Victim's sister outraged by Pickton movie

David Carrigg
The Province

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The sister of one of Vancouver's missing women is outraged a movie has allegedly been made based on accused serial killer Robert Pickton.

"I'm really disgusted," said Sandra Gagnon, sister of Janet Henry, who was last seen in the Downtown Eastside in mid-1997.

"They don't think about the mothers, the daughters, the sisters left behind. How could they be so cold?"

Gagnon said she was told about the impending release of the low-budget movie by former Vancouverite Wayne Leng. Gagnon said the movie is called Killer Pickton, despite the fact Pickton, 55, has not been convicted.

Leng was a friend of missing woman Sarah deVries and operates a California-based website in honour of the missing women.

Gagnon said Leng directed her to a website that says Killer Pickton was made in 2005 and is produced by well-known gore filmmaker Ulli Lommel.

The website does not instruct viewers how to purchase the movie.

Pickton, who ran a pig-butchering business on his family's Port Coquitlam farm, is charged with first-degree murder of 27 women linked to Vancouver's Downtown Eastside sex trade.

The voir dire portion of Pickton's trial is to begin Jan. 30 during which defence and Crown lawyers will argue over admissibility of material.

Crown spokesman Stan Lowe said he will inform the Missing Women's Task Force about the alleged movie. If the movie is distributed, Lowe said, it may be in breach of a court order banning any publication of certain evidence surrounding the Pickton case.

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