'Totally creepy' --- ex-employee

Suzanne Fournier
The Province

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

A former employee of accused serial murderer Robert (Willie) Pickton had "a very, very eerie feeling" after seeing his former boss and the Port Coquitlam pig farm for the first time in four years yesterday.

Bill Hiscox, who gave Vancouver police detailed information about the pig farm in 1998, when he worked for Pickton's P & B Salvage business, viewed Pickton by video monitor in Port Coquitlam provincial court.

"Willie's a lot thinner and he looks like he's been dragged down pretty much, although he seems as sharp as ever," said Hiscox. "He is not a stupid man and he definitely knows what's going on."

Pickton, 52, is accused of first-degree murder of seven women who are among more than 50 who have disappeared from the Downtown Eastside. He was remanded in custody until his Nov. 4 preliminary hearing.

At the pig farm, owned by Pickton, his brother Dave Pickton and sister Linda Wright, Hiscox said he felt "totally creepy."

"That's Willie's trailer right there," he said. "When I went to pick up my pay cheque he'd either be in the trailer or in the barn, mucking around with his cars or his pigs. Sometimes we had to hunt for him because he'd avoid paying us.

"Then you had to look out for this huge pig he had, about 700 pounds, that ran loose and would attack you."

Hiscox shuddered as an excavator dug a hole near the trailer.

"Willie had a big excavator too," he said. "Looking at all those red flags now in the piles of dirt, I feel creepy. At the time, I was grateful to Willie for giving me a job, but I'm glad I called the police back in 1998, even if they didn't listen to me."

Hiscox told at least two Vancouver police, as well as Wayne Leng, who runs a missing-women website, of his concerns about the Pickton farm.

Said Hiscox yesterday: "Another 24 women died after the police ignored me. The women's families need answers and justice."

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Pickton tape given to police in 1998-Apr 25, 2002

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