Poem written by Shelly Hallmark for her sister, Helen


You will never be forgotten

Or erased from my mind

You didn't have the best life

But to me you were one of a kind


Your picture reminds me everyday

With memories of the good times we had

The love you felt for our family

Even though your life was so very sad


The happy way about you

The kindness that you would share

To all that were around you

Even when you were in despair


Your eyes showed the sadness

Of the many years of pain

You stayed away from your family

So they wouldn't feel the strain


Your lifestyle was not sought after

And most looked down on you

But you made do with what you had

Where most would not continue


All of a sudden you went missing

We desperately looked around

We knew something was terribly wrong

We wouldn't stop until you were found


The most important thing to us

Was that you were alive

When you stopped calling us

Something just didn't jive


Hopefully people realize their acts of judgement

Were so carelessly misplaced

And now they will see the daily horror

With which you were faced


Although we couldn't protect you

You were always in our heart

And that is all we are left with

For now we are apart


The saddest thing to have to fathom

Is the brutality of your demise

How someone could just take your life

And watch as your soul dies


Instead of saying goodbye

I will have to say so long

Till we meet again my beautiful sister

This will be your song


Remembering Helen Hallmark

Helen Mae Hallmark



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Updated: August 21, 2016