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Monday, July 26, 1999

(BCTV) - Four more names have now been added to the list of missing sex trade workers in Vancouver. That brings the official count to 31. Tomorrow, the new faces will be added to the missing posters distributed around the city. Police still don't believe that the disappearances will prove to be the work of a serial killer. But they are sharing information with the city of Spokane, where a serial killer investigation is underway:

Jas Johal reporting: "They live a dangerous and transient lifestyle on the margins of society. Most of these women are drug addicts feeding thier habit through prostitution. Three months ago, Vancouver police said there 21 sex trade workers missing from the Downtown Eastside since 1995. Tommorrow, they will announce an updated list of 31 names."

Maggie Devries: "It is shocking. It makes it more shocking that there are 31."

Jas Johal reporting: "Sarah Jean Devries, went missing in April of 1998. The sex trade worker last saw her sister one month earlier. Some in the Downtown Eastside argue that a serial killer is responsible. Maggie Devries believes her sister was the victim of foul play."

Maggie Devries: "I certainly believe that foul play is involved. Certainly in my sister's case and certainly in many of the cases."

Const. Anne Drennan, Vancouver police: "What this serial killer thing is, is a gut feeling that a lot of the family members have based on an emotional situation. We understand that completely, that somebody must be out there killing these women. That is a possibility. We accept that. But at the same time, as police officers, we have to say that nothing has come to light yet that clearly states that there is somebody killing these women."

Jas Johal reporting: "Vancouver police, however, are talking to law enforcement officials in Washington state. Since 1984, 20 prostitutes have been found murdered in Spokane...all by gunshot. So far, no one has been arrested. Spokane detectives say seven of the murders can be linked to a single perpetrator."

Const. Anne Drennan, Vancouver police: "We felt that although we don't have any bodies or crime scenes, as they do in the U.S., still they might be able to give us an idea, on how to proceed with the investigation from their perspective. It is because of that, that we brought them up here and had a big meeting with them. And we learned a lot in terms of investigative techniques."

Jas Johal reporting: "Tomorrow, 10 more pictures will be added to this line-up, and the official announcement of a 100-thousand dollar reward. Many are hoping, it will be enough to initiate new leads."

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VANCOUVER (CKNW/98) -- Vancouver Police have added more names to the list of women who have disappeared from Vancouver's downtown eastside. Investigators are now trying to track down what happened to 31 women reported missing. Vancouver Police Constable Anne Drennan says the addition of four names comes after the case has gained a high profile. Tomorrow, the police department and the Attorney General's Ministry will released posters of the missing women in the hopes someone comes forward with information on their whereabouts.

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