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Former Welland woman named as possible victim among missing women in B.C.


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Diane Rock

A former Welland woman has been named as one of the alleged victims of Robert Pickton, the British Columbia pig farmer involved in the case of 50 missing women in the Vancouver area.

That woman is Diane Rock, 34, who grew up in the city's Ontario Road neighbourhood. She was born Sept. 2,1967.

She was reported missing in October, 2001. Pickton is accused of killing her sometime between Oct. 19, 2001 when she was last seen, and Feb. 5, 2002.

In Welland, she was Diane Rosemary Marin. Lillian Beaudoin, a sister, said Rock is the name of her second husband. The Rock family moved to B.C. about 10 years ago.

"We want families of all the missing women to know we sympathize and grieve with them," Beaudoin said during an interview Friday morning.

She described her sister as "a family girl...she wasn't street smart."

In Abbotsford, near Vancouver, Rock had worked with developmentally delayed adults until about a year ago. She was highly regarded by superiors and co-workers who praised her devotion and her care of clients.

But Beaudoin says her sister likely left the job and turned to life on the street after the breakup of her marriage. Beaudoin says her sister was "devastated" when Rock took his two sons with him when he left.

Yet it was in search of a better life that the Rocks went to B.C. in the first place, Beaudoin says. Rock's father had a small business there and, Beaudoin says, agreed to help give them a start.

They had known for some time that Diane Rock had been missing. Beaudoin said, however, her greatest fear had been of getting a telephone call about Rock being found dead of an overdose.

Her husband, René Beaudoin, said they talked briefly about the pig farm story two or three weeks ago.

"I said wouldn't it be a bitch if she was one of the girls in that place."

René Beaudoin answered the phone when a police officer working on the case returned a call to their home this week.

The officer told him Pickton had been charged with Diane's murder based on "medical evidence" but that her body had not been recovered.

"We want her story to be told," Lillian Beaudoin says. "If we can't bring her body back we want to bring her life back to Welland. We don't want her to be abandoned."

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Dianne Rock last seen Nov 23, 2001



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