Dorothy Spence

My sister and I were both born on the same day 10 years apart she would have been 39 now. She has 5 brothers and three other sisters. We all try to figure out what happened to her, she would have called or something she is not the type to just leave and not tell anyone, we all love her a great deal and miss her.
    I first heard she was missing when I was living in Ontario my heart sank when I heard that because something told me I would never see my sister again.
    Dorothy and I shared an apartment together in Vancouver we would always look out for each other and take care of each other. She was a great cook too!
    I lived there for 8 years to get away from Vancouver, it was getting to carried away. The last time I seen my sister she was living on 12th St and Fraser in the East Broadway area, I didn't get a chance to tell her I was moving to Ontario she was always out and about, hard to get a hold of her. I always have dreams of her, I had one funny dream that it was a cop doing these things to these girls.
    When she was straight she had a heart of gold, very caring. She would call me up on the phone  and if I wasn't home she would sing a little tune on my answering machine, that would make me laugh, she had a great sense of humour! Dorothy, our other sister and I would always be making each other laugh with our little escapades.
   These drugs take total control of a person, I was fortunate to leave, I live in Victoria now with my husband.
    All these girls were good just took a wrong turn somewhere, I always have trusted my first instincts about someone. I hope these girls will watch out for each other now, you never know what to expect. All these girls have someone who loves them and cares for them

R Spence

Dorothy Anne Spence



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Updated: August 21, 2016