Mom gives up hope of burying daughter

Adrienne Tanner
The Province

Thursday, March 07, 2002

Sereena Abotsway.jpg (16992 bytes) Sereena Abotsway

Anna Draayers has given up hope of a burial for her foster daughter Sereena Abotsway, one of two women police allege were murdered on a Port Coquitlam pig farm.

Police conducting a meticulous search of the farm did not find Abotsway's body, Draayers said.

"I asked them straight out the other day and they phoned me back and they said, 'No. We did not find a body,'" Draayers said.

"But they said the Crown counsel has to have good evidence to put in a first-degree murder charge with Sereena and with Mona [Wilson]. So they must have something more than what they have tried to tell us."

Draayers has been mulling over that question ever since police charged one of the farm owners with the murder of two of 50 women who have disappeared from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside since the mid-1980s.

Police have not disclosed what led to the charges against Robert William Pickton, 52, being laid. But soon after the search began, investigators announced they had discovered DNA evidence.

Draayers has concluded investigators must have found either teeth or a metal plate in Abotsway's head.

"She was beaten up in 1997 and she was very much hurt and they had to put a plate in her head. It's guessing work," she said.

Police have summoned family members of all the missing women to a meeting Sunday afternoon, said RCMP spokeswoman Catherine Galliford.

"We have asked the families to really give some thought as to what clothes their missing family member may have been wearing."

Galliford would release no details about evidence pulled from a trailer and a farmhouse on the investigation site. She said Sunday's meeting will last at least two hours.

Ada Wilson, one of Mona Wilson's sisters, said she will attend the meeting, hoping to learn more about the investigation. She plans to organize a memorial for her sister as soon as her family comes to grips with the shock.

Wilson said she is angry that the police did not act sooner on tips about the farm, some of which dated back to 1997.

"I don't think they were doing anything," she said.

A memorial for Abotsway is to be held Monday at noon at Holy Rosary Cathedral on Richards Street. Draayers said that at Sunday's police briefing she will extend an invitation to all the other families who have lost loved ones. 

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