For Georgina’s sake

Slain woman's brother frustrated with Pickton trial delays


July 15, 2005

The brother of an Edmonton-area woman, whose remains were found on a Vancouver-area pig farm, says he's growing impatient waiting for the "mega-trial" of her accused killer to begin.

Robert Pickton is accused of 27 counts of first-degree murder, including charges in the death of Georgina Papin. Most of the alleged victims are sex-trade workers or other women involved in Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside.

But a trial date hasn't been set and the investigation has been on for almost three years. B.C. Crown spokesman Stan Lowe said lawyers will be back in court Aug. 15 for three weeks of applications.

"It's just delay tactics, I guess everybody wants money out of it," Rick Papin said.

Lowe disputed that claim.

"We're going to take it one step at a time but you have to remember there are 27 counts of first-degree murder," Lowe said. "There's a tremendous volume of evidence that has to be sifted through and it's going to be a trial that will last several months.

"This isn't a normal court case to begin with. It is normal for a case of this magnitude."

Hundreds of thousands of pages of disclosure in the case have been created and more exhibits have to be processed at the RCMP laboratory.

"It's what we refer to at this end as a mega-trial. So we're not surprised by the face."

He urged everyone involved with the case to be patient.

But Papin's patience is wearing thin. While the family held a memorial for Georgina after her remains were found, they still haven't held a burial service, he said.

"We wanted a decent funeral so we could say goodbye," said Papin.

Georgina Papin was last seen March 2, 1999, and was reported missing March 14, 2001.

Ricky last visited her in February 1999 in Vancouver. They went for beer and had a barbecue.

"She didn't write me and I thought that was weird because my sister has always written me," he said. "I started asking my family and they said she's in Montreal doing heroin or she's here or there.

"When I still didn't get the letters, I had my own gut feeling. And I was right."

Police matched DNA found on Pickton's farm with Georgina's in September, 2002.

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