Messages on pager say prostitute dead

The Vancouver Province
Frank Luba

Monday July 27, 1998

A series of chilling calls has unnerved a man looking for his prostitute friend, whose disappearance from Vancouver's mean streets is part of a police investigation of missing women.

Sarah de Vries

Police say Sarah Jean deVries is among 10 women who've gone missing in the past two years.  Four out of five missing so far this year are prostitutes.

In her life, deVries is described as a drug addict who frequented the downtown east side before going missing April 14.

To Wayne Leng, she was a special friend who kept a journal as she wrestled with her personal demons while her adoptive mother, a former head nurse at Vancouver General Hospital, cared for her two children in Ontario.

Leng has posted deVries' picture around the downtown eastside.  There's even a $1000 reward to anyone calling in the right tip to 1-800-659-1187.

But three phone calls Leng got on his pager Saturday night around midnight left him fearing the worst.

"Sarah's dead," said a man's slightly slurred voice, with music pounding in the background.  "So there will be more girls like her dead.  There will be more prostitutes killed.  There will be one every Friday night.  At the busiest time."

The second message contained the same voice but a slightly different tone.  'You'll never find Sarah again," he said, the same music playing in the background.  "So just stop looking for her, all right?

"She doesn't want to be seen and heard from again, all right?  So, 'bye.  She's dead."

The caller felt compelled to leave one final message.

"This is in regard to Sarah.  I just want to let you know that you'll never find her again alive because a friend of mine killed her and I was there."

Leng says he will give complete tapes of the calls to Vancouver police.

Leng said the mystery caller knew some things about deVries not known by many others

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Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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