Eight more names added to list of missing women in B.C.: TV report

Canadian Press

October 6, 2004

VANCOUVER (CP) -- Eight more names have been added to the list of B.C.'s missing women by the police task force investigating the disappearances, BCTV reported Tuesday night.

They also reported that two other names will be removed from the list, bringing the total number of missing women to 67.

Sandra Gagnon said her sister Janet Henry has been added to the list. Henry disappeared from Vancouver's seedy downtown eastside in 1997.

Gagnon told BCTV that she learned from investigators that eight more names had been added to the list.

``All they said was that the women that are added to the list tomorrow are women that went missing around the 90s.'' she said. ``I guess they got more tips on some of the ones that are going to be added tomorrow.

Vancouver police are expected to release information on the women at a news conference on Wednesday.

Pig farmer Robert Pickton of Port Coquitlam faces first-degree murder charges in the deaths of 15 women.

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Missing Women’s Task Force to add eight more names

NEWS 1130
By: Claudia Kwan/Shane Bigham

October 05, 2004 - 8:25 pm

Eight more names are going to be added to the list of women missing from the downtown eastside.  Rick Frey, whose daughter is one of the many women already on the list, says police told him about the additional names.  And he says two names on the current list will be removed, but he says police didn't tell him why.  There were 61-names on the current list; the changes will put that number at 67.  Police are not commenting tonight but will release more details at a news conference tomorrow.  All the women are believed to be linked to the drug and sex trade on the downtown eastside, Canada's poorest neighbourhood.  Robert William Pickton is charged with 15-counts of first-degree murder.  All the women on the list disappeared from the downtown eastside since 1978.  The women on the list disappeared at a rate of about one per year through the 1980s but that rate increased dramatically by the late 1990s.  Pickton was arrested February 22nd, 2002.  Although Marnie Frey's DNA was found on Pickton's farm in Port Coquitlam, he has not been charged in her death.  Police are still sifting through evidence found at the Pickton farm, including unidentified DNA evidence. 

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