In Memory of Terry Gagnon

A few days ago, Sandra Gagnon and her family suffered yet another tragedy with the death of her son Terry. 

Terry was suffering and in pain and felt he couldn't go on living.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sandra, her son Richard and family.

A Memorial service is planned for Saturday,  February 16, 2002 at 2 PM in Maple Ridge on 216th Street. As soon as we get more location it will be posted.  

The service for Terry Gagnon will be this Saturday,
February 16th at 2:00  pm.
Maple Ridge Funeral Chapel
11969 - 216th Street
Maple Ridge, B.C.
Phone: 604 463-8121

Sandra Gagnon

February 17, 2002

Missing woman's kin dealt new blow

By PETER SMITH -- Calgary Sun

Many family members of 50 missing Vancouver women dealt with a new tragedy yesterday by attending the funeral of a relative of one of the missing women.

Some of the mourners at the Maple Ridge, B.C., funeral travelled there from a Port Coquitlam pig farm where police are conducting a massive search for clues to the missing women.

Janet Henry, 36, a drug addict and prostitute, was added to the list of missing women more than four years ago when she disappeared off a Vancouver street in June 1997.

Her disappearance brought mental anguish for her sister, Sandra Gagnon, 45, who has spent the past three years helping raise public awareness about the plight of all the missing women, including her sister.

This week, Gagnon's son, Terry, 24, the nephew of the missing woman, was found dead, and family members revealed he'd taken his own life.

"Many of the family members of the missing women felt they could provide comfort to Sandra by attending the funeral," said Wayne Leng, a campaigner for action to find the missing women.

Meanwhile, the huge task of obtaining DNA related to all 50 missing women is expanding.

Since more than 40 investigators on the missing-women task force descended on the pig farm two weeks ago, police have revealed they discovered human DNA on the 10-acre site. Immediate relatives of the missing women have been coming forward to produce DNA samples to assist police in identifying the samples they have discovered.

A police appeal for anyone who has visited the pig farm to come forward and give DNA has already brought responses from 60 people.

More than 85 officers are involved in the search, police are building a temporary police station on the pig farm, and refrigerated trucks have been brought on site to deal with potential evidence being located.

Courtesy of the Calgary Sun

The following link is to an article about Sandra and the tragedies that she and her family have suffered.

Sandra is the sister of Janet Henry who disappeared in the downtown eastside.

Sandra Gagnon-I'm not going to give up-Nov 4, 2000



Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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