province - Feb 27, 2012
Panel lament police role change from sex worker protectors to law enforcers
The Vancouver Sun - Feb 23, 2012
'Wow. How did this happen?' commanding officer thought first day of Pickton farm search
The Province - Feb 23, 2012
Top cop still wonders how he could have handled Pickton investigation better, inquiry hears
The Province - Feb 21, 2012
Ceremony to honour victimized women brings police, First Nations together
Vancouver Observer - Feb 21, 2012
Ex Pickton worker echoes lawyer allegations of police cover up
The Province - Feb 21, 2012
Missing women inquiry switches to public forum format
Missing Women Inquiry: Ex-Pickton worker echoes lawyer allegations of police coverup
The Province - Feb 20, 2012
High-priced lawyer Greenspan attacks allegations of 'coverup' as ex-VPD chief Blythe testifies
Postmedia News - Feb 17, 2012
Families of Pickton victims outraged by RCMP officer's stand
The Province - Feb 15, 2012
DNA bank would have aided probe into serial killer Robert Pickton, inquiry hears
The Vancouver Sun - Feb 15, 2012
Serial killer Robert Pickton began killing in 1991, inquiry told
The Province - Feb 14, 2012
Thousands march in support of B.C.'s missing and murdered women
The Province - Feb 13, 2012
Lawyer demands inquiry to release all info on Picktons, Hells Angels and Piggy's Palace
The Vancouver Sun - Feb 9, 2012
Serial killer Robert Pickton, Hells Angels linked at Missing Women inquiry
The Vancouver Sun - Feb 9, 2012
Lead investigator on Pickton case believed woman aided serial killer, inquiry told
The Vancouver Sun - Feb 8, 2012
'Creepy' video of serial killer Robert Pickton released by inquiry
The Province - Feb 7, 2012
Pickton investigator astounded crucial files would go missing
National  Post - Feb 7, 2012
Brian Hutchinson: Questions fester about Pickton inquiry
National Post - Feb 6, 2012
Robert Pickton inquiry chief riled by police 'cover-up' charge
The Vancouver Sun - Feb 6, 2012
Robert Pickton on Mountie's radar as possible serial killer in 1998: former officer
The Province - Feb 6, 2012
Addict who survived Pickton attack told she wasn't credible, inquiry hears
The Globe and Mail - Feb 2, 2012
Constable details crass behavior of officers at missing women inquiry
The Province - Feb 2, 2012
Inquiry told of maverick cops out for glory instead of focusing on Pickton as a suspect
The Province - Feb 1, 2012
Investigator questioned whether officials were warned Pickton was a prime suspect
The Vancouver Sun - Feb 1, 2012
Officer traumatized by Robert Pickton wrote book and TV script inquiry hears
The Vancouver Sun - Jan 31, 2012
Officer breaks down as she recalls how missing women investigations affected her life
The Vancouver Sun - Jan 30, 2012
'This is what a serial killer looks like,' VPD officer tells missing women inquiry
The Province - Jan 30, 2012
VPD officer testifies of frustration at casual dismissal of her serial killer suspicions
The Vancouver Sun - Jan 27, 2012
RCMP apologize for not doing enough to solve missing women case sooner
The Canadian Press - Jan 26, 2012
Tense exchange at Pickton inquiry over officer's actions
The Vancouver Sun - Jan 25, 2012
Missing women case should have been solved earlier, former cop tells inquiry
The Vancouver Sun - Jan 25, 2012
Police lawyers 'coming out of the woodwork,' missing women inquiry hears
POSTMEDIA - Jan 24, 2012
Serial killer warning blocked by cop's 'temper tantrum,' missing women inquiry hears
The National Post - Jan 20, 2012
Police foresaw Pickton inquiry, noted bungled investigation, almost two years before serial killer's arrest
The Canadian Press - Jan 20, 2012
Slow pace of Pickton inquiry may cause public to lose confidence: commissioner
The Province - Jan 19, 2012
Case Reviewer: Flood of Pickton tips should have galvanized investigation sooner
The Province - Jan 18, 2012
Deaths prevented if police took 'ownership' of Missing Women reports: Witness
The Vancouver Sun - Jan 17, 2012
Officers never followed up on Pickton search offer, Missing Women inquiry told
The Province - Jan 16, 2012
Case reviewer says police brass must answer for length of Pickton's killing spree
The Vancouver Sun - Jan 16, 2012
Failures of Pickton investigation similar to Bernardo probe, inquiry told
The Vancouver Sun - Jan 13, 2012
Coquitlam Mounties should have asked sooner for help on Pickton, inquiry told
The Vancouver Sun - Jan 12, 2012
Senior Mountie declines to apologize for RCMP failures in Pickton investigation, deferring to managers
The Vancouver Sun - Jan 11, 2012
RCMP managers should have done more in Pickton probe, senior Mountie tells inquiry
The Canadian Press - Jan 10, 2012
RCMP officer who offered rosy review of Pickton investigation to testify
The Canadian Press - Jan 2, 2012
Police repression puts sex workers at risk: experts
The Vancouver Sun - Dec 16, 2011
Mother of Pickton victim was rebuffed when she tried reporting daughter missing
Tensions at Missing Women's Inquiry Commissioner boil over
The Province - Dec 13, 2011
UN expert to examine Canada's 'tragedy' of 600 murdered or missing women
The Vancouver Sun - Dec 12, 2011
Missing Women inquiry to sit three days this week
The Niagara Falls Review - Dec 10, 2011
Apology rejected by Wellander at Pickton inquiry
The Province - Nov 30, 2011
VPD playing blame game, lawyer tells Missing Women Inquiry
The Province - Nov 29, 2011
VPD's 'hooker' task force plagued by racism, discrimination, inquiry hears
Globe and Mail - Nov 28, 2011
Police clerk told caller ‘missing hookers’ not investigated, inquiry hears
The Vancouver Sun - Nov 28, 2011
Vancouver police had enough info on Pickton to execute warrant in 1998, inquiry told
The  Province - Nov 24, 2011
Female RCMP officers' accounts of sexual harassment in force prompt new hotline
Postmedia News - Nov 24, 2011
Cop denies Pickton hatched plot to kill women in Vancouver
Postmedia News - Nov 23, 2011
Sisters of Pickton victim says she's sickened by officer's accusations
Globe and Mail - Nov 23, 2011
Sister outraged 'just hookers' remark
The Province - Nov 23, 2011
At least 18 women murdered after police had 'solid' evidence of serial killer: Lepard
The Vancouver Sun - Nov 22, 2011
Vancouver police managers failed to take ownership of missing women issue, inquiry told
Globe and Mail - Nov 22, 2011
Witness shocked Pickton testimony contradicted by Vancouver Police
The Province - Nov 22, 2011
Cops watched porn, skipped work instead of investigating missing women: Galliford
Postmedia News - Nov 22, 2011
Pickton knew he was under surveillance during killing spree: Senior officer
Postmedia News - Nov 21, 2011
Senior Vancouver cops failed to take 'ownership' of missing women investigation, inquiry told
CTV News - Nov 20, 2011
Pickton case botched by failure of leadership: report
CTV News - Nov 20, 2011
Summer student shows up Pickton detectives: report
CTV News - Nov 18, 2011
High-level policing failures cited in report into missing B.C. women

Macleans Magazine - Nov 18, 2011
The RCMP: a Royal Canadian disgrace
The Vancouver Courier - Nov 14, 2011
Vancouver cops may amend missing person policy
The Province - Nov 10, 2011
Come back 'in the rainy season,' Pickton's brother told RCMP
The Province - Nov 9, 2011
'Sense of urgency' to investigate Pickton farm came almost two years after initial report: Deputy Chief
The Vancouver Sun - Nov 8, 2011
Rough road ahead for Wally Oppal
The Vancouver Sun - Nov 8, 2011
Warning would not have changed women's behaviour: officer
The Vancouver Sun - Nov 8, 2011
Two VPD officers raised alarm in 1998 about missing women, inquiry told
The Province - Nov 7, 2011
Single officer assigned to missing-persons unit by'97, inquiry hears
Post Media News - Nov 3, 2011
Vulnerable witnesses need to be shielded at Pickton inquiry
The Province - Nov 2, 2011
Woman's aunt, cousin missing 'but the police did nothing'
The Vancouver Sun - Nov 2, 2011
RCMP lawyer seeks sweeping ban on sensitive Missing Women documents
The Vancouver Sun - Nov 1, 2011
Vancouver police officer lied about whereabouts of missing women, witness tells Missing Women Inquiry
The Province - Nov 1, 2011
Witness tells inquiry women were snatched as if there was 'a monster out there'
The Vancouver Sun - Oct 31, 2011
Sex trade worker believes she was raped by serial killer Robert Pickton
The Vancouver Sun - Oct 28, 2011
AG approves extension deadline for Missing Women inquiry
The Province - Oct 27, 2011
Inquiry witness was only eight when she began to learn the grotesque details of her mother's death
The Vancouver Sun - Oct 27, 2011
'Police have some accounting to do,' brother of slain woman testifies
The Vancouver Sun - Oct 27, 2011
Daughter of one of Robert Picktons' victims brings Missing Women inquiry to tears
The Province - Oct 26, 2011
'If police had taken her death seriously from the beginning, I'd know what happened to her'
The Vancouver Sun - Oct 25, 2011
Relative of murder victim slams Vancouver Police for failure to properly investigate
The Vancouver Sun - Oct 25, 2011
Statement read by Lori-Ann Ellis
The Vancouver Sun - Oct 25, 2011
Missing Women inquiry spectators cheer suggestion of police cover-up
The Province - Oct 23, 2011
Family of missing woman to make their point outside of missing women commission
The Canadian Press - Oct 23, 2011
Families of Pickton's victims to relive trauma at inquiry and call for change
The Vancouver Sun - Oct 19, 2011
Vancouver women who disappeared immediately missed, inquiry told
The Province - Oct 19, 2011
Vancouver cops forced prostitutes to perform sexual favours, inquiry told
The Vancouver Sun - Oct 17, 2011
Pickton planned to kill before picking up prostitutes: expert
John Lowman - Criminology Professor
A. Cameron Ward & Company
Our Opening Statement (unredacted)
October 11, 2011 in Missing Women Commission of Inquiry

A. Cameron Ward & Company acting for the families of 18 women who went missing on the DTES
The Vancouver Sun - Oct 11, 2011
Police blasted at Missing Women inquiry for failures to catch killer sooner
National Post - Oct 9, 2011
Women continued to vanish, even with Pickton in sights
The Vancouver Sun - Sept 6, 2011
Police conduct aided a serial killer - they must be held responsible
The Vancouver Sun - Aug 19, 2011

Mother of missing woman gets full standing at B.C. inquiry
Saturday, July 30, 2011
Feast and Memorial for Mona Lee Wilson
The Times Colonist - 06 03 2011
Jody Paterson: So voices of sex workers are silenced once again
The Vancouver Sun - 03 05 2011
Missing Women Commission grants standing to 18 groups including victims' families
Globe and Mail
Death certificates place missing women's deaths at Pickton's farm

The Vancouver Sun - 1 31 2011
Missing Woman Commission hears from groups seeking official status
The Vancouver Sun - 11 27 2010
Top Robert Pickton cop breaks his silence
On The Farm: Robert William Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancouver's Missing Women

The Vancouver Sun - 11 23 2010
Missing women inquiry's first public forum delayed
CTV NEWS - 10 28 2010
Lawyer steps in to help Pickton murder victims' family

The Times Colonist - 10 28 2010
Real inquiry needed into Pickton killings

Times Colonist - 09 29 2010
Oppal choice sparks controversy
The Province - 09 28-2010
Wally Oppal heads inquiry into police work in Robert Pickton serial murders
The Straight - 09 27 2010
B.C. attorney general to announce terms of reference, commissioner for Pickton inquiry
Macleans Magazine - 09 28 2010
The Vancouver Sun - 09 22 2010
Family says goodbye, 11 years after murder
Times Colonist - 09 02 2010
I never wanted to believe that the missing women didn't count
The Times Colonist - 08 15 2010
Police could have caught Robert Pickton earlier and prevented deaths
The Times Colonist - 08 15 2010
Bill Hiscox tipped Vancouver Police about Pickton in 1998
The Times Colonist - 08 10 2010
Lindsay Kines: Police failed those women in Pickton case -- but why?
The Times Colonist - 08 10 2010
Police could have caught Pickton years earlier, says Vancouver deputy chief's report
The Globe and Mail - 08 09 2010

Internal strife delayed Pickton arrest, former officer says
The Province - 08 05 2010
Sarah de Vries 1 of 20 women for whose murder Pickton will never be tried
The Canadian Press - 08 05 2010
Stories of 20 women linked to Pickton untold
The Globe and Mail - 07 30 2010
Pickton responsible for the death of at least 33 women; possibly 49 says RCMP
The Vancouver Sun - 07 30 2010
Vancouver police apologize for not catching Robert Pickton sooner

The National Post - 07 30 2010
Supreme Court refuses to grant Robert Pickton new trial

The Canadian Press - 07 27 2010
Supreme Court to rule Friday on whether Robert Pickton gets new trial
Surrey North Delta Leader - 06 25 2010
Teri-Lyn remembered
Calgary Herald - 06 17 2010
Alberta family mourns for sex-trade worker slain in Surrey
The Vancouver Sun - 04 11 2010
Key witness dies before top court can rule on Robert Pickton's appeal

CTV News - 03 25 2010
Victim's family supports new trial for Pickton
The Vancouver Sun - 03 25 2010
Decision on new Pickton trial could be months away
The Vancouver Sun - 03 24 2010
Crown argues not to retry Robert Pickton
The Province - 03 18 2010
Crown suggests serial killer Pickton had accomplices
CBC News - 02 14 2010
Hundreds march in Vancouver in memory of missing women
The Canadian Press - 02 14 2010
Large crowd comes out to remember missing women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
Times Colonist - 02 14 2010
Stolen Sisters march a declaration of love
CBC News - 02 14 2010
Calgarians march to remember missing, murdered women
CBC News - 02 14 2010
Edmonton march honours missing, slain women
Montreal Gazette - 02 14 2010
Montrealers march for murdered indigenous women
Vancouver Courier - 02 3 2010
Group says 38 Downtown Eastside women still missing
The Vancouver Sun - 01 29 2010
Missing women portraits unveiled
The Vancouver Sun - 01 01 2010
Defence lawyers argue judge erred in Willie Pickton trial, seek new trial
Can West News - 12 29 09
Vancouver police back missing women public inquiry
Can West News - 11 28 09
Brother of suspected Pickton victim dies in Victoria drowning
The Province - 10 29 09
Six more charges likely for Pickton
The Vancouver Sun - 10 29 09
Police to recommend Pickton be charged for deaths of six more women
Canwest News Service - 10 29 09
Pickton faces 6 more charges
Janis Cole
Will You Remember Their Names?
Trinity Square Video
Remember Their Names
The Vancouver Sun - 06 29 09
Judge's actions left door open for appeal
The Vancouver Sun - 06 25 09
Serial killer Robert (Willie) Pickton's bid for new trial turned down
The Province - 06 25 09
'Insensitive' coroner's staff rub more salt into victims' wounds
The Canadian Press - 06 24 09
B.C. court to rule on Pickton appeal
The Vancouver Sun - 06 24 09
Family, friends of missing women await Pickton appeal
The Canadian Press - 06 24 09
Pickton paradox: serial killer's successful appeal might mean real justice
Things of Desire
Remember Their Names - TSV
The Ottawa Citizen - 05 09 09
The search for Maisy and Shannon

The Province - 05 05 09
A message in angry strokes
Leader-Post - 04 24 09
Vanished, but not forgotten
The stories behind some of Saskatchewan's
95 missing people
Leader-Post - 04 24 09
Proposed memorial would be place for reflection and healing

The Canadian Press - 04 06 09
Crown had powerful evidence against Pickton but judge errors muted it
Winnipeg Sun - 04 05 09
Pickton's ploy
The Vancouver Sun - 04 02 09
Marie Laura Mah
Mystery of missing woman solved
The Vancouver Sun - 03 30 09
Serial killer Willie Pickton's convictions should be overturned: lawyer
The Province - 03 16 09
Defence opposes Pickton 'confession' video at appeal
The Vancouver Sun - 03 11 09
Inquiry urged for B.C.'s missing women
Maggie Lee Burke

Last seen in Edmonton
December 2004

The Times - 12 12 08
Pickton was no 'serial killer'
The Times - 12 12 08
Crey laments lack of charges
Southshore Now - 12 08 08
Journalist recounts Canada's most infamous murder case
The Canadian Press - 12 07 08
Next week marks first anniversary of conviction of serial killer Robert Pickton
The Canadian Press - 11 27 08
Picktons lose appeal to have notorious property rezoned as farmland
Epoch Times - 11 24 08
Serial Killer's Farm Should Be Memorial, Say Missing Women's Supporters
The Vancouver Sun - 10 22 08
Media seeks access to videos and other exhibits filed at Robert Pickton's first trial
The Daily Gleaner - 10 04 08
From Airbus to Pickton, Cameron has been there
The Vancouver Sun - 10 02 08
Lawyers file more than 15,000 pages of documents for Robert Pickton appeal
Can West News - 09 25 08
Who Killed Theresa
Amateur sleuthing reveals a likely murder that remains unsolved
first nations missing and murdered women
"Walk for Justice - Highway of Tears"
National Post - 09 24 08
1978 murder focus of book on cold cases
Edmonton Journal - 06 25 08
Haunting art exhibit makes impression
Morningstar Mercredi
Honouring the warrior within
The Province - 04 21 08
From drugs and sex to a life of hope
The Province - 04 08 08
Pickton appeal still a year away from hearing
The Vancouver Sun - 04 02 08
Pickton's lawyer argues against adjournment
Joint Missing Women Task Force
The Vancouver Sun - 03 08 08
A sister still lost - Dianne Rock
The Straight - 02 27 08
Retired Vancouver judge Wallace Craig calls for inquiry into Pickton murders
The Canadian Press - 03 06 08
Crown willing to share Pickton evidence with families of 20 remaining victims
The Vancouver Sun - 03 01 08
Danielle LaRue never had chance to succeed
Toronto Star
Pickton unlikely to face trial in 20 more cases
The Canadian Press - 02 26 08
Crown won't proceed with second trial if Pickton appeal fails
Letter from Lynn Frey - 02 24 08
To Anyone Using Our Daughter's Legacy
The Vancouver Sun - 02 27 08
Odds stacked against women trying to recover
The Vancouver Sun 02 25 08
'Nothing's changed' in Vancouver's drug-plagued Downtown Eastside
Sun Media - 02 17 08
Missing and slain women remembered
In Memory of Jack Cummer
Marlene George
Phase 1 - Pickton trial
The Vancouver Sun - 01 16 08
Woman's remains found in valley - Michelle Choiniere
The Province 01 13 08
Police investigating more missing women
The Province 01 13 08
'I just want someone to tell me what happened'
Vancouver Sun - 01 08 08
Crown wants to try Pickton for 26 deaths if he's granted an appeal
Vancouver Sun - 01 06 08
Crown to appeal Robert Pickton's second-degree murder verdict
Robert "Willie" Pickton should stand trial for remaining 20 murder charges he faces
Vancouver Sun - 01 02 08
Online petition demands second trial
Toronto Star - 01 06 07
Edmonton killer preying on prostitutes
Canadian Press - 12 28 07
Robert Pickton trial cruel twist on parlour game of six degrees of separation
Vancouver Sun - Dec 28, 2007
Man behind slain women's song dies

Jack Cummer was grandfather of Pickton victim
Times Colonist
We're all complicit in women's deaths
The Toronto Star - 12 13 07
On looking and looking away

CanWest News Service - 12 19 07
Pickton farm yields another missing woman's DNA
The Vancouver Sun - 12 11 07
Missing women's resting place marked
The Canadian Press
Families of Pickton's victims want public inquiry into police handling of case
CTV News
Pickton gets life, no chance of parole for 25 years
The Province
RCMP Insp. Don Adam
'Pickton planned his murders'
The Associated Press
Serial Killer Victims' Families in Court
The Vancouver Sun
FAMILIES REJOICE; Pickton's chance for parole set at 25 years
The Canadian Press - 12 09 07
Missing women's lives had no place as Pickton jury deliberated their deaths
The Vancouver Sun
VPD appears to have been blind during late 90s
CTV.CA - 12 09 07
Verdict a 'bittersweet' victory for victims' families
The Vancouver Sun - 12 09 07
Families mourn murdered women
The Star - 12 05 07
More strange stories from Pickton's farm
The Vancouver Sun
Families relieved end near in Pickton trial
Edmonton Sun
'Always woke with a smile'
The Province
Vigil held for missing loved ones
International Day to end violence against women
The Vancouver Sun
Missing loved ones honoured in Downtown Eastside memorial
The Province
Daughters of missing women inspire hope
Family members, friends find comfort sharing memories of lost ones
Canadian Press
Pickton lawyers, judge have big job to sum up year-long case and sway jurors
Kamloops This Week
The Vancouver Sun - 10 12 07
Highway of Tears
RCMP step up investigation into 18 dead or missing women
Edmonton Sun
Room Full of Missing Women
Maple Ridge News
A voice for missing women
National News
Robert Pickton murder trial changes course as defence calls witnesses
The Vancouver Sun
Lillian O'dare Identified
The Province
Public is critical of investigation
65 percent want public inquiry into police action
Toronto Star
Who speaks for missing women?
The Vancouver Sun
Healing to move on
The Tri-City News
Memorial for women
Need to rethink laws, attitudes - Elizabeth Hudson
A brother's memory

Film chronicles a life lost to drugs

Pickton trial will finish by end of year, says judge
Globe and Mail
Death on the pig farm: take one
Community still struggles after deaths
Vancouver Sun
Pickton trial learns about victims' lives
Vancouver Sun
Troubled Lives 5-10-07


Have you seen this woman?

Families bond in search for relatives
The Hamilton Spectator
Murdered woman's family needs answers
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Sisters' tenuous bond grows even as a killer separates them
Amateur sleuths keep cold cases alive

Times Colonist
Ottawa pushes women into the night
The Vancouver Sun
Combating violence against women
The Vancouver Sun
Police reveal anonymous letter believed to be from killer of woman who went missing in 2002
'He's alive and we rejoice at that'
The NFB Celebrates International Women's Day - 2007
Song's dedicated to the eastside women
Without Warning & Don't Forget (Dreams)

Stories that need to be told
Canadian Press
Hundreds gather in Downtown
Eastside to remember missing women

Halifax Live
right click on link and save to desktop
Task Force releases new missing women poster.pdf
St. Catherines Standard
Mother's pain doesn't heal 3-7-07
MISSING - Michelle Caroline Choiniere
Canadians Transfixed by Pig-Farm Murder Trial 3-2-07

Another View on Censored Reporting of Robert Pickton Trial
Fallen trees got more attention than missing women: marcher 2-14-07
The Memory March - Crab Park - March 25, 2007
The Pickton Trial
National Post
The Record
Are these women victims of public indifference, too? - 2007
Toronto Sun
Hopefully the humanity of the female victims will survive - 2007
MEMORIAL MARCH images 2-14-07
Trial Of The Missing Women
Canadian Press
Thousands of tips investigated in search for Vancouver's missing women 2-15-07
For Missing Women Images

Filmgoers Finding Dawn 2-17-07
Robert "Willy" Pickton, serial killer: 'Not from this world' 2-4-07
Canadian Press
'Killer Pickton' movie already made 2-6-07
The Hamilton Spectator
Pickton Trial: Welland family's agony 1-22-07
The Winnipeg Sun
Could I have done more, ex-'Tban anguishes 1-31-07
The Chilliwack Progress
Pickton trial opens in New Westminster 1-23-07
The Vancouver Sun
Law courts braced to cope with year long high profile case 1-22-07
The Vancouver Sun
Legal system on trial in New Westminster - 1-22-07
The Canadian Press
Start of Pickton trial rekindles loss for families but also need for closure 1-21-07
Associated Press
Canada's Largest Murder Trial to Start 1-21-07
The Province
Where the women went missing, little has changed 1-21-07
The Vancouver Sun
Eastside tries to fend off world media 1-20-07
Toronto Star
11th-hour subpoena stuns victims' families 1-20-07
The Vancouver Sun
How to answer kids' questions about the trial 1-20-07
The Vancouver Sun
Judge noted for no-nonsense approach 1 19 07
The Canadian Press
Foster brother of alleged Pickton victim furious he's not considered family 1-17-07
The Vancouver Sun
Vancouver sex-trade workers await details of Pickton trial 1-16-07
The Vancouver Sun
Victim's stepmom won't attend trial 1-15-07
Times Colonist
Long road led to trial of Pickton 1-14-07
Canadian Press
Children of Vancouver's missing women want to remember - and move on 1-14-07
The Vancouver Sun
Lives remembered 1-13-07
Canadian Press
Vancouver agencies call for boycott of accused prostitute killer's name 1-13-07
The Vancouver Sun
Never to be forgotten 1-12-07
The Vancouver Sun
Sun series prompted police to 'step up' 1-11-07
Guelph Mercury News
Twenty-six very different lives 1-11-07
Guelph Mercury News
Sarah de Vries was a precocious, energetic child, and a creative, beautiful grown-up, her family says 1-11-07
The Calgary Herald
Long list of missing, but little alarm 1-10-07
The Vancouver Sun
One woman's disappearance became a focus 1-10-07
The Vancouver Sun
Time for politicians to change outdated sex laws 1-08-07
Women are dying out there, says B.C. madam
Canadian Press
Lessons from tragedy: how Vancouver's missing women changed police 1-07-07
Toronto Sun
Finally, justice for forgotten victims 1-05-07
Perspective on Pickton Art show based on infamous murders 1-05-07
Vancouver Sun
News website looking for sex trade workers to report on Pickton trial 1-03-07
Canadian Press
Victim Services issues guide for families at coming Pickton murder trial 1-03-07
Globe and Mail
Is sanctuary enough for sex workers? 12-20-06
Pickton trial highlights dithering in the corridors of power
The Vancouver Sun
Judge delays Pickton trial two weeks 12-19-06
Decision leaves victim's father frustrated
The Vancouver Sun
Pickton trial to be delayed two weeks 12-18-06
Calgary Herald
Mother prepares for Pickton murder trial 12-17-06
The Vancouver Sun
Details of Pickton allegations will be made public in January 12-16-06
Canadian Press
No publication ban on first-degree murder trial of Robert Pickton: Judge  12-15-06
The Vancouver Sun
Evidence will be 'graphic, distressing' 12-13-06
The Vancouver Sun
Jury selection complete for Pickton trial 12-12-06
The Vancouver Sun
All but three jurors chosen for Pickton 12-12-06
CTV News
11 jurors chosen for Pickton murder trial in January 2007 12-11-06
Edmonton Sun
Alberta woman to attend Pickton trial 12 10 06
Close to 500 people remain potential jurors in Pickton trial 12-09-06
Globe and Mail
Families brace for Pickton trial 12-09-06
Canadian Press
Judge in B.C.'s Pickton murder trial discusses sacrifice needed to sit on jury 12-09-06
Associated Press
Trial set to begin for pig farmer who could be Canada's worst serial killer 12-08-06
Canadian Press
Bernardo jurors: Pickton trial will change you 12-08-06
The Tyee
How Do We Protect Sex Workers? 12-08-06
The Record
Murder victim's sister speaks out 12-07-06
The Vancouver Sun
 Pickton jury candidates to face scrutiny 12-05-06
Globe and Mail
One of 'missing' women found, giving kin hope 12-05-06
The Vancouver Sun
Missing woman found alive 12-04-06
The Vancouver Sun
Lost, Not Forgotten 12-02-06
National Film Board of Canada
F I N D I N G  D A W N
The Vancouver Sun
Pain in the faces
Vancouver's Eastside Missing Women
Globe and Mail
Hundreds prepared to serve as Pickton jurors 11-10-06
Globe and Mail
Jurors may run for the hills if Pickton trial comes calling 11-9-06
The Canadian Press
Authorities issue guide to dos and don't when Pickton murder trial begins 11-7-06
The Vancouver Sun
Film goes beyond missing woman's case 11-02-06
Globe and Mail
Pickton judge asks Crown to provide outline for trial 11-01-06
Prince George Free Press
Portraits inspired by pain 10-27-06
The Vancouver Sun
Activist John Turvey dead at 61 10-13-06
The Vancouver Sun
Victoria woman's DNA at pig farm 10-12-06
The Vancouver Sun
Victoria sex-trade worker linked to Pickton case 10-11-06

Globe and Mail
Fate of Pickton farm being closely watched 10-7-06
Canadian Press
Crown formally splits charges against Robert Pickton 10-4-06
Canadian Press
Picktons in Vancouver court trying to overturn assessment of pig farm property 10-4-06
Globe and Mail
Globe and Mail
3,500 prospective jurors summoned 9-27-06
Globe and Mail
Bracing for a media tornado 9-26-06
Canadian Press
Victims' family members get expenses when Pickton trial starts in January 9-25-06
Globe and Mail
Kin of deceased was offered talk with Pickton judge 9-22-06
Globe and Mail
I'm okay with being attacked 9-19-06
Globe and Mail
Fictional Pickton film pulled 9-15-06
Globe and Mail
Two-part Pickton trial draws fire 9-9-06
Canadian Press
Accused serial killer Pickton to face two trials 9-8-06
The Vancouver Sun
Australian website sells Pickton film 9-7-06
Globe and Mail
Horror film based on Pickton due out before trial 9-7-06
Globe and Mail
Pickton's legal team grapples with letter 9-6-06
Globe and Mail
Published pen-pal letters from Pickton spark furor 9-4-06
The Vancouver Sun
The Pickton Letters: His writings offer a glimpse into the thoughts of an accused serial killer 9-2-06
Pen pals from prison 9-2-06
Why the infamous have fans 9-2-06
Globe and Mail
Apathy ruins plans to help B.C. prostitutes - 9-1-06
Welland Tribune
Family takes issue with ruling in Pickton case; Diane Rock's sister says Accused killer should be tried on all 26 counts of first-degree murder 8-21-06
Maple Ridge News
Pickton judge to proceed with only six counts 8-12-06
Canadian Press
Publication ban could cover Pickton trial after severing of counts 8-11-06
The Province
Families stunned by ruling 8-10-06
The Vancouver Sun
Judge orders two trials for Pickton to avoid mistrial 8-10-06
Canadian Press
Judge orders Robert Pickton to be tried on six murder counts, not 26 8-9-06
The Province
7 women's stories told 8-8-06
Canadian Press
Book on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside wins social awareness award  8-6-06
The Vancouver Sun
Pickton Searchers offered counseling  7-10-06
Missing Debbie Slee
MISSING - Michelle Caroline Choiniere
The Province
Police botched case: Son 7-6-06
The Vancouver Sun
Pickton trial jury-duty call set for fall  7-1-06
The Vancouver Sun
January start possible for Pickton trial  6-29-06
The Vancouver Sun
Missing woman's kin - Peace at home is first  6-27-06
Globe and Mail
Eastside victim's relative speaks out  6-27-06
The Vancouver Sun
Woman on poster contacts police, says she's alive  6-23-06
The Province
'We never thought she was dead'  6-23-06
The Vancouver Sun
Man dies during quest to find sister  6-22-06
The Vancouver Sun
Ode to the missing but not forgotten

Vancouver Eastside Women's Memorial March - Feb 14, 2005
Canadian Press
Sex-trade laws killing prostitutes - June 13, 2006
The Vancouver Sun
Police confirm ID of 'missing' woman - June 10, 2006
The Vancouver Sun
Woman who vanished found alive in U.S. - June 7, 2006
Edmonton Sun
Former hooker to help others - May 21, 2006
Edmonton Journal
Bonnie Lynn Jack liked to answer the phone with a cheery "Bunny Love"
Nanaimo News Bulletin
CD offers hope to those left behind
When hope is fading
Knock on door raises fear
The Vancouver Sun
Veteran lawyer Orris joins defence team for Pickton - May 16, 2006
University of Guelph
Book a Monument to Canadian Women
Edmonton's Murdered Women
Police identify dead prostitute - May 10, 2006
Canadian Press
Experts see lengthy Pickton trial - May 8, 2006
Canadian Press
Jury trial for accused serial killer Pickton could last two years - May 3, 2006
Globe and Mail
Public gets increased access to Pickton trial papers - Apr 22, 2006
Edmonton Sun
Lifeline to the street - Apr 14, 2006
Cops hope hotline may expose a killer
Edmonton Journal
Killings of prostitutes seen as national crisis - Apr 4, 2006
Canadian Press
Crown in Pickton murder case decides to go to trial on 26 charges, not 27 - Mar 7, 2006
Ottawa Citizen
Orleans prays for a remarkable soldier - Mar 6, 2006
Globe and Mail
'Big heart' drew soldier to trouble spots - Mar 6, 2006
TREVOR GREENE - Mar 5, 2006
Author of "Bad Date, The Lost Girls of Vancouver's Low Track"
seriously wounded in Afghanistan
Canadian Press
Experts: unidentified murder victims pose challenge for police, prosecutors - Mar 4, 2006
Canadian Press
Judge throws out murder count against Pickton - Mar 2, 2006
The Province
March honours memory of 300 women who died - Feb 14, 2006
Calgary Sun
Missing women march draws hundreds - Feb 14, 2006
Edmonton Sun
March to remember the fallen women - Feb 10, 2006
Canadian Press
Heavy prep work needed for Pickton trial: lawyer - Feb 12, 2006
Pickton trial: Who Were the Victims? - Feb 2, 2006
Warnings about Pickton for almost 20 years!
Regina Leader-Post
MISSING Our lost women
Times Colonist
The lives behind the faces
Maple Ridge News
Celebration of life outside courthouse - Feb 2, 2006
Seattle Times
In search of those gone missing, the heart is a lonely hunter
Welland Tribune
Local woman on the list of Pickton's charges - Feb 1, 2006
Maple Ridge News
'This thing never ends' - Feb 1, 2006
 Canadian Press
Intense interest in Pickton trial declines markedly after first day - Feb 1, 2006
The Vancouver Sun
Family, friends attend court opening - Jan 31, 2006
Remembering the missing - Jan 31, 2006
Accused serial killer Robert Pickton enters not-guilty pleas in court - Jan 30, 2006
Toronto Star
B.C. serial murder trial begins - Jan 30, 2006
The Province
PoCo pig farmer faces 27 first-degree murder charges - Jan 30, 2006
Canadian Press
Legal arguments begin in B.C. court Monday in trial of accused serial killer - Jan 29, 2006
Canadian Press
Pig farm trial chronology and quick facts - Jan 29, 2005
The Vancouver Sun
Children of Vancouver's missing women - Jan 28, 2006
Globe and Mail
Pictures provide the clues to a daughter's lost life - Jan 28, 2006
The Vancouver Sun
When kids go missing - Jan 28, 2006
Post Leader
The Vancouver Sun
Media ban blocks coverage of start to Pickton's trial - Jan 28, 2006
Globe and Mail
Pickton set to plead not guilty Monday - Jan 28, 2006
The Province
World media expected to join courthouse crowd - Pickton trial - Jan 18, 2006
The Province
Victim's sister outraged by Pickton movie - Jan 18, 2006
The Province
Renowned eastside officer at a loss about not being allowed to return  - Jan 18, 2006
The Georgia Straight
Ex-cop challenges VPD - Const Dave Dickson - Jan 12, 2006
The Vancouver Sun
Sketches express softer side of missing women - Dec 17, 2005
The Vancouver Sun
The highway of tears - Dec 10, 2005
Seven young women murdered or missing on a lonely stretch of road
The Vancouver Sun
Highway of Tears website launched - Nov 26, 2005
The Vancouver Sun
American media consultant advises on Pickton trial - Nov 17, 2005
Edmonton Journal
KARE learns lessons of Pickton disaster - Nov 13, 2005
The Vancouver Sun
A disastrously bad law - Nov 5, 2005

Canadian Crime Report
Profiler Kim Rossmo receives 'controversy' award - Oct 31, 2005
Aboriginal Women in Canada: Lives Valued in Pennies - Oct 12, 2005
Lengthy voir dire portion of Robert Pickton case set to begin in January - Oct 11, 2005
Edmonton Sun
A story that no one wanted told - Sept 30, 2005
'Just Another Indian - A Serial Killer and Canada's Indifference'
by: Warren Goulding
The Vancouver Sun
Missing persons unit 'beefed up' - Sept 28, 2005
The Vancouver Sun
Missing persons unit in crisis - VPD - Sept 27, 2005
Case files reveal missing data and errors: audit shows

Maggie Burke
Edmonton Sun
New lead in Burke case - Sept 20, 2005

Missing women can't be ignored - Aug 25, 2005
Canadian Press
$10 million mortgage on Pickton pig farm - Aug 21, 2005
Canadian Press
Pre-trial hearings resume in case of accused serial killer Robert Pickton - Aug 16, 2005
Canadian Press
Fearful prostitutes write own missing-person forms - Aug 14, 2005
The Province
Program tracks marginalized women - Aug 14. 2005
Guardian Unlimited
The disappeared - Aug 5, 2005
Globe and Mail
The killing fields of Edmonton - Aug 2, 2005
The Vancouver Sun
 Blind justice, the Pickton trial - July 29, 2005
why  not allow cameras in the courtroom
Canadian Press
Mother leads march for the missing - July 23, 2005
The Province
School ignoring sadistic behavior - July 21, 2005
The Vancouver Sun
The dream job at Library Square - July 16, 2005
Maggie de Vries was only too happy to rearrange her life
Edmonton Sun
For Georgina's sake - July 15, 2005
Canadian Press
Kim Rossmo sheds light on 'stranger' criminality - June 28, 2005
The Province
Daughter hopes for clues to mom's disappearance - June 26, 2005
The Province
Prostitutes seek change - June 20, 2005
CanWest Global
BC missing women's case - June 2005
Toronto Star
Hunt on for serial killer - June 18, 2005
'Someone's neighbour, brother, friend'
Toronto Star
Life on Vancouver's mean streets - June 18, 2005
Canadian Press
Slayings linked? June 18, 2005
Edmonton Police investigate possible connection to Kamloops deaths
Edmonton Journal
Rashmi's choice: life or the street - June 17, 2005
Kamloops This Week
Sex, drugs and murder - June 12, 2005
CNN International
Canada fears second serial killer - June 9, 2005
Canadian Press
Judge nixes tougher ban in Pickton case - June 8, 2005
The Vancouver Province
Coleman needs to protect public, not cops - June 5, 2005
The missing-women file: Coleman wasn't moved when relatives of dozens of
missing women from Vancouver's downtown eastside accused police of
bungling the case

Globe and Mail
Instead of collective shrug, Pickton case should inspire outrage - June 2, 2005
Canadian Press
Judge in Robert Pickton serial murder case steps down over schedule conflict - June 1, 2005
The Chronical-Journal
Mom remains optimistic that daughter still alive - May 27, 2005
The Vancouver Province
More revelations to come in Pickton trial, court told - May 27, 2005
New info about 'involvement of others in murders'
Canadian Press
Evidence may have a 'devastating effect' if made public, Pickton lawyer - May 27, 2005
Vancouver Sun
Missing women's families remember their loved ones - May 26, 2005
Toronto Star
Now their are 27 victims - May 26, 2005
ctv  interactive

Missing Women
Robert Pickton faces 12 more
charges involving Vancouver's
missing women

Guelph Mercury News
Sarah de Vries name added to list of BC murder victims - May 26, 2005
Northern Life
B.C. farmer charged with killing woman born in Sudbury - May 26, 2005
Canadian Press
Woman removed from missing list - May 26, 2005
Defense vs media in Canada serial killer case - May 26, 2005
Government of British Columbia
Robert William Pickton Trial Information

Pickton Indictments, 27 first degree murders charges - May 25, 2005
CBC Vancouver
Robert Pickton faces 12 new charges - May 25, 2005
CBC Vancouver
Memorial planned for missing women - May 25, 2005
CanWest News
Pickton to face seven more murder charges - May 25, 2005
Trial in 2006: B.C. pig farmer now accused of killing 22 women
Canadian Press
Families of Pickton's alleged victims told more charges to be laid Wednesday, May 24, 2005
Strathcona Memorial Garden - 2005
Vancouver Eastside Women's Memorial March - Feb 14, 2005
Snow Bodies, one woman's life on the streets - Elizabeth Hudson
Edmonton's murdered women - 1986-2005
Missing women must not be forgotten to time, say locals-May 19, 2005
Canadian Press
Feds to announce new missing women program-May 15, 2005
The Vancouver Province
Without johns, prostitutes are without money - May 1, 2005
Pickton murder trial could start next year-Mar 31, 2005
The Doe Network ~ Memorial Garden ~ Liz Chipman
Vancouver Sun
Downtown Eastside wants popular cop to stay-Mar 5, 2005
Vancouver's missing women remembered in march-Feb 14, 2005
Influential Women
Watching people defy social norms is "empowering"
Canadian Press
Safe place for users cleaned up Vancouver slum, free drugs may make it safer-Feb 12, 2005
Sex Trade Workers of Canada Dedicated To Safety For All
The Province
Ripper doll insensitive to pain, women's groups say-Jan 2, 2005
Family of missing woman wants serial killer doll removed from Vancouver store-Dec 30, 2004
Court TV
Trial of pig farmer accused of murdering 15 women delayed until 2006-Dec 28, 2004
Vancouver Sun
10 officers working full time to disclose evidence to Pickton-Dec 26, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Judge pleads for patience from from families in Pickton case-Dec 21, 2004
Canadian Press
Evidence against accused killer Pickton more voluminous than Air India-Dec 20, 2004
Canadian Press
Pickton murder trial delays elicit frustration-Dec 19, 2004
Praise for a man who dared to care-Dec 9, 2004
The Now
Remembering Sarah-Nov 17, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Author tries to raise awareness of Vancouver's missing prostitutes-Nov 5, 2004

Vancouver Sun
The harm that the media can do-Nov 2, 2004
Police reviewing TV show to determine if Pickton publication ban breached-Oct 30, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Ottawa rates health risk from human remains in farm meat-Oct 29, 2004
Vancouver CBC.CA
Missing women's family horrified by inaction-Oct 7, 2004
Call for more counseling for victims' extended families

Vancouver CBC.CA
8 more names added to list of missing women
The Province
Eight names added to list of missing women-Oct 7, 2004
There are now 69 women missing from the eastside
Canadian Press
Missing Women's Task Force to add 8 more names-Oct 5, 2004
Amnesty International
Canada: Stolen Sisters: A Human Rights Response to Discrimination and Violence

Amnesty International Canada
Amnesty International Report-Stolen Sisters-Canada-Oct 4, 2004
Taken from her family Janet Henry - missing since Jun 28, 1997
"A daily part of life" Sarah de Vries - missing April 14, 1998
CBC News
Amnesty International report set to embarrass Canada-Oct 3, 2004
CBC News Sunday
Traces of Missing Women
Vancouver hookers run book club, wonder why people think that's strange-Sept 27, 2004
Winnipeg Sun
It's a career to die for-Sept 27, 2004
Canadian Press
VanCity prize for novel about sister who disappears amid attacks on sex workers-Sept 10, 2004
The Washington Post
On Willy's Pig Farm, Sifting for Clues-Sept 5, 2004
Memorial Garden-1987-2004
In Search of the Political Fix for Vancouver's Downtown Eastside-Sept 10, 2004
traces of MISSING women-a video collage-CBC
a video collage memorial project
Bermuda Sun
Exclusive: Bermuda link to serial killer case-Aug 6, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Young woman who flirted with danger left a 3,000-page journal-July 31, 2004
Toronto Star
Death on the streets-July 31, 2004
Vernon Morning Star
Awards night connects the arts-July 24, 2004
Canadian Press
Police meet with missing woman's kin-July 16, 2004
CBC News
Memoir about missing Vancouver woman wins lit award-July 15, 2004
How Lindsay Kines and Sun reporters broke missing women story-Nov 6, 2002
Never Forget, from 'Missing Sarah' by Maggie de Vries
Canadian Press
Pickton trial still a long way off-June 28, 2004
Edmonton Sun
Family extends hand to slain hooker-June 28, 2004
Edmonton Sun
Disappearance a National disgrace
Waking up to plight of hookers-June 25, 2004
Canadian Press
RCMP won't charge Fox News for 'false' Pickton story-May 28, 2004
Globe and Mail
Hooked on reading-May 20, 2004
Sex-trade workers in the Downtown Eastside get their own
book club thanks to a book seller and an author

'I have a name'
Nanaimo students perform true-to-life story off streets-May 13, 2004
The Montreal Mural-A Tribute to the Missing-Murdered Women of Vancouver's eastside
Calgary Herald
Pickton brother says he's sorry-Apr 29, 2004
Canadian Press
Backlash spurs PETA to pull grisly anti-meat ads-Apr 22, 2004
Canadian Press
Anti-meat ads referencing Pickton case 'grotesque-Apr 6, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Plea for pig farm meat turns up no new evidence-Mar 30, 2004
940 News All News Radio
Campaign seeks $10 million to track cases of vanished, slain native women-Mar 21, 2004
The Province
National campaign will document missing or slain native women-Mar 19, 2004
Richmond Review
Witness saw clothes dumped at landfill-Mar 19, 2004
Damaged Angels, A Mother Discovers the Terrible Cost of Alcohol in Pregnancy
By: Bonnie Buxton
New Catholic Times
Stevie Cameron, street-side savior of Canada's destitute-2004
The Province
'How insensitive' to Downtown Eastside-Mar 14, 2004
Maisonneuve Magazine
Corpus Delicti-2004

Canadian Press
Police warning about pig farm meat unleashes storm of emotion-Mar 12, 2004
Guelph Mercury
Latest news out of B.C. 'shocking' to Sarah's friend-Mar 12, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Human remains suspected in Pickton meat-Mar 11, 2004
Meat from Canada Farm May Have Had Human Remains-Mar 10, 2004
Missing Women Joint Task Force Seek Help

Vancouver Sun
Some things you didn't know about the Pickton case-Feb 14, 2004
The Calgary Herald
B.C. serial killer task force looks to Green River case-Mar 4, 2004

The Province
Police request the public's assistance-Feb 29, 2004
Danielle Larue, 25, has been missing since December 2002. She is described as a native Indian with a light complexion, 170 centimetres (five feet, seven inches) tall and weighing 57 kilograms (125 pounds).
Danielle Larue
What's missing here is justice-May 20, 2003
B.C. Missing Women investigation to cost $70 M-Feb 20, 2004
The Province
No shoulder to cry on for crime victims, that's gone, too-Feb 19, 2004

Vancouver Sun
Missing women case gets $46 million-Feb 19, 2004
Photos from today's Missing Women March
Valentines Day March photos-Feb 14, 2004
940 NEWS
Sombre Valentine's Day for families of missing women-Feb 14, 2004
Times Colonist
He is a nice guy-Feb 14, 2004
Friends speak highly of man at center of serial murder investigation
Melford Journal
Remembering Yvonne-Feb 10, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Wendy Crawford
Missing woman belonged to a loving family-Feb 9, 2004
Toronto Star
A grieving family still waits: no body, no burial, no trial-Feb 7, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Pickton ban broken, U.S. network claims-Feb 6, 2004
Broadcaster, UBC investigated over alleged breach of Pickton publication ban-Feb 5, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Families pay tribute to victim-Feb 2, 2004
Dawn Crey born Oct 26, 1958 was last seen Nov 1, 2000 and reported missing Dec 11, 2000.
Dawn Crey
Canadian Press
Memorial service held for woman whose DNA was found at Pickton farm-Feb 1, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Yvonne Marie Boen
Friends remember zest for life-Jan 30, 2004
Vancouver Sun
Nine more women linked to Pickton case, total 31-Jan 28, 2004

Canadian Press
Remains of nine more women found-Jan 27, 2004
Times Colonist
Changing tunes and Missing lyrics-Jan 24, 2004
The Province
Pickton farm yields 23rd woman's DNA-Jan 16, 2004
The Standard
Why so little interest in Pickton-Dec 26, 2003
Seven new charges for Pickton, now accused of killing 22 women-Dec 16, 2003

An Interview with Maggie de Vries
Canadian Press
Police agencies tested by huge numbers of missing and murdered women-Dec 19, 2003
Toronto Star
Pickton faces seven new charges-Dec 15, 2003
Pickton trial date expected today-Dec 15, 2003
Edmonton Sun
Woman not victim of Pickton-Nov 30, 2003
Task force adds four missing women-Nov 20, 2003
The Edmonton Journal
Serial killer who roamed Saskatoon met with indifference by police, media-Nov 29, 2003
Ottawa Citizen
Prostitution laws make murder easier-Nov 8, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Pig-farm search leaves bleak void behind-Nov 8, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Ridgway still a suspect in BC missing women case-Nov 6, 2003

Times Colonist
Victoria editor nominated for Governor-General award-Oct 21, 2003
Canadian Press
Huge Pickton farm search winds down-Nov 5, 2003
Canadian Press
DNA databank for missing proposed-LINDSEY'S LAW-Sept 30, 2003
Canadian Press
Legal observers say Crown could drop some charges against Pickton; add others-Sept 23, 2003

Vancouver Sun
Additional charges against Pickton not certain-Sept 22, 2003
Times Colonist
Cost of investigation irrelevant-Sept 17, 2003
Canadian Press
Number of murder counts against Pickton could stay at 15 when trial begins-Sept 15, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Cost of missing-women case to reach $70 million-Sept 16, 2003
A sister's journey: from darkness to light-Aug 21, 2003
An honest appraisal of what went wrong-Aug 2, 2003
An author reveals the truth of her sister's hard life in "Missing Sarah"
Vancouver Sun
Pickton team requests delay-Sept 12, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Pickton to appear in court for trial date-Sept 11, 2003
Police task force ends search of land near highway in pig farm murder probe-Aug 8, 2003
Canadian Press
House comes down-July 27, 2003
Families emotional as pig farm property demolished
The Province
Pickton home demolished-July 27, 2003
Globe and Mail
Sarah, we hardly knew you-July 26, 2003
Times Colonist
For Island families, Pickton trial brings different emotions-July 24, 2003
Andrea Joesbury, Marnie Frey, Cathy Knight, Leigh Miner & Tiffany Drew
Vancouver Sun
Pickton to stand trial for murder in deaths of 15 sex trade workers-July 25, 2003
Crown prepares seven additional counts based on new evidence
National Post
'They know she was murdered'-July 25, 2003
Grandmother raises B.C. prostitute's children

Sarah de Vries
 The Province
Families to watch Pickton demolition-July 25, 2003
Tri-City News
Pickton murder trial likely to begin in 2004-July 25, 2003
Times Colonist
In her sister's own words-July 24, 2003
Book by Maggie de Vries commemorates life of missing sister
Toronto Star
B.C. pig farmer to be tried in the deaths of 15 women-July 24, 2003
Trial not expected until 2004 but families relieved
Judge says more charges could have been added to case
Toronto Star
Families, loved ones 'in limbo'-July 23, 2003
Women are dead, but no charges laid
'They were loved, they were important'
Vancouver Sun
Pickton to stand trial for 15 murders-July 24, 2003
Crown prepares seven additional counts based on new evidence
Canadian Press
Pickton will stand trial for 15 murders murders-July 23, 2003
CBC Vancouver
Woman's remains found in 1995 at Mission site-July 22, 2003
The Province
Will Pickton stand trial?-July 22, 2003
The Province
Missing-women search expands to bog-July 21, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Police expand missing women search to Mission marsh-July 21, 2003
Eight divers and 52 anthropologists to scour grass, bushes and water
Canadian Press
Vancouver missing women's task force to search second site in Fraser Valley-July 20, 2003
Missing Women Task Force apparently expanding investigation-July 20, 2003
The Edmonton Journal
Society targets prostitutes, expert says-July 16, 2003
The Edmonton Journal
Task force urged to probe women's deaths-July 16, 2003
CBC News
Pickton preliminary almost over-July 15, 2003
National Post
Dead body sparks serial killer fears in Edmonton-July 14, 2003
The Daily Courier
Clinging to hope - Troy Boen
Edmonton Journal
Serial killer on loose?-July 12, 2003
The Province
Woman's kin fear the worst, ask for help-July 9, 2003

Danielle Larue
Vancouver Sun
Police under fire-July 7, 2003

Julie Berg-Wyman
Have you had enough of Vancouver Police ethics?

Vancouver Sun
Sister says found DNA is not proof of death-June 30, 2003
Hope Standard
Compassion into Action-June 27, 2003
Paul is riding across Canada because he believes in the vision of the Missing Women's Legacy Society to have the missing women remembered through having helped others after them. A fitting legacy and one not to be forgotten.
The Toronto Star
'I need to know what happened to her-June28, 2003
Canadian Press
Preliminary hearing for accused serial killer Robert Pickton resumes Monday-June 27, 2003
The Province
Informant in Pickton case fails in bid to claim reward-June 26, 2003
Guardian Unlimited
Macabre portraits haunt nation - June 8, 2003

B.C. missing women source fears for his life-Mar 13, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Remains ID's at Pickton farm-June 14, 2003

Tiffany Louise Drew
Bellingham Herald
Remains at B.C. pig farm are local woman's sister-June 13, 2003
U.S. reporter ready to go with book on the British Columbia pig farm murders-June 11, 2003
Los Angeles Times Magazine
Light and Darkness in Canada-June 1, 2003
Vancouver Sun
'These people are our friends'-June 6, 2003
Vancouver Sun
What's missing here is justice-May 20, 2003
The Province
Witness in Pickton case alone and 'living in fear'-May 15, 2003
The Province
Relatives of missing women slam Victims Services' help-May 9, 2003

Cindy Feliks
Vancouver Sun
Morality takes back seat to violence-May 3, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Officer's award draws criticism-May 2, 2003
RCMP-VPD Task Force
Joint Missing Women Task Force Media Releases
The Province
Pickton hearing on hold as police deny officer pens book about case-Apr 24, 2003
Toronto Star
Preliminary hearing for Robert Pickton adjourned-Apr 23, 2003
No missing women's book, police say-Apr 23, 2003
Globe and Mail
Book on missing women betrays trust, families say-Apr 23, 2003
STEVIE CAMERON writing book on Vancouver's missing women
Canada's disappearing natives-Apr 18, 2003
Ottawa Citizen
The Body of Evidence-Apr 13, 2003

VISION QUEST- the film
Intro-best with high speed internet

Crime Library
ROBERT PICKTON-The Vancouver missing women
APNew Westminster woman added to the Vancouver
Missing Women list

Sharon Evelyn Ward vanished Feb 14, 1997

Sharon Evelyn Ward
Media Challenge Ban in Serial Killer Case-Mar 20, 2003
AMERICA'S MOST WANTED-Vancouver Missing-1999-2000-2002
The Province
Her wish is for mom to be found-Mar 18, 2003
Canadian Press
Task force steps up Pickton farm search-Mar 17, 2003
Seed Magazine-New York
THE PIG FARM KILLINGS - seed magazine
Josephine Cote reported missing has been found alive 
Vancouver Sun
Sun nominated for four newspaper awards-Mar 11, 2003
Print and quilt a legacy to missing women-2002
Ottawa Citizen
Justice committee fears for safety of prostitutes-Feb 23, 2003
Hundreds march in Vancouver to remember dead and missing women-Feb 14, 2003
Carnegie Center
Hello my name is Maggy-Feb 14, 2003
Downtown Eastside Vancouver
Pickton prelim adjourns until February 19-Feb 10, 2003
Vancouver Sun
MPs vow to reform sex-trade laws-Feb 8, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Police need a new attitude on crimes against prostitutes-Feb 7, 2003
Canadian Press
Port Coquitlam farm became ground zero in missing women case a year ago-Feb 5, 2003
Vancouver Sun
U.S. report on Pickton checked by police-Feb 7, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Missing women's case broke open one year ago-Feb 5, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Pickton farm assessed $500,000 tax hike-Feb 5, 2003
Toronto Star
Walk honours missing women-Feb 2, 2003

Canadian Press
Relatives of Vancouver's missing women mark investigation's anniversary-Feb 1, 2003
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Times
House a legacy of missing women-Jan 31, 2003

Legacy House

Macleans Magazine
Missing Women's Legacy Society
Forget Me Not Walk


CTV.CA -Canadian Press
Attendance drops at Pickton preliminary hearing-Jan 16, 2003
Canadian Press
Amid news ban, attendance wanes at Pickton serial murder hearing-Jan 16, 2003
National Post
Pickton judge issues warning to reporters-Jan 16, 2003
Toronto Star
Judge warns media covering Pickton hearing-Jan 15, 2003
Guelph Mercury
Testimony at Pickton hearing halted-Jan 15, 2003
Toronto Star
Pickton lawyers want some reporters banned-Jan 15, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Pickton lawyers seek action against media-Jan 15, 2003 
Toronto Star
Ban breached, Pickton's lawyer argues-Jan 14, 2003
The Province
Emotionally exhausted-Jan 14, 2003
Toronto Star
Bulletproof glass shields Pickton-Jan 14, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Pickton hearing begins-Jan 14, 2003
Toronto Star
Hearing begins for accused B.C. serial killer-Jan 13, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Relatives prepare for ordeal-Jan 13, 2003
Edmonton Sun
Slain city woman's family at hearing-Jan 12, 2003

Georgina Papin
Toronto Star
For families, not knowing is hardest of all-Jan 11, 2002
National Post
15 lives lived dangerously-Jan 11, 2003
Vancouver Sun
Funding deal will allow Pickton hearing to start Monday-Jan 10, 2003

Cindy Feliks
The Province
'Beautiful' Cindy joins tragic list-Jan 10, 2003

Cindy Feliks and daughter Theresa
CBC News
Another woman's DNA found on Pickton pig farm-Jan 9, 2003

Cindy Feliks
The Province
Prayer service set for eve of Pickton hearing-Jan 9, 2003
Canadian Press
Accused serial killer Robert Pickton's lawyers reach defence funding deal-Jan 9, 2003
Times Colonist
Victoria lawyer joins Pickton defence team-Dec 31, 2002
Canadian Press
Canada exploring DNA data bank idea-Dec 30, 2002
Times Colonist
Pickton lawyers must be funded-Dec 27, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Swim honours missing women-Dec 24, 2002
Marathon swim a gift to missing sister-Dec 19, 2002

Erin McGrath and sister Leigh Miner
Vancouver Sun
Pickton's lawyers threaten to pull out again over funds-Dec 24, 2002
Canadian Press
Defence making headway on evidence-Dec 23, 2002
Canadian Press
Investigation continues as hearing gets going for accused serial killer-Dec 21, 2002
sarah de vries : april 14 1998
Sarah deVries
Missing Women's Legacy Society
Erin's swimathon pledge for missing sister Leigh Miner-2002
Vancouver Sun
Vocalists sing their hearts out on CD for the missing women-Dec 18, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Watch U.S. media for Pickton leaks, police told-Dec 18, 2002

Yvonne Marie Boen
Yvonne was 33 years old when she went missing March 16, 2001
Yvonne has brown eyes and dark brown hair

Canadian Press
Delay in Pickton legal arguments-Dec 17, 2002
The Calgary Herald
Discovery of stepdaughter's DNA confirms Calgarian's fear-Dec 13, 2002

Cindy Feliks
Campbell River Mirror
Violence in Vancouver's downtown eastside haunts Polytechnique memorial-Dec 2002
Vancouver Sun
U.S. media probed for possible Pickton violation-Dec 11, 2002
"Missing" woman died five years ago-Dec 10, 2002

Dawn Lynn Cooper
Vancouver Sun
How Lindsay Kines and Sun reporters broke missing women story
Vancouver Sun
Crown dragging feet, Pickton lawyers say-Dec 10, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Mourners remember Marnie Frey-Dec 9, 2002

Marnie Lee Frey
Vancouver Sun
Mourners remember Marnie Frey-Dec 9, 2002
Crown outlines some witnesses to testify at pig farmer's preliminary hearing-Dec 9, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Pickton hearing and Port Coquitlam a surreal contrast-Dec 7, 2002
The Canadian Press
Mourners gather to remember one of Vancouver's missing women-Dec 7, 2002
 The Toronto Star
Serial murder hearing open to the public-Dec 7, 2002
The Toronto Star
Media admitted to Pickton hearing, judge rules-Dec 6, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Ban urged due to 'explosive' evidence-Dec 5, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Hearing 'issue of public trust'-Dec 4, 2002
Woman believed missing from Vancouver didn't know she was on police list-Dec 4, 2002
Vancouver Sun
U.S. stations offer to block coverage of Pickton-Dec 3, 2002
Canadian Press
Lawyer for accused serial killer wants media, public banned from hearing-Dec 2, 2002
Toronto Star
500 missing native women - 2002

Vancouver sun
Police seek help to find four missing women-Nov 28, 2002
Vancouver Sun
20 attend candlelight vigil for Jardine-Nov 25, 2002

Angela Rebecca Jardine
A candlelight vigil was held at Portside Park Sunday evening to honour Angela Jardine.
Vancouver Sun
Chief defends police actions-Nov 25, 2002
Missing women case targeted by television's Dateline

The New York Times
Mounties Dig Up Body Parts in Serial Killing Case-Nov 23, 2002
Times Colonist
 Police 'mishandled' case, Island parents plan to sue-Nov 23, 2002
Toronto Star
Third lawsuit laid in missing women case-Nov 22, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Family told daughter's DNA found at farm-Nov 22, 2002

Marnie Frey

CTV.CA Interactive

The Province
Police coddling key Pickton witness-Nov 21, 2002
CBC News
Rehab centre for Vancouver prostitutes to open by spring-Nov 20, 2002
Pickton's preliminary hearing to begin Dec 2-Nov 20, 2002
CP Broadcast News
Media ban looms in Pickton preliminary-Nov 20, 2002
CBC News
Prostitutes' rehab centre planned-Nov 19, 2002
Canadian Press
Tribute song by Canadian musicians for missing B.C. women hits radio-Nov 19, 2002
The Ottawa Citizen
Inspiration for 'Da Vinci' elected mayor of Vancouver-Nov 18, 2002
Calgary Sun
Ad link to pig farms lashed-Nov 16, 2002
Vancouver Sun
B.C. seeks cash for Pickton legal-Nov 16, 2002
CBC News
Commissioner opens door to missing women's inquiry-Nov 14, 2002
Vancouver Sun
PETA rebuffed over anti meat ad-Nov 13, 2002

Vancouver Sun
Judge agrees to adjourn Pickton hearing six to eight weeks-Nov 9, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Driemel leaves post of police spokesman-Nov 9, 2002
The News and Weekender
Impending missing women trial much more than a Lower Mainland case-Nov 5, 2002
Vancouver sun
Pickton sites yield 11,200 exhibits-Nov 7, 2002
Global News
Driemel's jokes continue to haunt him-Nov 7, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Grand chief demands end to Pickton impasse-Nov 7, 2002
Canadian Press and
Funding dispute over pig farmer's defence continued outside court-Nov 6, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Pickton, Air India lawyers clash in hearing-Nov 6, 2002
Canadian Press on
Reporters ejected from B.C. court as pig farmer funding feud goes in camera-Nov 5, 2002
The Province
Pickton's hearing to proceed, Judge-Nov 5, 2002
Vancouver Sun
'It wrecks families, cases like this'-Nov 5, 2002
Toronto Star
Pig farmer accused of 15 murders-Nov 5, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Injection sites by Jan 1: Campbell-Nov 5, 2002
I am not going to hesitate while people are dying
Toronto Star
Families confront pig farmer-Nov 4, 2002
Canadian Press
Court postpones start of preliminary hearing for accused serial killer-Nov 4, 2002
Pickton hearing reset for next Tuesday-Nov 4, 2002
 Vancouver Sun
Campbell vows fast-track drug strategy-Nov 4, 2002
promises to get to the bottom of the 63 missing women tragedy
The Province
Pickton hearing could be delayed months-Nov 3, 2002

Toronto Star
Delay angers Pickton lawyer-Nov 2, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Picktons bid for legal help goes behind closed doors-Nov 2, 2002
Toronto Star
Dispute risks delay in Pickton hearing-Nov 1, 2002
Dateline NBC
9:00 P.M. ET
- The Vanishing
Toronto Star
Digging for evidence at BC's notorious pig farm-Oct 19, 2002
Canadian Press
Pickton not the case to attempt new legal aid limits-Oct 31, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Pickton preliminary looms with no defence lawyers-Oct 31, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Sun writers win four Webster awards-Oct 30, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Families brace for hearing-Oct 28, 2002
The Province
Seating limited for families Pickton hearing-Oct 28, 2002
Police prep families ahead of Pickton hearing-Oct 27, 2002
National Post
Pickton asks for evidence in murders-Oct 26, 2002
Vancouver Sun
A-G proposes Pickton defence funding-Oct 26, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Police probe sale of pig farm soil on eBay-Oct 25, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Missing woman's DNA found at pig farm-Oct 23, 2002

Angela Jardine
The Province
Missing woman confirmed dead-Oct 24, 2002
Canadian Press-Canada.Com
Former VPD officer is star of new film-Oct 23, 2002
Toronto Sun
What evil befell women at BC brothers' pig farm-oct 19, 2002
Toronto Sun
Kin digging for lost dreams-Oct 20, 2002
Welland Tribune
'Remember the women' vigil speaker-Oct 20, 2002
Toronto Star
Digging for evidence at BC's notorious pig farm-Oct 19, 2002
Globe and Mail
'I'd give anything to have her back'-Oct 19, 2002
Tribune - Welland
Candlelight vigil will commemorate Diane Rock-Oct 16, 2002

Diane Rock
Vancouver Sun
At-risk youths mostly female-Oct 18, 2002

Dawn Crey
Vancouver Sun
Pickton defence standoff continues-Oct 17, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Pickton case highlights a legal dilemma-Oct 16, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Pickton's lawyer quits-Oct 16, 2002
The Toronto Star
BC Farmer's lawyer quits over funding-Oct 15, 2002
National Post
Missing girl's mother fights for DNA bank-Oct 12, 2002
Montreal Gazette
Doing better police work-Oct 7, 2002
Alleged Pickton victim schooled in Comox Valley-Oct 2002

Sherry Irving
Globe and Mail
 Canadian expert hopes to follow invisible trail to culprit's home-Oct 14, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Davies presses for prostitute law change-Oct 12, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Surrey woman missing-Oct 12, 2002

National Post
Former B.C. cop trying t trace killer's steps-Oct 12, 2002
Geographic profiling': Kim Rossmo's computer software used in serial crimes
Comox Valley Echo
'Still a lot of hurt out there' Oct 5, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Hands off Pickton's assets, government told-Oct 11, 2002
Vancouver Sun
 Pickton lawyer argues legal aid need to fight 'voluminous' case-Oct 10, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Pickton needs legal aid to fight charges-Oct 10, 2002
The Province
Local woman linked to Green River case-Oct 9, 2002
Canadian Press
 Pickton lawyer in court to try and force government to fund defence-Oct 9, 2002
Vancouver Sun
U.S. use of geographic profiler underlines Vancouver's failure-Oct 8, 2002 
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver profiler hunts sniper-Oct 8, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Islanders walk for drug recovery-Oct 7, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Pickton lawyer threatens to pull out of case-Oct 5, 2002
The Province
Help them while they're alive-Oct 4, 2002
Canadian Press
 Relatives of missing women brace for more pain at murder suspect's court bid-Oct 3, 2002
National Post
Pickton accused in 4 more deaths-Oct 3, 2002
 Vancouver Sun
Mother now knows fate of her missing daughter-Oct 3, 2002
National Post
Prayers are for you and the rest that are missing-Oct 3, 2002
The Toronto Star
Pig farmer now accused of 15 murders-Oct 3, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Pickton now faces 15 murder charges-Oct 3, 2002
The Province
Women lived in 'desperate circumstances'-Oct 3, 2002
Campbell River, British Columbia
Fundraiser walk for missing women-Oct 2, 2002
CH News
Biggest serial murder case in Canada-Oct 2, 2002
Canadian Press
 Port Coquitlam pig farmer faces four new charges in missing women case-Oct 2, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Send Pickton case directly to trial-Oct 1, 2002
Two more murder charges likely in Pickton case-Oct 1, 2002

The Province
Unmatched pig-farm DNA expands probe-Sept 30, 2002
The Province
Police widening B.C. pig farm probe-Sept 30, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Missing woman remembered by friends-Sept 27, 2002

Georgina Papin

Canadian Press
Drug, prostitution laws, police must change in wake of missing women-Sept 25, 2002
Canadian Press
The law 'aided and abetted their demise'-Sept 25, 2002

Libby Davies
National Post

US newspaper will defy ban in Pickton case-Sept 24, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Pig farm search continues as four more murder charges laid-Sept 20, 2002
The Province
Pig farmer is now charged with murders of 11 women-Sept 20, 2002
Canadian Press
 Pig farmer faces four more first-degree murder charges in missing women case-Sept 19, 2002

Patricia Johnson

Vancouver Sun
Pickton to be charged in four more deaths-Sept 19, 2002

Helen Hallmark

Vancouver Sun
Friends fondly recall woman believed slain-Sept 19, 2002

Georgina Papin

BCTV News on Global
Families pain and horror continues-Sept 19, 2002

Jennifer Furminger

Canadian Press-Canada.Com 
Second lawsuit to be filed against police is missing women case-Sept 18, 2002

Marcella Creison

RCMP tell Alberta man his sister's remains were found-Sept 17, 2002

Georgina Papin

Vancouver Sun
Renovations begin on Pickton courtroom-Sept 18, 2002
Canadian Press
Another woman's DNA found at pig farm-Sept 17, 2002
National Post
BC to spend $20 million on case of missing women-Sep 16, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Wild's look at addicts' lives breaks stereotypes-Sep 15, 2002
Vancouver Sun-Kim Rossmo
Police have duty to probe own actions in missing women case-Aug 31, 2002
Vancouver Sun
A disturbing moral judgement on who's equal-Aug 30, 2002

Marnie Lee Frey born Aug 30, 1973 would be 29 years old today.
Marnie disappeared on the same day as her birthday.

VPD chief rules out BC missing women inquiry-Aug 23, 2002
Canadian Press
Chief won't rule out public inquiry-Aug 23, 2002
New Vancouver police chief flip flops into controversy-Aug 23, 2002
The Leader-Post (Regina)
Solutions to the tragedy of the Saskatchewan sex trade-Aug 19, 2002
Warren Goulding
Just Another Indian-A Serial killer and Canada's Indifference
The Globe and Mail
How Harry Potter helps a grieving family cope-Aug 14, 2002
Calgary Sun
Horrific tragedy lies in the dates-Aug 12-2002
The Toronto Star
Missing mom likely killed on B.C. farm-Aug 10, 2002
Calgary Sun
DNA linked to Sarah deVries-Aug 9, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Missing woman's DNA located, Police say Sarah deVries identified-Aug 8, 2002

Sarah deVries
 Sarah de Vries last emails - Nov of 1997


Global-Canadian Press
Pig farm search cost tops $10 million-Aug 6, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Vancouver police review missing women investigation-July 27, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Desperate family searches for loved one-July 27, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Sought by Missing Women's Joint Task Force-July 26, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
New Vancouver Police Chief named-July 27, 2002
Times Colonist (Victoria)
Grim tally of missing women threatens to grow-July 26, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Another nine women feared missing-July 26, 2002
Toronto Star
Police seek help finding 9 more Vancouver women-July 26, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Missing women list may grow-July 25, 2002

Canadian Press
 Serial killer task force collecting DNA samples from more missing women-July 25, 2002
The Calgary Sun
Cops to add nine victims to BC case-July 25, 2002
Globe and Mail
BC police add nine names to list of missing women-July 25, 2002
Canadian Press
Police collect DNA samples of missing-July 25, 2002
Canadian Press
 Nine more may be added to list of missing downtown eastside women-July 24, 2002
The Calgary Sun
Vanished-Somewhere along the highway of tears-July 14, 2002
National Post
Highway 16 disappearances, Sixth family feel the pain-July 19, 2002
Canadian Press
 Army of investigators making progress in search for missing women-July 16, 2002
Canadian Press
 Accused serial killer denies murder in lawsuit defence statement-July 9, 2002
BCTV News on Global
Missing women force sifts at Burns Road-July 9, 2002
Times Colonist (Victoria)
 Missing tree planter revives fear of slayings along Highway 16-July 9, 2002
Canadian Press
Highway 16 missing not linked-July 8, 2002
The Province
Police dig up field but won't say why-June 30, 2002
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadow News
Missing women's Sister leads vigil-June, 29, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Surrey police stay quiet about dig-June 29, 2002

Helen Mae Hallmark

The Vancouver Sun
Field draws RCMP interest-June 28, 2002
The Province
Tape sheds light on pig farm search-June 27, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
DNA of missing woman found on farm-June 26, 2002
Broadcast says more female DNA found-June 25, 2002
The Province
Police first suspected Pickton in 97-June 25, 2002
Boston Globe
Haunting focus in Canada on a long string of deaths-June 24, 2002
The Province
'A disaster in every way' Pickton sister-June 23, 2002

Cheryl Shalala

Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Police quesstion if killing, disappearance linked-June 18, 2002
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
RCMP call on U of S expert in BC serial killer case-June 17, 2002
New revelations about Pickton farm-June 17, 2002
Ottawa Citizen
 The law has hounded hookers out of safe areas and into dark alleys, making them easy prey for murderers-June 15, 2002
Ottawa Citizen
Courting death: Part 2-The law has hounded hookers out of safe areas-June 15, 2002
The Province
Totally creepy--ex-employee - June 12, 2002
 Ottawa Citizen
Do some women really choose to be prostitutes?-June 9, 2002
Ottawa Citizen
The hidden world of hookers (Part 1 and 2)-June 8, 2002
Ottawa Citizen
How cities 'license' off-street hookers-June 16, 2002
Canadian Press
Ontario man says he recognizes photos of murdered BC women-June 13, 2002
Calgary Sun
Ontario link checked in BC killings-June 13, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Pickton lawyer expects fight over evidence-June 12, 2002
Canadian Press
Pickton remanded until Nov 4th-June 11, 2002
Times Colonist (Victoria)
Grim theme seems prescient-June 9, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Pickton sister:Life in the glare of a notorious murder probe-June 8, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Missing women: The investigation so far-June 8, 2002
Times Colonist (Victoria)
Our lives are ruined, says Pickton's sister-June 8, 2002
Times Colonist (Victoria)
Pig-farm search compared to Ground Zero excavation-June 7, 2002
Toronto Star
BC farm excavated in missing-women search-June 7, 2002
National Post
Stone-by-stone search begins of pig farm-June 7, 2002
BCTV News on Global
Excavation begins at PoCo pig farm-June 6, 2002
Canadian Press
Digging begins at Pickton farm as police remain mum-June 6, 2002
National Post
Police slam media for 'emotional roller coaster'-June 6, 2002
The Crime Library
All about Robert Pickton By Michael Newton 
The Vancouver Sun
Will Willy Pickton get a fair trial-June 5, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Bone experts tour pig farm-June 4, 2002
Times Colonist
Lawyer laments horrific media coverage-June 5, 2002
The Calgary Sun
Murder story anguish rises-June 5, 2002
National Post
Police sorry for leak about body parts-June 5, 2002
Canadian Press
 Families of BC missing women in shock after reports of found body parts-June 4, 2002
BCTV News on Global
Police won't comment on CTV report-June 4, 2002
The Province
Body parts found in freezer-June 4, 2002
Toronto Star
Dig for remains starts at BC pig farm-June 3, 2002
Canadian Press
Police to begin excavating pig farm-June 3, 2002
The Globe and Mail
O brothers, what art thou?-May 25, 2002
The Province
How much farmland should be dug up-May 31, 2002

The Province
Forensic scientists will use aerial photos-May 30, 2002
The Province
Families of missing women divided over tribute-May 30, 2002
BC farm was massacre site, families told-May 29, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Pig farm will not yield bodies, police tell families-May 27, 2002
The Province
The agony of a briefing-May 27, 2002

Relatives of the missing take a break during the briefing

Marnie Lee Frey

CBC Vancouver
The Missing Women of Vancouver-May 23, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Victims relatives see accused, weep-May 24, 2002
Police continue the search for Laura Lee Banman's killer-May 25, 2002
The Province
Pickton court appearance sparks outrage among family members-May 24, 2002

Brenda Wolfe
New murder charge laid against Pickton-May 22, 2002
 Spate of charges cause experts to mull Pacific Northwest's killer record-May 18, 2002
Dr. David Sweet
Dental expert joins pig farm search-May 15, 2002
Geographic Profiler-Kim Rossmo
Pickton a suspect prior to women's deaths-May 14, 2002

Tiffany Drew
Tiffany Drew last seen Dec 1999

Lorna Barylski has been located safe

Patricia Rose Johnson
The Vancouver Sun
Archeology students to aid pig farm investigation-May 11, 2002
54 lives and 54 mysteries in BC-May 7, 2002
Why did it take so many women?-May 6, 2002
Missing Women's Trust Fund at the Bank of Montreal, 2712-1055040
Stars to sing of fury over missing women-May 2, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Police needed a push-May 3, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Lawyer puts $375,000 lien on pig farm-May 3, 2002
Accused serial killer returns to BC court-May 2, 2002
The Vancouver Sun
Sun stories on missing women honoured-May 1, 2002
Search for BC missing women will be long, gruelling, say experts-Apr 28, 2002

Tribute song to Vancouver's missing women-Apr 19, 2002
News 1130

Missing Woman Found-Apr 27, 2002

Wyckham Porteous
Victoria musician spearheads Buried Heart project-Apr 27, 2002

Pickton tape given to police in 1998-Apr 25, 2002

Suits filed against city police, Pickton-Apr 24, 2002
Mother files missing women lawsuits-Apr 24, 2002
Negligence alleged in missing women case-Apr 24, 2002

Two suits filed in missing women case-Apr 23, 2002

Skid Row high-Apr 21, 2002
Missing women inspire Vancouver CD-Apr 22, 2002

Angela Rebecca Jardine
Missing woman's mom to refile her complaint-Apr 20, 2002

Missing women, missing answers-Apr 20, 2002
Tribute song to missing women-Apr 18, 2002
Missing Women Investigation Expands Search-Apr 17, 2002
Lara Perzoff, News1130 Radio
Victims families to sue Pickton, police-Apr 17, 2002

Ruby Anne Hardy
Daughter remembers her mother-Apr 15, 2002

Andrea Josebury vanished June 2001
Serial Mistakes-Apr 15, 2002
Mother's pen documents frustration with police-Apr 15, 2002
In Welland, she was Diane Rosemary Marin
Bringng home Diane's life-Apr 5, 2002
Man warned police four years ago-Apr 4, 2002
Heather Bottomley & Jacqueline McDonell
Heather Bottomley vanished Apr 17, 2001
Parallel lives spiral down into tragedy-Apr 4, 2002
Jacqueline McDonell
Fabulous girl didn't fit in Downtown Eastside-Apr 3, 2002
Bright young woman among victims-Apr 3, 2002

Dianne Rock

Jacqueline McDonell

Heather Bottomely

CNN.Complaints from relatives that no one cared-Feb 22, 2002

These women match the profile of the missing women the 
Vancouver Police & RCMP joint task force are looking for.
TIP LINE at 1-877-687-3377

Tiffany Louise DREW-last seen Dec 31, 1999 
Maria Laura Laliberte-last seen Jan 1, 1997
Ruby Anne Hardy-last seen in 1998
Yvonne Marie Boen-last seen Mar 16, 2001
Sharon Evelyn Ward
Crown adds three more murder charges against pig farmer-Apr 2, 2002
Tiffany Louise DREW-last seen Dec 31, 1999
Maria Laura Laliberte-last seen Jan 1, 1997
Ruby Anne Hardy-last seen in 1998
Yvonne Marie Boen-last seen Mar 16, 2001
Sharon Evelyn Ward
Task force considering adding 5 women to list of missing-Mar 28, 2002
Canadian Press
Geographic Profiler warned of serial killer-Mar 18, 2002
The Vancouver Sun-Breaking News
Two former police officers join call for investigation-Mar 16, 2002
Tribute to missing women
Guardian Unlimited
If the girls had been dogs the police would have done more - Feb 27, 2002
The Province
Women went missing after police alerted to pig farm - Feb 27, 2002

Ottawa Citizen
Prostitute wrote poetry about disappearances - Feb 9, 2002
Vancouver Sun
Search of pig farm yields missing women's ID - Feb 8, 2002

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