Who Knew What, When?

April 26, 2002
By Theron Zahn

VANCOUVER, B.C. - A newly discovered tape recording gives chilling clues about the disappearance of 50 women in Vancouver, B.C. In fact, this tape points the finger at the man police now say killed six of those women.

The man is Robert Pickton who was investigated and arrested this year, but the tape was made and given to police in 1998.

The audio tape is raising questions of who knew what, and when, and if police should have moved in on Pickton's Port Coquitlam pig farm sooner.

The tape is of a 1998 phone conversation between Bill Hiscox, a former employee of Robert 'Willie' Pickton and Wayne Leng, a man who runs a missing women's Web site out of California.

On the tape, Hiscox talks about seeing evidence.

"....all these purses and IDs that are in his trailer out there and stuff. He has a 25 acre farm," said Hiscox back in 1998.

Hiscox also tells of how easy it would be for Pickton to get rid of bodies.

"He's got a lot of heavy duty machinery out there and stuff. Easy places to hide things out there," said Hiscox.

The former employee also talks about attempted murder charges filled against Pickton in1997. Pickton was charged after a prostitute ran from the farm with her stomach cut open. Those charges were eventually dropped.

Hiscox says on the 1998 tape, he told police about what he saw and believed investigators were going to check out Pickton right away.

Police in British Columbia are not commenting on the tape.

The tape was found by a newspaper reporter in British Columbia.

Hiscox had no idea the tape existed, but says he is glad it is out for all to hear, because he says it proves he did all he could to get police to search the farm.

The man who made the tape says he gave it to the police four years ago.

Since then, 22 of the 54 missing women have vanished.

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Pickton tape given to police in 1998-Apr 25, 2002



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