Cost of investigation irrelevant

Jack Cummer
Times Colonist

Re: "Missing women bill: $70 million," Sept. 16.

Seventy million dollars now, when in the 1990s if the various political figures and members of the police had acted on the missing persons reports, tips, and angry accusations made in public, this situation would never have gotten this far.

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Searchers comb the Stave River Slough during the investigation into Vancouver's missing women.

Seventy million dollars is cheap after the families of the missing women have told these various people what was going on and requested investigation. This entire situation could have been avoided if action had been taken when requested.

But "nothing people" don't get attention. "Who cares? They live down there in the Eastside and they get what they deserve."

Besides, they don't vote, therefore they don't count as responsible people.

Try speaking with any one of the families of these poor lost souls. Never mind the devastated ones, those families of loved ones that have had wonders of science (DNA) presented to them and reduced their missing loved one to a found body part. Seventy million dollars is cheap!

Only about one-third of the missing women have been identified as deceased to date. What good does this $70 million do for either those lost or found? This is the greatest example of "locking the barn door after the cow has been stolen."

We are not talking inanimate objects here, these are real-life people. Grandchildren, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, best friends. Folk like your next-door neighbour and their kids. They did not deserve to have their lives taken from them.

We, the living family, are praying for an investigation, no matter what the cost, and secretly dream that the ones found guilty would be treated the same way! Not the death, no one deserves to die, but the life of a pariah they placed upon our loved one should be lived by them.

Unworthy of existence, I believe, was the feeling. I am angry.

Jack Cummer,


Jack Cummer is the grandfather of murder victim Andrea Joesbury

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