Woman turns up after two decades; RCMP remove her name from missing list

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Friday, June 09, 2006

VANCOUVER (CP) - Police are removing one of the names from the list of missing women in B.C. after the woman called police and her family to say she is fine and is living in the southern United States.

Linda Grant contacted her family earlier this week after going on the Internet and finding her name on the list.

She disappeared in 1985, saying she moved away when she was 25 after losing custody of her two young daughters.

When Grant's name is removed from the list, there will still be 67 missing women.

RCMP say Grant is now asking for privacy until she meets with her family.

"The family of Linda Grant is very pleased to have made contact with her, and they now request that the media respect their privacy for the time being," the police said in a statement.

"This privacy is very important to the family as they continue to go through an emotional time, making arrangements for reunification."

Grant is one of 68 women reported to have disappeared from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside over two decades.

She contacted police and her B.C. family after seeing her photo and name on the list while surfing the internet to learn more about accused serial killer Robert Pickton.

The Port Coquitlam man is accused of killing 26 women, mostly sex trade workers from Vancouver's gritty downtown area.

Grant said in an earlier interview she moved away when she was 25 "to the farthest place I could get" after losing custody of two young daughters.

RCMP Cpl. Tom Seaman said Grant's identity has been confirmed and she has now been removed from the task force list and her photo will be removed from the missing women poster when the poster is next reprinted.

Although the task force has not held a news conference or issued any statements about their investigation in more than a year, Seaman said it is still involved in investigating the missing women.

But the two most high-profile members of the unit have moved on.

Cpl. Catherine Galliford, who was a spokesperson for the task force, was moved to the force's child exploitation unit about two years ago.

Seaman said the other spokesperson, Det.-Const. Sheila Sullivan, was also promoted to another unit so RCMP headquarters is handling communications for the time being.

"She is still a spokesperson for the task force but is on other duties right now because of a promotion," said Seaman.

Seaman was unable to say how many members are involved in the task force.

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