Broadcast says more female DNA found

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

VANCOUVER - A broadcast report says the DNA remains of four more missing Vancouver women have been found.

But the police are refusing to comment on the CBC radio report.

The report does not say where the remains were discovered, but says the police have expanded their search from a Port Coquitlam farm to Pitt Lake, several kilometres away.

Kathleen Hallmark says the police have told her they found DNA evidence of her daughter, Helen, at a Port Coquitlam farm police have been searching since February.

Helen Hallmark is one of the 50 women missing from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Helen Hallmark disappeared in 1997 and is among 50 women who have vanished from Vancouver's downtown east side in the last two decades.

However, Kathleen Hallmark says police told her there was not enough evidence to lay a charge in the case.

DNA remains of seven other women have been found on the Port Coquitlam farm.

As a result of those findings, seven murder charges have been laid against Robert William Pickton, who operated the farm.

The following text from RCMP Constable Catherine Galliford and Vancouver Police Department Detective Scott Driemel is a joint response to news media questions related to the Missing Women's Joint Task Force:

"What we can say is that the Missing Women's Joint Task Force is not issuing any new statements at this time related to the investigation or search. From the beginning the Missing Women's Joint Task Force has said that any conversations we might have with family members are private ones. That situation has not changed.

This is an ongoing investigation that involves many continuing facets. What we have is a very complex, ongoing search and investigation that also involves seven charges of murder now before the courts. We continue to pursue all avenues necessary and to utilize all the investigative skills possible.

When we have concrete information and facts to convey to the media and public, we will do so officially through our regular new updates and conferences."

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