School ignoring sadistic behaviour

Parent: Tormented 12-year-old's mother alleged murder victim of Robert Pickton

Ethan Baron
The Province

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The daughter of one of Robert Pickton's alleged victims says bullies drove her out of school and are still tormenting her.

"I got pushed, punched, slapped, thrown off desks," said 12-year-old Brittney Frey of Campbell River.

"They cornered me in the girls' bathroom. They were throwing stuff at me, making fun of me."

When she was eating a hot dog in a school hallway, a girl asked her, "Doesn't it feel sad to eat your mom?" said Brittney, who was pulled out of school by her adoptive mother last month.

Brittney said the bullies are still hounding her every chance they get.

Sunday evening, she was visiting a friend when one of her tormenters appeared and started snorting like a pig.

"She was making fun of my mom," Brittney said.

"She said, 'Go back to the pig farm, we don't need you here.'"

Another run-in with that girl the next night ended in a scrap, and the beaten bully ran off crying, Brittney said.

"I'm a lot tougher than I was a year ago," she said.

"I don't need anybody to back me up."

Brittney's biological mother, Marnie Frey, vanished from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in August 1997.

She is one of 27 women Pickton, who butchered and sold pigs at his Port Coquitlam property, is accused of murdering.

Brittney's grandmother Lynn Frey, who adopted Brittney when she was four, said school officials did nothing to stop the bullying.

She said she met with Greg Haines, the vice-principal at Southgate Middle School.

She said he advised her to keep Brittney home for four days because the girl was in danger and lacked the "tools" to deal with the situation, Frey said.

He told her that during those days school staff would address the problem with the students involved.

But Frey said when Brittney returned the abuse resumed.

Haines did not return calls.

His wife said policy required inquiries to go through the school district.

Campbell River School Board chairman George Maclagan said: "I'm not prepared to argue district business in any form of the media and I'm not prepared to single out any student."

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