Missing woman remembered by friends

Kim Bolan
Vancouver Sun

Friday, September 27, 2002

Evelyn Youngchief remembered her friend Georgina Papin Thursday as a joyful and proud mother who loved to make bannock.

A display of candles is placed in front of a picture of Georgina Papin. (Vancouver Sun)

"She used to stay at my house all the time," Youngchief said after a memorial service for Papin, one of the 11 alleged victims of Port Coquitlam pig farmer Robert (Willy) Pickton.

"She was so talented -- a great writer and artist. I was one of the last ones to see her."

Papin disappeared in March 1999 and was formally added to the list of missing women last year.

Last week, her family near Edmonton was told her DNA had been found at Pickton's farm and he was charged with her murder.

Youngchief said Papin was enthusiastic about her native culture, making traditional costumes for dancing exhibitions and doing native art.

She would take a break from her life on the streets to stay with Youngchief and play board games with Youngchief's young son.

Georgina Papin disappeared in March 1999 and was formally added to the list of missing women last year. (BCTV News on Global)

"She also really loved to cook. She would always say, 'Get out the flour, we are going to make bannock,'" said Youngchief, who wore red because it was her friend's favourite colour.

About 30 people gathered at Vancouver's First United Church Thursday to commemorate Papin's life and grieve her death.

Papin's aunt Marie Mercredi said she held out hope her niece was still alive right up until the police called the family.

"I figured she was just in the United States," Mercredi said after the memorial service. "Nobody wants to imagine her dead. After all, she was a part of us."

Ina Roelants met Papin several years ago when Roelants was volunteering with prisoners at a women's prison in B.C.

Georgina Papin and her brother Rick in happier times. (BCTV News on Global)

"Of all the names on that long, terrible list, hers surprised me the most," Roelants said.

"I would have never expected her to get into a situation like that," she said.

Gladys Evoy met Papin at a Burnaby jail several years ago.

"I was really scared when I went there, but she came to talk to me," Evoy recalled. "She made me feel safe."

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