Former ace interrogator Bill Fordy lands job as head of Surrey RCMP

Bill Fordy set to replace retiring Fraser MacRae


He has interrogated some of B.C.’s most notorious criminals, including serial killers Robert Pickton and Charles Kembo.

Now RCMP Supt. Bill Fordy is poised to take over as the head of the Surrey RCMP — Canada’s largest RCMP detachment — when Asst. Commissioner Fraser MacRae retires Friday.

While the formal announcement is yet to be made, Fordy’s name has been circulating for days as the successful candidate for the top Surrey job.

And Surrey City Council ratified the decision Monday.

Fordy did not respond to an interview request.

Nor would Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts comment on the news.

But several police and community sources confirmed that Fordy, 47, has been notified of his promotion into one of the RCMP’s most-coveted policing jobs in Canada.

Fordy has been a Mountie since abandoning his dreams of playing professional hockey.

He was a ninth round draft pick for the Hartford Whalers back in 1983 when he was 18. The left-winger never played an NHL game, but had a successful college career in Ontario.

He found his true calling when he joined the RCMP.

Fordy built a reputation as a skilled interrogator of suspects in high-profile murder cases.

He used his background as a hockey player when he was part of the interview team that got a confession from Pickton in the murder of women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Fordy told Pickton that his NHL career was dashed due to injuries.

“I was drafted to go to try out for the Hartford Whalers in the NHL and then I broke my shoulder. And as a result of that I ah, broke my hand twice, my arm, my cheek bone, I ended up playing in the minors, Rob,” he said to Pickton on Feb. 22, 2002.

“And I look back on my life and that’s probably the worst thing that ever happened to me. What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you Rob?”

Besides the successful Pickton murder case, Fordy worked on the case of child killer Shane Ertmoed, who confessed to killing 10-year-old Heather Thomas.

He got a confession from Lance Dove, who murdered Kimberly Ann Tracey after a night of drinking.

He pushed wife-killer Mukhtiar Panghali to admit his role in killing wife Manjit in 2006.

“I’m not playing games,” Fordy said as he told Panghali a body had been found in Delta that might be his missing wife.

“You hope that it’s not the worst-case scenario but, to be honest, it may be the worst case,” Fordy said.

Defence lawyers would often complain in court about Fordy’s ability to elicit confessions.

In recent years, Fordy was a leader of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, before assuming a senior role in the Surrey RCMP as Investigative Services Officer, in charge of all major crime.

The Surrey RCMP has 661 Mounties and 275 support staff, making it about twice as large as any other detachment in Canada. It is the second largest municipal police force in B.C., behind the Vancouver police department.

Asst. Commissioner Fraser MacRae, who has been the officer in charge of Surrey for eight years, is retiring June 1.





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Updated: August 21, 2016