Lessons from losing my mother

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Lessons from losing my mother

Editor, The News:

   Three years my momís been missing now. Thereís not much to say, everythingís been said.

Iíve tried my best to help find out what happened, but Iím only a teenager so I couldnít do much. To me it seemed as if I was getting stereotyped, like Iím a little kid and canít do anything. I had some ideas that I thought were great, but no one would listen or even help me with what I wanted to do. That comes as a big disappointment to me.
   More could have been done, but people are too involved with themselves to help someone else. I think we should stop worrying about ourselves, and start helping other people. We have to help each other out and back each other up.
   I believe my mom is in heaven. I pray every night that she is there and that God would be with her, and tell her that I love her and miss her a lot. I hope she looks on me sometime, to see how Iíve grown mentally and emotionally. I hope sheís proud of me. I know she would be if she was here.
   I guess the only thing to do now is just move on with our lives. Iíll have scars of the pain I went through my whole life, but the best part was that I got through the hurt and learned to heal.
   Thereís probably a lesson in all of this: donít take things for granted. But that wasnít the case for me. I had no control over not seeing my mom; so donít take things as valuable as someone you love for granted. I say you should give your loved ones a hug and maybe a kiss every day. You never know what might happen to them or yourself.
   Make the most of what youíve got. Pray for others who need prayer in their lives, like me and my family, as well as the others in our situation. And Iíll keep praying for you.

Debra Chartier
McBride, B.C.

    Editorís note: Debra is the 15-year-old daughter of Janet Henry, who went missing from Vancouverís downtown eastside in June of 1997 and who has been the subject of several stories in this newspaper since then.
   Debraís auntie Sandra Gagnon of Maple Ridge renewed her vow this week to keep searching. Henry has been listed as one of 31 women who disappeared from the downtown eastside in the past five years. An information website has been established at and police continue to seek clues about the missing women. 

Janet Gail Henry



Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

Updated: August 21, 2016