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Driemelís jokes continue to haunt him

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Thursday, November 07, 2002

The controversy over remarks made by the Vancouver Police media liaison officer is showing no signs of slowing down.

Vancouver Police Det. Scott Driemel looks on at a news conference about the controversy Wednesday. (Global BC)

Detective Scott Driemel has apologized for some off-colour jokes he made at a police conference in June.

Driemel is also a spokesperson for the missing women's task force, and now some of the families are demanding he resign.

Driemel's comments were made to fellow officers last June, and reportedly included a golf joke using reference's to a woman's anatomy.

Rick Frey, whose daughter Marnie is among 63 women missing from the downtown east side, says Driemel's off-colour remarks remind him of other painful comments from a member of the task force. (Global BC)

Recently, Driemel sent letters of apology to more than 90 people for making the jokes. But some family members of the downtown east side's 63 missing women say that isn't enough.

Rick Frey, whose daughter Marnie is among the missing, says the callous remarks are bringing back memories of another painful comment from a task-force member.

Frey claims an officer told him at a meeting with police last May that "if he ran into a 24-year-old girl down in the east end, he wouldn't spend too much time -- he'd rather talk to the 14-year-old, because the 24-year-old girl will be dead pretty soon anyway."

"Well my daughter was 24 when she went missing," says Frey.

After being grilled on the issue at a news conference Wednesday, Vancouver Police Chief Jamie Graham says the incident should be forgotten.

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