Five names added to missing women list

Call us if you're alive, say police, who admit they fear the worst

Greg Middleton
The Province

Friday, March 29, 2002

Police added five names to the list of missing prostitutes yesterday, pushing the total to 55 presumed dead.

But hoping against hope, they said if any of the five women are still alive, they should phone police immediately.

"The task force has found . . . five additional women who match the profile of the existing 50 missing women," RCMP Const. Cate Galliford said.

"We are adding them to the list but need the public's assistance in our attempts to locate the women."

The five fit the profile of the 50 on the list so far: Drug-addicted prostitutes working in the skid-row sex trade.

Police, who have brought in 30 more investigators to boost the task force from 85 to 115 officers, found two of the cases as they pored over old missing-person files.

The names of the other three women were given to police by their families.

Police admit they fear the worst.

"The families of the additional five women were advised that their loved ones may be added to the existing list of missing women," said Vancouver police Det. Scott Driemel.

One of the five women, Ruby Anne Hardy, was reported missing as recently as Wednesday.

Hardy, also known as Ruby Galloway, would be 37 if she is still alive. She was last seen by her family in 1998.

Maria Laura Laliberte, who would be 52 if she is alive, was last seen in 1997 but not reported missing until March 8.

Anne Elizabeth Wolsey, who would be 29, was reported missing in 1997.

Yvonne Marie Boen, 34, was last seen a year ago. Boen, who used the name England, was last seen on March 16 last year, but only reported missing on March 21.

Tiffany Louise Drew, who would be 27, was last seen in December 1999.

Drew, who is less than five feet tall, was reported missing in February.

"This is so tragic," said Wayne Leng, who runs a website on the missing women from his home in California.

He was a friend of Sarah deVries, who disappeared in 1998 at age 29.

He said he would post the names and photos of the five missing women on his website today.

John Turvey of the Downtown Eastside Youth Association which provides clean needles for addicts, said the group's outreach workers recognize the women.

Police say they are looking at a number of suspects in the disappearances, which go back more than a decade.

Robert William [Willie] Pickton, 52, was charged with first-degree murder Feb. 22 in connection with the deaths of two women, Mona Wilson, 26, who disappeared last November, and Sereena Abotsway, who was 29 when she disappeared last August.

Ada Wilson, Mona's sister, was busy yesterday arranging a memorial for Mona to be held April 8 at 2 p.m. at St. John's Anglican Church in Burnaby.

Ernie Crey, whose sister Dawn Crey disappeared more than a year ago, said he was "shocked and saddened" by the news of the five women.

"I spent some very quiet time thinking about the fact that it may be 55 and climbing and that there seems to be no end to it," Crey said yesterday.

He said the fact that police have added 30 investigators to the task force tells him they have much more information than they are willing to divulge.

He said while he hopes the five are alive and will contact police, he is convinced there are "people who were close to the missing women in their final days who know what happened to them."

"I hope they, too, will come forward." 

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