Accused serial killer denies murder in lawsuit defence statement

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

VICTORIA (CP) - The pig farmer accused of killing seven of the 50 women missing from Vancouver's tough downtown eastside says he did not murder the victim whose family has filed a lawsuit against him.

This is an updated photo of missing Vancouver woman Andrea Joesbury. [CP]

In April, Karin Joesbury filed a civil lawsuit against Robert William Pickton in B.C. Supreme Court seeking forfeiture of his farm for use as a memorial site for the women Pickton is accused of killing. Joesbury is the mother of Andrea Joesbury, the sixth woman Pickton is charged with killing. But in a one-page statement of defence filed with the court last month, Pickton denies "each and every allegation of fact" contained in Joesbury's statement of claim.

"The defendant, Robert William Pickton, specifically denies that he killed Andrea Joesbury and further denies that he buried or otherwise disposed of her remains."

Pickton, 52, requests that the lawsuit be dismissed with court and legal costs awarded to him.

Joesbury's lawsuit was filed by Victoria lawyer Denis Berntsen, who also filed a second suit against the cities of Vancouver and Port Coquitlam and the Vancouver city police and RCMP.

The second suit alleges the city of Vancouver and its police "wilfully failed to properly investigate all information received knowing that such wilful failure to investigate would allow the killing to continue."

Both suits contain allegations that haven't been proven.

As a result of the suits, the Vancouver police and RCMP have refused much comment on the ongoing case.

Pickton's preliminary hearing on the seven murder charges begins in November.

Police began searching his pig farm in February.

Thirty-nine of the 50 women have disappeared from the drug-infested downtown eastside since 1995.

Police are reviewing the files of a further four missing women to see if they also fit the same profile.

Most of the women were involved were drug addicts and involved in the sex trade, prompting their families to complain police did not take their disappearances seriously.

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