To Anyone Using Our Daughter's Legacy,

It has come to our attention that there is a group of people who wish to legalize prostitution and set up a brothel in Vancouver. As the parents of Marnie Frey, who was murdered by Robert "Willie" Pickton, we believe that both these ideas are very dangerous recommendations.

Our daughter was forced into prostitution because of the need to feed her addiction to drugs. To think of prostitution as a 'job' and treat it as such is ridiculous. I am disgusted to think that anyone would think that prostitution is a job. It is not.

It is violence against women.

Neither legalizing prostitution nor having a brothel would have prevented the murder of our daughter. The women of the Downtown Eastside need meaningful solutions to their addictions.

We tried on numerous occasions to have Marnie admitted to drug rehabilitation facilities, but found that to be very difficult because of the chronic lack of beds and funding for such places. When an addict reaches out for help, the resources should be available immediately. To think the best we can do for these women is giving them a safe place to sell their bodies is a joke. There is no such thing as a "clean safe place" to be abused in.

For a man to think he can buy a woman's body is insane, and should show us the attitudes that women have to fight against in society. Marnie did not choose prostitution; her addictions did, and any man who bought her body for their sexual pleasure should go to jail for exploiting her desperation.

What we need are facilities to get women off and away from drugs and keep other young girls from this horrible lifestyle by helping them when they are still young. Anything else would be a cop out and further fuel the abuse of women as playthings for men, who prey on sick, disadvantaged and hurting women.

My wife and I feel the legalization of prostitution and/or a brothel is not the answer. We ask that you IMMEDIATELY stop using the name and memory of our daughter to fight for a brothel or to legalize prostitution.

Marnie's name CAN be used to fight for more detox beds, more recovery beds, funding for long term counseling, making it illegal for men to buy the use of women's bodies and enforcing these laws. Her legacy CAN help in the fight towards women's equality, which cannot happen as long as we keep our women for sale.

We know we have a lot of support from other families of Pickton's victim's, in the community as well as across our Nation, who feel as we do. Prostitution in no way should be accepted as normal or legalized.

Yours truly,

Rick and Lynn Frey (Parents of Marnie Frey)

Not In My Daughter's Name  by Orato Citizen Correspondent Trisha Baptie

Frey family against co-op brothel plan


February 27, 2008

She may be incorporated, but local sex-trade worker Susan Davis still has many hurdles to jump before her envisioned co-op brothel sees the day of light.

Consider Lynn Frey, the mother of Marnie Frey - one of Robert Pickton's murder victims - as one of those obstacles.

"I'm completely opposed to it," said Frey from her Vancouver Island home. "I don't see why [Davis] would say a brothel would have saved my daughter's life."

Frey believes any prostitution, whether it's on the street or in a brothel, opens the door to abuse against women and doesn't want her late daughter's name to be associated with decriminalization.

"Leave Marnie out of it. This isn't her legacy as a person," Frey said. "I personally don't believe it would have mattered where they work, there are still serial killers out there that can pick them off outside on the street."

Instead of giving survival sex-trade workers a place to do tricks, Frey wants the focus to be on treating drug addiction and getting women out of that lifestyle.

Davis stands by her claim that a brothel would help women in the same situation Pickton's victims found themselves in.

"It would provide them some place safer so that they don't have to go out to a farm in Coquitlam to turn tricks," she said.

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Shock surrounding rumours about second Pickton trial

Feb, 26 2008 - 10:50 AM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - The mother of one of Robert Pickton's murder victims says she is shocked that victim services is telling the families of other missing women a second trial may not go ahead.

Lynn Frey, whose daughter Marnie was killed by Pickton, says she is shocked.

"Nothing surprises me with this whole trial from day one. But Iím still shocked to think that they can actually say that there's not going to be another trial. Who will be held accountable? These women were murdered the same as the first six. They have their remains, they have their DNA, they have all the information."

Frey was speaking with Bill Good on CKNW.

NDP public safety critic Mike Farnworth is demanding the Campbell government go ahead with a second trial.

"It is shocking this arrogant and insensitive government is informing family members there may be no trial for the murder of their loved ones".

Pickton next appears in court on 20 counts of first degree murder on March 6th.

In December he was convicted of six counts of degree murder in his first trial.



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