Eight names added to list of missing women

There are now 69 women missing from the Eastside

Suzanne Fournier
The Province

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Eight women, some of them not seen in more than a decade, were added to the official list yesterday of women who have disappeared from Vancouver's drug-infested Downtown Eastside.

And police confirmed they have linked the DNA of 30 women to the Port Coquitlam property of accused serial killer Robert Pickton, who is in jail awaiting trial on 22 charges of first-degree murder.

The eight new names are not among those linked by DNA to the pig farm.

A new poster, with the faces and names of all 69 women who fit the profile of missing Downtown Eastside prostitutes, was released by the joint Vancouver police-RCMP missing women task force and will be on public display in a bid to gain new information.

"We cannot solve these cases alone," said Vancouver Sgt. Sheila Sullivan.

"We need the public's help and the families of these women need your help too, so they can finally know what has become of their loved ones."

She said the task force got 44 new reports of missing women the last time police issued a public appeal for information in January.

The task force also confirmed that it has investigated, since 2002, a total of 220 missing women cases in or near B.C. Police were able to cross from the missing persons' list 88 women who were either found alive or had died elsewhere.

Of the 69 women now officially listed as missing, more than a third have some aboriginal ancestry. Less than four per cent of the B.C. population is native.

Against a backdrop of a new Amnesty International report called "Stolen Sisters" and released in Ottawa this week, slamming "unacceptable levels of violence toward aboriginal women in Canada," Soowahlie Chief Doug Kelly pointed to the "disproportionate number" of aboriginal women among those who have been confirmed as murder victims or who are still missing.

"This is a troubling and shocking fact, to all first nations communities, and one that has to be addressed by all levels of government and by police agencies," said Kelly, who speaks for the executive of the First Nations Summit, representing most B.C. native communities.

Pickton, 54, was committed to stand trial on 15 murder charges in July 2003 at the end of his preliminary hearing.

On Dec. 15 Crown counsel Michael Petrie confirmed Pickton will also face murder charges in the death of seven more women mentioned at the preliminary hearing.

Of those 22 women, one is still unidentified and is known only as Jane Doe.

RCMP Cpl. Catherine Galliford said that of the 30 women whose DNA has been linked to Pickton's Port Coquitlam pig farm, there are three women who remain "Jane Does," or unidentified.

The eight new names are:

- Sharon Nora Jane Abraham, born Sept. 15, 1965, last seen in 2000, reported missing in 2004.

- Sherry Linda Baker, born Nov. 28, 1968, last seen in 1993, reported missing in 2004.

- Cara Louise Ellis, also known as Nicky Trimble, born April 13, 1971, last seen in 1997, reported missing in October 2002.

- Tammy Heather Fairbairn, born June 17, 1971, last seen in 1998, reported missing in 2004.

- Gloria Christine Fedyshyn, born Aug. 15, 1962, last seen in January 1993, reported missing in 2002.

- Mary Florence Lands, born Sept. 15, 1963, last seen in 1991, reported missing in 2004.

- Tania Petersen, born Dec. 28, 1969, last seen in 1998, reported missing in Surrey in 2003.

- Sharon Evelyn Ward, born June 7, 1967, last seen in 1997, reported missing March, 1997. 

 The Vancouver Province 2004

Woman removed from missing list - May 26, 2005

8 more names added to list of missing women

Missing-women list grows to 69

Police in Vancouver add 8 new names; DNA of one found on Pickton pig farm

Thursday, October 7, 2004

VANCOUVER -- The names of eight prostitutes with ties to Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside neighbourhood and a drug or alcohol addiction have been added to the list of women whose disappearance is under investigation by a high-priority RCMP task force.

The women, who vanished between 1991 and 2000, were identified during a methodical review of more than 220 missing-persons cases in British Columbia, the northwest United States and across Canada, Corporal Catherine Galliford, spokeswoman for the RCMP task force, announced at a news conference yesterday.

The list of missing women has now grown to 69. A poster with their photos and the dates they were last seen was posted on the RCMP website and distributed across the city.

Many of the women on the poster appear healthy and are smiling; others appear downcast and worn out. Almost all were in their 20s when they were last seen.

One of the women included on yesterday's list, Cara Ellis, was linked to the case of pig farmer Robert Pickton, who has been charged with murdering women from the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood.

Police have found the DNA of 30 women with ties to the Downtown Eastside, including Ms. Ellis, on Mr. Pickton's farm in the Vancouver suburb of Port Coquitlam.

Mr. Pickton, 54, has been charged with the murder of 15 women. Crown prosecutors have indicated they intend to charge him with the deaths of seven more women when the trial begins next spring. The identities of three women whose DNA was found on the Pickton property remain unknown.

In the Downtown Eastside, news of new names was greeted with a mixture of hope and fear.

"There's always hope when they announce more names, hope that the police finally have some answers," said Edna Brass, a board member of the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre.

However, the announcement also creates a chill. Many people fear someone is out there, preying on people in the neighbourhood, Ms. Brass said.

"It's horrendous. The list keeps growing. No one knows how many are missing," she said.

Ms. Brass also said the expansion of the list is a reminder that women continue to disappear.

People from different parts of the country regularly come to the neighbourhood to put up posters for their missing family members, she said.

The women included on the list were Sharon Abraham, who would now be 39; Sherry Baker, who would be 35; Tammy Fairbairn, who would be 33; Gloria Fedyshyn, who would be 42; Mary Lands, who would be 41; Tania Petersen, who would be 34; and Sharon Ward, who would be 37.

The names were added to the list after the RCMP had exhausted all options for further investigation. "Once a name is put on the list, we have exhausted all our avenues for finding them," said Sergeant Sheila Sullivan of the Vancouver Police.

The RCMP had some success during their review, she said. Police located 88 women during the extensive review of 220 missing women on the list.

Cpl. Galliford also said the police have not ruled out the possibility that a serial killer is in the neighbourhood.

"We certainly do not have information that all the women on the list are linked to the Port Coquitlam farm," she said.

"So it's very important for us to keep a very broad perspective on what could have happened to the women. We are not in a position today to eliminate any possibilities."

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Woman removed from missing list - May 26, 2005

Vancouver's Missing Women

Missing Women Joint Task Force Press Release, Oct 6, 2004

Here is the list of women who have disappeared from the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver since the early 1980s, along with the date they were last seen (new names added Wednesady in boldface, charges in brackets):

Lillian Jean O'Dare - September 1978.

Wendy Louise Allen - March 1979.

Rebecca Guno - June 1983

Sherry Rail - January 1984.

Yvonne Marlene Abigosis - January 1984.

Linda Louise Grant - October 1984.

Sheryl Donahue - May 1985

Leigh Miner - December 1993.

Laura Mah - August 1985.

Elaine Allenbach - March 1986.

Teressa Williams - July 1988.

Ingrid Soet - August 1989.

Nancy Clark - August 1991.

Mary Lands - 1991.

Kathleen Wattley - June 1992.

Elsie Sebastien - October 1992.

Gloria Fedyshyn - January 1993.

Sherry Baker - 1993

Teresa Louis Triff - April 1993.

Angela Arseneault - August 1994.

Catherine Gonzalez - March 1995.

Catherine Knight - April 1995.

Dorothy Spence - August 1995.

Diana Melnick - December 1995.

Tanya Holyk -October 1996. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Olivia Williams - December 1996.

Frances Young - April 1996.

Stephanie Lane - January 1997.

Sharon Ward - February 1997.

Cara Ellis - 1997.

Maria Laura Laliberte - January 1997.

"Kellie" (Richard) Little - April 1997.

Helen Hallmark - June 1997. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Janet Henry - June 1997.

Marnie Frey - August 1997.

Jacqueline Murdock - August 1997.

Cindy Beck - September 1997.

Andrea Borhaven - sometime in 1997.

Sherry Irving - April 1997. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Cindy Feliks - November 1997.

Kerry Koski - January 1998.

Inga Hall - February 1998. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Sarah deVries - April 1998.

Elaine Dumba - Apri 1998.

Sheila Egan - July 1998.

Julie Young - October 1998.

Angela Jardine - November 1998.

Marcella Creison - December 1998.

Michelle Gurney - December 1998.

Ruby Anne Hardy - 1998.

Tania Petersen - 1998.

Tammy Fairbairn - 1998.

Jacqueline McDonell - January 1999. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Georgina Papin - March 1999. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Brenda Wolfe - February 1999. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Wendy Crawford - November 1999.

Jennifer Furminger - December 1999. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Tiffany Louise Drew - December 1999.

Dawn Crey - November 2000.

Debra Jones - December 2000.

Sharon Abraham - 2000.

Patricia Johnson - March 2001. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Yvonne Marie Boen - March 2001.

Heather Bottomley - April 2001. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Heather Chinnock - April 2001. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Angela Josebury - June 2001. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Sereena Abotsway - August 2001. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Diane Rock - October 2001. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder)

Mona Wilson - November 2001. (Robert Pickton charged with first-degree murder).

8 more names added to list of missing women




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