Dosanjh unveils reward poster

 By Jason Proctor, Staff Reporter, The Province, Wed. July 28, 1999.

      The host of America's Most Wanted has thrown his popular television show’s resources into solving the mystery of 31 women missing from Vancouver’s downtown east side.
     Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Vancouver’s top law-enforcement officials yesterday, John Walsh said he hopes international exposure will help crack the case and bring closure to dozens of relatives whose loved ones have vanished in recent years.
     “There may be something very wrong here,” Walsh told a packed police news conference.  “It’s very unusual for 31 people—no matter what they do, no matter what trade they’re in—to disappear.”
     Joining Walsh was Attorney-General Ujjal Dosanjh, who unveiled a new poster, to be distributed North America-wide, offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to whoever is responsible for kidnapping or killing any or all of the women.
     The segment will air this Saturday as part of a show devoted to Vancouver crimes—including the shooting of abortion doctor Garson Romanlis, and the hunt for Ninderjit Singh, the prime suspect in the murder of 18-year-old Poonan Randhawa.
     Both Walsh and Dosanjh stressed the complexities of dealing with a case in which no evidence of foul play or criminality exists.
     Until recently, the number of missing women had been about two dozen, most of whom have vanished since 1995.  Police have now added more cases, with one stretching back to 1978.

Missing Downtown Eastside Women
The Ministry of Attorney-General and the Vancouver Police Board have authorized a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the unlawful confinement, kidnapping or murder of any one or more of the women listed as missing in this reward poster, a reward will be decided by the Vancouver Police Board, in its sole discretion, and that decision is final, binding and not reviewable. Only those people who come forward and volunteer information which is received by the Vancouver Police Department on or before May 1, 2000, will be eligible to receive a reward. Any persons having information regarding the unlawful confinement, kidnapping or murder of any of the missing women listed in this poster are requested to communicate that information immediately to the Vancouver Police Department, Missing Persons Unit. North America at: 1-800-993-8799 In the Vancouver area at: (604) 717-3415 or Call your local police agency or You can remain anonymous and call: 669-TIPS

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Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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