tribute to the missing women

12th Annual Women's Memorial March

Maggy, speaking at the Carnegie Center

Hello my name is Maggy

I am here to day to remember my many friends that are on the missing women’s list. Many of you knew me as Crazy Jackie.

I have lived on and off skid row from 1983 until March 13, 1998. I struggled with drug addiction and have been in and out of 22 recovery houses, 22 treatment centers and numerous detox during this fifteen year period.

I hear a lot about the missing women that only regard the women as prostitutes and drug addicts. Leaving unsaid a common assumption that these women’s lives were expendable because of their undesirable lifestyles. This kind of assumption fails to give a fair picture of who these women really are!

To the 63 families of the missing women they are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins and even grandmothers that are gone forever! I can not even imagine the vastness of your grief and am truly sorry for your loss!

For so many other people The missing women were loved ones or friends that are now gone. I am also truly sorry for your loss!

To me many of these women were my friends over the 15 years of my struggle to get out of hell on Hastings. Some of these women I met on the streets of Hastings. So many of the Women I met in recovery houses, treatment centers and detox centers over the many years.
All of these women have gone missing before their time!

I have so much to say and not the time to say how much my friends on the missing women's list mean to me.

Sarah deVries I first met you in 1985. you were a very bright light for me in a very dark place and time of my life. You helped me hang on to the hopes and dreams of my heart!
Sarah you were an honest, loyal friend that always had time for me. You taught me so much about holding my head high in spite of my life on Hastings.

You loved to laugh, you loved to draw, and you loved to write! you always carried with you 2 pictures. One of your daughter and one of your sons. You were able to see the good in other people.

I remember the desire in your heart for a better life with someone you loved who loved you back living with your 2 children. I am left with many memories of our year’s friendship. I miss you so much!

Michelle Gurney I met you in 1986 on the streets of Hastings. Under your tough exterior I found a strong, loyal friend. I remember the Christmas we spent in the Beacon Hotel together. We decided instead of ignoring Christmas that we would try to make Christmas a nice experience for our selves and others that lived in the hotel. Some how we managed to come up with a little tree with decorations that we made a huge feast of food and we traded cloths and jewelry for presents. We even sang songs around the Christmas tree.

Angela Jardine I met you also on the streets of Hasting in 1989. I was drawn to your child like innocence. I remember one of the rooms that you lived in on Hastings had a lot of dolls and stuffed animals and you loved to dress up in pretty clothes and wear make up. I remember how happy you were when you got a grey fur coat and that you wore it all the time. You had a sweet simple innocence about you that I often remember.

Janet Henry I met you in 1989 in Surrey in a women's recovery house. I cried with you the day you shared your life story. I have gone to clean & sober dances with you. I also remember how you struggled to get out of Hasting and get a better life. I mostly remember
that you were my quiet, shy, honest and strong friend.

Georgina Papin I met you in 1994 in Lana house. We were room mates and I met your children when they came to visit you. I remember you for your warm smile. You were easy to talk to and made me feel welcome. In 1998 you helped me learn more about my native heritage. You were at the party for the birth of my daughter at mission Indian friendship center.

There are many other women I know and regard as my friends that are on the missing women's list that I can say lots about and if I were to sum it up in a few words I would say that my experience, life on and off of Hastings and the many friends that I had has left me
a better person today.

So very easily I could have been a mean and bitter person.
Yet the memories of my friends and the personal qualities of their personalities that shone through even on Hastings street remind me that I truly want to be a better person.

There are many people who helped me hang on and fight for a better life and you all are a part of that. Thank you for your part in my recovery and your friendship.
I will celebrate 5 years of sobriety on March 13, 2003.

Today my life is very different from the life that I once lived with you all on Hastings street.
I have my spouse, family, children and friends in my life. I want people to know that their is hope for people like us to get a better life, that no life is expendable.

To my friends that are still on Hasting street I want to tell you that If I can get sober then anyone of you can!

There is hope! you are worth it!


Hundreds march in Vancouver to remember dead and missing women-Feb 14, 2003



Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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