Phase 1 – Pickton trial

It has been almost six years since the world became aware of the atrocities Willie Pickton inflicted upon women from the downtown eastside. The most vulnerable women in society. He preyed upon women from this community because he knew he could when no one was watching.

The sentence of this monster left me personally feeling like the women had not received the justice their heinous murders deserved. The grizzly last moments of their lives at the hands of this monster who sat through 11 months of testimony showing virtually no emotion. Perhaps he was so removed from the reality of his act as he took the last breath from each woman as he massacred their remains and attempted to hide the evidence forever.

Willie was found guilty of not first degree murder but “2nd degree because The jury could not find evidence that Willie planned to carry out these evil acts. He will serve 25 years but with time already served he will do a further 19 years.

I could accept that on the first count he may not have planned to kill the first woman, Marnie Frey back in 1997 when she first disappeared but in my mind, he must have known he was going to kill Brenda Wolfe who disappeared in February 1999, next was Georgina Papin who disappeared one month later in March 1999 and then there was Andrea in June of 2001 and Serena Abotsway in August of 2001 and then Mona Wilson in November 2001. In all of that sometime either before or after these women were murdered he had murdered or planned to murder the other 20 women whom he is charged with murdering. Perhaps these women felt safe as they were getting into his vehicle because there was another woman with him to assist in his dastardly deeds. Was this the planning phase as they cruised the streets of the downtown eastside searching out vulnerable women?

It is estimated the costs of investigation/prosecution has cost the taxpayers $116 million dollars. Money not so well spent. Think of the amount of good work this money could have done for women in the dtes or more treatment facilities for addicted population in this community. That is 4.29 million dollars for each of the 27 women.

Given the costs of this trial, perhaps the justice system may reconsider bringing the monster back for phase 2 of the trial where 20 other families seek justice for their daughters. It has been too long already to wait for justice. The first woman officially recorded as missing from the downtown eastside was Lillian O’Dare in September 1978. Most of the women were missing in the decade of the 1990’s. His list covered off almost every letter of the alphabet when it comes to the names of the women Allen, Arseneault, Abotsway, Abigosis, Allenback, Abraham, Baker, Bottomley, Beck, Boen, Borhaven, Crey, Clark, Chinnock, Crawford, Creison, Donahue, DeVries, Dumba, Drew, Egan, Ellis, Feliks, Frey, Fedyshyn, Guno, Gonzalez, Gurney, Hardy, Holyk, Henry, Hardy, Hall, Hallmark, Irving, Jones, Johnson, Joesbury, Jardine, Knight, Koski, LaLiberte, Lane, Little, Mah, Murdock, Melnick, Miner, McDonell, O’Dare, Papin, Petersen, Rail, Rock, Soet, Sebastian, Spence, Triff, Williams, William, Wilson, Ward, Wolfe, Wattley, Young & Young.

He admitted on video camera in his interview he wanted to make it an even 50? But the numbers were much higher. Who else was responsible, where are they? Will there be justice for all of the women? Will society have learned anything from this horror? Will women in this community be treated any differently? I think not.

There are recent reports of another serial killer on the loose in the Fraser Valley. Sex trade workers are not safe until there is a system in place to record license plates and descriptions of vehicles and of people who look for the services of sex trade workers.

The Crown’s appeal of Pickton’s sentence is the most recent news. To me this is good news because an injustice has occurred to the memory of these women and families with the verdict as it stands. This is the cost to a society who turn their backs on their most vulnerable citizens.

Let’s not forget them.

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Join us for the 17th Annual February 14th Women’s Memorial March beginning at noon at the Carnegie Theatre. March will begin at 1 pm from Main & Hastings.

Submitted by Marlene George

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