Joining Forces To Locate Missing Street Workers

Courtesy of BCTV, May 10, 2001

RCMP And Vancouver Police Dedicating Officers To Case

VANCOUVER, 4:53 p.m. PDT May 10, 2001 --The RCMP and Vancouver police have announced they're joining forces to try and solve the mysterious disappearance of no fewer than 31 Vancouver prostitutes.

Four officers will take what they're calling a "long and methodical" look at those files and the files of other missing or murdered street workers.

They'll also use the RCMP's violent crime analysis software to try and find links between the cases.

Vancouver police have been investigating the disappearances of these women for several years now.

A poster was released three years ago to raise awareness.

Vancouver officers did manage to find four of the missing street workers, but four more have recently been added to the list.

Task force formed to review missing women file

VANCOUVER (CKNW/AM980) -- The RCMP and the Vancouver police department will join forces to review the unsolved missing women cases of 31 sex trade workers in the city.

Two officers from the RCMP Major Crime Section and two Vancouver police investigators will form the team and take a long look at the files, in an attempt to find any new clues.

They will use the VICLAS computer system which was previously not available to Vancouver police.

The probe will also encompass other disappearances and murders or women not classified as part of the missing women file.

Prostitutes in Vancouver's downtown eastside have feared a serial killer is on the loose and is responsible for the disappearance of several women since 1995

New probe amid serial killer fears-Apr 28, 2001



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