A mother's desperation

St. Albert woman searching the streets for her missing daughter


December 3, 2005

A St. Albert woman, whose drug-addicted daughter has been missing on the streets of Edmonton for almost a month, fears the worst.

Jenny Raposo

Jill Scriven has even turned to Project KARE, the task force investigating the deaths and disappearances of people who led high-risk lifestyles, including a number of prostitutes who've been found dead in fields around the Edmonton area.

"I'm desperate. I'm desperate to find her," said Scriven, who hasn't spoken with her 19-year-old daughter Jenny Raposo since Oct. 26 when she was picked up by police for stealing Scriven's car. "We used to talk every single day. For her not to call me is very unusual."

Raposo didn't make her court appearance and Scriven reported her missing to city cops on Nov. 7.

Scriven's husband briefly spotted Raposo on Nov. 17 getting into a car at 107 Avenue and 104 Street.

"It was just by chance that he saw her," said Scriven. "He just happened to be going into work. She said she couldn't talk and got into the car. We have no clue where she is. My husband, he's out every single day looking for her."

Jill Scriven


Scriven said she's worried her daughter will suffer the same fate that prostitutes have suffered, and that's why she called Project KARE.

Sgt. Patrick Hayes of the task force said officers will help EPS with the investigation and will likely send information about Raposo to more than 150 agencies. The task force will also assist city police.

Hayes, however, said Raposo is in "peril" given that she's drug-addicted and likely living on the street.

Scriven says her daughter, who has a year-old daughter named Darrah, isn't involved in the sex trade.

Nonetheless, Raposo has had a tumultuous time over the past six months, said Scriven.

Raposo's common-law husband was killed in a car collision on April 30 southeast of Edmonton, leaving Jenny to raise Darrah by herself.

Jenny hooked up with another man and the pair moved into Scriven's basement with Darrah.

But when Scriven found the couple high on drugs one morning, she and her husband told the man to leave and asked Raposo to seek counselling or leave the baby behind.

"She was given the option of seeking treatment or if she was going to leave, she would have to leave the baby here," said Scriven. "She left Sept. 26."

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