Mom remains optimistic that daughter still alive

By Jim Kelly - The Chronicle-Journal

May 27, 2005

The passing years havenít dimmed a motherís hope that her missing daughter will be found.

"Thereís no evidence sheís one of the people (who were killed)," Thunder Bayís Violet Garreau said of her daughter Ruby Anne Hardy, 37.

Ruby Anne Hardy with her daughter Crystal

In 2002, Hardyís name was added to a list of prostitutes who went missing from Vancouverís downtown Eastside over several years.

Hardy, who also used the name Ruby Galloway, was last seen in 1998 and was reported missing to Vancouver Police on March 27, 2002.

Garreauís comments coincide with reports this week that pig farmer Robert Pickton now faces an additional 12 first-degree murder charges in addition to the 15 already laid in the deaths of the women.

"I wonít ever give up hope," Garreau said in an interview Thursday. "Iím going to hold up hope until itís proven otherwise."

Garreau, who also has three sons, speculates Hardy may have become so addicted to drugs that she has simply given up, doesnít care about anyone and hasnít tried to reach her family.

Garreau pointed to the fact Hardy gave up both her daughters, Crystal, now 23 and Candice, now 18, who were raised by their grandparents. A third child, Troy, was put up for adoption in Vancouver.

Garreau said sheís puzzled why Vancouver Police didnít contact her before the current charges against Pickton were laid.

"They usually phone to let you know there will be an announcement to lessen the impact," she said.

Garreau is the eternal optimist, her husband Jack is more realistic.

"In a way I did suspect something happened to her," he said of his step-daughter.

"She called regularly for five years and then the calls stopped. The rumour was there was bad stuff going on out there," he said.

"People disappeared off the face of the earth. I do hope sheís still alive but I do have my doubts."

Violet Garreau said an RCMP female officer and a female liaison with the Missing Womenís Joint Task Force visited Thunder Bay last summer to talk to Garreau and her husband.

The task force is comprised of RCMP and Vancouver Police.

It was one of a few visits to Thunder Bay by RCMP to take DNA samples from the family, keep them up to date on the latest developments in the case and to inquire how the family was coping.

"I guess that was their way of saying Ďwe havenít forgotten about you," Violet Garreau, who is on a waiting list for heart bypass surgery, said.

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