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Danielle Larue

Vancouver Courier
By Naoibh O'Connor-Staff writer

Friday May 16, 2003

Police are trying to track down the mysterious tipster who told them about the disappearance of a Downtown Eastside woman in January.

Danielle Larue, a 25-year-old prostitute, has been missing since the beginning of December. The tipster alerted the Vancouver Police Department a month later, but didn't name the woman or leave contact information. Investigators later discovered Larue's identity and suspect foul play may be involved. Police spokeswoman Sarah Bloor won't reveal further details about the tip since it's an ongoing investigation.

"We're hopeful someone can come forward with information about Danielle. She hasn't had any contact with family or friends since December and that's why we suspect foul play," Bloor said.

Officers aren't ruling out the possibility that Larue, a native woman from the Interior, has simply moved. Family members did not call police to report Larue missing.

The known drug addict was involved in the sex trade before she went missing, working in the Downtown Eastside since at least November.

Contact between Larue and family members has been "off and on" according to Bloor, and it's been some time since they've been in touch, which is not typical behaviour.

"We were hoping we would have additional contact by the person that originally alerted us but that hasn't happened-that's why we're coming forward," Bloor said. "Perhaps someone has seen Danielle or Danielle herself will call us if she's not in harm's way."

Larue is five-feet-seven-inches tall, weighs 125 pounds, has a light complexion, long black hair, brown eyes and several tattoos, including a black heart and cross on her forearm and a heart on her chest. A dedicated phone line for the case has been set up at 604-717-3420. Information left on it will remain confidential.

Sixty-three women, many of them prostitutes, have disappeared from the Downtown Eastside in recent years. Last year, Coquitlam pig farmer Robert Willie Pickton was charged with 15 counts of murder in connection with the disappearances.

Police, meanwhile, have found Imre Domokos, a 79-year-old who was reported missing earlier this month.

Although no statistics are available for the number of missing person reports filed with the department this year, Bloor said they're likely to be similar to figures from 2002. Between January and April of that year, 1,424 people were reported missing-typically, it's about 400 per month. At least 40 per cent of missing persons return home within 48 hours of a report being filed. Usually by month's end, only two to three files remain open.

"In the summer months, it tends to rise about 500 to 600 missing persons reports that are filed [a month]. We believe that's because of the warmer weather and people may stay out later or not phone their families," Bloor said.

She added that people of all ages and backgrounds go missing.

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Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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