List of murdered women in Vancouver and Lower Mainland

657. Tracy Olajide, 30, of Vancouver, BC, whose body was found in the bush 13 kilometres off the Lougheed Highway at Harrison Mills, near Agassiz, BC. Cause of death unknown, but foul play is suspected. She was a prostitute in the Downtown Eastside of the city from where many prostitutes have been murdered in the past few years. (Sun, Aug. 15/95)

660. Wendy Poole, 26, of Vancouver, found beaten to death Jan. 26/89 on the second floor of a Downtown Eastside housing coop. She was the mother of one and was pregnant with her second child. A man arrested in connection with her death was later acquitted. She was one of 25 prostitutes to have been killed in B.C. since 1989. (Van.Sun. Aug. 21/95 p.A3)

661. Tracey Leigh Chartrand, 25, of Vancouver, BC, went missing about the same time two other Mount Pleasant prostitutes were found strangled, in Nov/88. Her body was later found in a shallow grave on the UBC Endowment lands, April 7/89.(Van. Sun. Aug.21/95 p.A3)

662. Catherine Mary Lou Daignault, 40, of Vancouver, found beaten to death at a Maple Ridge construction site, May 31/89. She had just returned from Winnipeg. She was one of 25 prostitutes to have been killed in BC since 1989. (Van. Sun. Aug. 21/95 p. A3)

622. Unnamed, mid 30's, Vancouver, BC. A woman's body was found stabbed to death in a Mt.Pleasant apartment. Police received an anonymous call saying a woman's body could be found in the 700 block E. 7th Avenue. (Vancouver Sun. March 2/94)

653. Unknown, girl between 14 - 16, whose skull was found in Stanley Park near Beaver Lake, July 17, 1990. It is believed she was killed sometime between 1985 and 1990. A composite drawing of her has been developed with new technology and released for possible identification through the papers. (Sun, July 26/95)


663. Frances Ann Grant, 33, of Vancouver, whose nude body was found dumped behind a house at 10th and Carolina, June 4/89. She was one of 25 prostitutes to have been killed in BC since 1989. (Van. Sun, Aug. 21/95 p.A3)

664. Bonnie Kate Whalan, 32, of Vancouver BC whose remains were found near the Seymour River in North Vancouver, April 2/90. Police were never able to determine how she was killed because her body had been in the river for some time. She was one of 25 prostitutes to have been killed since 1989. (Sun. Aug. 21/95 p. A3)

665. Cheri Lynn Smith, 18, of Victoria, BC, who had been a peer counsellor and a B-plus student in Victoria until she met her teenage boyfriend who later became her pimp. She had been missing since June 1990 when her badly decomposed body was found dumped in bushed in a Saanich regional park, Sept. 9/90. She was one of 25 prostitutes to have been killed since 1989. (Sun. Aug. 21/95. p.A3) She was beaten to death. Police believe her murder is linked to the the murders of three other prostitutes, (Taylor of Vancovuer, Gallup of Victoria and Nicholson of Shawnigan Lake. (Sun, Sept. 16/95 p. A4)

666. Melissa Nicholson, 17, found slain beside a gravel road at Shawnigan lake, BC, June 11/91. Police report she was last seen getting into a pickup truck in an area frequented by prostitutes. She was one of 25 prostitutes to have been killed since 1989. (Sun. Aug. 21/95 p.A3)

667. Crystal Wright, 19, of Kelowna, BC, found dead at the Abbott Villa Inn, Sept. 26/91. The man who killed her turned himself in at the police station claiming he was drunk at the time. He got 2 1/2 years in jail. She was seven months pregnant. She was one of 25 prostitutes to have been killed since 1989.(Sun Aug. 21/95 p.A3)

668. Jamie Dawn Vanwieren, 17, of Vernon, BC, found dead July 22/94, in Vernon Creek one day after she went missing. A man was later charged with her murder. She is one of 25 prostitutes to have been killed since 1989. (Sun, Aug. 21/95 p. A3)

670. Tina Leadley, was killed in Kelwona, BC, April 24/93. RCMP charged a man in connection with her death. She was one of 25 prostitutes killed in BC since 1989. (Sun. Aug. 21/95 p.A3)

674. Tammy Lee Pipe, 24, of Vancouver, BC, cause of death has not been released due to similarity to other murders of Vancouver prostitutes. Her body was found in a wooded area near Agassiz, just like Tracey Olajide - # 657.

682. Carol Ruby Davis, 29, whose partly nude body was dumped in the bush near Wiggins Ave. in Burnaby, BC, June 20, 1987. She was the mother of two and a known drug user.She had been stabbed to death. (same as above)

688. Chantal Marie Venne, 21, in Esquimalt, BC, was found strangled with the belt of her coat and her hands bound. The former Mt. Pleasant prostitute was tortured, sexually assaulted and her partly clad body dumped in an industrial area. Fe. 25, 1986. (same as above.)

709. Umi O'Brian, 34, of Vancouver, BC on Nov. 3/89. Her body was found in a rain filled ditch in Richmond, BC. She loved to show photos of her daughter and cook for other residents of the East End rooming house where she lived. (same as above)

714. Rachel Turley, 20, found Oct. 28/85, beaten and strangled in a wooded area at the bottom of The Chief, in Squamish, BC. She has been sexually assaulted. She was known to police as a Granville St. "street person", who once worked as a prostitute. However, she had a good family whom I known in Squamish, and had been up to see them. Later that evening or early the next day her body was found. (see above.)

716 Donna Rose Kiss, 25, of Surrey, BC on Aug. 21/86. She was strangled with a tie and her body was dumped near 65A Ave and 136 St. She was a prostitute in the West End of Vanc. until a soliciting conviction banned her from her usual strip. (same as above)

723. Rose Minnie Peters, 28, of Vancouver, BC strangled, beaten and sexually assaulted April 3/88, in the Strathcona district. She was a known prostitute, also. (same as above.)

724. Margaret Vedan, 41, of Vancouver, BC, on April 7/88, stabbed numerous times in her apartment. Although she was a prostitute, she was also the mother of four grown children. (same as above)

725. Mary O'Donnell, 53, of Vancouver,BC, found beaten to death and sexually assaulter in Templeton Park, on July 28/88. (same as above)

726. Lisa Marie Gavin, 21, of Vancouver, BC, beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled before being dumped in a lane behind Knight Rd. Aug. 13/88. She worked as a Mount Pleasant prostitute. (same as above)

727. Connie Christenson, 27, of Vancouver, BC on Sept. 11/88, severely beaten and stabbed to death in her apartment, where her body was found. She was working as a prostitute. (same as above)

728. Glenna Marie Sowan, 25, of Vancouver, BC, on Sept. 30/88, beaten and strangled, and found naked in the lane behind West 24th. She was a prostitute, but also the mother of a baby girl. (same as above)

729. Tej Kaur Hundle, 67, of Vancouver, BC, strangled in her home on Dec. 2/88. (same as above)

731. Diane Gudmundson, 24, of Vancouver, BC found dead, July 8/89, in her apartment on Main St. Cause of death was not released. (same as above

748. Ann Ruby Threlfall, 24, of Vancouver, BC, strangled to death, Jan. 12/80. She was a prostitute. (same as above)

749. Nashter Dhahan, 25, of Vancouver, BC, a home-maker and part time cab driver, strangled and found in a parking lot Feb. 9/80. (same as above)

761. Bernadine Standingready, 26, of Vancouver, BC, found dead Nov. 12/91, in an auto wrecking yard on Cordova St. Police did not release cause of death. (same as above)

763. Kimberley Gallup, 18, of Victoria, BC, was working as a prostitute and was picked up by a man wearing a pink and green ski jacket. She was found at 4 a.m. Nov.21/90 in a room at the Colony Motor Inn, strangled. Police believe the killer lives in the Lower Mainland and may be connected to the deaths of three other prostitutes. (same as above)

764. Grace Barbara Theodorou, 21, of Vancouver, BC, whose dismembered body was found at Cypress Bowl in West Vancouver, BC, Oct5/91. She was a mushroom picker and was last seen leaving her apartment May 3/91. Cause of death is unknown. (same as above)

778. Tanya Smith, 16, of Abbotsford, BC, beaten, along with her best friend Misty Cockerill, then raped and drowned in the Vedder River, near Chilliwack. Their attacker has proceeded to phone the police and taunt them about this case and promised to commit more attacks. Since then, two women in Vancouver were assaulted by him, however they escaped. (Oct. 20 - 22/95 - all news media)

779. Victoria Lynn Younker, 35, of Vancouver, BC whose body was found near Mission, BC. It has been there for some time, no other info available (Oct. 21/95 CTV news.)listed at first as an unknown, as the name was not discovered until Oct. 25/95. She was also a Vancouver prostitute and it is felt her murder my be by the same suspect in two other murders of prostitutes whose bodies were found in the same area. He has since been returned to prison on parole violation. (Sun. Oct. 26/95, p.B3)

780. Dorothy Spence, 33, of Vancouver, has been missing since August 6/95. She was a prostitute in the Main and Hastings area which is where several others were scooped by a killer, and it is thought she may be another in a series of murdered prostitutes whose bodies have been found out in the Aggasiz area. No positive leads yet.

781. Mary Lidguerre, 30, of Vancouver, has been missing since July 7. Same as above.

782. Barbara Ellen Killon, of Richmond, BC, missing and presumed dead. Nov. 6/95

783. Unnamed, of Rupert St. Vancouver, a practical nurse, stabbed to death, Nov.9/95 (CBC-TV)

790. Melody Anne Newfield, 33, of Vancouver, BC, beaten to death and dumped naked in a Burnaby parking lot, Nov. 30/95. Peter Michael Beaupre, 31 has been charged with her murder. Witnesses saw a man drag a body out of a truck. They also saw a white dog in the truck. They got a good look at the truck and reported the incident to police immediately. It is thought the killer may be responsible for other brutal murders in the Lower Mainland area

425. Pamela Joy Cameron, 16, of Surrey BC, strangled and buried under leaves less than four blocks from where she was last seen. She went missing and within a half hour of being unaccounted for was being looked for, however police would not look until the next day when they found her body with help from a police dog. (Vanc. Sun. Oct. 7/94) Mitchell James Owen, pled guilty to the first degree murder of Pamela Cameron and was sentenced to the madatory term of life in prison without parole for 25 years. He was previously convicted and sentenced to 9 years for the 1982 rape and robbery of a Vancovuer woman attacked in the Woodward's parking lot. He is a suspect in several other murders including Tina Louise Parr, Jamie Dawn Vanwieren and Mindy Tran, all on this list.

431. Charlene Kerr, 29, of Vancouver, BC. discovered in a pool of blood in a Gastown Hotel. She was a drug addict and prostitute and is believed to have been killed during a robbery. No suspects. (Province, Oct 16/94)

189. Lynn Duggan, 34, of North Vancouver, BC, reported missing from her blood spattered apartment, June 10/93. The shower curtains, towels, pillow cases and bedding including bedspread and curtains are all missing. The mattress on her bed was blood-stained. Police have no suspects. (Van. Sun, June 22/93, p. B6) Her skull was found June 30/94 in the Seymour Demonstration Forest. Police have a suspect, but not enough proof to arrest him. (Van. Sun, Sept. 16/95 p. A4)

190. Patricia Pendleton, 29, of Mission, BC, stabbed 21 times in the throat and 5 times in the torso with two separate knives in June /92; however no weapon was ever found. Her skull had been fractured by one or more blows. Scott Clifford Aune, 29, also of Mission was charged with second degree murder in the vicious killing, but was found not guilty. His acquittal did not sit well with her friends. There was no evidence of sexual activity, but the wounds were consistent with torture. (Van. Sun, p. B7, June 26/93)

193. Crysta Lynn David, 21, found March 25/92, smothered to death in her basement suite in New Westminster, BC. She was last seen alive March 21/92, leaving a nightclub at 2 a.m. with a blond man. No other info is available. (Van. Province, July 7/93, p. A3)

194. Lisa Lynn McLaren, 24, Vancouver prostitute, found by a train crew in the bush. She went missing July 31/93. (Van Sun, Aug 4/93, p. B3) She was found strangled to death and left lying beside a railway track. Marvin Tom of Vanderhoof, BC has been charged with first degree murder after his DNA was found from swabs taken from her body. (Province, July 3/95. p. A12)

196. Lori Anne Pennycook, 29, of Vancouver, BC, found in dishwasher, dumped south of Chilliwack, BC, by a prison guard patrolling near the perimeter of a minimum security prison. She was identified through fingerprints. She was reported missing June 23, not found until July 13/93. (Van. Sun, July 27/93. p. B5)

197. Birdena Grace Pierce, 38, beaten to death and found in a downtown Vancouver, BC street, Aug 6/93. No other info. (Van. Sun, Aug. 11/93, p. B12)

198. Tina Thompson, 20, whose body was found on a trail near Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC. She had been a beer vendor and regularly there. It is a "nude" beach. A Somalian or Ethiopian man is the only suspect. (Vanc. Sun, Aug. 11/93, p. B12)

199. Unnamed - unidentified woman, age 33, found in a ditch in Langley, BC, Aug 10/93. (Vanc. Sun, Aug 11/93, p. B12)

224. Lalonnie Frances Thibert, 25, Sexually assaulted and dismembered with a chainsaw and buried in a shallow grave in a wooded area in Langley, BC, David Ernest Rhodes, the suspect in her death was captured and held by some male friends of Thibert who called an off-duty drug squad office, told them they had something for him and arranged a meet. They turned a kicking, screaming man over to him and drove off. The officer was not able to hang on to him and he escaped. (Vanc. Sun, Nov 15/93 p. B1 - after days of having his picture on tv and in the papers, CTV news Nov 17/93 reported that he turned himself in. Rhodes, originally charged with second degree murder was found guilty of manslaughter in Thibert's death and will be sentenced on June 29. He cut up her body with a chainsaw, and it was four days before it was discovered. A judge has ordered he undergo psychiatric review because there was some suggestion he "enjoyed cutting up the body." (Sun. June 6/95 p. B4) It was discovered that Thibert was asphyxiated before being dismembered with a chainsaw by David Rhodes. He was sentenced to six years for manslaughter. He was permitted to plead guilty to the lesser offence after forensic reports indicated the woman was high on a speedball of coaine and heroid and died after being gagged with clothing. Her body was found Nov. 12/93 in a shallow grave in Langley after being cut up and stuffed in a heavy mail sack.(Sun.Aug. 21 or 22 /95)

228. Dayle Linda Patterson, 32, stabbed to death and her body left in a man's rented room in Victoria, BC. He has been charged with first degree murder. (Vanc. Province. Dec. 10/93, pA19). Cabbie, Christopher Milke, 34, who stabbed Patterson, a prostitute 32 times then slit her throat was convicted of second-degree murder, however his lawyer, Clark Purves argues that Milke should be found not guilty by reason of a mental disorder. Milke faces an automatic life term. He had picked Patterson up and paid her $50 for sex. When she tried to leave before he had finished, "he exploded into anger and the pent-up hatred he had of women poured out." (Province - Nov.18/94 p.A11)

134. Cheryl-Anne Joe, 26, murdered and sexually mutilated, Jan 20, 1992. A Vancouver man has been charged with her murder.

159. Vickie Rosalind Black, 25, whose body was found in a dumpster by a scavenger. She also was a prostitute, well known and well liked by her coworkers. She died March 4, 93

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